Spreading the Sunni Point of View Yanabi.com Users

Spreading the Sunni Point of View Yanabi.com Users



  1. yanabi.com is fake they r shias in disguise, they have said so many things against so many sahaba-e-ikram & our sunni ulema.. why r people so blind to this

    read this topic frm sunnitalk.. its proof that yanabi.com is nothin but a hoax and is foolin innocent sunnis into the hellfire!

    and check out http://www.sunnitalk.co.uk/forum/index.php?f=26&t=446&rb_v=viewtopic

    theres enough topics there refuting yanabi.com’s gustaakhi.. read them and educate urselves

    too many people r fallin into this trap, they r not sunni’s and they never were.. they question ala hazrat’s words and disrespect hazrat amir mu’awiya countless time.. open ur eyes pls!!!

    • Though some of the Moderator might have committed Gustakhi that doesnt mean that Yanabi.com is not a sunni site.Read other various posts at this forum.They have always defended Ahle Sunnat Barelwi.

      Allah knows better.

  2. brother when da admin & mods hav committed gustaakhi, how can this site then be a sunni site? members look upto these people and they r suposed to be setting an example.. if a member then comits further gustaakhi, who will be there to corect them.. and inocent sunnis readin this forum will be & have been mislead due to the posts on this forum.

    its dangerous to visit such a site that has portrayed such dark views about certain sahaba e ikram.. who knows wat they will come out with nxt?

    i hav no personal agenda against these ppl except they r no longer worthy of bein called sunni.. pls heed my advice for ur own good.

    • May Allah Almighty guide us on siratalmustaqeem.We are just providing here News and views of Sunni world.I am member of Yanabi.com also ,and have witnessed a lot of sunni work there.

      What I can say now is that Campaigning against them on this Issue will futher fuel the Bad Aqida and will also Create a lot of confusion in the Innocent Sunnis who are there.

      leave it on mind of sunnis who are there,Believe me ,I have read one of your link and one was not working.
      There were Just two persons discussing about a book and No other one was interested in that Issue at all.

      So untill Tahir Riaz,the owner of that forum is Sunni ,Yanabi.com is authentic.


  3. bro both links are working for me but if they dont work for u, pls check out the posts on sunnitalk.. sign up with them as well so u can see both sides

    brother i swear i am not tryin to have an argument with u, i understand u r takin a neutral position and i dont blame u at all. pls forgive me if i have offended u.

    my point is that tahir riaz is not a solid sunni, nor is the site he is running. the amount of sahabas & ulema e ahle sunnat he has offended is shameful.

    campaignin against this will not increase bad aqeeda brother, it will raise awareness so people know who is wrong and who it is okay to follow. if it was personal i wouldnt care but inocent sunnis r bein mislead by these people.

    anyway as i do not wish to pressure u, i will end this here. jazakallah for ur patience & for not deletin the comments.. may Allah guide us all, ameen.

    • You are okay with your Views if u have seen something You have right to discuss.
      Perhaps You can also indirectly ask this question there at Yanabi.com.All the Moderators are nt same.
      Please also let me Know how Tahir Riaz is not strong Sunni.I dont mind to see the truth.


  4. I was a member of Yanabi.com but I left when the I realised that the moderators were attacking Amir Dawat-e-Islami.

    It is not just about difference of opinion. Look at the videos here, this seems like a major issue.


    Also, I have noticed how so many well-known scholars are backing SunniTalk.

  5. By the way, one thing I don’t like about the site is the way they attack Sunni scholars like Sayyed Ninowy and Sayyed Naseer ud din Naseer.


    • I agree that a lot of hatemongering happens there..
      Choose and decide your own.We dont make our opinions by reading just opinions but by studying and lessons from authentic books and by our Ulemas.

  6. What is wrong with people nowadays? The SunniTalk website/propaganda machine makes me feel sick! It’s sad to see the state of our current affairs. We claim to be Sufis, but yet we behave completely opposite to the ways of the Awliya Allah.

    To some people everyone who does not agree with them on every single topic and its specificity is not deserving of being called a Sunni. We Sunnis call the Salafis extremist and lacking in tolerance, but when it comes to our fellow Sunni brothers we are guilty of the same crime. What happened to courtesy, humility and respecting VALID differences of opinions?

    What is wrong with questioning AlaHazrat’s words (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu’)? Should we sit like sheeps and not advance our knowledge? Did AlaHazrat (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu’) just sit down all day and follow others? No, he used other works as guides and made advancement in the many fields that he was an expert in. This is why he was recognised as the Reviver of the 14th Century.

    ———– Ghulam-e-Raza —————

    As far as I’m aware some of the moderators and influential members are part of Dawat-e-Islami. I’m sure they won’t sit on the fence if they perceive unjust treatment of this beautiful organisation. The so called “attacking” was actually constructive criticism and recommendations on areas of improvement. For example, how Dawat-e-Islami can reach out to the youngsters, whether their ways of doing things are compatible within the UK, etc.

    When did you see any moderators “attack” Shaykh Sayyid bin Yahya Ninowy? From what I’ve seen and heard it seems like YaNabi.com is one of the main supporters of the blessed Shaykh.

  7. Yanabi.com continuously undermine the authority of AlaHazrat. They clearly are not brelvis. Many Ulama like Shaykh Gibril Haddad, Shaykh Abu Nasr, Ustadh Asrar Attari and Mufti Akhtar Rida Khan have called the website spiritual guide Dr Abdul Qadir Jilani a Shia and a Fraud.

    Brother, if it was some other accusation then I would turn away my eyes but this is a big accusation and the proof is on the SunniTalk youtube channel. They have recordings of insults…etc http://www.youtube.com/user/sunnitalk

    I am not a scholar or even a student, so I just follow the majority. To me the SunniTalk guys seem right and so does SunniPort, NooreMadinah, IslamiMehfil…etc

  8. “What is wrong with questioning AlaHazrat’s words (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu’)? Should we sit like sheeps and not advance our knowledge?”

    Brother, comments like that is what turns me away from Yanabi.com, how can you compare disagreement in Fiqh to disagreement in Creed. Tomorrow Wahhabis can claim the same comments you just put and I have already heard Shia say the same.

    The Aqida of AlaHazrat was perfect and the Ulama from the Haramain were testament to that fact. We can advance in knowledge but not in creed.

  9. Assalaam Alaikum

    Please do not take notice of these sunnitalk 17/18yrs old kids who are just doing the dirty work of young troublemaking moulvis from birmingham,its all politics nothing else.
    Just slander and charcter assasination in the guise of defending “sunniat”,if they wanted to defend it they could have got their few moulvi supporters and the jamaat they constantly attack in the vilest of language and sorted it out behind closed doors like brothers,but no,they open websites to swear and call all the names under the sun against sayyids and true sunnis alike,why?
    Why are there actions like that of the wahaabi and kharjis(pure hatred with no fear of Allah)?

    To those who dont know then the administration/ moderatership of consists of brothers and sister who are mureeds of Golra shareef,ilyas qadiri sahib,muhaddis e kabeer sahib(zia ul mustapha),mufti akhtar raza khan,shaikh nazim haqqani, asweel as ayed abdul qadir sahib gilani and other true sunni shuyukh from indo/pak,this is sure knowledge and not conjecture on my behalf, but these nasty kids at sunnitalk call all of them shia without fear of Allah,is this sunnyat?
    If one or two of the 40,000 members says anything against sunniat then you cant blame the whole forum for that,it is a discusion forum which not only sunnis,but wahabis,deos,shias aswell as christians ,sikhs and hindus visit too for debate/discussion.
    YaNabi.com is a sunni site that caters for sunnis from all parts of the world and not just subcontinant.
    Their is total dishonesty on that fitna of a site called sunnitalk,they swear and slander ulema and sayyids alike shamelessly,they post chopped and changed videos out of context to decieve people and whilstpuitting the words into the mouths of whom they are doing propaganda against(derive their own twisted meanings from lectures that mean something else),inmform other scholars wrongly to get a reaction from them then post to further their propaganda of hate.
    They have not called subcontinant sunnis as shias openly,but accused the likes of hamza yusuh,abu bakr sirajuddin(martin lings) of perrenialism(kufr basically),auzubillah,amongst cxountless other sunni sufis as deviants just because they are “brelvi” enough.
    Is this islam?
    Alhamdulillah YaNabi.com may have its faults(few idiotic members who lack adab)but is still the leading and biggest sunni site that wipes the floor( in size and academia) with deo forums such as sunniforum.com and shia sites like shia chat that are very large forums in their own right.
    Its because of YaNabi.com the sunnis of the whole world can hold their heads higher than deos,wahaabis,and rafhidis and claim to have the biggest community and presence on the world wide web since 2003/4 and growing day by day.
    Brothers and sister of Ahle Sunnah do not pay attention to these guys “plagiarised proofs” or lies.
    How is it possible to claim to be spreading “truth”through lying,deception,slander,character assassination of respected sunni scholars(accepted as sunnis by all sunni ulema apart from the 4 or 5 they had lied to and decieved or those who might be on the same thinking lines as these brainwashed hatefilled kids)?
    These lotr have been virtually banned from 3=2 other leading sunni sites on the net due to their trouble causing antic,the mods their are well aware of these lot now,Alhamdulillah.
    Sunnis beware of sunnitalk.net.

  10. Correction:To those who dont know then the administration/ moderatership of YANABI.COM consists of brothers and sister who are mureeds of Golra shareef,ilyas qadiri sahib,muhaddis e kabeer sahib(zia ul mustapha),mufti akhtar raza khan,shaikh nazim haqqani, asweel as ayed abdul qadir sahib gilani and other true sunni shuyukh from indo/PAK

  11. Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

    SunniTalk is one of the most disguisting websites i have seen, full of hate, slander, backbiting, defamation and lies against Ahlus Sunnah Shuyukh .
    The Moderators on that website are biased and narrow minded and the users are abusive and ignorant. They ban anybody who disagrees with them, under the false pretence of “abuse”.
    It is not permissible for people who are not qualified in Shariah to discuss Shari issues that require deep reserach and understanding and worst of all they attack well known and respected Sunni Ulema like Hazrat Shaykh Tahirul Qadri, Hazrat Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Hazrat Shaykh Ninowy, and others, based on their little and narrow minded understanding, quite laughable!
    The SunniTalk forum is looking for publicity and out of spite and jealousy against Yanabi.com, it is using such tactics to attract people to its forums. It is a website that is dead and desperate for life, and no where near as knowledge rich and popular as the Yanabi.com website, which is far more tolerant and welcoming to people of all backgrounds…
    There is an ex student of Shaykh Ninowy called Muhammad Umar Budally who runs the Ramadhan Foundation organisation, he has orchstrated a wide campaign of hate after the Shaykh distanced him from himself for his bad conduct and character, and removed him from his postion of lead student in UK, he along with Ahmad Darwish have been posting on SunniTalk (using various id’s) and the Moderators and Fitna creators on SunniTalk took their words without varifying them or even worse without verifying the character of these two people and have joined in with slandering and defaming the noble sayyid scholar.
    How can you expect anyone to take such a filthy website so seriously?
    May Allah guide us all

  12. Okay, I am abit confused again…

    I checked the site again but it still seems completely anti-wahabi and anti-shia and pure sunni. Nor can i see the slanders or filth you are claiming.

    However, recently I noticed Yanabi.com Moderators support the Shia against Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah Mashadi Saab. What was that about?

    Also SunniTalk.net is against the Ghumaris so how can it support Shaykh Ahmad Darwesh, who is Ghumari student? Very confusing!!

    Also, SunniTalk.net seems very knowledgeable compared to mostly Jahil Yanabi.com, it has debates and people who can speak and write in Arabic. So again that seems very confusing!!

    I just hope both camps stop spreading lies against each other and sort out their differences. I think both sites have good to offer, but work together!

    Allah Hafiz

  13. I do not post on sunnitalk at all, this website like Ghulam Raza correctly pointed out insult our master of the Ghumari Shayuk

    Naveed you should get your fact right – come and verify your concerns.

    I left Muhammad bin Yahya al Ninowy for many reason and only wish goodness for him and his Mureed, I have nothing in my heart against him or his Mureeds at all

    This is my 1st and last message here

    Ma salaam

    Muhammad Umar ibn Ramadhan al Budally

  14. Guys, calm down, the SHIA site your talking about is YANASBI.COM…..not Yanabi.com

    (Nasbi being someone who hates Aleh Bayt.

    Yanabi guys do go on a rampage every once and a while about a scholar, but then they do apologise when they err, which lets be fair they are only human and subject to the same intellectual limitation many of us are when we do things wrong according to our Aql. Imam Suyuti (ra), Ibn Khaldum and others all state as Sunnis, we must not criticise the people who fought Maula Ali (KAW, AS) as they were incorrect on their ijtehad, but those who fought for pure hatred and anarchy, they will recieve what they earned. Don’t make the same mistake on writing off your brothers when they say something you dont understand, without them here to defend themselves….

    Shahnawaz Warsi saheb, salams from another Ghulam of Sarkar Waris Pak.

  15. True yanabi.com is a shia site. And people there openly give badwords to ala hazrat. and nobody respect family of his holiness ala hazrat.

    • Please stop making such flowing comments. By nobody, are you refereeing to the all the 40,000+ users?

      The Ahle Sunnah community is a plural one; meaning we are open to differences of opinions. Why can’t people accept this? However, disagreement must be done with utmost respect. It is a shame that we see people insulting our blessed Scholars and Awaliya.

      I have enormous respect for Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan (Radi Allahu Anh’), but it does not mean I have to follow every one of his opinions. On some matters I follow the opinions of one of our other great Scholars.

  16. YaNabi is controlled by Tafzeelis, hence you will see them attacking all the Barelwi Ulamas and calling them Mullah in a derogatory manner.

    Many Barelwis join the forum thinking it’s Sunni Barelwis forum, but eventually leave when they realise it’s a pile of anti-Ahle Sunnah
    if u guys don’t believe spend 5/6 months there and let me know….

  17. Now no need to prove yanabi is sunni forum or Tafzili Forum read below link


    objective-enquirer (Sayyid Hasnain Shah Sahib ) moderator and valued user of yanabi site, openly slander a Noble Companion Hadrat Ameer Muawiya RadiAllahu Anhu

    He just bindly copy paste from shia website check it ur own

    almost word to word from this shi’a site :


    Here is a website by Shi’a where you can notice he has stripped every single quote from: http://www.arabsys.net/vb/showthread.php?t=13846

    Shanawaz Bhai Ab Bhi Aapko Aur Proof Ki Jaroorat Hain, Kya Hamare India Mein Aisa Hota hain? Nahi Na, Phir Kyun Aap Aisi Site Ko Promote Kar Rahe Ho (Wo Jo Bhi Site Ho sunni/tafzili magar Hamare Sahaba Ki Shaan Mein Gustakhiya To Kar Rahe Haina)

    Sunni Aulema Ki Shaan Mein Gustakhi Aap Bardhast karo Bhai Hum Indian Muslim Nahi Karengey

  18. Sorry Bhai AGar Mein Jyada Bol Gaya Muaf kare… Magar Bhai 1 Baat To Sach Hain Ke Yanabi Site mein GadbAdi Hain, even moderator gustakhi Karte hain – we both agreed on this ?

    Ab Khud Dekh Lijiye Us Site Mein Achahce Achche Moderators & valued users Ne Kinara (side) Kar Liya, Aam User Ki Baat Nahi Kar Raha…
    20-25 Naam To Main Hi Gina Sakta Hoon Jinke Bina Wo Adhura lag Raha Hain.. Koi To Baat Hain Isliye Sab Dur Ho rahe hain..
    Aap Khud Dekh Chuke Ho,
    Khair Koi Baat nahi

  19. Brothers I have found Shaykh Ninowy to be very pro Shia in his arguments and talks etc…
    Can anybody clarify is he Sunni or a hidden Shia?

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