Muharram Observed

Muharram observed in UP

Sunday, January 20, 2008 20:02 [IST]
Lucknow: Yum-e-Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram marking the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain and his followers, was observed across Uttar Pradesh today.
Tazia processions were taken across the state by wailing Muslims amid tight security arrangements and culminated at karbalas where the tazias were laid to rest.
Security personnel were deployed in strength in the old city areas here. Muslim organisations had set up stalls providing refreshments and eatables to the processionists and others on the occasion. 

Source : PTI


It is all black and blood as a mood of mourning pervades through the old city of Hyderabad, marking ‘Yaum-e-Ashoora’ or 10th day of Muslim month Muharram.

Cries of ‘Ya Hussain’ rent the air as blood oozes out from the heads and chests of the bare-chest Shia mourners in the mammoth ‘tazia’ (mourning) procession.

Clad in black, the groups of mourners were beating their chests, remembering the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, and his followers in the battle of Karbala about 1,400 years ago.

The bare-foot youths, who were holding blades and other sharp-edged weapons in their hands, flagellated themselves amid ‘nowha khwani’ (elegy singing).

Thousands of men, women and children joined the traditional ‘Bibi ka alam’ procession, which passed through Muslim-majority old city.

While Sunni Muslims observed ‘Yaum-e-Ashoora’ Saturday, the Shia sect observed it Sunday in the traditional manner. ‘Matam’ or mourning started early Sunday at ‘ashoor khanas’ and ‘alawas’.

At the historic ‘Bibi ka alawa’ in Dabeerpura, hundreds of Shia mourners flagellated themselves. Later, the procession was taken out with an especially trained elephant Rajni carrying the ‘alam’ or the flag, which symbolizes the martyrs.muharram_1806.jpg

Thousands lined the procession route to catch a glimpse of the ‘alam’ and make their offerings. A couple of ministers, top police officials, members of royal family of Nizam, the ruler of erstwhile Hyderabad state, were among those who offered ‘dhatti’ to the ‘alam’.

More than 4,000 policemen were deployed as part of the massive security arrangements for the procession, which passed through the historic Charminar and other major thoroughfares in the old city.

Traffic was diverted at several points to ensure smooth conduct of the procession.

The city has an estimated 200,000 Shias, the second largest Shia population in the country after Lucknow. Muslims constitute 40 percent of the city’s seven million population.

Muslims observe Muharram in Delhi

On the 10th day of the month of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar, Muslim across the globe remember the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, grandson of Prophet Mohammed, some 1,400 years ago, at a place called Karbala in Iraq.

On Ashoora, as the 10th day of Muharram is also known as, special prayers were offered at historic Shahi Masjid Fatehpuri and shrine of Khwaja Nizam-ud-din Auliya in South Delhi, where Muslims paid homage to Hussain.

Shia Muslims took out tazia (mourning) processions from various places in the national capital.

The processions included some of the oldest, like the one taken out from Shia Jama Masjid in Kashmiri Gate to Punja Sharif Karbala in the same locality and from Pahari Bhojla in Chittqualam near historic Jama Masjid to Karbala in Jorbag near Lodhi colony.

Dressed in black, Shia Muslims, both men as well as women, were crying and beating their chests to mourn the Hussain’s martyrdom. They were also were holding flags.

After reaching the Jorbag Karbala, the mourners performed rituals of tearing up their flags and burying them there.

The occasion was marked by the story of Hussein’s martyrdom being told in a sombre voice as the day-long affair of tazia processions continued.

It is said that during this month only, soldiers of Yazid, an Arab Muslim ruler, surrounded Hussain, his family and some followers at Iraq’s Karbala. In the days that followed, they were denied food and water and many of them were killed in the war that lasted till Muharram 10 in 680 AD.

Keeping with the country’s secular traditions, Hindus and Muslims also took out a joint tazia from Bhairon Mandir near Pragati Maidan to Jorbag karbala.

‘It’s one of the oldest tazia processions of Delhi where Muslims and Hindus keep up with the country’s secular traditions and bond of fraternity,’ Imran Ahmed, a participant of the procession told IANS

Hindus join Orissa Muslims in Muharram processions


Bhubaneswar : Continuing a tradition, thousands of Hindus Sunday joined Muslims’ Muharram processions in parts of Orissa.

In Sambalpur, Kendrapada and Bhadrak, Hindus joined the procession to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, grandson of Prophet Mohammed.

“We not only joined them but also played a lead role the way we have done in the past,” said Lal Mohan Padhiary of Sambalpur town, some 350 km from here.

“Muslims also join us in celebrating Hindu festivals,” he said.

Padhiary’s family has been taking out the tazia (mourning) procession every year since 1664.

One of his forefathers had gone out of home in 1655 and appeared with two Muslim clerics in 1664 after the family performed his last rite considering him as dead, Padhiary said.

In gratitude, the family took out a tazia procession that year and generations after generations of Padhiary’s family has continued to do so.

Dozens of youths participating in processions were injured after they flagellated themselves with chains and sharp weapons, drawing blood.

Some Muslim youths also walked on burning coals and many inserted iron pins in their tongues, cheeks, chests and backs.

“At least 25 tazias were brought out in Bhadrak town,” Haji Muhammad Abdul Bari, president of the Chauda Mahala Muslim Jamat, told IANS.



  1. Islamis the religion of peace for all huminity and hazrat muhammad is the last Rasul of all humanity,original islam is preserved in shiaism . if any body want to know about real islam they can search shia asna ashri islam through internet and books and compare it with quran sharif and sahi ahadiths.

  2. In Ladakh district of jammu & kashmir state , we the muslims organize mourning tazia’s in minus 35 D C. On 10 th of moharam in Leh city !

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