The Urs at Bari Imam Celebrated with great Splendour

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Stream of Devotees

By Noor Aftab, “Barri Imam ‘urs’ concludes” – The News International – Islamabad, Pakistan
Friday, May 30, 2008

The annual spiritual festival at the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi, popularly known as Barri Imam, concluded Thursday after five days of non-stop prayers by a stream of devotees from across the country.

Under heavy police deployment around the tomb at the foot of the Margalla Hills, the hectic rituals reached the climax with a closing ceremony attended by various political and religious figures who paid rich tributes to the Sufi saint for his services in the promotion of peace and harmony and spreading teachings of Islam among the people.

Custodians of the shrine said that over 500,000 people — men, women and children — visited the tomb to participate in the ‘urs’ celebrations, paying homage to the great Sufi saint.

On the last day of the ‘urs’, hundred of thousands of devotees from all nearby cities and across the country assembled at the scenic place of Nurpur Shahan to pay homage to Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi, one of the greatest Sufi Saints whose ‘urs’ is celebrated every year right from his death centuries ago.



  1. assalam o alikum.

    a news was published on 17th may 2008 in NAWA-E-WAQAT.
    that was very strange.
    that was happened in mirpur khas(sindh,pakistan),would you like to read it.(it is written in urdu)
    u can read it from link given below

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