Sectarian clash in Kashmir leaves dozens injured

Srinagar : Dozens of people were injured and more than eighteen vehicles damaged when sectarian violence broke out at a Shia dominated locality in the downtown area of Srinagar city, summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, here this evening.

The sectarian violence, rare in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has created panic in the downtown area of the city, where police and para-military forces have been deployed in large number to control the situation.

Sources quoting eyewitnesses told News Agency of Kashmir that clash between Shiite and Sunnis sects broke out over the weekend when some unknown persons allegedly threw stones on a Muharram procession in Gojwara area of downtown Srinagar this evening.

The precisionists, they said, turned violent and went berserk damaging vehicles and looting shops, Ghulam Abbas, one of the eyewitnesses told NAK.

He said that within less than half an hour the violent mob set two buses on fire and damaged window panes of about sixteen other vehicles.

Sources said that when the things started getting out of control, large number of youth from Sunni sect also assembled in the locality and resorted to stone pelting on the mob, which was already on frenzy.

The ding dong battle continued for more than two hours leaving dozens of persons including some photojournalists injured.

Police and paramilitary personnel later swung into action and chased the violent mob. “However, damage till than was done as dozens of shops and vehicles were damaged in the violence”, another local resident said.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Mehboob Iqbal told NAK that reports of stone pelting were reported from the area but situation was immediately under control and additional deployment of police was made. “We have made additional deployment in the area to control the situation”, he added.

It was also learnt that army also staged a flag march in the locality, late this evening.



  1. This whole incident happened at around 5:30pm when Muharram Juloos was returning to Zadibal from Guroo Bazar.
    On reaching Gojwara some unknown persons pelted stones on the Muharram Juloos and this caused chaos there.
    Lots of vehicles were damaged and window panes of shops were broken but shops were not looted.
    dozens of people were injured on both sides(Shia and Sunni).

    Then later around 6:30pm hundreds of Sunni persons tried to storm into shia dominated Zadibal area.
    Thats when stone pelting started on both sides at hawal area which continued till 9:30 pm.
    There was lot of damage to property but no shops were looted.

  2. It is very sad what people are doing. why cant people mind there own bussiness. if shia wants to do muharam, leave them alone.they are mourning on prophet’s grandson. why does sunnis get so much affected if shia are commenmorating the death of Prophet Muhammad’s S.A.W grandson.

  3. The Incident on the Occasion of Muharram is worth of Criticism .Each group should respect each Others faith and Practices.fighting on the Streets widens their already deep differences.The question here is not of affection but of Violence and Patience .Every person who Claims himself to be a Muslim has affection towards Shohada e Karbala.
    May Allah guide us on Straight path. Ameen

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