Hardliner Jehadi Islam replacing Sufi Kashmiriat

Vol 5, Issue 23, Dated June 14, 2008 A new research centre initiated by the South Asia Foundation promises to give a fresh lease of life to the rich but endangered Sufi culture of Kashmir The thought had been lurking for as many as sixty years. Then, traumatised by the Partition, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh, who had witnessed bloodshed on both sides had been influenced by an illiterate Muslim labourer. It was in Kashmir that he first became aware of the influence and power of oral folk culture. Aasi, a ‘coolie poet’, made ends meet through menial jobs, and walked the streets narrating poems. Then, way back in 1948, Aasi’s secular poetry had inspired the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs to form a cultural front to resist the brutal attack by tribesmen who had invaded the Kashmir valley. Sixty years later, Madanjeet Singh is trying to apply the same balm. A student of Government College, Lahore, who hails from Uri — a border district in Kashmir — Singh believes that culture will provide the antidote to the violence and intolerance that has ravaged the Valley over the last two decades. As founder of the South Asia Foundation (SAF), 85-year old Singh was back in Kashmir to open the Kashmir Institute of Studies, where he hopes students from Pakistan will also come and learn about Sufi culture. Former military dictator Zia ul Haq changed that in Pakistan and the myriad militant groups punctured holes into Kashmiriyat in India. “Only culture will stop violence, not the army,’’ asserts Singh whose Foundation has also been recognised as an apex body of the South Asian Association of Regional Coperation.

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  1. […] Esther wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptVol 5, Issue 23, Dated June 14, 2008 A new research centre initiated by the South Asia Foundation promises to give a fresh lease of life to the rich but endangered Sufi culture of Kashmir The thought had been lurking for as many as … […]

    Also known and spelled as MAGRI, MAGRE & MAGREY. But the correct spelling is MAGRAY. Pleural of MAGRAY is MAGRES.
    Magray is a Martial Kashmiri tribe / Race / Caste of Rajput origin. Magray sprung from Kashtri-un-Nassal Rajput. Kashtri-un-Nassal Rajput is one of the four classes of Hindus. Kashtri were people of ruling class having responsibility for the defence of the state. Ladhay Magray was the forefather of Magray tribe. Magres accepted Islam at the hand of Syed Ali Hamdani in Twelveth Century. The first person who entered in Kashmir and settled their belonged to Magray tribe thus making Magray tribe, the founders of Kashmir. Magray tribe ruled over Kashmir for seven hundred years. They invited Mughals to enter Kashmir in order to end disturbances in the valley. However, subsequently Mughals were defeated and pushed back by the Magray tribe. Magray tribe is settled all over the world with majority in Kashmir Valley. In spite of being SARDARS of the time, people of Magray tribe felt proud to be called as MAGRAY. After acceptance of Islam in Twelveth century Magray tibe people followed Islam in true spirit, Lot of spirtual leaders / sufi/wali were born in the tribe. At the moment there are many Holy places/ Tombs of Magrays, which are visited daily by many people to pay respect. One of the popular shrines in Rajori is Bara (Twelve) Ghazi Qabar of Magray Pir. It is an honour for Magray tibe that Syed Ali Hamdani handed over his Alam and appointed Ladhey Magray his succcessor at the time of his death. Even Syeds established materimonial relationships with the people of the Magray Tribe.

    1. Magray Village, District Bagh
    2. Magray City, Kuttan, Neelum valley, Muzaffarabad
    3. Magray Hills, Kanchikot, Rawalakot
    4. Magray Abad, Rawalakot
    5. Magray Gali, Lipa Valley, Muzaffarabad
    6. Magray Abad, Athmaqam,Kel road,Neelum Valley
    7. Magray Village,Motarin, khaigala, Rawalakot
    8. Kharl Magrayan,District Bagh
    9 Sardari Magrayan,Neelum Valley Muzaffarabad
    10. Magray Village Marchkot,Abbaspur
    11. Bandian Magray,Abbaspur
    Magray is an ancient word, Magray means, “The Martials”, “The Warriors”, “Military and war like people”. Magray is also spelled as Magrey, Magre and Magri, but the correct spelling is Magray. The plural of Magray is Magres.
    All the historical books on Kashmir contain material on Magray tribe and their role in the history of Kashmir. Few of the historical Books are mentioned here for reference.
    1. Magray in the Eyes of History By Sajid Latif Magray
    2. Magray A Warrior Kashmiri Tribe By Abdul Qayyum
    3. Valley of Kashmir by Sir Walter Lirance
    4. Imperial Gazettier of India Govt of India
    5. Tribes and Castes of Kashmir by Muhammad Din Folk
    6 .Castes and Tribes of Poonch By Muhammad Din Folk
    7. History of Kasmir by Khawaja Azamey
    8. History of Kashmir by Muhammad Hassan
    9. History Kabeer Kashmir by Haji M.Mohiudin
    10.Raj Tarangi By Pandit Kahlan
    11. Tareekh-e-Kashmir by Professors Nazir Ahmed Tashna
    12. Kashmir in the Era of Muslim empires By Ghulam Hassan Khoyami
    13. Tareekh-e- Malkan by Dr Sadiq Malik
    14. Jalwa-e-Kashmir by Dr Sabir Afaqi
    15 Baharistan-e-Shahi A Chronocle Mediaeval of Kashmir
    16. Magray- The Martials and Warriors of Kashmir by Sajiad Latif Magray
    17. Tareekh-e-Kashmir,Islamia By Dr Sabir Afaqi
    18. Tareekh-e-Azmi by M.Azam
    19. Tribal geography of India Jamu and Kashmir by Muhammad Bashir Magray
    20. A New History of India and PakistanBy Quyyam Abdul
    1.MAGRAY VILLAGE MOTARIN, RAWALKOT:This is a village comprising of about 400 houses, exclusively of the Magray Tribe. Road leading from Rawalkot to Tatrinote crossing point passes from this village. Few personalities of the village are:-
    a. Muhammad Din Magray
    b. Subedar Muhammad Latif Magray
    c. Sajjad Latif Magray
    d. Rasheed Magray
    e. Yaqoob Magray
    f. Manzoor Magray
    g. Sadique Magray
    h. Dilpazir Magray
    j. Bashir Magray
    k. Qayyum Magray
    l. Yaseen Magray
    m. Imran Yaseen margay
    n. Shafi Magray
    o. Akram Magray
    p. Rafique Magray
    q. Sajjad Magray
    r. Muhammad Javed Magray
    s. Kabir Magray
    t. Kamran Magray
    u. Muhammad Aamir Magray
    2.MAGRAY HILLS KANCHIKOT:This is a big village which starts from the Magray Market on Ali Sajad Road and goes to the top of Tolipeer, a prominent Hill top of Kashmir. Few personalities of the Magray Hills are:-
    a. Haji Aqal Hussain Magray
    b. Tariq Magray
    c. Ghulam Nabi Magray
    d. Gulzar Magray
    e. Havildar Yaseen margay
    f. Subedar Rafique Magray
    g. Hanif Magray
    h. Havildar Azam Magray
    i. Muhammad Ashraf Magray
    j. Kala Khan Magray
    k. Hakim din Magray
    l. Capt Yaqoob Magray
    m. Asghar Magray
    n. Sadique Magray
    o. Haji Abdullah Magr
    3.MAGRAY ABAD RAWALAKOT:This is a small town in Rawalakot valley on Banjosa Road in Barmang. Few of the personalities of the area are:-
    a. Abdul Majeed Magray
    b. Muhammad Arif Magray
    c. Muhammad Razaque Magray
    d. Muhammad Imtiaz Magray
    e. Muhammad javed Magray
    f. Muhammad Shoukat Magray
    g. Muhammad Riaz Magray
    h. Muhammad Ishaque Magray
    i. Muhammad Shakeel Magray
    j. Muhammad Jahangir Magray
    k. Muhammad Khurshid Magray
    l. Muhammad yaseen Magray
    This village start from Magray city Lower Bela and extends tol the prominent Hill top of Kashmir Lasdana. This village comprises of 600 houses 100% of the Magray tribe people. Few personalities of the Magrtay village are:-
    a. Dr Mir Akbar Magray
    b. Gohar Magray
    c. Abdul Hameed Magray
    d. Fazal Gohar Magray
    e. Aslam Magray
    f. Hayat margay
    g. Liaqat Ali Magray
    h. Ghulam Nabi
    i. Wali Noor Magray
    j. Sakhi Muhammad Magray
    k. Haseeb Magray
    It is a small area in District Bagh, people of Magray tribe are settled here. Few personalities of the area are:-
    a. Muhammad Ashraf Magray
    b. Muhammad Farooq Magray
    c. Abdul Hameed Magray
    d. Gulfraz Magray
    e. Akram Magray
    f. Haji Hakeek Magray
    g. Muhammad Khurshid Magray
    h. Fazal Hussain Magray
    i. Shakeel Ahmed Magray
    A prominent Hilltop of Kashmir in Lipa valley. Few personalities of the area are lmentioned here:-
    a. Capt Ghulam Hussain Magray
    b. Ghulam Rasool Magray
    c. Pervaiz Magray
    d. Prof Kosar Magray
    Few notables of the area are:-
    a. Mangta Magray
    b. Shahzaman Magray
    c. Arshad Magray
    d. Shahzaman Magray
    e. Ali Akbar Magray
    f. Asad Magray
    g. Matloob Magray
    h. Attique Magray
    i. Oamer Zaman Magray
    j. Amjid Magray
    A SMALL TOWN IN Neelum valley on Kel Road near Athmaqam. Few personalities of the area are:-
    a. Muhammad Mustafa Magray
    b. Muhammad Khurshid Magray
    c. Muhammad Subhan Magray
    d. Shakeel Magray
    e. Ashraf Magray
    f. Mushtaq Magray
    g. Ghulam Hussain Magray
    h. Abid Magray
    This is the larges village of Abbaspur town comprising of more than 1000 houses exclusively of the Magray Tibe. Few personalities of the village are:-
    a. Sher Akbar Magray
    b. Havildar Karim Magray
    c. Muhammad Sharif Magray
    d. Muhammad Afsar Magray
    e. Muhammad Rasheed Magray
    f. Manzoor Magray
    g. Muhammad Rafique Magray
    h. Muhammad Raheem Magray
    i. Saleem Magray
    j. Ali Akbar Magray
    k. Muhammad Azeem Magray
    l. Muhammad Yaqoob Magray
    m. Mubashar Salam Din Magray
    n. Sadique Magray
    o. Hameed Magray
    p. Kutab Dinb Magray
    11.BANDIAN MAGRAY:This is a remote village of Abbaspur town comprising of more than 500 houses entirely of the Magray tribe. Few personalities of Bandian Magray are:-
    a. Muhammad Arif Magray
    b. Mir Akbar Magray
    c. Muhammad Bashir Magray
    d. Muhammad Ashraf Magray
    e. Muhammad Nazir Magray
    f. Sakhi Muhammad Magray
    g. Jalal Din Magray
    h. Muhammad Saddique Magray
    i. Shoukat Magray
    j. Rasheed Magray
    Two books “magray the martials and warriors of kashmir”and “magray in the eyes of history”have been written by sajjad latif magray .launching ceremony of these books was held on 1st feb 08 at press club rawalpindi and was attended by the prime minister of aj&k and his cabinet members. Title of books is written by the fol known Scholars and historians of the country.
    1. Dr. M. Ashraf Qureshi – Chairman Deptt of Kashmiriyat Punjab Univeristy Lahore.
    2. Dr.Sabir Afaqi – author & historian
    3. Dr.M.Sadiq Malik -author & historian
    Organizations of Magray tribe:
    1. Magray supreme council: is the Supreme body of Magray tribe, Empowered to take all sort of political and socio economical decisions in the best interest of Magray tribe.
    2. Magray educational society (regd): promotes educational activities in the tribe and even outside the magray tribe.
    3. Magray Tanzeem (regd): was established to provide a platform and organize the Magray tribe.
    4. Magray welfare trust: looks after the ill, poor and needy people of the Kashmir in particular and Pakistan in general.
    5. Magray foundation.

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