Milad-un-Nabi Celebrated in 2008

MSO organized its Azmat-e-Rasool Conference

15th March KENNEDY HALL OF AMU ,Aligarh  
 Mufti Nizamuddin Sb. Darul Ifta Jamia Ashrafia,Syed Ameen Mian Qaudri sb.Sajjada Nashin Khankah e Barkatiya,Vice Chancellor AMU Aligarh P.K Abdul Aziz,Syed Liyaqat Moini Dargah Ajmer Gaddi Nashin,Prof Akhtarul Wasey Jamia Millia Islamia.(from Left to right)

Muslim Students Organization of India,(MSO) AMU Unit Organized its 3rd Grand Azmat-e-Rasool Conference on 15th March at 8.00 p.m in the evening in the Kennedy Auditorium of Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh,India.
MSO had Started title Azmat-e Rasool after Organizing Various Annual Conferences with the Name of Jashn-e Ghousul Wara (R.A) in Various Parts of Country.Its Conferences have been graced by the Prominent Personalities of Islamic World Including Allama Qamaruzzaman Khan Azmi President World Islamic Mission London
 Mufti Mukarram Ahmad Shahi Imam Fateh puri Masjid Delhi,Maulana Obadullah Khan Azmi (M.P),Saeed Noori (Raza Academy),Abdul Hakeem Al Azhari (Sunni Markaz Kerala),Prof Akhtarul Wasey (Jamia Millia Islami),Prof Aleem Ashraf Jaisi (Urdu University Hyderabad),Prof Liaqat Hussain Moini(Dargah Ajmer) and  Vice Chancellors of AMU like Dr.Mamoodurrehman ,Prof V.K Abdul Aziz.The Whole sole guidance of MSO has been its Patron and Widely respected Scholar of Islam and Prof in Urdu department of Aligarh Muslim University Syed Ameen Mian Qaudri Barkati who is Sajjada Nashin of Khankah of Marehra distt Etah U.P.
This year programme was no different in its grandness and was a huge Success as both boys and girls turned up in large number.
The Conference strated with the  recitation of verses of Holy Quran by Qari Jawed.

Mohammad Zaid (AMU)and Mohammad Qayamuddin (Jamia) Ateef Mian (Badaun),Dr.Syed Siraj Ajmali (AMU) presented the gift of beautiful na’ats in the praise of prophet (S.A.W).
M.S.O AMU Unit President Mohammad Najmuddin Ahmed Presented Welcome adress then emphasisng the need of Promotion of Sufi teachings of peace and Love  in the Country, Guest of Honour Dr.Liyaqat Hussain Moini appealed the Students to adopt  Sufi way of Spreading Islam. He said that Sufis taught Love and respect towards  Other religions and this was the main reason that they could establish not only themself but made Islam a popular religion in this land where it was not Present even in Minor form.
Chief Guest of Conference, AMU VC Prof P.K Abdul Aziz said that Muslim Youths should follow Our beloved Prophet’s (S.A.W) example Which he gave in each Sphere of Life.Touching the Current Issues he advised Students to be ready by their actions and deeds to Counter the Western propaganda that Islam preaches terorrism and extremism.He praised MSO for Organizing a well managed ,disciplined and beautifull evening.
Speakers of the Conference and head of Darul Ifta Ashrafia University Mubarakpur, Azamagarh Who is also expert in Modern Islamic Problems dealing with Jurisprudence , Mufti Nizamuddin  said that Allah Praises Prophet of Islam (S.A.W)and wishes that we must Praise and respect him  .Paying Emphasis on the dignity and Love towards Holy Prophet (Sallalahoalaihiwassalam) he Said Unless a Muslim Loves Passionately Prophet(Sallalahoalaihiwassalam) even more than his life property and relatives ,his Imaan remains Incomplete. Honour and Love of Holy Prophet (Sallalahoalaihiwassalam) is Imaan .
The best Example of love and Honour towards beloved prophet (Sallalahoalaihiwassalam) may be seen From  acts and deeds of Sahaba-e-Kiram .
Prof Akhtarul Wasey ,Head of Islamic Studies Jamia Millia Islamia said that Students must not forget the acts of Nabi kareem (Sallalahoalaihiwassalam)which were the best examples for whole of the World.We must not get into Inferiority Complex by Western Concepts of Secularism and tolerance as these are the Hall mark of Islamic State and we have Proved them in Our rule from Medina to India.
In Mediana we established peace and Non Muslims were given protection. 
We respected and gave honour to Old, women, Child, weak and ill.We administered this Country
for more than 800 years and we were in Minority in this Country and we are still in Minority.Isn’t it  a  strong evidence that we are Peaceful and Islam was not Spread by Sword ?Indonesia and Malyasia are Muslim Countries but we Know that no Islamic warrior had to do war there.This is the beauty of Islam and that’s why it is fastest Increasing religion of the World. 
Presiding the Conference Prof Syed Ameen Mian Qaudri, who is favourite among the Students for his Original and advising words said that neither you should have Inferiority Complex  regarding recent Condition of Islamic World nor you should fear about future of Islam beacuse Islam has established itself in every adverse situation in most unbelievable Circumstances at evry nook and Corner of the globe.Allah has Himself promised to keep faith in Him and success will wait for us Open handed.
The thing we need to do is to have Strong Iman in Allah and Passionate love and respect towards beloved Nabi kareem (Sallalahoalaihiwassalam)He advised Students to be ready to face the real and Practical World where One can be Successful Only when he has prepared himself.He told them to study hard and excel in their different Field because in this age the War will be fought not by Swords but by the Mind and those who will Use their Mind according to the most advanced techniques of  Sciece and technology will come out Successful.

Shahnawaz Warsi General Convener of M.S.O Delhi State thanked all the Speakers and guests .Ahmed Mujtaba Siddiqui beautifully Conducted the Conference.General Secretary Shehzad ul Haq Shamsi,Vice President Mohammad Aslam,Joint Secretary Aftab Ahmed,Treasurer Pervez Alam Jawed Rizwi,Suhail Khan,and Imran help in Organizing Programme.
Programme ended with the Salat o Salam and with distribution of  Islamic books and Sweets.      

MSO Organized Milad rallies in different parts of Delhi .Milad Un nabi rally in Lohini by suhairuddin

MSO Milad rally in okhla new Delhi



    Farhat o masarrat kaif o masti chehre se zahir ho jata he,ishqu o mahabbat apne izhaar ka zaria bhi khud hi talash kar leta he

  2. Assalam waleakum,

    Tamam alaam e islam ko Eid e milad un
    nadi mubarak ho!

    Nisar Teri Chehal Pahel par, Hazarun Eidein Tujpe Rabiul Awal

    Siwae Iblis ke Jahan mein sabhi tu khushiyan Mana Rahe hain.

    khuda hafiz

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