Critical analysis of Dr.Israr’s Comments on Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Here We Have attepmted to bring down some of the Opinions which examines the authenticity ,relevancy and Importance of Staement of Dr.Israr Ahmad that Hazrat ali Led the Prayer while Intoxicated and he Committed mistake. Unreferenced Quotes By:  Imran From which hadith collection did he get the wordsSharaab jin ki gutthi mei pari thi woh to itni baat par chorne wale nahin the”?

What does that imply and who is he posibly implicating?

Preceeded by that he said about surah 2 verse 219, he states “toh bohut se loagon ne to sharab ussi waqt tark kardi,ishara pa gaiye”

How true is the following? With reference to History By:Imran
According to the History of Arabia, the first man who abandoned wine in the pre-Islamic period was Walid b. Mughira who visualized its harms. Another report mentions the name of Qais b. Asim. Some other persons who avoided drinking wine before the advent of Islam were:

Muqis b. Sababa, ‘Abdul Muttalic-the grand father of our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), Abu Talib-father of Hadrat ‘Ali (Allah be pleased with him), Qusayy b. Kilab, Warqa b. Naufal-the nephew of Hadrat Khadija (Allah be please with her)-Shaiba b. Rabi’a and ‘Abbas b. Maradas.

It is reported that people said to ‘Abbas b. Maradas, “Why don’t you drink wine while it increases warmth? ” He replied, ” I am not going to hold my ignorance in my hand and put it into my stomach, nor do I like to be the leader of a people in the morning and turn to be a foolish one in the evening.” These words are of a man who lived in the age of Ignorance and had great regard for reason and nobility. He did not like lowliness and insanity. What a wisdom which these words impart! Is there any soul to receive exhortation?

In the similar way, the prominent Companions of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), like Hadrat Abu Bakr, Hadrat ‘Uthman and Hadrat ‘Ali (Allah be pleased with them) abstained from drinking wine during the pre-Islamic period. Hadrat ‘Uthman (Allah be please with him) was asked why he had not touched alcohol even during his pre-Islamic life. His answer was, “al-Khamr ‘robs’ the mind totally; and I have not yet seen anything which when entirely ‘robbed’ or curtailed will come back in its original intact form”. Another contemporary of Hadrat ‘Uthman (Allah be pleased with him) refused to drink wine. He said, ” I refuse to consume that which consumes my mind.”

So Siddique e akbar,hadrat uthman and both the father and grandfather of Hadrat Ali ((Radi Allah Anhum ajmaeen) did not drink wine even during pre islamic era despite it being permissable,due to them thinking that it no good and harmful but Ali (Alahe Salam) is accepted as having indulged in getting intoxicated to the extent that even salaah(standing in front of Allah)gets corrupted?

What Imam Tirmidhi himself classifies as gharib we try to justify and authenticate by making excuses as to how Hadrat Ali would not be sinful (as it would have been mubah etc etc),bearing in mind that such a substance was disliked by the Prophet (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) and others too and alot of sahaaba had totally stopped after verse of surah baqarah being revealed.
Why do you think that classical mufassirs like,razi,baydawi, qurtubi even ibn kathir and even modern ones like pir karam shah al azhari have not mentioned Hadrat Ali by name in regards to this incident in the respective tafseers?

Any such narration that does not befit the stature of RasoolAllah or his Ahle bayt should really be put to one side,not
given precedence over their reality!

Aslamu alikum…       by :Sag-e-Darbar-eJilani
So Many Versions
….If he can find one narration with Hazrat Ali’s name, why cant he find the other narrations which do not mention hazrat Ali. It’s deliberate on his part not to mention other narrations. If we as layman find so many different version of the same event, then he is supposedly called a “Scholar” . Perhaps the difference lies in the fact that we alhamdolillah are the true Shia’ane Ali and he is a salafi full of hatred for Ahle Bait                                                                                                                                                                   Dr.Israr’s defending himself .  By:Abdul Hamid                                          After listening to his defensive statement, i think Dr israr is trying pulling a wool over our eyes!, he has qoutes sources suchs sunan abu dawud, ibn katheer, at tabiree, and the great khaarji and ghustaakh Albaani but we do agree that the hadith is in sunan tirmizi, it does at no point mention Imam Ali (Radi Allah Anhu) as the person who leads the prayer! so the question remains on what basis did he have the nerve to mention this on tv? knowing it may lead to uproar!

Many hadith that have been gathered were transmitted by the khwaarij and those that hated Imam Ali such as those from shaam which was under the umayyad control during its time, even buhkhari has certain hadith that were tranmittted from them aswel.

In the final part of his statement he says he has love for Imam Ali(Radi Allah Anhu) and had no intention of insulting him or his honour, well uve done exactly that.

waslaam .



  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  2. I think every Muslim regards Hazrat Ali alongwith other three Caliphs in highest regard. There are many ahadis which create controversy. I do not think Dr israr meant any disrespect. In any case these things are known to very few people. if we drum these too much even if in denial we will do no service to Sahaba.Let us not make Hazrat ali or any other Sahabi controvercial.

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