A great Islamic Scholar and refutor of Darwins theory of Creationism ,arrested by Turkish government

Turkish government has jailed  Dr.Harun Yahya, the man who challenged Evolution and had his work given for free, I suppose those Muslims who say “Beware of Harun Yahya” are probably happy. Here is the report:

ISTANBUL (Reuters) –  Turkish Islamic author Adnan Oktar was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday for creating an illegal organization for personal gain, state-run Anatolian news agency said.


UPDATE: Adnan Oktar makes statement (found on website):

This is a case that will probably go down in history. I have never heard of, seen or read of such an intriguing case. But we still feel the appropriate respect.

We respect the justice system. We respect the court verdict. There is something auspicious in all things. That verdict had been determined in the sight of Allah before those judges’ parents were even born. They issued the statement when the time came. They issued the statement that was in their destiny. Nobody can decide for himself, nor make any statement of his own volition. Everyone makes the statements determined in their destiny. Why did it happen in that way? Because it was auspicious for it to do so.

As with Prophet Yusuf (as). He was a servant beloved of Allah. Yet Allah had him thrown into a dungeon for seven years. InshaAllah, we are also on the path of the Prophet Yusuf (as). We are on the path of the blessed prophets. We abide by their excellent sunnah. InshaAllah we are doing what is auspicious. Believers are on the path of the prophets, and in the Qur’an, Allah says He wills us to adopt them as role models. He tells us to obey and resemble them. And our lives may have aspects similar to aspects of theirs. These verses of the Qur’an apply to all Muslims. In that sense they also apply to me and to my colleagues. In verse 35 of Surah Yusuf, for example, He reveals: “Then, after they had seen the signs, they thought that they should still imprison him for a time.” The verse suggests there were doubts whether to imprison him or not, but that the former option eventually prevailed. There is indeed a similarity here. Allah says of Yusuf (as) that he was sentenced to at least three years’ imprisonment. The Qur’an refers to several years. That means at least three, somewhere between three and nine. That is a sign. The Qur’an applies to all times, all people and all events, and this is one of the miracles of the Qur’an.

Nobody can hurt me anywhere in any way; only things that my Creator, Almighty Allah, wills to happen actually do so. I shall live by my destiny. Whatever is in my destiny, that is what will happen. The time will come when my soul is taken. When that time comes, He will take my soul. But apart from that, nobody can harm a hair on my head. Nothing can happen to me. Whatever is in my destiny, it will happen when the time comes, at the appointed time.

In the latest events, the latest bit of pressure, we learned that someone we never expected, whom we believed to be a conservative, religious individual, was in fact a Freemason. We were stunned. We really thought he was a devout, right-wing individual, and we trusted him accordingly. But he turned out to be a high-ranking Freemason.

There are eight letters [from foreign Freemasonry], sent here to the [Turkish] lodge. They refer to us, and to me personally, making direct reference to my book, to Atlas of Creation. They refer to my ability to operate without difficulty. They ask how this is possible, how I can enjoy such freedom of action.

They say it [the Atlas] has had a huge impact, like an atom bomb. That is what lies behind the pressure being put on us in recent years. We are even of the opinion that pressure is being put on the government to put pressure on us. I can understand why the end of Darwinism has upset them so much, because this has really demolished their entire system. Their philosophies, world views and ideologies have been shattered. And they are unable to find an answer to this. All they can do is pressurize.

We received a new threat regarding my latest book [on Freemasonry] only yesterday, directed against myself, for the book not to come out; it came from the Freemasons, who phoned a friend of mine. They suggested we would have real problems if the book comes out. But I shall nevertheless be bringing the book out, inshaAllah. I have been threatened before, when I was in the mental hospital. I was told to abandon my activities. At that time they both offered me money and also said they would “get rid of this problem” I was having, and they had my lawyer bring me the message. They offered me a substantial sum of money if I would abandon my work, give up producing books, put a stop to my book regarding Freemasonry, and that the nightmare I was experiencing would be brought to an end. But I declined the offer.

Let me state once again that I have no complaints regarding the court. I harbor no resentment or recrimination towards anyone. It is Allah Who caused the court to sign that verdict. Only one thing in the court decision surprised me and gave me pause for thought, which was that we had three female friends. Like my other friends, they had absolutely nothing to do with the allegations. But they were sentenced to three years’ imprisonment each. These were really well brought-up young ladies. That did surprise me. But again I still respect the court, and there is something auspicious in all things.

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“By Time, Verily Man is in loss… except those who believe, do righteous deeds, exhort one another to truth and have patience.” [Surah Asr:103]



  1. There’s not one single evidence showing that adnan oktar is guilty. If you check the site http://www.bav-savunma.org/ you will find out how unlawfully he was given the sentence. By the way, the jurisdiction process continues and the verdict is on the appeal at the supreme court of appeals. Everybody knows that he is not guilty. Even the prosecutor. The prosecutor stated that there was no evidence showing that he is guilty, and so he should be acquitted.


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