Celebrating Baba Fareed ; A great Sufi of Asia

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Celebrating Baba Fareed

Staff Report – Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
Wednesday, January 15, 2008

Karachi: The annual congregation celebrating the birth of famous Sufi, Baba Fareed Shaker Gunj (RA), took place at Manghopir near the Garam Pani Ka Chashma also known as the ‘Chilla Gah’ on Tuesday.

The gathering was organized by Pir Wilayat Shah.

Highlighting the events of the day, Shah said that at 11 a.m. the Durood-o-Salam and Khatam-o-Shareef was recited by the followers.

At around 12:00 p.m. the ritual of Chadar was performed at the Mazaar. After the Zuhar Namaz, lungar was distributed among the followers and from 3:00 p.m. till the Maghrib prayers the Mehfl-e-Sama’a took place.

Local qawals recited in Urdu, Sindhi, Bravi, Punjabi and Siraiki at the mehfil.

Baba Farid was born around 1170 in Afghanistan. He was the descended of Farrukh Shah, King of Afghanistan and Ghazni. Baba Farid ‘s great grandfather was the son of Farrukh Shah. He was killed alongwith most of his family members when the Mongol hordes invaded Kabul. Baba Farid’s grandfather Shaykh Shoaib left Afghanistan and settled in Punjab in 1125.

Shaykh Shoaib then went to Multan where he established in Kothiwal a private college for religious instruction and attracted much attention. His eldest son Jamal-uddin married Bibi Miriam, daughter of Syed Muhammad Abdula Shah – a descendant of Imam Ali. Bibi Miriam had three sons, Khwaja Aziz-ul-din, Farid-ul- Din Masaud (Baba Farid) and Khwaja Najib-ul-din, and one daughter Khatun Jamila.

When Baba Farid was a few years old his mother taught him his prayers. The boy asked her what was gained by prayer. His mother replied sugar. Accordingly, she used to hide some sugar under his prayer rug and when he would finished his prayers he would find the sugar-candy hidden inside the rug. One day his mother forgot to put the sugar-candy but she was surprised to see that there was sugar-candy under the rug. From that day on, Bibi Miriam started calling her son Shakar Ganj, or the treasury of sugar in Farsi.

He went to Delhi and was initiated into the Sufi order by Shaykh Bakhtiar Kaki. When Khwaja Qutub-ul- Bakhtiar Kaki died at Delhi Baba Farid assumed the mantle of his late spiritual guide. He ultimately left it in the keeping of Jamal-ul-Din of Hansi and thence proceeded to Ajodhan, the present day Pak Pattan.

Shaykh Farid made Pak Pattan a great center of Sufi thoughts. People from all over India and Middle East would come to see him He generally rejected offerings of money, but would accept gifts of food, etc for public kitchen. Baba Farid went to Delhi again and was received with a most hospitable reception. Emperor Nasir-ul-Din Balban introduced him to his family. Baba Farid looked to Emperor’s daughter Hazabara and asked Emperor to marry her to him. Thus Hazabra was married to Baba Sheikh Farid, but only after Emperor Balban promised not to give any costly gifts, Baba Farid distributed all her dowry to the needy.

Baba Farid ji died of Pneumonia on the fifth day of the month of Muharram in 1266. He was buried outside the town of Pak Pattan at a place called martyrs grave. Baba Farid was also a poet and a large part of his poetry is included in the Holy book of Sikhism, Guru Garanth Sahib.



  1. The great Sufi Saint Nizam ud din Auliya is linked to Baba Farid Jang e Shakar , this is not mentioned by you why ?? in fact when Nizam ud din Auliya sahib had heard baba Farid name he was so filled with love that this is a REMARKABLE STORY YOU MUST ADD THIS for all spiritual followers

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