What exactly Dr.Israr Ahmad Said against Hazrat Ali (R.A)

SK Ali ,California

Please see this Video and comment:

To: Mr. Salman Iqbal, President & CEO, ARY Digital Television Network

Hazrat Ali (alaihissalam) is the most respected personality in Islam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Not only Muslims, but enlightened people all over the world see him as a beacon of light. For instance, the Christian writer George Jordache has written a book ‘The Voice of Human Justice’ on this one aspect of the many-faceted munificence of Hazrat Ali (a.s.).

However, there are some who present themselves as Muslims, but are so overcome by hatred for the Holy Prophet & his AhleBait (upon all of whom be peace) that they utter blasphemous remarks about these holiest of personalities.

On 12th June 2008, one such person Israr Ahmed uttered words to the effect that (naudbillah thumma naudbillah) Hazrat Ali (a.s.) once drank wine and under its influence he misread a verse while leading congregational prayers. Utterance of such nonsense for one “made pure” by Allah (verse 33:33) is something for which Allah shall appropriately penalize this person in this world and in the hereafter. We, therefore, leave it to Allah to deal with this blasphemer who is beyond redemption.

However, we find it sad that QTV, a component of ARY network, is the one that aired this blasphemy.

You will be aware that this reprehensible act of QTV is not only a misdemeanor that can result in cancellation of its cable TV license in Pakistan by PEMRA, but is a cognizable offence under section 298-A of the Pakistan Penal Code.

We expect ARY and QTV to immediately retract this blasphemy, give equal time to a scholar who respects Ali (alaihissalam) to present the real picture, and to ban Israr Ahmed from future appearance on ARY Network.

If this does not happen, we will take this as a signal of your approval of and participation in Israr Ahmed’s blasphemy, and shall be left with no alternative but to call for boycott of ARY group’s businesses worldwide by those who love Ali (alaihisslam), and to ask PEMRA and law enforcing agencies Pakistan to initiate necessary action against the transgressors.

to view Israr Ahmed’s blasphemy video click here



  1. Although any comment against the Ahl-Bayt is intolerable I find something suspicious about the video….just after Israr mentions the incident, a video manipulation is clearly observed i.e before he mentions the context in which he mentioned this hadith, an irrelevant frame is added to it towards the end of the video…..a longer video would probably have dispelled the allegations itself……and Allah knows best.

  2. In case you cannot locate the manipulation, just keep looking at the running text at the bottom of the video. Just after Israr mentions the mistake that Hazrat Ali (Karamullahu Taala Wajhu) made in the recitation, the text suddenly and abruptly changes, which indicates the deletion of a certain portion of the video which might have clarified Israr’s stand. I feel Israr is being targeted unnecessarily….and Allah knows best.

  3. Dear Azhar Suharwardi the Coverage of the Said Programme has been viewed by Millions of People and only after watching Live ,People raised the Alarm about it .Yes there might be some changes in this shia Version but U may also watch it on You Tube .
    He has responded and offered apology in this regard .Read recent post on this Site.

  4. Well, I do not say that Dr.Asrar was right in saying anything against Hazrat Ali (Karamullah Hu Taala Wajhu) but I guess if he has apologized for it then we should probably forgive him. We have bigger problems to worry about than fighting over such issues. Striving for Khilafah, Freeing palestine from jews and protecting our muslim brothers and sisters from western and pagan terrorism and aggression are issues that we should worry about. Once we are done with that then only should we turn to fellow muslims. You know what….I am sick of Muslims defaming or killing muslims…..shias, sunnis, tabligees, jamaatees, deobandis, salafis….we are all muslims and rather than attacking and making each other weak, we should work together to restore the glory of Islam.

    • Azhar, you are absolutely right . We have so many big issues to fight with not thses tiny thing which not actally issue in any ways. Dr. Israr given a tafseer of a ayat which is given by earlier scholers as well. He has just quoted it again to explain the matter. He never meant to defame Hazrat Ali(R.A.A.). And moreover he already apologies for that if any got hurt. But here my friend you would realize that the whole issue is created by Shias as they ever did and always do since the time of abdulla ibn sabaa in MADINA during the khilafat of Hazrat Usman(RAA).
      Allah knows the best.

  5. Dear Azher Suharwardi/anonymous (4 september 2008) and other reading this thread,

    Please listen to the 11 hour speech ‘Difa e shan e Ali(R)’ of Dr. Tahirul Qadri on http://www.minhaj.org if you want to save your imaan. Listen to the whole speech as it clarifies Azhar Suharwardi’s misconceptions.

    Jazaak Allah.

  6. Brothers in Islam!
    Assalamu Alaikum!
    All those wholeheartedly accept unity of ALLAH(ONENESS) & accept Holy Prophet Mohammed is the last Prophet of ALLAH SWT & believe in HOLY Quran
    are enchained in firm Islamic brotherhood !
    Sects were not permitted in Islam !
    We must deeply love &highly respect the family of
    our beloved prophet Mohammed(MSAS)
    It is true & crystal clear that HOLY PROPHET said”
    ALLAH made me ocean of Knowldge ! and Ali(RA)
    is the gateway of the knowledge”
    AS a Sunni I believe wholeheartedly that Hazrat Imam
    received Shahdat .Yazid was merciless evil doer!
    It was a Holy war between right & wrong!
    It was not a poltical war but Hazrat Imam was
    deceived by evil design of yazid!
    Taliking about Dr.Israr Ahmed , I believe he has
    innocently quoted as we know that until the time
    revelation came forbiding the drinking of Alcohol
    all muslims might have been drinking !
    Hazrat ali was a pious wali ULLAH so no sunni will
    utter any falsehood against him!
    I am utterly surprised why Shia is against Sunni somuch whereas I find most of Sunnies donot speak
    against Shia. I myself never do.
    BUT We must not uplift anyone equal to ALLAH SWT!
    Our beloved prophet Mohammed(MSA) said ” donot make me one as Christian made ISA(AS)”
    All Prophets & their families are servant s of ALLAH SWT though they are much superior to all of US !.
    Finally, I donot believe DR.Israr Ahmed will commit a great sin by disreputing Hazrat ALI(RA).
    Thank YOU

  7. salaam ila man ittaba’a al huda
    Ashraar(israr) should be ashamed of the wrong doing , as a matter of fact people like him are not bothered about any islam or its followers they are more worried about thier 10second fame and would do anything to get it. and why are we all surprized, it is the history of the ummah to denounce ahl al bayt(as) since the very begining from the time of the Holy Prophet (saaww) even in his time there have been many who have done this to denounce the loved ones (as) of the Prophet(saaww) in whatever way they could, ashrar is indeed very happy to get all this limelight and spot , i am just wondering where they all stand in the day of judgement.
    Allah has made these evil doers example for all of us to keep away from them and their deeds and their peers.and away we shall be.
    and about the other Laeen,
    zakir naik:-

    if anyone considers one fatwa to be more correct than the Book of ALLAH than i would say that person is a companion of yazid where ever he ends, i have seen the website it is clearly the point of the people describing yazid as their hero so let it be we shall all see where they end up in the day of reckoning,

    pls see the chain;

    yazid who says(“if u cannot drink in AHMED’s relegion drink in the name of EISSA”, and “God has not cursed the drinkers of alcohol but has cursed the prayer performers” )

    son of muawiyyah (claimed king of present day syria and lebanon)and thrown out by the HOLY PROPHET (SAAWW)HIMSELF,

    son of abu sufiyan (only claimed to be Islam after he had no choice as shown in the movie – the message- by the christians and the husband of hind – the liver eater of one of the greatest martyrs of Islam Sayyidina Hamza (RA)).

    who descends from the Ummayad clan from the Harb era who was the son of Abdul Shams

    pls see the comparison:-

    Hussain ibn Ali (as)
    fought by yazid
    Ali ibn abi Talib(as)
    fought by muawwiyyah
    Mohammad ibn Abdullah(saaww)
    fought by Abu Sufiyan
    Abu Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib(as)
    fought by Abu Jahl(Ummaya)
    Abdul Muttalib ibn Hashim(as)
    fought by Harb
    Hashim ibn Abd Mannaf(as)
    fought by Abdul shams

    so i dont blame what yazid did he just rejuvenated his tribe and their tradition by infalamming the enemity between them and the Prophets(saaww) tribe.

    before making any accusations pls remember to read all , the accused and the accuser we may find our own answers by ourselves.
    i have a story;

    a big alim known as shams ul ulamaa of his tome was passing by and he saw a small baby in the dustbin crying, and hungry, he tried to ignore but couldnt so he picked the bay and brought him up in his house, fed him educated him gave him his name and whatever he could possibly do, as one would expect from a noble man as him to show mercy and he did.
    the baby grew up to be a fine man and under the giuidance of the aalim he soon reached the pinnacle of the education and also became the shams al ulamaa of his time,
    once a few days before the big aalim was about to die the adopted aalim asked his father:
    “father u raised me well and u took care of me very well and u made me an aalim like yourself and made me the man i am , u have taught the very best and put the best wisdom into my head but i still have one inquiry”
    so the father said,”yes , i have taught u about relegion, history life, philosophy and whatever i possibly could, my son i doubt that i have left anything unclear for you to be so unknown to anything, u are after all the shams ul ulamaa of your time u are supposed to know everything”
    the adopted son replied,”but there is one thing that bewilders me”
    the father asked,”do ask and i’lll see what i can do, as there should not be anything so surprising that i have not taught u”
    the adopted son asked,”please tell me who was right ,- yazid – or , HUSSAIN”

    the father with the surprize in his eyes was smiling and replied,”dear son i have a secret to tell u” hesitated for a while a continued, ” u r not my son and i adopted u after i found u crying in a dustbin , cold and hungry”
    “i had a question in my head” he continued “since the time i found u i have been wondering , – ARE YOU HARAAM AWLAD OR HALAAL AWLAAD”,- now that u asked me a simple question like this which is clear like the sky i have found ou that u are indeed haraam awlaad”


    • Ha ha ha … nice joke. but sir. jokes doesnt always works. You Shia always try to apart the UMMAT , you shia did it in past, presently doing and we can nt hope anything from you more than this in future. Allah sab shiaon ko nek hidayat de .Amin

      • Jab tak aap jaisay shaitan hon gay hodayat toh duur ki baat hai. Those who don’t acknowlegde the greatness of imam hissain’s sacrifice are worse than animal themselves. So what can one expect from ignorant, infidels like you?? Nothing. Be happy in your little anti Shia bubble
        that you have created. We don’t care.

  8. ….let’s be Muslims…history and facts cannot be denied …it takes lot of time , patientance and self control to practice Isalm which is based on truth and truth only ….however it’s very easy to crticise any and every one ….so , let’s try to become practising Muslims and hit the bitter and bigger issues which our are community is facing / victimised ….Let the facts and figures remanis as they are and do not allow them to hunt us…be Muslim first ..speak triuth …offer Namaz …help needies …than talk …

  9. asrar ahmed is a big foolish man. i thing he loss of his mind power like thanvi. he brother of devil .QTV shuold take immidiatly an action otherwise it might be facing problem.i request to ceo of qtv relay this conterversial alim who don’t belive of aqaid of sunnatuljamat.

  10. Salam Dear Brothers and Sister,

    I am so surpirzed to see him say somethign like that about the Imam Ali A.S. Just a while back , i heard from his own mouth talking about how Imam Ali A.s was Loved by Prophet Muhammad. ANd how hearing this makes me realize he is a 2 face.

    Wow Man. Pure Ignorance.

  11. i know the whole incident and most of what is being said here is just propaganda… many of the ppl giving comments here have very obvious bias

  12. Dr. Israr always giving the refrences of books of hadeeth, about Hazrat Ali clearly mentioned in Tirmizi and Abou dawood. If i describe any hadeeth which is not favor u, First u check ,is the hadeeth is correct or not. What Dr. Israr said about Hazrat Ali was as the Hadeeth, if these books was wrong,why the only lover of Ali burn those books. Those who are crying are actually worship ali not Allah. He is Mushkil kusha for them not Allah. (Ali Alahis salam ) He was not prophet, he was Sahabi, Son-in law of Nabi. R.Allahu. Alahis salam only used with the name of all other massengers before our Nabi(SAWS) Ali Alaihs-salam or Amir Alahis salam is not the true respect of ali. First earn the correct Knowledge of hadeeth, go and check then make protest. What Dr. Israr Ahmed coated was 100% correct, he did not tell from his own. Be cool and cross check the Hadeeth books. Hazrat Ali was among ASHRE- MUBASHERAH, and among Great Sahabah.

  13. I think there is a big big confusion about what Dr. Israr said about Hazrat Ali R.A., I am a Sunni Hanafi Muslim and I was never taught to disrespect Hazrat Ali R.A. and I cannot even think of it so on this premise Dr. Israr cannot technically disrespect such a personality.

    At that specific period of time, the Hurmat on Sharab was not passed and it was a norm to consume it.

    While Allah knows best…

  14. with praise of ALLAH Who is most benefecent most merciful.i think dr Israr Ahmad knows the spirit of Islam.he is a great scholar.it is absure to condem him.we all respect HAZRAT ALI R.A with depth of heart,dr Israr also does.surely MOMIN sees only ALLAH’S orders.wine was not prohibited on those days when HAZRAT ALI OR UMAR R.A used it.when order of prohibition came.they left it immedietely.in heaven wine would be given,but that would not do the prople senseless.[ALLAH knows better]

  15. Aslam o alaikum.with praise of ALLAH.dr ISRAR is great scholar.this is not a issue which the people are raising,dr ISRAR just tried to explain how such great people like HAZRAT ALI R.A obeyed ALLAH.when ALLAH did prohibit wine,that GREAT PEOPLE immediately left it.that is a part of TAQWA[IMAAN].Although we people are Muslim having knowledge but do we are obeying HIM?we don’t offer even OBLIGATORY[FARZ] prayers.[ALLAH O ALAM]

  16. I am sure there is a misunderstanding, Dr. Israr Ahmed one of the best known scholars globally he has an inside out knowledge of Quran and Hadees with command on Arabic Language, how he can disrespect our greatest sahabi. Kuffar feel very happy when they see us stuck in these kind of issues. What our job is to find what is common between us instead of looking for differences. Kuffar are following the strategy of divide and conquer for ages and they are in need of this kind of stuff to destroy us. We being a Muslim agree that everybody will be answerable for his own deeds, if we do something wrong then Allah will ask us for our deeds and if he has done something wrong Allah will ask him not us right, Pray to Allah (SWT) to forgive us and guide us on the right path. (Ameen)

  17. li abbas // February 17, 2009 at 2:26 pm | Reply

    if any one made bad comment on hazrath ali they ll b penalized for that

    I find above mentioned comments disturbing. Are you threatening to anyone who disagree with your opinion. Pakistan is democratic nation; we are not living in some state-controlled nation. Do your research and open your eyes. Prophet (PBUH) were annoyed by his action of proposing to Abu Jahal’s daughter and he backed off. That shows he was only human and humans make mistakes. He married nine times after Hazrat Fatima and what does that shows? Aside from it; shias are known to be controlling in Pakistan and it is not some hidden fact. They made him apologize because it would have toppled their belief system.
    There is no need to threatening other it just shows your level of literacy and intent to hide some truth.

  18. Dear Brothers and sisters in islam,there is a long abd big debate going on here about Dr israr , his command over quran and hadiths and his comments about Hazra ali ,, i wish to tell people here that from the time of holy Prophet SAWW there are enemies of islam who try to create divisions among muslims and create fasaad among muslims,,when we go thru history there have been many conspiracies to defame Islam and many suhabas and even there have been many to criticise even holy Prophet SAWW,,these claim to be muslims but if fact they are disguised as muslims and they create trouble in Islam.. they are trained poeple infact very very well trained in islamic teachings so thatinnocentpeople are impressed and influencd by them and when they have followings they wud create wedge and create sects in Islam,,one such example in todays world is Drzakir naik who also claims to be a muslim but in fact is trained by non-muslim conspirors ,,he has great command on quran,hadeths and other religons but in fact is there to create mre confusion between diffrent sects of muslims,,all muslims should be aware of such fake daiee”s they are there to propagate the mission of non-muslims ie “DEFAME AND DESTROY” policythey want to defame the image of islam create controvercies,,and ultimately destroy islam,,this trend has been going for last 300yrs nw and the results are commin out,
    so all be aware and may allah guide all of us .

  19. Salam, Guys guys guys, As mentioned by Azhar in his comment, we have so many big issues to fight with rather than this. Just read the first line of the article “Hazrat Ali (alaihissalam) is the most respected personality in Islam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).”Let me bring this in your notice that the same ideology developed by abdullah ibn sabaa in Madina during the phase of H. Usman(RAA) who was a Yahoodi ( Accepted Islam only to show that he is muslim). We can not defame H.Ali(RAA) or can not even think to do so but on what basis Mr. Iqbal can neglect first three Khaleefas. This is the same belief which shia believe. I dont know Mr. Iqbal is shia or sunii but this view is not Sunni as we sunni belief that after Prophet(PBUH) first khaleefa was H.Abu Baqr (RAA).Please note that Khaleefa does not only mean only administator. It meas a lot more that than.
    Allah knows the best

  20. Sorry brothers, I have mentioned wrong name Mr. Iqbal as writer of article. Sorry Mr. Iqbal. Where I wrote Mr. Iqbal please read Mr.SK Ali who is writer of the article which has been written to Mr. Iqbal. Apologoies.
    May Allah forgive me.

  21. Can I say that the Shias, with all due respect, are using the “Ahle-Bayt” phrase the same way the Jews have monopolized the word “Anti-Semitic”.
    Are they (the ahle-bayt) are ONLY respectable for Shias only and the Sunnis have nothing to do with them???

    The discourse can go a long way but I end here that All Sunnis do respect Ahlul-Bayt the same way the Shias do AND we do not discriminate among them, we also include Hadrat Khadija who is the mother of Hadrat Fatimah, and we do include Mohammad bin Hanafia, the son of Hadrat Ali from second wife and we include are wives of Holy Prophet among Ahlul-Bayt, so this makes are superior and more loving towards ahlul-bayt. Thanks

  22. silkworm: just for your knowledge, It is proven from Quran “Ahla Bait” is used for wives of Prophets

    Primary Ahla Bait are Wives, Muhammad (SAW) extended it to Hazrat Ali & His Family. In another Hadeeth Hazrat Sulman Farsi also included in Ahla Bait

    Also Quran order to respect Wives of Muhammad (SAW) as Mothers. Hadeeth said “Heaven under the feet of Mother”.


    • Ignorance is bliss. In your case, it just goes to prove Wrong. A mountain out of a molehill will be created if you don’t have your facts straight. Go study something about religeon am then go post your point of view. Hazry Ali never touched alcohol IN his life. So get your facts straight rather than commenting like dumb driven cattle.

  24. Assalamoalaikum
    Dr Israr has been used to deviate the right meaning by self intepretation/assumptions in the veiw of Islamic basic Ideology specially he missguided the population by degrading Favourer of Allah almighty.Divinity is far from his speech only matterialistic veiws are explained by Dr Israr which seems without any affection of Holly Prophate . It is very disgusting as a scholar . Dr. Tahirul Qadri is far better than in comparision to Dr.Israr.Dr.Tahir has succeed to explain the veiw of materialistic & Spritualistic

  25. It amazing how people can say thereare bigger issues to be focused on rather than sucH issues. The reality is, people
    like you don’t want to face the truth and acknowledge the utter facts. Small and trivial things and misconceptions like
    these Lead to bigger ones. And as for some comments stating that Hazrat Ali left vine dyer it wa prohibited, check your facts lady. Hazrat Ali never touched liquor in his entire life. Fact being that his upbringing was directly under the Prophet PBUH himself. Dr Ahmed has Been anti Shia since the begining, and he hasn’t ever hidden his views even under Zia’s reign. But calling such a man A religeous scholar, is a joke in itself.

    • miss fauzia for ur kind information,ur concepts about reliegon are very wrong,why r u saying such shameful utterances about dr Israr AhmaD?HE DID BEST IN HIS LIFE WHICH HE CAN DO.u even don’t know basics of ISLAM.if HE was against shia,then it is not wrong,bcz shia hazraat have many many misconceptions and wrong beleives,they do insult of SAHABA Karam whom ALLAH HAS GIVEN BASHARAT TO BE GOING IN JANNAT.u didn’t take notice of them,why?u r just taking notice about the concepts of dr israr ahmad,madam u dont worry,if he was wrong then ALLAH W’l take revenge from him.u see ur self what r u doing,plz correct urself.

  26. Dear Brother / Sisters (especially Shias),

    For your information, Dr. Israr Ahmed has passed away yerterday…….so please rather to comment / critisized him in such a way, you have to conuslt about his version to someone who has some deep knowledge about the religion. As you people may not understand the point whcih he had to clear as you have very little knowledge about islam and history of Ahl-e-Bait even you people have fake history of Ahl-e-Bait…..so try to be proactive shias now and try to understand the truth and search your bloodlines then you realized yourself and other muslims too and then you will be the sole judge to decide the right path….may Allah give you the strength to know RIGHT……….

  27. i want to inform u that he had passed away so it is not right to say any thing about him forgive him may allah also forgive him but i must say he was wrong


  28. I have read the shane nazool of Ayat # 43 of Surah nisa from Abn Kaseer and found that the refernce of Hazrat Ali’s imamt.

    Am I correct.

  29. Aslam o Alaikum,dear brothers and sisters i want to say that we should try to correct our mistakes,we r sinked in our sins and r busy in searching mistakes of those people who r practice in islam.shame on us,dr Israr ahmad was a big scholar,i think he knew spirit of islam.he was a great muslim,he did deap study of islam,otherwise we just have superfiscial knowledge.we dont even offer five times prayers daily,and trying to search mistakes of most pious person.we r happy with him,may ALLAH give him place in JANNAT UL FIRDAUS.[ALLAH O AALAM]

  30. Asslalam-u-Alaikum,
    dear brothers n sisters..
    There is much that can be said on the above issues.
    but i just wana say one thing…

    n that’s what really matters…
    so let us stand strong, united as “ONE UMMAH.”

  31. Dears
    We are always looking from one way Point off view or listen us but the Justice is that The Person who Accept that We don’t believe in Taqwa Rather than Power of Islam and Faith that Fight who says no I don’t agree with you.Islam is that The Hadith or tafseer which is accept from the Imandari or Out of justice you Discard even given by Any one.ISlam Says You Respect Ghulam and (Miskeen) these big Aalims doors don’t open on Public person they are The Contactor for islamic speech regarding thier own View point.Its Fact Shia and Sunni is like Two eyes on one face Face is Islam if you Damage one eye the Face become Fade but Allah Azzo jal says Stay with Mazloum,Mutaqi not with Hakim or Ruler No much money Mayth or Big Lexus with Moulana Sahib even Shia or Sunni both i critisize How they Love Big homes and Money and Banglows they are not real Aalims .Many Scholors will come and and came in the Past But Quran e Majeed Is Quran e Majeed Ali (As) is Ali(AS).Kaba is Kaba Huzrat Muhammad E Mustafa SAW is Last Nabi for ever. Our little mind is Always Circulate with these People.
    Adopt good Practices which Is Given By Islam.
    Mullah ki Dal roti band na ho jaey jiss din shia Sunni Aik sath baith gaey.
    Dua go For Muslims .
    ISlam and muslim is by Allah, Allah is not by Muslim.

  32. “Hazrat Ali (alaihissalam) is the most respected personality in Islam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).” – This is wrong from a Sunni perspective. Sunnis love Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). However, we believe that Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) was the best of Muslims after the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

    The Shia Rafidah have for centuries cursed Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman (may Allah be pleased with all of them). The have no right to protest when they themselves are such hate mongers.

    Grand Ayatollah On Cursing the Prophet’s Wives/Companions and Taqiyyah: http://www.ahlelbayt.com/articles/ahlel-bayt/cursing-wives-and-sahabah

    This is what your Ayatollahs teach.

  33. I honestly believe in the fact that few Mullahs, in the older times and more now-a-days of both Shai and Sunni have been fanning the conflict. Only they are responsible for bringing this “disagreement” into a bloody conflict.

    This is no secret that Mullahs of both sects have been one the “payroll” of some power that are willing to be used to fan the conflict.

  34. i agree zakir naik stated what is fact we dont know the incident so we should shut up one thing we know is doing matam is harram

  35. The Creed of Shi’a from Their Own Sources
    1.) He has the Quality of ‘Badaa’.
    2.) This means he forgets.
    3.) He makes mistakes.
    4.) He plans but this does not take effect.
    5.) He does not know who to appoint as the next message conveyor, the next Imaam.
    6.) “We (shias) do not worship such a god who gives authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu’awiyyah and Uthmaan.”
    7.) They say “Ali says…..I am the first and I am the last. I am the manifest and I am the hidden and I am the heir of earth.”
    8.) Shias say that the Imaams are the face of Allaah,
    9.) The eyes of Allaah among his creation.
    10.) The tongue of Allaah among his creation.
    References :
    (1.) Usul Kafi- Babul bad’aa – Al- Kafi Vol- 1 -P283 India Ed. ( 2.) Ibid (3.) Ibid .(4.) Ibid. (5.) Ibid. (6.) Kashful Asraar – 107 – Khomeni.. (7.) Rijaal Kashsi . 138. India Print. (8.) Usul- e-Kaafi -83. (9.) Ibid. 10.) Ibid.
    New Kalimah (testimony of faith)
    1.) Laa ilaaha illaahu Muhammadur Rasulullaah -Alli waliyullah, Khomeni Hujjatulillaah
    2.) Laa Illaaha Muhammdur – Rasulullah, Ali waliyullah wazi Rasulullah was Khalifauhu bila Faslein”
    3.) – Shia ‘Islaam’ based on 5 pillars – Salaat, Zakaat, Fasting, Hajj, Wilaayat.
    4.) – Azaan is “Ash Hadu Anna – alian Waliullah Wasu Rasulullah was Khalifatu hu bila faslrin”
    (1.) Wahdat Islaami – June 84 P1- monthly Iranian Goverment. Periodical. (2.) Ali Waliullah – Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. (3.) Usul- Kafi. 4.) Listen in Arafaat.
    1.) They believe in 12 Imaams after Rasulullaah .
    2.) First being Ali (R.A).
    3.) Last being the 12th Imaam
    4.) Who is in a Cave ‘Surra – Man- Raa’.
    5.) Imaams they believe are Masoom- innocent.
    6.) They can make Halaal- Haraam and Haraam – Halaal .
    7.) They can change Deen- Sharia.
    8.) They are born of their mothers thighs.
    9.) They have the knowledge of the Unseen.
    10.) They say Imaams are higher in status than the Ambiyaa including our Nabi .
    11.) No concession regarding Wilaayah- (absolute necessary belief).
    12.) If one does not accept Imaams then one is a Kaafir.
    (1.) Usul -e – Kafi. (2.) Usul -e – Kafi. (3.) Usul -e – Kafi. (4.) Usul -e – Kafi. (5.) Usul -e – Kafi Vol 1 P225 / Kafi – Kitaabul Hujjuah. (6.) Usul -e – Kafi Vol 1 P225. (7.) Ibid. (8.) Ibid /Haqqul Yaqeen P126.(9.) Usul -e – Kafi Vol 1 P225. (10.) Ibid / Al Hukumatul – Islaamiyaa – 52 Khomeni. Hayaatul Qutoob Vol 3, P10 /Ibid Vol 2. P787. Footnote. (11.) Usul -e- Kafi Vol 2. P278. (12.) Usul -e- Kafi Vol 1. P225.
    The 12th Imaam
    1.) When he comes he will bring the original Quraan.
    2.) He is in hiding, in a cave.
    3.) He is alive observing the world, in totallity.
    4.) When he comes, he will be naked. Rasulullaah will swear Allegiance to him. (Allaah protect us).
    5.) He will first dig the grave of Abu Bakr (R.A) and Umar (R.A),then hang them on a stake – for all sins of mankind.
    6.) He will remove the body of Ayesha (R.A) and implement the same punished for Zina.
    7.) He will then kill the Sunni Scholars.
    8.) Punish the Muslim Ummuah.
    9.) First kill Ahle – Sunnah, then Ulama, then Kuffar.
    (1.) Usul-e- Kafi. (2.) Islaamic Goverment P42/ Usul -e- Kafi P340. (3.) Hukumatal Islaamia -P52. (4.) Haqqul Yaqeen 2/227- 2/347. (5.) Haqqul Yaqeen P 361/2. (6.) Also Vol 2 P 611/ Haqqul Yaqeen – P 347/ Mullah Baqir Majlisi. (7.) Furoo Kafi – Kitaabul Raudah – P 527 also Tafseer Majmanul Bayan/ Hayaatul Qulub Vol2 P 611. (8.) Hayaatul Qulub Vol2 P 611.( 9.) Haqqul Yaqeen- Vol 2. P 527 ASlo Maj Manul Bayaan.
    1.) Not Completed.
    2.) Has 17,000 Aayats.
    3.) Our’s has 6,666.
    4.) Abu Bakr’s opposed the text of the Quraan.
    5.) Original Quraan with 12th Imaam Mahdi.
    6.) Do not produce Haafiz.
    7.) Do not perform Taraweeh.
    8.) Quraan will be read/ learnt when 12th Imaam brings it.
    9.) Ali (R.A) showd original Quraan to Sahabah(R.A) who rejected it.
    10.) Passages mentioning virtures of Ali(R.A) has been purposefully deleted from the Quraan.
    11.) There are 2,000 shiah traditions making many additions and subtractions in Quraan.
    12.) The ‘Murtaddeen’- renegrades have removed the name of Ali (R.A).
    (1.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif. Kitaabi Raabul Arbaa of Nuri Tibarsi approved by Khomeni in ‘ Al- Hukumaat -ul- Islamiyaa”. (2.) Usul Kafi P671. (3.) Usul Kafi P671. (4.) Kashful Asraar P111.(5.) Usul Kafi 2-632. (6.) See Iran. (7.) See Iran. (8.) Usul Kafi – p622. (9.) Maqbool – 1067 – Usul Kafi Vol1 P228. (10.)Tafseer Ali Qummi-308 /Usul Kafi 1:416/Footnotes of Maqbool’s translation 637/ Al- Ihtijaj- Tabarsi- 1-254/ Tafseer of Saafi- 1- 32/ Muqaddamah 6 , from Tafseer Saafi P32 Vol -1. (11.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif. Kitaabi Raabul Arbaa of Nuri Tabarsi.(12.) Surah Muhammad, Ayat 9, Para 26- Molvi Maqbool Dehli P1011.
    Taqiyyah (essentially means to lie to hide the truth )
    1.) The believe in Taqiyya.
    2.) This means ‘Holy Deception’.
    3.) To believe in something but express/ say something else.
    4.) They say 9-10th of Deen is Taqiyya.
    5.) They say, he who has no Taqiyya has no deen.
    6.) There is a great reward in Lying.
    7.) They say the great Imams Practised ‘Taqiyya’.
    8.) They say Alli (R.A), Hassan (R.A), Hussain(R.A) practiced ‘Taqiyya’.
    9.) They say Hussein (R.A) practiced ‘Taqiyya’.
    10.) Perorm Jamaah salaat with Sunni’s.
    11.) Visit their sick .
    12.) Perform their Janazah Salaat.
    (1.) Usul -e- Kafi. (2.) Ibid. (3.) Ibid. (4.) Ibid. (5.) Ibid. (6.) Ibid. (7.) Islaamic Goverment P35/ 133 .(8.) Ibid. (9.) Ibid. (10.) Usul -e- Kafi. (11.) Ibid.(12.) Ibid.
    Sahaabah (companions)
    1.) They say all Sahabah (R.A) companions except 3 left Islaam after demise of Nabi .
    2.) They say Abu Bakr(R.A) Umar(R.A) and Uthmaan (R.A) robbed Ali(R.A) of his position of being Khalif.
    3.) They say Umar(R.A) was a ‘Original Kaafir’ and ‘Zindiq’-renegrade.
    4.) “Abu Huraira (R.A) was one of the fuquaha, but god knows what judement he falsified for Muaw’iyya and others like him, and what damage He inflicted upon Islaam.”
    5.) They say Abu Huraira (R.A) used to fabricate Ahadith.
    6.) They say Muawiyya (R.A) poisoined Hassan(R.A).
    7.) They say Muawiya (R.A) was a tyrant opressive ruler.
    8.) They say Qazi Shurray (R.A) used to issue judicial pronouncement in favour of the ruling party. He was a sinful wretch occupying position of Judge.
    9.) One should dissociate with the 4 idols: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan, Muawiyya and 4 women Ayesha, Hafsa, Harid, Umm-al-Hakam.
    10.)One should curse the above after each prayer.
    11.) Pharoah and Hamaan refer here to Abu Bakr and Umar.
    (1.) Anwaar – No’maan Niyyah – P245. Vol 2. Nimatullah Jafaari./ Furu Kafi, Kitaabul Raudah :15 – Mullah Muhammad bin Yaqoob Kulaini Vol 3 P115/ Usul -e-Kafi Vol 2, P 246 Rijaal Kashsi P504. (2.) Al- Ihtijaaj – Tibrasi 83, 84./Haqqul Yaqeen, P 157. (3.) Haqqul Yaqeen , 551/Kashful Asraar P119. (4.) P 143 – Islam goverment. (5.) Islaamic Goverment (6.) Al-Anwaar un Nomaniyyah – Vol 2. P88-87 Jazaari.(7.) Ibid. (8.) P81, Isl/ gov. (9.) Haqqul Yaqeen- Vol. 2 P519/ Furru Kaafi P342 Vol 3/ Jilaa – ul- Uyoom -P45 – 46/ Hayaatul Quluub P 375. (10.) Ainul Hayaa P559. (11.) Haqqul Yaqeen P342.
    12.) Faathima should complain about Ali’s big stomach, no wealth and bad features.
    13.) Abu Bakr and Umar are Kaafirs
    14.) Abu Bakr is calf on Bani Israel.
    15.) Ali is a mosquito and a fly.
    16.) What did the Zuleikha of Makkah, Bibi Ayesha have, that the 50 year old Nabi got moved to her.
    17.) Nabi accepted (in marriage) an uncouth person such as Hafsa. Not withsatanding the fact that she was a widow and facially deformed.
    18.) Imaan refers to Ameerul- Mu’mineen- Alli Kufr refers to Abu Bakr fisq(weakness) refers To Umar isyaan(disobedient) Uthmaan in Surah Hujuraat.
    19.) Umar is an illegeitimate child.
    20.) Abu Bakr and Umar are worse than Shaithaan and they are dwellers of Jahannam.
    21.) “When I entre Makkah and Madinah as the conqueror, my first duty will be to go to the grave of Huzoor and exhume the bodies of the two idols.”
    22.)”We shia’s know the three Sahabah’s(Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan) as being void of Imaan”
    (12.) Mullah Baqir – Jilal Uyoon- 58 Chapter on Faathima.(13.) Haqqul Yaqeen – P552. (14.) Haqqul Yaqeen – Tafseer Qummi P160. (15.) Tafseer Qummi P29. (16.) Haqeeat Fiqh Hanafi P64 /Ghulaam Hussain Naqui.(17.) Ibid P124.(18.) Usul-e- Kafi P229. Vol 2.(19.) Tazkiratul Aimma – P103-4.(20.) Haqqul Yaqeen – P509 – 510.(21.) Kitaab be Noujawanaan – P8.( 22.) Tajalliyaar-e-Sadaqaat – P201- Muhammed Hussain Dhelvi.
    Mut’a (temporary marriage, legalised prostitution)
    1.) “It is disliked but permissable to have Mutah with a prostitute, especially( it will be more enjoyable) if she is famous for her prostitution.”
    2.)One time ‘Muta’ reward is Jannat.
    3.)When the couple sit in Solitude, angels protect them.
    4.)Their Speech is Tasbeeh .
    5.)When they touch hands, sins fall from their fingers.
    6.)When they Kiss, reward of Hajj and Umrah for both.
    7.)On bathing – every drop from each hair brings reward of 10 Thawabs, 10 sins drop, stages raised by 10 fold.
    8.)From every drop of water, angels created to make Tasbeeh till Qiyaamat.
    9.)’Muta’ with believing women is like 70 times journey to Ka’aba.
    10.) Contractors of ‘Muta’ will cross the ‘Pul Siraat’ like a flash of lightning.
    11.) After making muta Once – The stage of Hussain is reached. After making muta twice – The stage of Hasan is reached. After making muta thrice- The stage of Ali is reached. After making Muta Fourth- The satge of Rasulullaah is reached
    (1.) Tahrirul Wasillah Vol-2 P292. (2.) Ujul – e- Hasana P15. (4.) bid.( 5.) Ibid.( 6.) Ibid. (7.) Ibid. (8.) Ibid. (9.) Ujul – e- Hasana P16.(10.) Ujul – e- Hasana P17. (11.) Tafseer Mianjajus Sadiqeen 1:356.
    1.) They have their own Quraan.
    2.) They have their own Ahadith Books(Usul-e-Kafi) etc.
    3.) They do not believe in our Ahadith Kitaabs- Bukhari etc.
    4.) They have their own Fiqh, Fiqh – Jafari.
    5.) They have their own concept about Allaah.
    6.) They believe that Imaams get ‘Wahy’ Divine Revelation.
    7.) Their Aqaaid, Salaat, Azaan, Hajj, Fiqh is different.
    8.) The concept of Ambiyaa (A.S) is different (they failed).
    9.) Their concept of Sahaabah (R.A) is different.
    10.) They Practice ‘Muta'(Temporary Marriages) .
    11.) Terms of Sehri and Iftaar are different.
    12.) Ghusl for the dead is different.
    (1.) Usul-e-Kafi .( 6.) Usul -e-Kafi .(7.) Usul-e-Kafi Vol2 P278/ Tafseer – al- Waeelah Vol 1 P280.(8.) Ijtihaad – wa- yak- jihati- Khomeni -15/ Islaamic Goverment P37/ Tehtan Times 29 June 1980/ Knomeni Imaam Mahdi Celebration. (11.) Tafseer – al- Waeelah Vol.(12.) Ibid.
    13.) 4 Imaams are dogs.
    14.) Ummah like Swine’s.
    15.) Ayesha and Hafsa are both Hypocrites
    16.) Ayesha and Hafsa – Poisoned Nabi before his death.
    17.) May Allaah curse them (Ayesha/Hafsa) and their fathers (Abu Bakr and Umar).
    18.) Their religion of the state of Iran is Islaam and Jafaari, Ithna Ashaari. This basis is forever, and it is not open to any amendment nor abrogation.
    19.) Everybody, exept us Shites are illegitimate.
    20.) Nasabi group are those who preferred Abu Bakr and Umar over Ali.
    21.) It is true that Allaah has not created anything more despicable than dogs.
    22.) But the Nasibi is even more despicable than dogs in the eyes of Allaah.
    23.) People of Makkah openly refute existence of Allaah.
    24.) People of Madinah 70 times more unclean and polluted than people of Makkah.
    (13.) Tazkiratul Aimma P102- Baqir majlasi.(14.) Usul-e-Kafi Vol2 P337.(15.) Hayatul Qutub – 2:745- M.B.Majlis.(16.) Maqbool Dehlavi – Imaam Baqir- Surah Ali Imraan : 134.(17.) Ibid.(18.) Constitution . (19.) Furoo – Kafi in Kitaabul Raudah – 135/245.(20.) Haqqul Yaqeen 521.(21.) Ibid 2/516. (22.) Ibid 2/516/ Ilaalus Sharaa P299 – Shaykh Saduuq. Usul-e-Kafi P410 Vol …( 23.) Ibid.
    General Ummah
    1.) Most dirty and polluted left over water is that of a sunni.
    2.) Not permissable to marry sunni because they are Kaafir.
    3.) Cannot eat animal slaughtered by sunni.
    4.) Sunnis created from soul of Jahannam.
    5.) Shia’s created from soul of Jannat.
    (1.) “Manlaa Yahuruldul Faqiah” – Vol 1. P8.( 2.) Tahdhidul Akaam/ Ibid Vol 3 P258. (3.) Ibid.( 4.) Usul – e- Kafi. (5.) Ibid.
    Fiqh Examples
    1.) Folding right hand on left hend in Salaat breaks Salaat.
    2.) Sex in one’s wifes anus permissible.
    3.) The 9th act which breaks Salaat is saying of ‘Amen’ intentionally after Sura Faatiha. But this, too, is Permissible under Taqaiyyah.
    4.) No cover over the head in Ihraam .
    (1.) Tafseer – al- Waseelah. (2.) Tafseer – al- Waseelah- Vol.1 P280. (3.) Ibid. (4.) See – Hajj time.
    Our Action
    Fataawa of Rasulullah
    There is a specific Hadith about Rafida: “A sect is going to emerge who will be known by a bad connotation. They will be called Rafida. They will come neither on Friday nor in the congregational prayers. They will vilify the first generation (of Ummah). You should neither keep their company nor dine with them, nor have matrimonial relationship with them. If they fall ill do not go to greet them and if they die do not participate in their funeral prayers.”
    THUS :
    1.) Shia’s because of their (peculiar) beliefs are outside the pale of Islaam and as such Kafir’s. Hence Islaamic bonds like :
    2.) Marriage with them ;
    3.) Using their Zabiah (Slaughter) ;
    4.) Saying the funeral prayer of their dead ones ;
    5.) Allowing them to participate in the funeral prayer of Sunni Muslims;
    6.) Making them shares in Qurbani i.e. sacrificial animals on Eid-ul-Adha ;
    7.) Making them witness in the nikah of sunni Muslims ;
    8.) Accepting their monetary contributions for the building of Massjid ——- all these things are not permissable (in Shariah) and should be given up forthwith.
    Anyone who does not do so is outside the pale of Islaam and is similarly a Kaafir like the Shia’s. Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

    33 (Al Ahzab)

    33. And stay in your houses, and do not display yourselves like that of the times of ignorance, and perform As-Salât (IqamâtasSalât), and give Zakât and obey Allâh and His Messenger. Allâh wishes only to remove ArRijs (evil deeds and sins, etc.) from you, O members of the family (of the Prophet ), and to purify you with a thorough purification.

  36. Aslam-u-Alikum Brother..I don’t understand why we people always create Havoc of such a thing which is not been said or Apologized after saying. Was Dr. Asrar Telling his own Revealation.. He was a common humans can make a mistake. Forget.. forget…. We have destroyed Islam by bisecting it just for the hunger of Power and politics.. I don’t criticize any one here. But let me tell to shia brothers one thing if we sunni too will criticize sahaba’s then doesn’t it mean directly criticizing Mohammad(SAW) by indirectly saying that he had a company of cowards (nauzibillah). Why you cry for the same.. Yazid did an evil mistake yes off course but my brothers atleast beleive in Quran and sunnah…. Quran Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah verse 134: They were a people who passed away. They shall receive the reward of what they earned, and you shall have the reward of what you will earn. And you will not be questioned as to what they did.

    Now could anybody tell me for god’s sake what we are upto… Secondly you people say something about regarding Mother of believers (Ayesha r.a) Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 33 Surah Ahzaab verse 6:Indeed, the Prophet is preferable for the believers to their own selves, and the Prophet’s wives are their mothers

    Do you here challenge the words of Allah also (Nauzibillah)…..

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 35 Surah Faatir verse 18: No bearer of a burden will bear another’s burden; and if a laden soul cries out for help, none will come forward to share the least of its burden, even though it be the nearest of relations! You can only warn those who fear their Lord though they cannot see Him, and establish the prayer. Whoever adopts purity does so for his own good, and to Allah shall all return…..

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 11 Surah Hud verses 18-24: And who can be more unjust than the one who ascribes false things to Allah? Such persons shall be brought before their Lord and the witnesses will say, “These are the people who ascribed false things to their Lord.” Beware! Allah’s curse rests upon the unjust people!; who debar others from Allah’s Way, and seek to make it crooked, and who disbelieve in the Hereafter. They were unable to frustrate Allah on the earth, nor had they ‘auliyaas’ to defend them against Allah. Now they shall be given double chastisement for they would neither listen to others nor see the Truth for themselves. These are the people who brought about their own loss and all that they had invented vanished from them. No doubt they shall be the greatest losers in the Hereafter. As regards those who believed and did righteous deeds and dedicated themselves exclusively to their Lord, most surely they shall be dwellers of Paradise, and shall abide therein for ever. These two groups may be likened to two men, one of whom is blind and deaf, and the other can see and hear! Can they be alike and equal? Do you not ponder?

    There is lot Brothers… Stop this blame game and Beleive in Only and Only Allah(SWT) Ahada-hun-Ahad(HE IS ONE) and followe the sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW)… Prophet mohammad was a servant and messenger of Allah(SWT) so are ahlul-bayt.. They are noble… BUT NOT GOD… may Allah show us the right path… If anybody has any question whatever whatsoever you are welcomed at islamhelpline.com (A site of a Scholar whome god had blessed with lot of knowledge and feel free to ask any question there the Reply will be satisfactory)….Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

  37. Muslim brothers I’m not here to take any one’s side but just want to clarify this sentence that “Karbalah was a political war” uttered by any Islamic scholar.
    We know there was no war or politics from the side of Imam Hussain AS and ahle bait. The war was initiated by Yazid and the reason for that was political (from Yazid’s side), so in this context it is said that “Karbalah was a political war”, otherwise no scholar (sunni or shia) would say this.

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