POLICE STORY CHALLENGED in Jamia Nagar Shoot out

Patrolling heightened in Jamia Nagar a week before the encounter, say residents who saw shootout
By Karanjeet Kaur in New Delhi

Jamia Nagar Police Encounter

TWO eyewitnesses of the September 19 Special Cell action at Jamia Nagar have presented a version of the event that is at complete variance with what has been offered by the Delhi Police.
Their reconstruction of the event, which indicates a scuffle had probably taken place before the shots were fired, may also explain why Jamia Nagar residents are not buying the police theory that the team led by Inspector M. C. Sharma had either eliminated or arrested the men allegedly behind the bomb blasts in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.
This version, given to MAIL TODAY on the condition of anonymity, squares up with the hitherto unreported autopsy report on Sharma and the nature of the wounds on the bodies of the two young men killed by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police. The autopsy report on Sharma, which is with Headlines Today , says he was shot at
from extremely close range, no more than a few centimetres from him. He was hit by three bullets.
of them entered through the back and followed top- to- down trajectory.
The body of one of the ‘ terrorists’ bears injury marks, sharp wounds and multiple internal injuries in the stomach. Doctors say such injuries usually attributed to a scuffle, actually a violent physical assault. Someone may even have stamped on him. His flatmate Mohammed Sajid, also dead, was apparently shot in the head. Could death too have occurred during the scuffle? Further, could Inspector Sharma have been injured during the fisticuffs that ensued between alleged Delhi bombers and the policemen who were raiding supposed terrorist hideouts? Is it possible that he suffered the injuries when a bullets went off accidentally during the scuffle? There is no way to find out the kind of bullet injury that Sharma suffered. No bullets were found on his body during his autopsy. The medical bulletin of Holy Family Hospital, where he was taken first, said no “ foreign bodies” were found in chest and abdomen.
Mail Today took exhaustive eyewitness accounts the police action on September 19 to unravel events of the morning of September 19. Eyewitnesses, who live in the immediate vicinity of L- Batla House – the alleged IM hideout – said the Special Cell team that raided the scene of action brought two young men to the ground floor from their fourth- floor flat. They had a verbal altercation with the two men and killed them after some them realised Sharma had been shot.
Jamia Nagar residents had been seeing heightened activity by policemen in civilian clothes for about a week before the police action. Yet, they were taken aback when a group of policemen in civvies surrounded L- 18, Batla House, on September 19, for they had not seen any suspicious activity in their building. It is hard to keep secrets in the rabbit war- of apartment blocks in Jamia Nagar.
member of the Special Cell first went up to the fourth- floor flat occupied by Atif and Sajid, pretending to a cellphone salesman. The young men inside the flat did not receive the undercover policeman cordially. They entered into an argument with subinspector Dharmender, who was pretending to be the salesman.
All this took place in front of the neighbours, who had come out onto the balconies of their flats on hearing the commotion.
Reacting immediately when the arguments started, the policemen waiting downstairs rushed up.
None of them had their guns out.
Clearly, they were not expecting any armed resistance. One of the men, whom the eyewitnesses were able to identify after seeing his images on television, was Sharma.
Speaking from behind a grill that covers the fourth- floor staircase at L- Sharma yelled at all the neighbours who had come out of their houses to go indoors because they could get hurt in the “ firing”. Residents of the area followed his instructions.
But the eyewitnesses, being quoted by Mail Today, watched the goings- on from behind their toilet windows.
The saw only two men in the flat.
That leaves the man who was arrested from the spot, Mohammed Saif, and the two men who reportedly escaped during the police action unaccounted for.
They saw Sharma’s men drag Atif and Sajid to the ground floor landing.
The two men, who were subsequently killed, appeared to be in panic and unarmed at the time. No one could see what happened thereafter as the partly covered ground floor landing was not in their line of vision.
The eyewitnesses could hear the policemen hurling abuses at the two young men. This was followed by gunshots.
Then someone shouted, “ Sahab ko goli lag gayi ( the boss has been hit).” The young men could not be heard in this commotion. After some time, the eyewitnesses hear more gunshots. The policemen came into the view of our eyewitnesses.
They were dragging the bodies of the two men upstairs.
Around the same time, they saw sub- inspector Dharmender, and another policeman leading Sharma out of the building. The eyewitness couldn’t figure out the extent of Sharma’s injury from what they saw.
The bodies of the two young men, meanwhile, were dragged up to their flat by the policemen. Then they wrapped the bodies with cloth.
According to the eyewitnesses, after the two bodies were taken away and piled into a police van, a group of policemen materialised out of the blue with three young men they had rounded up, seemingly from within the L- 18 flats. They were unable to make out where the men came from. One of them, it appears now, was Mohammed Saif. He is now in police custody.
This reconstruction by the eyewitnesses poses some questions. Why did the two young men, and their alleged accomplices, not flee the scene or clean up their laptops even after everyone in the neighbourhood was aware of the heightened police presence in the area? Why did the policemen not have their guns out when they rushed up to the flat after the argument broke out between sub- inspector Dharmender and the two men? Was Sharma shot at by the alleged terrorists, or was he a victim of collateral damage because he happened to be in the line of a ricocheting bullet?



  1. Sir, It is very evident that the encounter theory was false. The students may be terrorist or not, but police intentionally killed them. I reach the conclusion that some policemen shot and killed the notorious police officer Mohan Chand Sharma and to twist the story they complled to kill the students.

    An enquiry by the sitting Supreme Court Judge is a must in this case. I warn the Muslims to be cautious about the Congress Party and Police conspiracy in this case. It may be save Shivraj Patil and his ministerial post.

    Hope the truth will come out and the culprits will get punishment.

    At the same time don’t waste time, and approch the Supreme Court to get compensation to the killled students. The family of the two youths should demand one billion Indian Rupees as compensation.

    The expenses of the case will be taken from Indian public, those who wish to bring the truth in public.

    Prathiba Sundaram

  2. This is evident from the News Broadcasts that the whole encounter thing was a make up story for somthing that happened entirely differently. This is a case of Fake encounter. People would have been brought from outside and killed at the intended place by the police which happens most of the time. Because if Police has to catch some Terrorists there has to be a proper exchange of fire like what happened in Jammu recently and Policemen have to suffer collateral damage while trying to nab / kill the terrorists. What happened is that people were arrested from somewhere else and it was made to look like Sharma was shot while in the operation., Maybe Sharma was shot in the stomach by one of his colleagues. If there was a exchange of fire there would have been gun shots from both sides. If the police is not letting anyone see the place it further confirms the conspiracy. It is really difficult to go to 4th floor of a building and “Catch Terrorists” and Kill and let some of them Escape as well. Who is responsible for the ones those escaped. Sharma died battling for life but was there a statement recorded for the “valiant ” Officer. While fighting the terrorists why was he not properly equipped and why she Special Operations Group or Anti Terrorist Squad taken into service. The so called “Terrorists” could have booby trapped the whole flat in case they were so good at making bombs and they could have held the whole building as hostage. Replies are difficult as both the police and politicians are just encashing on an officer’s death which it seems was pre planned that he had to suffer in this while act.

  3. Yeh to apne hain………
    delhi bombs blasts aor batla house encounter muamle men kai baten aise hain jo bahut kuch sochne par majboor kardeta hai.
    1. media khas kar electronic media ka roll janibdar nazar aaya. har giraftar mulzim ko “Terrorists” kaha, aor aksar ghalat khabar bhi di gai.
    2. police ne bhi jise mara use mastermind kaha, jise giraftar kiya woh bhi mastermind.
    3. jis L-18 men baghair tehqeeq kiye hi encounter kiya, aor use bahair tehqeeq k hi IM group se mansoob kar diya.
    4. Do Terrorist ko farar keh diya, jab k jankaron k mutabiq wahan se farar hone k liye koi rasta hi nahin tha.
    5. jin do ladkon ko farar terrorist kaha woh encounter k waqt Jamia men apne class men tha, aisa Jamia ka kehna hai.
    6. jis gun (AK47) se hamare bahdur inspector Sharma shahid huye, use encounter men mare gaye Ladke Atif k pas hi hone chahiye the, jabke police ne us gun ko chanbin men daramad dikhaya
    7. encounter men mahir inspector Sharma k baghair wardi k aor baghair hifazati libas k chale jana.
    waghaira waghaira ….
    yeh kuch baten hain jo aam awam k dil men sawal peida karte hain.
    khas kar kal ke shahin bagh men hoye hadsa police ki taraf aor bhi shak paida karta hai, jis men police wale sade libas men baghair no. plate ki kar men qabil-e-itraz samanon k sath aamir nami ladke ho ighwa kar k lijane ki koshish ki aor is koshish men nakam hogaye, police ko maskok nazron se dikhne par majboor karti hai.
    roznama rashtriya sahara men editor aziz burney apne mazmoon “Musalmanan-e Hind Mazi, Haal aor Mustaqbil” men pesh kiye gaye mukhtalif pehloo aor haqayaq se bahut kuch saf hojata hai k media aor police k kam men janibdari dekhi jarahi hai jo yaqeenan Hindustan Jaise Jamhoori Mulk k liye, jahan ganga jamni tehzeeb ki misalen di jati hain, achhi khabar nahin hai.
    yeh sab sunkar, padh kar aor dekh kar aisa lagta hai k hum apne hi mulk main ghair hogaye hain, afsos sad afsos. koi inhen inki zimedari ka ahsas to dilaye. yeh apnon ko ghair kiyon samjhne lage hain??

  4. It is sad that people do not consider the upmost sacrifice of a valient police offcer.
    I would say that the supposed students in Batla house were terrorist. Its not a joke to carry an assault rifle and keep it. And people who are supporting that the encounter is a fake , I would say SHAME on you all!!!

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