Raza Academy ,the Pride of Sunniyat in India

The Raza Academy was formed in 1978 at 130, Ali Umer Street, Bombay – 3 by Alhaj Mohammed Saeed Noori Sahab along with a few of his colleagues. Mr. Noori has been the President of Raza Academy from 1986 till date. The main purpose to establish the Academy was for printing and publishing books written by Aalahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza and other writers from the Ahlesunnat Jamaat. In view of this Al Hamdo Lillah till date around 30003 books have been published by Raza Academy. It was also established for educational awareness amongst minorities, for raising voice against the atrocities on the minorities and for all minority related matters.

In 1978 after the formation of Raza Academy a Madrassa was started by the name of “Raza Ul Uloom” for the sole purpose giving Islamic Knowledge to children and youngsters as well as old people.

In 1980 the Raza Academy published the “”Kanzul Imaan”” (Urdu translation of the Holy Quran by Aalahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza) and the inauguration was conducted at a fabulous Function by the Hands of Huzoor Burhaane Millat (Khalifa e Aalahazrat) and the function was presided by Hazrat Allama Rehane Millat Alaihir Rehma.

At the occasion of the visit of Barielly Shareef, A copy of “Kanzul Imaan” was presented to Shehzaada E Aalahazrat Huzoor Mufti -e Aazam Allama Mustafa Raza Khan. Upon receiving he blessed and made special prayers for the Academy the result of which is being seen by our eyes at the moment and Insha Allah we shall be witnessing it till Eternity.

In 1981 on the grounds of Mastan Talab a massive programme for the Urs e Chehlum of Huzoor Mufti e Aazam Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu was organized by Raza Academy in which according to media reports around 80,000 (Eighty thousand) people benefited by the Langar Shareef and ate to their fill.

In 1981 the concept of Noori Mehfil was formed and it was started at 47, Ghoghari Mohalla, Bombay 3 which was to be held every Thursday in which the Tosha Mubarak of Huzoor Gause Aazam was also prepared and since then it is being prepared regularly and distributed. Around 1100 Mehfils have been arranged so far. This Mehfil was attended by a lot of Indian as well as Foreign Ulemas namely :

1 Huzoor Burhaane Millat 2 Huzoor Saiyad Haidar Hasan Miyan Sahab (Marehra Shareef) 3 Hazrat Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza khan Sahab (Bareilly Shareef) 4 Huzoor Rehaane Millat (Barielly Shareef) 5 Mufti Shareeful Haq Sahab Amjadi 6 Maulana Arshadul Qadri Sahab 7 Allama Mushtaq Ahmed Nizami Sahab 8 Allama Mohamed Shafee Ukadvi (Karachi) 9 Allama Badruddin Sahab 10 Shah Turabul Haq Sahab (Karachi) 11 Allama Ziyaul Mustafa Sahab 12 Qari Muslehuddin Sahab (Pakistan) 13 Shah Ahmed Noorani Sahab (Pakistan) 14 Maulana Abdul Hameed Sahab 15 Hazrat Azeeze Millat 16 Maulana Jalaluddin Noori Sahab 17 Maulana Mohammed Ahmed Sahab Misbahi 18 Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi 19 Maulana Abdul Mubeen Nomani 20 Allama Tauseef Raza Khan Sahab 21 Mirza Abdul Shakoor Baig 22 Maulana Jamal Mustafa Sahab are just a few to be named.

In 1983 Mufti e Aazam Conference and Hind O Pak Naatia Mushaira was held on the 15th & 16th April. At this moment Mufti E Aazam Conference Office was established which was inaugurated by Huzoor Ahsanul Ulema on 5th march 1983 who wrote the following.

The Muslim organisation Raza Academy released pigeons and white balloons from Minara mosque in South Mumbai as a sign of peace.

“I after Isha Namaaz attended the inauguration ceremony of the new office of Raza Academy, Bombay. This Raza Academy has organized a conference by the name of Mufti e Aazam conference which will be held next month, Insha Allah. In this context a book by Istaqamat, Kanpur will be released namely “Mufti e Aazam Number”. I leave now with a prayer from the innermost sections of my heart for the success of the conference. Allah by his grace accept everything.Aameen.”

Also present at that time was Khaleefa e Huzoor Mufti e Aazam Hazrat Maulana Badruddin Sahab

On the 16 April 1983 Hazrat Maulana Rehmani Miyan Sahab read out the above letter in front of the audience which is still saved in Audio cassettes.

In 1983, on the $th march Peer Saiyad Nooruddin Sahab Kashmiri inaugurated the office of Raza Academy at 47, Memonwada Road Bombay – 3.

In 1984 there were communal riots in Bhiwandi.At that time at least 150,000 (One lac fifty thousand rupees worth relief was distributed to the victims.

In 1985 the Sunni Razvi Calendar was started which at present is being printed in lacs and goes all over the world. Every page of this calendar translates a verse of Aalahazrat’s Naatia Deewan “Hadaiqe Bakshish”.

In 1985 a section of Fatwae Razvia which was first published by Hazrat Allama Maulana Amjad Ali Sahab was re-published and the inauguration was done by Muhadisse Kabeer Hazrat Allama Ziyaul Mustafa Sahab

In 1986 Jaanasheene Huzoor Mufti e Aazam was arrested by the Saudi Government on which Raza Academy held protest on an all over India basis. Congregations were held and processions were taken out after which the Saudi Government was forced release Hazrat Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahab after 11 days. Then Alhamdo Lillah the same year Huzoor Rehmate Aalam Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam granted him the grace of visiting Madina Shareef.

In 1986 on the #rd Sept Saudi Day was being celebrated at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Bombay. On this day 6 sunni youths distributed pamphlets against the Saudi Government and were arrested. Those arrested were 1 Janab Mohammed Arif Razvi 2 Janab Mohammed Haroon Razvi 3 Janab Mohammed Imran Razvi 4 Janab Mohammed Naeem Razvi 5 Janab Mohammed Aazam Razvi and 6 Janab Mohammed Afzal Sahab

In 1988 the first fatwa against the ill famed Salman Rushdie was issued by Raza Academy after obtaining it from Jaanasheene Huzoor Mufti e Aazam which was published in the Daily Hindustan on the 11 November 88 and on 12th November in Inquilab and Urdu Times

In 1988 the Raza Academy announced awards for best decoration in the Eid Miladun Nabi festival. The first prize for best decoration was Rasoole Arabi Award, a Shield, certificate and Rs 5000/- cash, the second award was Siddique Akbar Award a Shield, certificate with Rs 2000/- cash and the 3rd Award was Farooque Aazam Award a Shield, certificate and Rs 1100/ – cash

In 1988 Raza Academy had completed 10 years and a programme was organized .At this occasion special editions on Aalahazrat Imam e Ahlesunnat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazile Barielvi were published by Inquilab Daily, Urdu Times, Hindustan, Akhbaare Aalam Weekly and Hujoom Delhi

In 1989 the “Kanzul Imaan” was published in English translation which was inaugurated by the Founder of Sunni Razvi International and Khaleefa e Huzoor Mufti e Aazam Hazrat Allama Maulana Mohammed Ibrahim Khushtar Sahab (Manchester).

In 1990 America Attacked Iraq and the Academy announced to send one lakh volunteers for the safety for Harmain Shareefain, Madina Munawwara, Shrine of Hazrat Imam Husain, Saiyadina Imam Hasan, Saiyadina Huzoor Gause Aazam, Saiyadina Imaam e Aazam and other sacred places.

In 1990 the Raza Academy’s office was shifted to 26 Kambekar Street, Rehmat Manzil Ground Floor, Bombay 9 and is currently at the same place. It was inaugurated by Alhaj Mohammed Saeed Noori Sahab.

In 1991 the Bukhari Shareef (Complete) was published and was inaugurated by Hazrat Allama Akhtar Raza Khan Sahab and was distributed free of cost to different Madrassa and libraries.

In 1992 the 100 year celebration of Huzoor Mufti e Aazam was organized in which Ulemas and Scholars from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, London, Manchester, America, Africa and other countries participated. The details will be presented some other time.

In 1992 on the 2nd Feb India established diplomatic ties with Israel for which the Raza Academy held a powerful demonstration at Flora Fountain and submitted a Memorandum to the then Prime Minister Mr. P.V.Narsimha Rao and Chief Minister Mr. Sudhakar Rao Naik to severe all ties with them.

In 1992 on the 6th of December the Babri Masjid was demolished by Hindu Fundamentalists which was followed by Communal riots all over India. The Raza Academy played an important role in maintaining peace and harmony and also in relief works. Just a day before this that is the 5th of Dec the Academy had sent a press release appealing to maintain peace and harmony in the city which was published on the 6th Dec in Inquilab and other newspapers.

In 1993 on the 6th Dec (the first anniversary of Babri Masjid Demolition) the Raza Academy announced that Azaan would be called out at 3.45 pm (the time of demolition) in all areas and this is still being followed all over India.

In 1994 the Fatawa e Razvia’s complete 12 volumes were published on the occasion of the uth Annual Urs of Aalahazrat and the inauguration was done in Barielly Shareef by the hands of Hazrat Allama Akhtar Raza Sahab.On the same day the second volume of Jaddul Mumtar was also inaugurated by Muhaddise Kabeer Allama Ziyaul Mustafa Sahab

In 1995 the copies of “Kanzul Imaan” were distributed to the Haji’s returning from Hajj as a gift at the Sahar International Airport Bombay

In 1995 on the 5th of Dec by the efforts of Hazrat Allama Tauseef Raza Khan a Postal Stamp was published in memory of Aalahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza. Before this The Raza Academy had demanded from the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Ex- Prime Minister Mr. V.P Singh for the same.

In 1995 Juloose Mearaj un Nabi was started which commenced from Minara Masjid and ended at Mastan Talab Bombay 8.

In June 1996 3 volumes of Fatawa e Razavia with Urdu translation were published and inaugurated by the hands of Hazrat Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan

In 1996 on the th of October a newspaper Saamna carried insulting remarks against the Holy Prophet on which Raza Academy held nationwide demonstrations. Then the paper apologized for the same. The Raza Academy tried to prosecute its Editor Mr. Bal Thackeray but Since the Central Government did not grant permission he could not be prosecuted.

In 1996 communal elements tried to stop Qurbani Animals on which a delegation met the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Manohar Joshi and thwarted their efforts.

In 1996 with the help of Janab Farooque Saudagar Sahab the Raza Academy distributed Audio cassettes of Panjsoora e Razvia to the Haji’s

In 1997 the third day of Qurbani falled on the Mahavir Jayanti day and hence the Jain community opposed the Slaughtering of Animals on that day. The Raza Academy met Mr. Manohar Joshi (The then Chief Minister of Maharashtra) and apprised him of the situation that Muslims cannot forgoe their religious commitments. The Chief Minister called a meeting of the police commissioner and Municipal commissioner and decided to hold Qurbani in the Slaughter houses and other places on that day though officially the slaughter house was closed.

The listing of the services by Raza Academy is not for propaganda or for receiving applause from you but it is to show a way to those who have the light of Maslake Aalahazrat burning in their hearts and who are always restless to be of some work for the cause of Islam and Sunniyat.

Activities and achievements of Raza Academy



  1. I cant tell for sure but they will conduct this programme..at near by masjids where they have strong holds…

    may be dontad streets
    kambekar streets…

    go razaacdemy.com and get response via phone call

  2. Asslamualaikum,

    I am working in Oman, so that i am not able know which holy days are passing. for the same i want Sunni calendar to see holy days of our islam.

    request you pls send me the link.

    Allah Hafiz

  3. i would like to inform you pls raise your voice against the song of ISHKIYA – the song is IBNE BATUTAA……… BAGAL ME JUTA…… ! ols do something for this…. iben batutaa was a famous history writier in our islaam…. pls do something..

  4. As Salaam mo alai Kum

    Please send me best and latest article via Email

    Sameer Bhai , Byculla Moti Masjid
    Zubai Bhai

  5. I have visited this site for the first time n I liked it. Id like to know whether you are the same people of Raza Enterprises, located at Chota Sonapur, M.S.Ali Road, Mumbai-8. By the way myself am Sayed Asif AltafHussain residing in Pune at Kondwa Khurd. I am one of the mureeds of Peer Hazrat AbdulHamid Mohammad Saalim Qadri Badayuni. Alhamdullillah I have quest n thirst for true n authentic ilm e deen to pass on to my fellow brethren. Hope to be in touch with your organisation till my last breath, inshallah. Eager. to learn more from you on my email in the near future n thereafter. Allah Hafiz.

    • We are not from Raza Enterprises but from MSO Muslim students organization and Raza academy Mumbai search them in google.
      We expect ur presence here via comments and via mails written at top.Thnx for comments.

  6. salam masnoon
    bhai i want to know that kya salafis ke pichey namaz ho jati hai ……………….

    agar nahin to jo log haj ko jatey hain to saudi main mostly salafis hi hain as per my knowledge to wahan kaisa padhey gey namaz……….
    i m totaly confused please help me as well as many neutral muslims……….

    • Dekheye Namaz k liye Imam ka Iman wala Hona Farz hai Jabki wahan confirmed hai ki wahabi Aqaid ka Imam Namaz Padhata hai.yeh hamara Imtehan hai.
      Aap apni alag namaz padhen ya Frnds ke sath jamat banane ki Koshsish kijiye.yahi ulema -e-Ahle Sunnat ka faisla hai.
      Allah aapki madad farmaye.Amin

  7. please write something about maharera ……….urs program
    i like your inititive for ias group for muslims on facebook

  8. Maulana Mohammad Ibrahim Khustar was the pioneer on the mission of Allah Hazrat in Mauritius, South Africa, England, Holland but to name a few countries of the world. We Muslims of Mauritius are grateful to Allah subhanahu, His/our Rassoul (sws) and this gratitude flows from the LOVE that Alla Hazrat has passed to us from among his chosen ones.

  9. As-salaamu-alaikum my name is Hafez Mohammed Rashid Joosub from ERmelo. South Africa you see 3 weeks back that’s on the second of December I went to the Masjid for Esha namaaz and after Esha namaaz there was a lecture on karbala how imaam Hussain and his family became a shaheed this lecture was givin by a tablikhie moulana. Now what we heard that yazid send his army to kufaah and we also heard that yazid instuted shimar bin joeshar to kill and head imaam Hussain and what this Moulana said in his lecture that yazid was waiting for imaam Hussain to come by him and accept him as the khalifa and he also said that yazid started regrating when shimar bin joeshar killed and beheaded imaam Hussain and he also said that having Majlis for 10 days of Muharam is not permisible he said that we are morning on the death of imaam Hussain and he said that distributing sarbit is also bidath now. What I whant to ask is that was yazid really regrating on imaam Hussains death and is majlis for 10 days of muharam permisible and distributing sarbit on the 10 day of muharam permisible please let me know the answer jazakalah as-salaamu-alaikum

    • He is just justifying a Fasik Fajir..aisa koi Proof nahin hai ki Yazeed ne rpentence zahir kia ho.He was involved in this inhuman work.What is Majlis,it is remeberance with in shariah.Of course shariah allows us to remeber him and all Ahle bait (R.A).Actually that Tablighi is Propagating his Wahabi Ideology as taught by Taimiah Wahabi and later on his associates.

      No AHle Sunnah Scholar in history has supported Yazeed and said this what this Tablighi was Saying….also

      read http://sunniforum.net/showthread.php?t=11493

  10. aaj sirf hindustani muslim nahi balki aalmi muslim tanzeem honi chahie jo ek porogeram ke tahrt buniyadi kam kare yah raza acadmey kar sakti h. mera nam m.tufail ahmad razvi h mai main kaknker(c.g.)me rahta hun . sarkar mufti-e-aazam par ph d kar rahahun agar koi makhsus kitab ,mazmun kazrat par ho bheje

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