Muslim Women Paraded naked in Uttar Pradesh Village

Posted July 14th, 2007 by Tarique Anwar By staff reporter Shrawasti (UP): a simple case of elopement by two lovers belonging to two different religious communities turned into a heinous crime committed against members of Muslim community. A Muslim boy and a Hindu girl eloped on 7th of July in Shrwasti district of Uttar Pradesh. An FIR was filed for the alleged kidnapping of the girl. Three days later hundreds from girl’s village attacked Muslim dominated village of Sirsia that the boy belonged to. Brother of a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) minister is reported to be leading that mob. The mob beat all Muslims, burnt a number of houses of that village. The most heinous is that several Muslim women were sexually assaulted and a few of them paraded naked. Police deny any such incident have happened and in fact refuse to lodge an FIR. Medical examination of these women could be taken only after 48 hours severely limiting the hope of finding any evidence of rape after such a long time. Reporters have seen marks of attack and assault on the bodies of women. Legislators of Samajwadi Party (SP) walked out of the state assembly over this incident and involvement of a BSP minister. Waqar Shah of SP raised this issue in the Assembly and dubbed the Mayawati government of UP as “anti-Muslim.” Meanwhile BSP government has announced the suspension of police officers of Shrawasti districts. Lalji Verma, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs denied involved of any BSP minister in the incident. An inquiry has been ordered. how can we protect our sisters? enough is a enough?


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