Rare blood donors: India has first website catering to the problem


New Delhi, June 15 : Indu Lekhi’s blood group never mattered until she had to undergo an open-heart surgery. But it had to be delayed by a week because her blood group was so rare that she couldn’t find enough blood donors.

Only four out of every 100 people have rare blood groups like A-, B-, AB- or O- . But when any of them have a medical emergency it’s a virtual nightmare trying to arrange for blood.

Indu Lekhi finally found her donors all because of a website which is India’s first comprehensive database on rare blood group donors.

It all started in March, when a young Pakistani boy came from Lahore to Delhi for a heart surgery. His mother called the Varmas, Creators, of Rarebloodgroup.org to help her arrange for AB- blood . Overnight five units of blood were ready and for the Vermas it was the beginning of the rare blood groups website.

”When we started, we thought as the name suggested even the donors would be rare. But within a week we had more than 100 donors. Today we’ve got people from Canada, New York, Iceland etc” says, Rahul Verma, Creator, Rarebloodgroup.org.

The method is simple – when someone needs units of a rare blood group they can log on to this site and get in touch with any of the 1500 listed volunteers. In just three months the website has helped out over 200 people, five from across the border.



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