Typical Tablighi Jama’at Style

“Will it also surprise you if I told you that I have read the Bible, the Torah, the Bhagvad Gita, Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf?”

It was 1991. I’d just quit the University of Karachi and joined a weekly magazine as a feature writer. My office was on the fourth floor in a building on I. I. Chundrigarh Road. I headed down to get myself a pack of cigarettes and a saada-khushbu paan. The moment I stepped out, my way was politely blocked by three young tableeghi jamaat recruits.

“Aslaamulalaikum,” said one of them in a swallowing Arabic accent. “Walaikum,” said I.
“Jinaab,” he said, ever so courteously, “it is time for Asar prayers. Why aren’t you at the mosque?”
“Well, why aren’t you?” I asked.
“We will be, but we are already doing a naik kaam (good deed),” he said.
“I see. What makes you think that I am not doing a naik kaam as well?” I asked, equally politely.
“I’m sure you are,” he said. “Par lagta hai aap namaz kum parh tey hein,” (it seems you do not pray much).
“How do you know that?” I replied, “Kya namaazioon key parr hotay hain?” (Why, do praying people have wings?).
“Janaab, if you don’t want to go to the mosque, why not give some charity to it,” he said, still smiling.
“Charity for a mosque?” said I. “Merey bhai, mosques are all that Zia-ul-Haq ever built in Pakistan. I think you people will please Allah more if you gathered charity for schools and hospitals instead!”
The guy smiled again, “woh tou bohat hain (there are more than enough).
Acha. Yeh kab hooah? (Really? When did that happen?)” I laughed.
He shook his head, smiled, half-closed his eyes and said, “Allah aap ko hidayat dey aur ….”
I interrupted: “… Aur aap ko aqal!”
He didn’t look very pleased, and without shaking my hand, walked away. Not smiling anymore.

* * * * *

It was 1994. I was an assistant editor and columnist for an English daily in Karachi. On a visit to our Lahore office, I took a break to check out a book store at Liberty Market. There I was approached by a kid in his late teens.

“Hello. You are NFP, right?”
“Err… yes.”
“I am Danish.”
“Hello, Danish.”
“I read your stuff,”
“It’s very interesting. Keep it up”
“Thank you, Danish.”
“Okay. Nice meeting you Mr Paracha.”
“Nice meeting you too Danish.”

(Danish turned, paused, and then turned to face me again).
“Mr Paracha?”
“Yes, Mr Danish.”
“Have you read the Quran?”
“Err… yes Danish I have.”
“In English?”
“Yes, Danish, in English.”
“How did it change you?”
“Why Danish, do you think I should change?”
“I was just wondering.”
“I see. Are you surprised that I have read the Quran?”
“Actually, yes.”

“Well, Danish. Will it also surprise you if I told you that I have also read the Bible, the Torah, the Bhagvad Gita, Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf?”
Danish was still. Almost expressionless. Then chuckled: “Mr NFP. Always trying to be different.”
“Yes, Danish. And so should you,”
I said, handing him a Batman comic.

* * * * *

It was 2002. I was working as a creative group head at an advertising agency and sitting with the Creative Director who was a woman. A young female employee came into her office and complained that a male colleague of hers, a bearded man in his 30s, was constantly advising her to wear a duppata.

The Creative Director kept her cool, sent the lady back to her seat and called the man.

“Why are you going around saying this to women?” she asked him. He remained quiet.

She continued: “I’m sure a lot of people do not like your beard, but has anyone over here ever told you to shave it off?”

The man was shocked. He looked at me and then at the Creative Director. Then a weepy, squeaky “sorry” appeared from deep down his throat.

“End of jihad,” I thought.

* * * * *

It was 2006. I got a call from an agitated man on my cell. He was angry about a few articles of mine.

“How can you defend France’s laws banning hijabs in public schools?” he asked, agitatedly.

“They’ve banned Sikh turbans and the wearing of Christian crosses and the Jewish Star of David as well,” I told him.

“Yes, but the law is really against the Muslims!” he insisted.

“No,” said I. “The law is against exhibiting overt religious symbols in public. France is a secular country and it has every right to do so. What if a European woman appears in a mini-skirt on Zainab Market? You will say, since you are an Islamic republic, you have the right to ban such attire in public, wouldn’t you. I think they tolerate a lot more hijabs and turbans in their country than we can ever tolerate crosses, shorts and skirts in ours!”

“You are just against Islam!” Saying this, he simply dropped the line.

* * * * *

It was 2007. My apartment building had run out of water. I accompanied the building’s President to check the situation. The President called the chowkidar, saying “Yaar, ever since you have come, we have started to have this water problem.”

The President then turned towards me and in all seriousness announced: “Nadeem sahib, this chowkidar of ours does not pray regularly.”

I nodded.

“You know,” the President continued in all earnest, “the chowkidar we had before him used to pray right here over the water tank and ma’shallah we used to have tons of water!”

“Aab-i-zam-zam?” I asked, jokingly.

But the President remained serious. “This guy should start praying here!”

“Right!” said I, slightly irritated. Then turning towards the embarrassed chowkidar I told him, “You better start praying over the water tank. Who knows, this time we might strike oil!”



  1. First of All Thablegi People Never ask any Funds from anyone for any charity. So you are misunderstood ( they use their own wealth body & time to preach the relegion it’s the theory ). Second In france did they Banned any chiristian nuns wearing the dress similar to hijab teaching in the missionary schools? the answer is no, Third, As I’m a creative director in a world wide agency.. We Use to show Female Body in the TV commercials to promote the products. The long beard guy was a given an advice to that lady to keep her body safe out of thieves ( similar to keeping the money inside the safe locker ). But she didn’t got it. So you understand who is the thieves their (the creative director who do TV commercials and Ads. with female body. And you read the All holy books… But God not yet show the right path.. So pray for it. thnx

  2. Mr. Shahnawaz, Its really hurting to have people like u roaming around calling themselves muslims. Actually u guys are Ehle-Bidati and munafiqin also. U dont follow wt our Prophet Muahmmad (s.a.s) said, (eg. he said to keep graves flat to earth level, you guys build dargahs etc.etc.). Just read the basics in quran and hadeeths n try to follow. It will be benificial for u.
    May Allah Guid u in the right way. And also answer me (Prophet Muhammad kaun the? sunni,tablighi,hanafi, etc etc.)

    Allah hafiz

    • Mr.Faiz what made u so furious ..Tablighi Jamat’s practices.
      Kazi faiz ru Wahabi?

      Do u know the Roza of Prophet Sallalaholaoihiwassalam is also not flat.
      even neither two of his holy Companions.

      Which translation do u read?

      Read Kanzul Iman so that ur iman may be mukammal.

  3. Let’s get rational. From my experience, I think that maulanas are vomiting out what they’ve been taught without understanding.

    True iman comes from understanding. There’s a HUMUNGOUS difference in the level of iman of a practicing muslim who understands and practices and a muslim who practices just because he is told to practice. Maulanas deliever the latter because they just quote without or hardly any reference to Ahadith or Quran with self-derived commentaries and with no indepth knowledge.

    We are creations of understanding. Utilize this special feature Allah swt has created us with. Don’t let it rust.. Allah loves those who grow in knowledge and seek knowledge.

    Like most of you have mentioned, condemning Zakir Naik is invalidated unless you match up to his level of knowledge. Maulanas included.

    I am not being biased because I’ve thorougly understood and lived in both environments.

    **Weak hadith: It’s only common sense not to rely on weak hadith because of the possiblity of it being untrue. It’s better to eliminate the possibility of a false attribute to our Prophet pbuh**

  4. It was 2009, i came onto your website by accident and began to read some of your articles. As i began to read i quickly noticed a pattern emerging which i have seen in a few of my Muslim friends before. An opposing of good Islamic teachings with cheeky ‘intelligience’ that if i had been on the end of, would not have ended there. you seem to like to have all the answers againt Muslims who are trying to advise you well, and i just want to know why? Is it resentment, disgust, lack of contentment, or just a desire to challenge the most true people in order to feel more honourable yourself. Maybe there’s another reason that I have not mentioned. Anyway, worse than all of this is that you have chosen to post your narrations, and interpretations of them, with the purpose of exposing Muslims as some kind of misguided fools who are backwards. Please, please, PLEASE my brother, i beg of you to contact me and ask me whatever you like about Islam, or an Islamic topic or a political issue around Islam , and I will try my best to make you see the Religion and the world as they really are. i say this with no arrogance either, only concern…not just for you brother, but for your readers…and i urge them too, please contact me and we can talk, rather than read some cheeky interpretations of someones experiences and take them as sound truth.
    Salamalaikum my dear respected elders and brothers. may Allah guide us all and take us away on Iman. Ameen


    • Dear Husein You need not to beg me for giving me Information about Islam.
      We Alhamdulillah Knows very well what we are doing.We are not exposing any ”Muslim” but we are fighting against those who are hell bent on destroying Islam from within by taking the name of Islam.

      We are Jamat-e-Ahle Sunnat , a true Path which is on the path of Sahabis and Nabi Kareem Sallaho alaihiwassalam.

      If you are not with Us then you are requested to get Information.
      May Allah give You hidayat.

  5. May I know more about Jamat-e-Ahle Sunnat. I am doing research on various Muslim organisations and this is a new name I come across.

    Is Jamat-e-Ahle Sunnat prominent in India to be precise Kerala State.

    • Yes You are more than welcome if You wish to Know more about Jamat-e-Ahle Sunnat which is pan Indian organization with its sister organization running in various states of India.
      Tell Your topic of Research and If You can come to New Delhi ,a great Scholar of India will be requested for your help in this regard Under whom various National and International Students are doing research.

  6. Assalam-u-aliakum wa rehmatullahi wa barkaatuhu…Alhamdu lillah at these times of these tablikee jammats destroying the youth u guys are doing the great job by showing the right path of nabi and sahabis and buzurgaan-e-din..pls always any precious information related to the ehle sunnat please send me the informations..i will be very much thankful..Allah Hafiz

  7. Assalaam’aaleykum!

    Well, you haven’t surprised me a bit with this docile and puerile rant. You call it a ‘Typical Tableeghi Jama’at Style’, I’ll call your post a ‘Typical Barelwi Stuff’.

    What has the Barelwi Ulema done all their life except for slinging mud at Deobandis? And you are simply doing ittiba of your Ulema. Eek! Great! That was expected, Brov!

    I’ll tell you something that this post would in, no way, affect the noble work of TJ, not in the very least.

    This movement has spread all over the globe, even at the places that you and your Ulema have never heard about [not even in your dream]. So, stop dreaming that you would, some day, be able to degrade this work and it’s enormous success.

    • The Tablighis are just converting Muslims to Deobandism.
      How many Non Muslims have accepted Islam by your TJ.They are burden on Muslims and Islam .They have narrow Interpretation of Islam and Muslims.
      They are Lota Chatai People who enjoys Dawats at the home of rich People.The bunch of Illitrate who are on a mission to teach others.
      They makes Masjids dirtier by their acts.They commits Biddah in Masjids .They make tensions in family life.They do each and every Un Islamic act to Increase their numbers.

      The Ahle Sunnah are Spread all over the world. we share same Aqaid with other sunnis. we are not different from Sunnis other than wahabi/TJ/Deobandis/Qadianis.

      Just ex-on Miladun Nabi whole ummat is United that it is Lawful and Pious act and it is celebrated from Centuries in all Muslim Countries except wahabi Saudi .It is officially Holiday in almost all Muslim Countries even in some Non Muslim countries like India.

      But Najdi group consider it as Biddah and shirk .They have official fatwas against this.
      so my dear may Allah guide you on Siratal Mustaqeem, see what is happening in world and what was the Aqaid of Muslims from starting.The name barelwi which has been given by your scholars will not misguide the whole sunni world.

  8. “Do u know the Roza of Prophet Sallalaholaoihiwassalam is also not flat.
    even neither two of his holy Companions. ”

    Ha Ha, do U know that the Roza of our Prophet (SAW) and the two mentioned companions were created long after the Sahabas?

    They were done during the time when the Ottoman Empire took control of Arabia. It was Ibn Abdul Wahab that put an end to that practice.
    You should know that.

    Anyway, I’m not part of the TJ crew but from what I’ve learned they are the most successful movement in bringing people back to Islam.

  9. stop discussing things that put u all straight in front of each other, if any one of u has the real cravings of right path,get up for tahajad prayers and entreat from the Almighty. stop discussing tablighi jamaat, if any one of u has the real desire of serving umma , then there is a path which is the duty of every follower of our beloved prophet (sallallahoh alihe wasam), it the transfer of the tke kalma to each and every person in the world.Sahaba did that, its now ur turn, stop discussing, its time to act.TJ has no party,group or any thing else.they ask niothing from u, they only want u to ready for ur grave!!! r anyone of u ready for grave?
    Ask Allah to open the right path on u people not anyone else.Is there anyone else ready to seek true path, dont be aconvention followeror dont be carried away by ur ego or ur self esteem, think and act for the sake for Almighty!!!

  10. Dear All,

    As Salam Alaikum, we all are Deeni / Islami bhai Bhai because of Our Shadat ka Kalma….no need to fight for our group uppraisals – it is the time to unite each other and ask Allah’s Hidayat only. Follow the quran and hadees only – except this all are fake and irralivant. Absolutely it will be our foolness to blind follow the groups. Allah’s Ahkam and Rasool’s Sunnat is mentioned in Quran and Hadees no need to follow others. Ideally we should target the reward of after death’s life: Like: Hoor, Pearl Palaces, Gardens, Canals etc etc…. Yes – Zannat ul Firdaus . Not to teach each other that he is wrong or i am right or he is sunni and i am wahabi. Wahabi means = Allah wala, Sunni = who’s life style is Sunnah.
    Now wahabi + Sunni = Momin and we are the best Ummati of all time. and we have some obligation to do…pls read. We all are wahabis in sunni style.

    (Musalmano!) Tum Behtreen Ummat Ho
    Jinhain Logo (Ki Isliha-O-Hidayat)
    Ke Lye Nikala Gaya Hai
    Tum Logo Ko Bhaley Kaamo Ka Hukum Detey Ho
    Aur Burey Kaamo Se Roktey Ho
    Aur Allah Per Iman Laatey Ho
    Aur Ager Ahl-E-Kitaab Iman Le Aatey
    To Ye Inkey Huq Main Behter Hota
    In Main Se Kuch Log Momin Hain
    Magar Inki Aksariyat Fasiq Hai
    Ye Log Ma’moli Takleef Pohanchaney Ke Siwa
    Tumhara Kuch Bhi Bigar Nahi Saktey
    (Surah Al-Imran, V# 110:111)

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