Grave Injustice done to Indian Muslim Students of Madarsas

Police harassement of Muslim Youths-

The Police and administrative atrocities against Muslim youth have not been Stopped despite Congress lead UPA governments several Claims to Please Muslims. It has been Found that arrest and detention of Muslim youths on the Pretext of terrorism is most easy and favourite work of Police administration.

Six Sunni Students aftereing released bstudents

The AmarUjala News 3rd June 2008 Agra Edition and Malyalam Manorma of the same date (from down-Up)

Recent Case of Illegal detention of Six Innocent Madarsa Students by Agra police is new story of the Same series.The Agra Police Picked these Six students belonging to Various distt of Kerala state , Studying in Darul Uloom Amjadia Ghosi Mau distt of U.P from Redfort area of Agra City and Kept them in Lockup.After Some time these Students who were Unaware about what was happening with them ,were Presented before Local Media Portraying as terrorist.

They were not allowed to Inform their Parents or teachers in Madarsa.Police Started their typical Interrogation but Could not find any thing related to their False Propganda.

Story did not finish here When Agra Police asked for Information from Kerala Police but Kerala Police acting Irresponsibly did not give Correct Information on time and Students Passed their five days from 30th May to 3rd June 2008 in Police Custody only on the basis of doubt.

It was the good Luck of them that Police got Clean Chit from all the Concerned deptt about these Innocent Youths and released them on fifth day i.e on 3rd June 2008.The Local Newspapers Covered the Incident Including Keralite Print and Electronic Media.

Member of Parliament T.K Hamza assured these Students in Delhi to raise the Matter before the government . The New Delhi office of Sunni Markaz, Calicut helped them in their release .

Translated from Malyali News Papers by MSO Media Cell.


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