Bridges Across Faiths

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bridges Across Faiths

Second Editorial: Peace in mysticism – The Daily Times – Lahore, Pakistan
Sunday, July 20, 2008

A meeting organised by the University of Gujrat to discuss the topic of “Resurgence of Sufism as a Universal Movement for Peace and Development” on Friday came to the natural conclusion that mysticism removed barriers of hard faith and led to peace which is the translated meaning of Islam.

However, the same day a TV channel discussed Sufism and found fault with the great mystics of the past in their claims of direct communication with God.

In these days of punishing orthodoxy, the stock of mysticism is low. Anyone inclined to follow the path of our saints can be killed, as shown by the murderous ongoing clashes in the Khyber Agency.

Mysticism is an internal phenomenon which can’t even be expressed but it permeates our culture through poetry.

It loosens the hold of the orthodox clergy and brings people together without their agency in an atmosphere of festivity at the various melas.

The world outside is becoming aware of this trend in Islam and is reaching out to it simply because the orthodox clergy will not communicate except through jihad.

So we should constantly reassert our Sufi heritage and build bridges across faiths.

[Picture: University of Gujrat and World Punjabi Congress on Saturday organized a Mehfil-e-Mushaira (Poetry reading) to entertain the Indian delegation and national participants of the International Conference “Resurgence of Sufism as a Universal Movement for Peace & Development” at Hafiz Hayat Campus, UOG. Internationally renowned poet, Anwar Masood presided over the event.]


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