Muslim Students Organization of India MSO Organized All India Students Meet

MSO, a Students body of Jamat-e-AhleSunnat Organized All India Students Meet in New Delhi on 24th August in the MP’s Club North Avenue.Students  from Various Universities and Cities Participated in the Meet and Vowed to spread the Peaceful Message of Islam far and Wide. Guests Includes Mufti Mukkaran Ahmad Shahi Ima m of Fatehpuri Masjid and Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission Mr.Kamal Farooqui.

Following Members were Selected to Serve for National Executive Committee

Dr.Abdul Hakeem Al Azhari  President

Abdul Latif                            Vice President

Shahnawaz Warsi                 Gen.Secretary

Shujaat Ali Qaudri               Joint Secretary

Najmuddin Ahmad            Joint Secretary

Suhairuddin                     Treasurer

MSO Meet
MSO National delegates Meet 2008 in New Delhi

MSO National Meet Delegates
MSO Meet Delegates
Jb.Jamal Farooqui Sb Chairman Delhi Commssn of Minorities
Jb.Jamal Farooqui Sb Chairman Delhi Commssn of Minorities

National Executive Members

Allama Shahidul Qaudri          Bengal

Najmul Hasan Barkati            U.P

Sabir Rizvi                            U.P

Irfan Qadri                          Uttarakhand

Khalid Ali Khan Barkati     Delhi

All the Invited Personalities Promised to give full support in MSO activities.

Full report will be Published soon.InshAllah



  1. It’s a very pleasure giving news that, MSO has got a good team and sincere members to serve the right teachings of Prophet SAW and his sahaba throughout our country and insha allah beyond the walls in near future. May allah almighty bless all of the members and the well wishers of the ahle sunnath team to achieve high goals in its all programs. Aameen yaa rabbal aalameen.

  2. assalamu alaikum
    muslime student organizatiom m s o.
    bhai m s o web site chalane walo bhai ke liye meri choti se ray yeh hai kay bollywood acters ke photos galthi se agy hai. Aap log fouri delete kare. Aur ala hazrat kay naat sharif upload kare.thaki sachhi ka dars dine wale alahazrat kay maslak par cikad na ochala ja sake.galti ki mafi chataho
    From: muzammil bin omar mso
    nizamabad, a p

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