Pir Saqib sahibs challenge to Yazid’s lawyer Dr Naik

Official response from Kanz ul Huda regarding the speculative threads on the debate between Pir Saqib Shami Sahib and Dr. Zakir Naik

In response to the recent threads with regards to the aforementioned matter, Kanz ul Huda would like to clarify and outline the whole issue in order to avoid public confusion and speculation.

Approximately two months ago the Ullema of India, who have substantial links to the religious community in Karachi, asked Pir Saqib Shami Sahib to refute in written form Dr. Zakir Naik’s argument on the issue of Yazeed.

Pir Saqib Shami Sahib responded to the challenge and submitted a pamphlet on 10th August 2008 to the Ullema in Karachi detailing the thorough refutations on Dr. Naik’s opinion on Yazeed. The pamphlet included extensive rebuttals that discredited Dr. Naik’s arguments and exhorted him to either repent from making grossly false arguments on Yazeed or submit a written refutation to Pir Saqib Shami Sahib’s response. The pamphlet was posted by the Ullema of Karachi to Khutbate Zakir Naik Karachi and receipt of this pamphlet and it being forwarded to Dr. Naik was confirmed by the organisation on 17th August 2008




After no response was received by Dr Naik, the Ullema of Karachi insisted that Pir Saqib Shami Sahib challenge Dr Naik to a debate in order to quell his growing arrogance which has led him to openly challenge scholars to a debate on the issue of Yazeed. On 24th September 2008 Pir Saqib Shami Sahib wrote to the Ullema of Karachi stating that he is ready to debate Dr. Naik provided that two conditions are met, as follows:

1) The Shari’at-e-Munazzara must be negotiated by both parties. This involves the debate proceeding according to the classical Salf us-Saliheen method of debating and not according to Dr. Naik’s modern equivalent, whereby one speaker delivers his arguments at length followed by a lengthy rebuttal by the other speaker, followed again by a question and answer session; and

2) Dr. Naik, when quoting from the Hadith or classical texts, must have the source (i.e. the hadith), at hand, read in Arabic without the i’rab (i.e. the fatha, damma and kasra), and not simply mentally repeat the chapter and verse reference in English.

As yet no response has been received.

In late October, Pir Saqib Shami Sahib is Inshallah going to Pakistan to deliver a series of lectures at both the International Azmat-e-Auliya Conference in Azad Kashmir and the Jashne Fareed in Pak Pathan Shareef. The Ullema of Karachi have insisted that Pir Saqib Shami Sahib publicly accept the challenge made by Dr. Naik during these talks. This, it is hoped, will notify the public about the challenge being accepted by the Ahl-e-Sunnah scholars.

As for the allegation that the threads were a public stunt, Pir Saqib Shami Sahib strictly ordered his mureeds to not mention anything regarding the potential debate until it became official. Kanz ul Huda has no knowledge of the identity of the mureed who is alleged to have spread the story. Furthermore, Kanz ul Huda is aware that Dr. Naik is in India; if indeed the debate does take place, it will do so in that country.

Kanz ul Huda will further publish information on this event if there is any progress or any changes.

Jazaakumullaahu Khayran

Kanz ul Huda



  1. People are infected by Zakirophobia and Yazidophobia, whats the issue, the man is busy in Dawa’h and you people are disturbing him in his work, my sugesstion to you all is FIND A LIFE.

  2. The man (Dr Naik) is busy insulting Imam Hussain (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu) and it is up to the people of Haq to guide the misguided.

    Dr Naik offered a challenge. Now that he has one, he fails to reply.

    • If U think that Dr. Zakir has lack of knowledge than why not U Vondo Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah are not doing D’awah to the Non Muslim.

      • You don,t know nothing about Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammat. Sunni Dwat-e- Islam doing the same all over world.

      • assalamu alaikum wa rahmatul lahi wa barakatuhu.
        dear brother, i do not mean to fight with you but it seems you are satified with the so-called dawah policy of Dr.Zakir Naik.
        To be frank Dr Zakir naik is not giving DAwah according to the islamic shariah.
        Salah is fard in Islam and Surah Fatiha is Wajib in salah .Without surah fatiha.your salah is incomplete and so is your iman.Such is the importance of Surah Fatiha.
        In Surah Fatiha the first verse says..”Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen”…ie. Praise be to the lord of the aalimeen…..just note its not mentioned muslimeen ….and even in the Quran ALLAH (SWT) mentions the Prophet (SAW) as “Rahmatul lil aalimeen”…and again not muslimeen.
        According to these ayahs for all humans whether muslims or non muslims, Allah (SWT) is the rab and our beloved Prophet (SAW)
        is the prophet and ofcourse Islam is their deen.
        based on this fact and also according to the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) no muslim deserves any right to critisize any person or their religion.
        But what Dr Zakir Naik is doing is right opposite. In all his dawah lectures he just goes on critisizing religions rather than expressing the beauty, harmony love peace and brotherhood in Islam
        in order to revert non muslims to Islam with theirt complete heart and soul . But what DrZakir Naik does is right opposite.People will just ran away from islam thinking it to be a harsh religion .
        If this is the way he does dawah then no doubt uslims will be counted among the harsh people and terrorists.
        What is the use of byhearting the veses and chapter numbers of the Quran when He could not understand understand the first verse of the Holy Quran and the frst verse of Surah Fatiha which is read 20 times the daily in all rakahs. daily 20 and in a month 600 times.
        seriously when he could not understand first verse of the Surah fatiha.why does he claim ti be a scholar???

      • assalamu alaikum wa rahmatul lahi wa barakatuhu.
        dear brother, i do not mean to fight with you but it seems you are satified with the so-called dawah policy of Dr.Zakir Naik.
        To be frank Dr Zakir naik is not giving DAwah according to the islamic shariah.
        Salah is fard in Islam and Surah Fatiha is Wajib in salah .Without surah fatiha.your salah is incomplete and so is your iman.Such is the importance of Surah Fatiha.
        In Surah Fatiha the first verse says..”Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen”…ie. Praise be to the lord of the aalimeen…..just note its not mentioned muslimeen ….and even in the Quran ALLAH (SWT) mentions the Prophet (SAW) as “Rahmatul lil aalimeen”…and again not muslimeen.
        According to these ayahs for all humans whether muslims or non muslims, Allah (SWT) is the rab and our beloved Prophet (SAW)
        is the prophet and ofcourse Islam is their deen.
        based on this fact and also according to the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) no muslim deserves any right to critisize any person or their religion.
        But what Dr Zakir Naik is doing is right opposite. In all his dawah lectures he just goes on critisizing religions rather than expressing the beauty, harmony love peace and brotherhood in Islam
        in order to revert non muslims to Islam with their complete heart and soul . But what DrZakir Naik does is right opposite.People will just ran away from islam thinking it to be a harsh religion .
        If this is the way he does dawah then no doubt muslims will be counted among the harsh people and terrorists.
        What is the use of byhearting the verses and chapter numbers of the Quran when He could not understand the first verse of the Holy Quran and the first verse of Surah Fatiha which is read 20 times daily in all rakahs. daily 20 and in a month 600 times.
        seriously when he could not understand first verse of the Surah fatiha.why does he claim to be a scholar???

    • sorry brother with due respect you need a lot of help as your concepts are totally distorted. You need too learn and study before commenting about Dr. Zakir he is a great man and doing really good service.

  3. Dr Zakir Naik calls Prophet Muhammad(saw) NAUZBILLAH DEAD and IMPOTENT to help his ummah now – that is Muslims of today gain no benefit from Prophet ? then he goes on to say SHIFA is HARAM AND IT IS SAID 25 TIMES IN QURAN ? , WASILA TAWASSUL IS HARAAM ? and tells all the Mazars be demolished , he agrees with a non muslim who asks him the question what is the difference between idol and your Saints grave Zakir jumps and happily includes the Prophet (saw)grave in a deceptive way as an Idol , this fool argrees that the Mazar is an Idol with a non muslim and insults the kalima of Muslims who say there is no God but Allah ,?

    All these lies are answerd from Quran and Sahih .Hasan Hadith in this video AL HAMDLILLAH, and ZAKIR is exposed face on that he knows no Proper Hadith or Quran or Islam in the LEAST

    and even if he knows it he rejects it and fails to acknowledge Sahih hadith which makes all his foolish talks on Islamic Aqeeda look joke .

    It is high time the ulema of Ahle sunnat debate him openly make a total expose of the lack of proper Islamic knowledge of Zakir Naik , the fatwa of Gustaq e Rasool(saw) be passed against this Insulter of Prophet Muhammad(saw) , AUlia Allah and the way of Ahle Sunnah .

    Not to forget he is gutaq e Ahle Bayt as well

    What good can Muslims accept from a Najdi ? no good but only evil , the sooner this evil man is exposed the better for the Ummah

    • Dr Z K is spot on. nothing wrong in what he is saying. his saying is that of the hadith, in line with sunni and islamic teaching. this forum/blog is wrong for disagree.

      Mr Sifi786 needs to calm down and stop making himself look stupid.

  4. SALAM.

    every body should remeber that wahabis are the fitna in this world for muslims people like zakir deedat and others like them will keep bringing the proofs to accept islam, which dont need one, and taking new muslims and already muslims away from the true teachings of islam. they are people of shaytan and surah NAAS is for them. Go Ahead With Extreme Caution And Preparation.


  5. Assalam Aliakum to all the brothers and sisters.

    I belong to those muslims who consider Quran and Sunna as the source of guidance.

    Now I would like to correct all the ahle Sunna people (as they called themselve) that there was no scholar whose name was Wahab.

    The name of the scholar these poeple refer to was Mohammed. Why unnessarily criticising /blaming Wahab who has nothing to do with anything.

    These people do not have the courage to called Mohammadi to those who strictly follow Quran and Sunna or any other name which begins with Mohammad.

    This shows the bad (ill) intentions of these people.

    Even if they are calling Wahabi to us we do not mind because Wahab is among the 99 names of Allah. One should be proud that they are calling us Wahabi.

    Last but not the least, can these peple show a signle verse from the Quran in which it is said that the Prophet (PBUH) was having a super natural power, besides what Allah had given him. It is said in the Quran that he was a man, who eats, who travels in the market (I have not quoted the full verses deliberatelt).

    Can these people show us a single verse from the Quran where it is said that the Prophet (PBUH)
    is not dead.

    Can these people show a single verse from Quran where it is said that the Prophet (PBUH) can directly benefit us.

    It is said that to get benefit in this world and hereafter, follow the Prophet’s teaching (his sunnah) and we are doing this.

    Now I will ask all these people am I doing any wrong thing?

    Now I will request all the blind followers of the leaders of this group, please read Quran with understanding, read Hadith books.

    Jaza Kallah.


    • Dear brother if you read Quran it says In Surah Al- Imran, 3:159, Those who are
      martryed (Shaheed) in the way Of Allah rabbul izzat. Are not dead. You know what shaheed means & brother do you think That Allah had not given the label of shahadat to mohammed s.a.w. as he created him from his noor. 1 thing should be noted that Dr. naik is a student of compative religion and not ilme-deen so you have to believe in a person who have knowledge of deen that is Aalim. Allah hafiz.

  6. Some people are suffering from Zakir mania.Their mania is so acute that they are considering zakir naik as busy in doing great work of Dawa’h by according radi Allaho anhu to the murderer of Imam Hussain (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu). zakir naik simply cannot win a debate on this topic so he and his maniacs are making lame excuses. He will have to make a Tauba sooner or later

  7. After Quran, the most important source of knowlegde is Sahih Hadiths (Sunnah). Only one sahih Hadith is more than enough to prove a point. Kindly read and try to understrand the following quoted Hadith.

    Any true muslim after encountering this Hadith will understand the truth.

    Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari records under the year 49 Hijri (or 669-670 CE) during the reign of Muawiyah I, a number of forces, including one under Yazid attacked Constantinople. This First Arab siege of Constantinople was a naval assault lasting through the years 670-677. Abu Ayyub al-Ansari was also among the notables accompanying Yazid. This journey marks an important
    event in the life of young Yazid (27 at that time), as
    he became one who was promised paradise according to the following Hadith;

    They relate that ‘Umair bin Al-Aswad Al-Anasi told him
    that he went to ‘Ubada bin As-Samit while he was staying in his house at the sea-shore of Him with (his wife) UmHaram. ‘Umair said. Um Haram informed us that she heard Muhammad saying, “Paradise is granted to the first batch of my followers who will undertake a naval expedition.” Um Haram added, I said, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! Will I be amongst them?’ He replied, ‘You are amongst them.’ Muhammad then said, the first army amongst my followers
    who will invade Caesar’s City will be forgiven their
    sins. I asked, ‘Will I be one of them, O Allah’s
    Apostle?’ He replied in the negative.”

    (- Volume 4, Book 52, Number 175 Narrated Khalid bin Madan.)

    The above Hadith proves that the Yazid was a Sahaba. I do agree that he was an oppressive king.
    But one can not deny the truth in the light of the above mentioned Hadith.

    I will suggest to all the muslim as well as non-muslim brothers and sisters, to know the truth please try to refer the original source.

  8. to all the people especially the brother who wrote earlier who was trying to say he does not mind being a wahabi. You talk about the history and all the statements which you believe to be facts, have you ever looked at your own way of life. Have you seen the history of wahabis?have you seen how this movement was started?have you seen what happened and what they did to other muslims?instead of making peace to other muslims you kill other muslims in the name of biddah and shirk.Instead of fighting evil you make evil and than try to blame others. Wahabis are the most outspoken people, this is a fact, wahabis are the people that fight the most, this is a fact, wahabis have an extreme interpretation of the Quran, this is a fact, most of all, wahabis believe they are right all the time, this is also a fact. Who the hell are you wahabis to tell other muslims what to follow and what not to?are you muslims or animals?you say you follow muhammed (pbuh), tell me did he kill muslims?did he say to other muslims they are doing bad or evil?did he back bite? did he?as you may be well aware, muhammed (pbuh) said who ever back bites, its like he is eating the dead meat of his brother. Do i need to give you reference for that too?Shame on you wahabi people, muhammed (pbuh) was not a shia, sunni and especially wahabi. He was just a muslim. You wahabi extreme people have no right to tell other muslims what to do. The saudi let government in saudi arabia is one of its kind, backed up by oil wealth, leather chairs and sofas, expensive property and all those palaces they make, why are they not giving any money to the poor like flowing water?with their pocket money they can buy many television channels as your dr naik has said in his talks in dubai. Isn’t the saudi givernment wahabi?isn’t it? is this what wahabism teaches you?by giving a few million dollers to some poor country or people does not make you any good or better muslim, have you forgot, muhammed (pbuh) said 2.5% percent of your wealth should be given. Islam works on percentage, when wahabis work on figures. Shame on you. Wahabi is a extreme movement and it should be banned, it is not for peace it is for its own name, it is for its own popularity, islam is the middle path, thats how muslims should be. no need to look at yazid and other heroes of wahabis, because others will get offended, and if you curse yazid than wahabis will get offended. So lets forget that, and re-unite. Be one. Islam = peace. Wahabis need to put down there extreme values and forceful ways, a muslim should be gentle, soft at heart, and do on to others as he/she wants on to him/herself. Stop all of this now. We are all brothers and sisters not just in islam but in humanity. Give peace not only to muslims but to christians and other non muslims too. Salam, peace

  9. Aslamwalikam brothers and sisters,I came back from hajj last Saturday and seeing all the Muslims there and being amongst 3 million or so Muslims all i can say it was a great experience and you really have to be there to feel what i felt Alhamdullilah.
    All muslims there were praying to Allah SWT and asking for forgivness, they never asked anyone to pray for them for their forgivness, they never argued amongst each other saying this is how you ask for forgivness, they had a direct connection with Allah SWT crying and begging for his guidence and forgivness.
    We should do the same brothers and sisters, lets leave these arguments and come closer to Allah SWT and ask for forgivness and pray our salah and fight the biggest shaitan within our selfs,
    The Prophet of Islam Muhammad ibn `Abdullah (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) used to ask for forgiveness 70 times in the Qunut of Salat al-Witr,
    thats Witr alone,can you imagine the rest of the salah’s?
    We are looking at groups and leaders to follow blindly so they may guide us to the striaght path. Please put your trust in Allah fully and in Allah alone, ‘you alone we worship and you alone we ask/seek for help (surat fatiah)
    and follow the sunnah in the correct way. Ameen
    I hope this explains what im trying to say, if i have offended anyone then please forgive me and do ignore any spelling mistakes 😉

  10. My message to all the Muslims specially to our Sunni Muslims is to be among those who respect the family and all the rightful descenands of the Prophet Muhamad (S.A.W) equally as we respect and acknowledge the companions of the Prophet. Muslims should learn to respect Sayidna Hasan, Sayidna Hussein and all their descenants, further a true Muslim is only he who accepts the existence of his prophet and we should know that Allah has granted all the respect, knowledge of unseen and the everlasting life to our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa as it is proven that the previous Prophets were found alive and met the Holy Prophet during the night of AlIsra Wal Miraj, so if the previous prophets are alive and blessed with the knowledge of unseen by Allah then how can a believer under estimate the Imamul Ambia Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W)?
    The bottom line to all the mark of under estimations is to believe that if there is any authority after Allah then it is only the Prophet of Allah Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W) and we Muslims should follow the prophet with great respect and shun the evil of shirk by worshipping Allah alone and accept the Holy Prophet with all the abilities that Allah had granted him without any doubt.
    We should respect and acknowledge the companions and the family and the descenands of the prophet without supporting and expressing the love for those who humilated the shabas and the family / the descenands of the Holy Prophet(S.A.W).
    If we shall under estimate our prophet than we shall find our selves occupied and ruled by the wrong doers, as this will be the punishment from almighty to underestimate his Prophet,the Sahabas and the family and descenands of the prophet(S.A.W).
    Let us declare that we Sunni Muslim disown the Kharijites(those who misbehaved with the companions and the family of the Prophet) and with whole heartedly accept and acknowledge the Holy Prophet Muhamamd (S.A.W) his companions(Sayedna Abu Bakr,Omar, Uthaman and Ali) Prophets Wives, his family, his descenands, and progeny like the Sayyadna Hasan, Sayidna Hussein, Sayedna Zainul Abedin, Sayedna Jafar Al Sadik,(May Allah bestow his mercy on all of them).
    A complete Muslim is he who respect and accepts the Prophet, His companions,Prophets wives, Prophets family and rightfull descenands without associated partners or giving the respected authorities the equality to the powers and attributes of Allah as the Sahabas, the Ahlal bait are nothing but the slaves and dependant beings and created mortals.
    Worship Allah alone with the expression of aceptable respect to the Companions and the family and descenads of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alai he wa sallam.
    Let us declare that all the sahabas and the family of the prophet were the right ones and disown those who humilated Sayadna Omar, Uthman, Ali,Hasan, Hussein and all those who were on the right path of Islam.

  11. The biggest threat to Islam from within these days is from the Wahabi, Deobandi, Tablighi, Salafi sects. This threat to an average Muslim is not obvious at all. These days they want to call themselves Sunnis to deceive gullible Muslims. It is worth mentioning to some of the misguided youngsters of the above renegade groups that the four Mazhabs, namely, the Shafi’i, the Hanafi, Maliki and Hambali, all follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and believe in Sunni Aqaa’id, and are not one of the 72 firqas (groups) destined for Hell.

    The physical appearance of these renegades may deceive one as they decorate their deceitful faces with the Sunnat of the beard and perform compulsory acts such as Namaaz, in a most convincing manner. However, their corrupt beliefs prove that they have no true love for the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and they are the greatest insulters of the Holy Prophet and thrown out of Islam.

    Who are these Deobandi/Wahabi people? This is the question raised by the Ulama of Masjid-e-Nabawi, Mufti Sheikh Umar bin Hamadan Al Maharassee, who gave a Fatwa of Kufr on Deobandi/Wahabi/Tabligh Jammaat leaders and founders nearly 100 years ago for insulting the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). This Fatwa was issued after years of study of Wahabi/Deobandi books and clarification sought from the writers of these books which were never received nor did they repent for their opinions. Some of their Aqeeda and opinions are printed in this bill.

    The Wahabis/Deobandis of today are trying their best to hide what their leaders have said about the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Some of them do attend Meelad, pray Salaam on the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and even call themselves Sunni to deceive true Muslims. Majority of the Deos/Wobs are not aware of many contradictions within the Wahabi/Deobandi Aqeeda. They do not know that their leaders have a Fatwa of Kufr given on them. Most people know about Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. They do not know that the Fatwa issued in 1320 A.H. (1900 A.D.) by 33 prominent Ulama of Makkah and Medina Shareef applied to Deobandi/Wahabi leaders: Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Khalil Ahmed Ambetwi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and Qassim Nanotvi as well.

    No Sunni Aalim, or for that matter any Muslim could think of even one abusive thing that the Wahabi/Deobandis have written, let alone speak or write about it. The Deobandis state that the Sunni Ulama have nothing to do but issue Fatwa. But when one considers the systematic proceedure undertaken before giving the Fatwa: years of research on their books of Aqaa’id, opportunity for renouncing the statements or valid reasons sought for the views from the leaders and the refusal by their leaders to respond or repent. After this the Saliheen Ulama of Haram Shareef were then forced to issue the Fatwa before the current present Saudi Wahabi/Najdi forced themselves into power with a lot of blood shed, bombing Makkah and Madina in the process.

    The penalty for insulting the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is death and this is not something invented today but it has origins from the time of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) who ordered a person to be beheaded in the Haram Shareef itself between Maqam-e-Ibrahim and Zam Zam! The person who doubts his (the person who said Kufr) infidelity is also an infidel. This is unanimously accepted by all Ulama and Mufti and there is no forgiveness for this infidelity. However, there is a way out for those who repent genuinely.

    Anyone who doubts the seriousness for insulting the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) or harsh punishment for infidelity should recall the following incident. A Jew and a Munafiq went to the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) to settle a dispute. The Prophet found the decision in favour of the Jew. The two then went to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (radi Allahu anhu) who also gave a similar verdict. The Munafiq then asked the Jew that they should go to Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu). They told him the story and asked for his decision. The Jew, however, told Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) that the Prophet of Allah had already decided in his favour. Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) asked both to wait. He went inside, got his sword and chopped the head of the “Muslim” Munafiq! Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) could not bear the insult of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) by the Munafiq due to his refusal to accept the Prophet’s (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). He did not even hear out the Munafiq. Some people thought that Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) had gone too far. However, Qur’anic Ayats were revealed to support his action!

    There is so much uneasiness among the Wahabis about the birth of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) or his Meelad that there is no mention of his birth in many of the Wahabi Masaajids. In fact, in one of their Kuthbas, the Imaam mentioned that the Muslims were worshipping idols. This was an indirect attack on shrines of the Saints and the Prophet of Allah that the Sunnis have great respect for. The Wahabis call these shrines idols! The lack of respect and love for the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) by the Wahabi/Deobandi is clear to see.

    Having read about the views and the actions of the Wahabi/Deobandi, one will need to consider his Aqeeda and action he will need to take to put his Aqaa’id on the path of Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem. One may need to take necessary, corrective steps. One cannot, for example, ignore the basic concepts such as Shafa’at of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) on the Day of Judgement which the Wahabi/Deobandi leaders have categorically rejected as stated in their Aqaa’id book, “Taqwiyatul Imaan”, as Shirk, whilst there is specific mention in support of intercession by Allah Ta’ala in the Quran to this, and the words of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the Hadith and in the books of Sunni Aqaa’id, and all the Ulamas, and Saints all accept intercession and it is part of Sunni Aqaa’id. The evidence in support of intercession is so overwhelming that no Muslim could reject it.

    The Wobs/Dobs do not believe or follow the teachings of the Mujaddid Saints and the Awliya of Allah who brought the message of Islam through the centuries. So they have to make up their own Aqaa’id as they go along, mix and match from here and there and for this precise reason they get caught contradicting themselves time and again, issuing Fatwas of Kufr on themselves indirectly.

    With the Wahabis utilising vast resources against Sunni Islam, it is time all Muslims took a very serious view of the Wahabi/Deobandi Ulama and their teachings. Would one entertain these remarks directed at themselves or at their parents, let alone the Prophet of Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)? While people of all religions are praising their Prophets, here we see them degrading our beloved Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Would one drink from a tank of water which had only a drop poison or a drop of urine? Certainly not! So how could one dare to say or write even one word of insult against the Holy and pure personality of the Prophet of Allah? The Wahabis have written volumes of insults. One may find it difficult to extricate oneself from the machinery of Wahabism, his Wahabi friends and Aqaa’id. Like their fathers and founders, the current Wahabi leaders will never change. This could mean a loss of respect and finance from the Saudi Arabian government.

    But for the Allah-fearing ordinary Muslim, he needs to make a new start, an important step that every Muslim needs to take to get rid of the Wahabi/Deobandi/Tablighi Aqaa’id. This applies to Sunnis as well who have acquired many wrong beliefs reading Wahabi/Deobandi books.

    So, what is stopping Wahabis/Deobandis following the correct Sunni path? Nothing! Each is waiting for one of their friends or relations to make a move, each giving a sense of false support and security to the other when only their own deeds will save them in the Hereafter. It is dangerous to be lethargic in this matter. As stated previously, a person who makes or agrees with the statements like those stated by the Deobandi/Wahabi leaders, commits Kufr and a person who doubts their Kufr or tries to avoid calling them as Kaafirs, he himself becomes a Kaafir. This is not the Fatwa of the compilers of this bill, but the consensus of ALL Sunni Ulema since the time of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

    Some Wahabis will listen to a new person in his Mosque whom he doesn’t know and who has just been converted to their way of thinking, joined the Tabligh Jammat and thinks that he is on a divine mission to save all Muslims when his knowledge of Islam is almost nil. He will not mind following the young Muslim who has been to a Wahabi madressa/Uloom for a couple of years, who knows a bit of Arabic and a smattering knowledge of Islam and goes about dishing out his own fatwas in local mosques and college and university campus, corrupting the minds of the youth, demeaning the status and the honour of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the process.

    Over the years, Wahabis and Sunni Ulema have confronted each other in Munazara (debates), in South Africa, India, UK, and many parts of the world. The Wahabis have always lost the debate, or not turned up at all. This happened in Blackburn (UK) last year when an audience of nearly 5 000 waited for the Deobandi Ulema who did not turn up for the well-publicised debate. A defeat for them would mean loss of prestige and followers to the Sunnis. A Wahabi/Deobandi is also brainwashed not to listen to Sunni Ulema, read about the Saints and the Wali Allah.

    A person who comes to know about the Wahabi/Deobandi beliefs and then does not reject them, then his relationship with his family and fellow Muslims becomes untenable. It is Fardh for everyone to have knowledge and correct belief of Islam and to impart this to his children. The Mufti of Makkah Mukarramah, Mufti Jamaal bin Muhammad Hussain, has stated in his Fatwa that to expose the wrong Aqaa’id is Fardh-e-Kifaya (collective compulsory act) which imposes a duty on all Muslims to make people in their area and influence aware of the Wahabi/Deobandi views. The Ulema, the Imams, the Trustees and the Committee Members of Mosques, Muslim Organisations, Jamaats have a special duty to expose the corrupt beliefs of the Wahabis, by providing resources and Sunni publications and literature in English.

    But we are nowadays surprised to find them joining in our Milad celebrations, doing Fatiha and eating Giyarwee Niaz, and any other way just to get near to us. But they will not celebrate these in their own homes or in their mosques. This is simply a ploy to deceive us. They have had quite bad publicity because of their blasphemous Aqeeda and are trying to win us over. They will never talk about these issues which are fundamentals of Muslim faith and Aqeeda. In fact, some Wahabi/Deobandi Molvis are having Zikr, Baal Mubarak Ziyarat, Khatamul Quran, etc. in their Masaajids just to deceive innocent Sunni Muslims. Previously, they regarded all these acts as Shirk and Bid’at and falsely quoted Quran and Hadith to show they are correct. Now, all of a sudden, it is O.K. What a deception! Previously, only Ijtima, Ghust, sleeping in a Jamaat Khana and Kitaab reading was a “Sunnah.” Why do they do not reject these?

    Insha-Allah, we want to help those who are sincere in their belief, who want to follow the right path and who want to protect their faith from these insolent people and not close their eyes and ears to everything that is written by Sunnis, which is followed by over 90% of all Muslims in the world. This article will also help Sunni readers, who don’t read Urdu or Arabic and who have been bombarded with Wahabi/Deobandi literature, to correct and to repent for any aspect of their belief which has not been consistent with Sunni Aqaa’id.

    The beliefs of these Wahabi/Deobandi are taken from their own original books, in Arabic, Urdu or Farsi. We have provided reference to quotations from their books. We have also found that the recent editions of their books have some of the derogatory remarks deleted.

    The Deobandi/Wahabi/Tabligh Jammat beliefs are listed under the relevant headings together with comments and quotations from their own leaders and Aalims who have contradicted their own Aqeeda in many instances, and by doing so they have given a Fatwa of Kufr on themselves. Also, there are very many other points about their belief which we have not been able to include in this article.


    Deobandi/Wahabi leader and founder, Molvi Ilyas Khandalvi, states in his own book, “Deeni Dawat”, that whilst speaking to his friend, Maulvi Zahirul Hussien (M.A. Aligarh) he stated: “Zahirul Hassan! We need to form a new sect.” (Deeni Dawat, pg. 205) The founder of the Deobandi/Wahabi leader himself admits to forming a new firqa and this is a fact.

    Molvi Ilyas has also stated: “Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi has done a great job. I am pleased that the religious teachings are his and the method for the tabligh is mine, whereby the teachings of Ashraf Ali will spread far and wide.” (Malfuzaat, Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, pg. 57)

    It is absolutely clear that the method of propagation of Islam is not that followed by the Sahaba-Kiraams, the pious or the Saints like Ghaus-al-Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani, who was given the title of Muhiyuddin (The Reviver of Islam), or other Mujaddid of Islam, but one which is their own creation.


    The Molvi Ilyas goes on to say: “Think how to attract people towards religion and to get them involved in it (the same methods you use in worldly business) and attract people in the same way you can.” (Malfuzaat, Mohammad Ilyas Khandalvi, pg. 129) Here there is no mention of methods or the Sunnah of the Prophet to promote Islam but any means.

    Now let us see what Molvi Ilyas Khandalvi, says in his Malfuzaat: “The practise of preaching for me is so important that if one of us is performing Namaaz, and a new person happens to enter, and when if he is not about to leave, and there is no prospect of seeing him again, then in my belief, one should break Namaaz and talk to him. Having talked to him or having stopped him from leaving, one should then recite the prayers again.” (Malfuzaat, Ilyas Khandalvi, pg. 171)

    According to their Maulana, to think about the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in Namaaz is worse than adultery, but it is perfectly all right for them to think in their Namaaz about the person who has just come into the mosque and break their Namaaz!

    Deobandi leader, Ashraf Ali Thanvi, writes: “A person complained to an elderly religious person that a certain person was undertaking Zikr for showing off. He replied, ‘Don’t you show off in your Zikr! That Zikr will help him cross the Pul-Sirat on the Day of Judgement.'” Maulana Thanvi then stated, “It seems the elderly person knew about the man’s showing off. I would suggest that if in any work the intention of showing off comes to mind, then don’t abandon that work. But carry out the work and make the intention that you will do the Tauba (repentance) afterwards.” (Majalis-e-Haqimul-Ummat, pg. 33)

    So even Ikhlas, the essential and pure intention of any prayer for the sake of Allah Ta ‘ala, will not entertain any showing-off in Zikr by a person even if it equivalent to a mustard seed. The above prove to what extent the Wahabis will go towards spreading their religion.


    Hardly a Tabligh/Deobandi meeting or congregation would pass without the mention of the Ayaat from the Holy Qur’aan: “Quntum khaira ummati’n ukhrijit lin-nas-e ta’moruna bil-ma’a-roof’e wa tan’haina anil-munkar wa tu’aminnon billahi.” The Ayaat mentions the Ummat of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as being better than others because the people of the Ummah are asked to do good and stop people from commiting evil. Of course the reward for work of the Prophets attract God-fearing people.

    At the same time the Deobandi/Tablighi are promoting their Tablighi work and Jamaat to gullible Muslims, and their own status. Their leaders, like Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi, have insulted the Prophet and Awliyas as “Worthless little than nothing.” (Taqviyatul Imaan, pg 42). And he has further added: “I keep on stating that in these times any person who does a good deed, gets the reward of 50 Abu Bakr Siddiqs (radi Allahu anhu).” (Ashrafus-Suaneh, Part 2, pg. 99)

    Not to be left behind with his Fatwa, Deobandi’s Maulvi Qassim Nanotvi, states “… the followers can exceed the Prophets in their deeds.” (Tahzeeru-n-Naas, Page 25) No doubt! Gullible Muslims fall for his talk and join Tabligh Jamaat!


    Madrassa Darul-Uloom Deobandi’s Maulvi Qassim Nanotvi writes: “If maybe after the Holy Prophet’s era another did come then that would not make any difference to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) being the last Prophet, whether in his own era, his own area or other, another Prophet is proposed.” (Tahzeeru’n-Naas, pg. 25) The Holy Qur’an states: “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, yes, he is the Messenger of Allah and the last one amongst the Prophets.” (Part 22, Ruku 1)


    The founder of the Tabligh Jamaat, Maulana Ilyas, stated: “In my dream in the interpretation of the Qur’anic Ayaat, ‘Quntum khaira umma-tin ukhri-jat linn’na’se taa’mo’runa bil-ma’a-rouf’e wa tan ha’i na anil munkar wa ta’a-minun billahi,’ I was told I was sent as a Prophet to the people.” (Mulfoozat-e-Ilyas, pg. 50)


    Wahabi and Deobandi Maulvi, Nazeer Hussain Delvi writes: “There is no proof for recitation (wazifa) of the whole Kalima, ‘La Ilaha Illallaaho Muhammadur Rasoolallah,’ for Wazifa purposes, there is proof for just ‘La Ilaha Illallah’.” (Fatwa Naziriah, pg. 449)

    The above shows how much hatred they have for the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

    The Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has said:”Those who do not believe in my intercession will have no part in it.” And also, “You will be with whom you love in the next world.” So if you die living with Deobandi/Wahabi friends and Aqaa’id, you will be with them in the Hereafter. But beware! You will not find the Prophet of Allah, the Awliya of Allah and the lovers of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in that company! May Allah give Tawfiq and true love of our beloved Prophet, Sayyiduna Muhammad Mustafa (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) to us all. Aameen. With Courtesy from SUNNI WORLD. P.O. BOX 48928. QUALBERT. 4078

  12. pir saqib shami is a true scholar of islam look at his aqeedah for the prophet pbuh. many marvels happened because of the love of the prophet pbuh. imam bin hambal ra. used to go bare footed to see his shaykh but why would go to a man that no book knowledge think about it imam bin hambal was a master of shariat. one day the imam followers asked the imam why do you go bare footed to that shaykh he replied im the master of shariat but who ever gave the shariat that man is closer to him! meaning allah.

  13. Dearest All,

    Dr. Zakir Naik is not a scholar but parrot. He just mugs things up to vomit them out! His talk is like salesmen’s spiel and his lingo speaks aloud that he has no truth within! Truth is not to be rotted in the way of parrot—truth is to be applied—to be assimilated in core of one’s being so that one could be living epitome of truth!

    There is one way left for Zakir Naik to save his soul and that is, what Sufis call, unlearning or surrendering head for making room for heart”!

    For , according to Mr. Naik, Allah is postulate of reason then Allah cannot be known. Then, it follows, knowing Him would be an activity of theoretical reason and in making Him an object of knowledge we would convert Him into something other than Himself! Allah or Islam is not question of knowing but question of being.

    Concept of Allah or Supreme Reality only has meaning in or through moral action not rational gymnastic of I AM RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG KIND! Tell Mr. Naik that true religion is the “faith which finds the essential feature of all honor paid to Allah in human morality not rationalistic rhetoric or verbal wrestling”!

    Naik, like many other wahabis is suffering from the disease of literalism. And, in this way, he is trying to enclose timeless message of Quran in temporal confines and innocent Muslims think that he is aggrandizing Islam! I would once again say that only Sufis have the core of Islam—Zakir Naiks have no share in that oceanic wisdom.

    By Sufi I mean “One who has capacity to expound/develop zat or self intuitively or through genuine spiritual experience”!

    If Mr. Naik thinks that Quran is the book of signs—he should shun literalism and logic to cultivate his soul for spiritual experience! To know the metaphorosity of both phenomenon world and sacredness of inner core!

    If he is proud of his pseudo-logical discourse, ask him to provide even a single logical proof of GOD! Or he should come up with even a single self-evident proposition that is not debatable! Or he should tell of any branch of knowledge (sciences) that is not based on any assumption!

    Faith—Mr. Naik faith is giant’s leap in religion! Mind is only a product of society! Mr. Naik dive deeper into self to find what he could never found elsewhere!

    Jamshed Iqbal

  14. Wahabis, qadyanis and all other kufr deviants of Islam, We (Ahle Wa Sunna) can openly see the veil over your face. If Allah hasn’t guided you, then who are we to answer you. WE HAVE ALL THE TRUE ANSWERS to your question, and you know where it is from? it is from the QURAN shareef and the VITAL supplementary HADITHS. If you wahabis do a research on your family history, you will see that your grandfather was a yehud, who along with Saud and of course BACKED BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT was paid for for ruining the MOHABBAT of HAZRAT Muhammed Mustafa Sallalaho Alaihe Wa Sallam from the hearts the true muslim followers. It is because Muslims had half the world dominated due to the fact that Muslims were strong and it is the Mohabbat of Rasool Allah sallalaho alaihe wa sallam that a deep impact on their beings thus united all of the muslims together. But obviously you foul Najadis and yehuds and Saud couldnt stand that, and you deviants were and are contiously or uncontiously all part of the devil’s demise and scheme. I am so sick and tired of this disease you deviants are spreading rapidly through society. May Allah poke my eyes out for looking at a wahabi/qadyani/deobandi/and all other kufr deviants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Asslam-o-Alaikum WRWB
    He is the Allah SWT who named you Muslim in the books revealed before you and in this book (Al-Qura`an)

    wahi Allah hay jis nay tumhara naam Muslim rakha pehli kitaboon main aur is kitab (Qura`an) main.

    why fighting here brothers and sisters Zakir Naik is a sunni Scholor and he several times mentioned it in his speeches and lectures also he said he is Hanfi

    so why we Muslim take care of such person who calls himsef something other thn Muslim, if he dont wana name him the best name given by Allah SWT then why we beleive his comments.

    I will just quote a riwayat from Sahih Bukhari about Karbala Incident

    Hadrat abdullah Masood were in Koofa when some koofi came to him and asked O companion of Allah’s prophet, what you say about killing of fly(housefly) during Hajj, Hadrat Abdullah replied “o koofis you didn’t let go the grandson of Prophet SAW and now asking about killing of fly.

    Hadrat Abdullah Masood koofa main thay (Nabi SAW ki Wafat kay baad) chand koofi unkay pass aye aur sawal kia kay ay Allah Kay Rasool kay Rafeeq kia Hajj k dauran Makhi ka marna kesa hay, to Hadrat Abdullah nay jawab dia, O koofa walo Nabi SAW kay nawasay ko tum logon nay chora nahin aur ab makhi marnay ka poochtay ho

    Sahih Bukhari

    ab ap khud behtreen judge hain k kia Hadrat Abdullah jhoot bol rahay hain?
    Nahin aur hargiz nahin yani Imam Hussain ka qatal ?Yazeed nain nahin balkay kofay walon nain kia

    mazeed jan nay kay liye pamphelt “Waqia Karbala aur Afsan Karbala” ka mutalia kijiye.

    • what about the khutbah of Bibi Zainab in the palace of yazeed against yazeed.was she lying?? we arent debating on the literal meaning of “kill”
      rather on yazeed’s intentions, his treatment and words towards ahle bait ,the way he insulted the Prophet(SAW)and imam e Hussain (RA) . after all this what zakir naik did by saying radiallahu anhu is unbearable

  16. Dear Brothers,
    First of all Dr. Zakir Naik never claimed that he is a sunni or wahabi instead he always said that he is a muslim.
    I fully respect Pir Saqib and may be he is better speaker than Dr. Zakir but it would be better if he could quote from holy Quran Sahih Hadith about the Yazid(rta).
    Nowhere in the Quran or Sahih Hadith is written to pray Prophet Muhammed or he will be alive even after his death.

    Even if from meraj incident,the other prophets did nt have any contact with the living ones.
    It is better to follow every imam whether it be Wahabi,Shafi,Hanafi,Hanabali,etc. until their sayings dont contradict with the Quran and Sahih Hadith.

    (ignore any spelling or grammatical mistake)

  17. Dear Sister Sara Hassan,
    First of all you should mind your language if think u are a muslim.

    If you dont know wahabis,deobandis,etc. Atleast dont curse them.
    Our beloved Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) never cursed anybody in his entire life even if he was beaten so he bled(by the people of Ta’if).

  18. Dear Brother Jamshed Iqbal,
    After reading your comments i conclude you may be an atheist…
    Can you give me any established fact that says GOD does not exist.
    Darwin Theory was a theory not an established fact that has been proved wrong by many scholars of science like Stephen Jay Gould, a professor at Harvard University,Mark Ridley, another evolutionist from Oxford University,its a long conclusion may be you should read about “PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM” in details.
    Darwin Theory was wrong, the first man on earth was Prophet ADAM(PBUH).
    Are your blind? Cant you read Quran?
    80% of Quran is 100% correct according to modern science and the remaining 20% has not been proved wrong eg. About Heaven and hell, djinns,etc. If they cant prove them right, They cant even prove them wrong.

  19. Here, Pir Saqib Sahib is only talking about people following wahabi,deobandi,etc.
    If a muslim kills an innocent, its his fault not islam’s. Similarly we should read about everyone & follow them until they dont contradict with Quran and Sahih Hadith.
    (ignore any spelling or grammatical mistake)

  20. Brother Naseer,
    After reading your small essay, i totally agree most of the part.
    Many maulvi are misleading us. I am again saying that a rational muslim will follow Quran & Sahih Hadith.
    Do you know which sect out of 73 will go to jannah? That will be muslim or Muhammadin who will follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) rather than calling himself sunni or shia. The greatest imam or maulvi,etc. to follow is our beloved Prophet Muhammed(PBUH).
    I totally agree with you that nowadays maulvi are misleading us and we should tell them about the correct path but what about christians who are abusing Allah(SWT) every single second by saying that he has begotten Prophet Jesus(PBUH) nauzobillah. Our first priority is to tell them the truth…
    And not abusing Dr. Zakir Naik who is trying to do this as his first priority. Why dont you say christians to apologise about their devilish belief?
    Tell me what is bigger sin, saying Yazid rta (even nobody has 100% proof that he killed our beloved Prophet Muhammed(PBUH)’s respected grandsons) or abusing Allah(SWT)?

  21. lets make a dua for all those who praise yazid, that may allah give them a place close yazid(their loved one) in akhirat.(where ever he is).

    and allah knows the best.

  22. Mr.Naseer & Sara Hassan, very well u have a great knowledge of all others, but not yourself. Claiming Ahl Sunnat ul Jamaat. Is there any muslim from last 1400 years till today, who only believe in Qura’an but not Prophet SAWS. The Shahadah will not complete if you will not recite Mhammed Ar-Rasool-Allah. So your claim that Only Ahl Sunnat ul Jamaat are following Sunnah than others. You are continuesly abusing Wahabis,Deobandis,Tableegis without knowing the facts.Only Your misguided Ulma, Soofis, Murshads and your elders , who was converting from Hindu Origen, before they were worshiping idols, Pooja pat, bhajans, that was in their blood from hundreds of years, When these soofis came and convert you to Muslims, Your Heridity practice stick with you ,and these soofi also encourage for Bhajans only they change the wrapper of candy, so Qwwali started. There is no any proof from Qur’an or Sunnah of ProphetSAWS. They teach you to respect their Murshad in life and even after death. So the Pooja of Graves started, Hindus when ever saw any religious man, soft hearted, helping poor & doing good for humanity, they belive this is not man,surely he is Bhagwan’s awtar, doing his pooja,even after death,thinking he is now close to Bhagwan , if we please him or his soul, he will recommend to Bhagwan to forgive them or other wishes they want to fulfill. So all of so- called Sunnat ul Jamat, doing same, only the title change, Bhajans change into Qwwalis,idols change into Graves of dead knowing that there is no any cetificate from Allah & his Prophet SAWS ,that he was ‘WALI’. Prasad change into Tabarruk, Jayanti change into URUS. Urus mean Marraige or Shadi in Arabic. You people every year making URUS of a dead man. Some where 500years urs ,somewhere 650years urs, Hundred of marraiges take place of a dead man. If as you believe they are not dead, they are alive, so stop after FOUR. why hundreds? Why their graves are well constructed, well decorated,if there is no roof &walls no any Mujawer will sit on Grave to make his money busines. colleting chandey, This is not True Islam, this Islam was not came from Sahabas to India. This Islam bring in India by those self made Soofi (There is no Soofisum in islam, Sahaba ,Tabaeen,Tabe Tabaeen was not soofis or not Qawwals, If Qawwali is not prohabited in Islam, why not it played or sing in Masjid?) This never be sing in Masajid inshallah. Go to history The down fall of Baghdad,the Tatari’s destroy and burn the cities, these Khankahi selfmade soofis escape from there insted take part in Jehad,because there is no chapter of Jihad in their teachings. Why Allah stop sending Walis , Khawjas,Peers and Awlias. Since hundreds of years there are no other Khawja or Awlia born.We also believe they were good slaves of Allah obey Qura’n and Sunnah very well practice as a perfect muslims, if so, they did not ask or promise, whwt ever you wand JAEZ NA JAEZ he have the power to give you,they have a big hold on Allah, they fear Allah Or Allah fear with him, what ever he ask for his grve worshipper Allah will not refuse. Allah Subhanahu wa Taala said in Qura’an I AM VERY VERY CLOSE TO YOU, I KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART. ASK ME I WILL FULFILL YOUR DUAS. But you learned people asking from a dead person, who will never ever listen your demands, You pray for a Son, if Allah give you a Son, you tells, I make Mannat of Khawaja or So and So Peer, from his blessings i got Son, If there is Daughter you always say Allah ki Marzi, If there is son Khawja give, if Daughter Allah give. So all the Wahabis,Deobandi and Tableegi are against this type of practice, they are your enemy, they are not true Muslims.You do all type of Shirk, all type of Biddat,Eid-e-Milad, Giarveen,Kunday, calling to Ali for help, Ali Mushkil kusha, Ya Ghouse. these are hundred percent SHIRK and BIDDAT, but your Maulwi tell you these all proved from Sunnah. First cross check your self, Go directly to Qura’n and Hadeeth make sure Maulvi is telling correct? Otherwise Allah surely POKE your eyes in this world. There is famous sayings (PRAWN KEEPS ****

  23. As salaam walai kum

    Brothers aand sisters I pray you all are well and in good health.

    Brother Saif you wanted an Ayah of the Qur’aan and suggest you read the quraan in Arabic and especially Surah al Imran as He sub haan nahu wa Ta A;la states La ta kuloo mayaktoloo fi sabeellillahi amwaatan bal ahyaan wa lakin antum la tasharoon.

    and which in English is translated as do not call/say thatthose peop[le who die in trhe path of Allaah are dead but they are Alive bt you do not understand.

    And in the hadeeth of the messenger salAllaahu alayhe wasalim in ibn majah in the book jummah it states that Allaah has made the decomposimng of the bidies of prophetys alahim salaam .

    May be you and All the other claimants of following the Quraan and sunnah actually start following the Quraan and Sunnah. You people are misguided just like you were in the time of the salaf as saliheen so to are you today.

  24. brother mohammed zaheer anwar,
    you have quoted zakir naiks words out of context,
    that was just like as Ibrahim (a.s) said “haneefan musliman”
    watch these videos , you will realise what does zakir naik say

  25. Jakir Naik being a doctor doesn’t know true Islam. He may be known to anatomy and physiology rather than Islam. Empty vessel sound much. He is the perfect follower of Muhammad bin Abd al Wahaab Najdy, who was denounced by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 12 hundred years before his birth as holder of the horn of devil at the east of Madina of Najd ( Bukhari and Muslim Sharif). Jakir is an agent of Saudi Wahabi kingdom as if he is defender of killer Yazid and his follower Muhammad Najdy. He is sucking money from Soudi kings and runnig his Peace TV to annihilate Islam. Does he assembling Hindus, Christian and other cults to convert them in Islam ? Or to create a new Sect of religion to implement the wish of Moulovi Ilyas khandelvi who desired to preach a new religion/new Islam. I pray to Allah for saving Islam from this sorts of Soitan.

  26. Dr. Jakir is a hypocrate, who is afraid to debate with Pir Shakib Shami wich revealed that he knows nothing of Islam. He is a paid agent of Wahabi,Deobondi and Western World. I wish his demolition for insulting our Rasul (PBUH) as per fotwa in this regard.

    • The followers of Zakir Naik got Pir Saqib Shaami arrested in Madina Al Munawwarah only because Pir saqib openly says in his lectures that he debated the scholars of saudi many times and refuted their arguments .

  27. Pir saqib was asked that if he did not sign some statements by the wahabi scholars and he will be permitted to travel back to England otherwise he will be imprisoned for 6 years and banned from entering Saudi thereafter. The papers that Pir Saqib was asked to sign stated, that Amina the mother of our Beloved is Kafirah(maAazallah). The Prophet sallallahu alayhiwasallam is Dead in the grave and can not hear us or help us. It is shirk to call upon him. Pir Saqib said it is a great honour for me to be in the city of rasoolullah (sallahualahiwasallam). I would love to die here but will not sign on your kufr.He again chalenged the scholars of wahabis and said I debated you in the past many times and again I challenge you to debate on these issues. With the help of the grandson of Qutb e madina , Dr ridhwan pir Saqib was released after imprisonment in the city of Rasoolullahi(sallallahualayhiwasallam). terrorists like Zakir Naik can only debate ignorant kuffar but not scholars like Shaykh saqib.

  28. zakir naik is clearly a qustah e rasool (sw)doe’t matter how much knowledge of quran u have iman depend on the love of prophet (pbuH)and qran as said by prophet (pbuh) no one can b a momin unless he love me than the love of his family,wealth children and even himself.question to all those who love zakir naik even a blind and deaf can see and hear zakir naik have knowledge of quran but no love to prophet(pbuh).people don’t know why (hazrat umar abu bakar razi Allah anh)got their dignities only they love utmost to prophet (pbuh) and it was indirectly love of Allah (swt).all the wahabis no doubt they are muslim but their school of thought depend on the deeds not love that why every single wahabi has been used by non muslims example of infront of u saudis government is pupet of america and wahabis in subcontinent were against the quaid e azam and iqbal and formation of pakistan.

  29. now quran teach momineen how to talk wid prohpet (pbuh) quran tell us if some body harmed the prophet he or she harmed not only prophet but almighty ALlah(swt).quran teach ashab rasoll (pbuh)when u talk wid prophet you voice should’t b high…….wahabis claim that they are following teaching of islam more why not they reading these verses……?if zakir naik saying yazid is sacred person for him we pray for zakir naik he should b brought with yazid on day of judgment.but wahabis should think even having feeling of favour or love in their hurt ,will not harmed prphet (pbuh)…?as he killd brutally prphet(pbuh)grandson and family.
    prophet(pbuh) said in several hadees of siah sitta “bukhari muslim tirmzi nisai ibne maja)
    (whoever from mulism love my family loved me and who ever only have grudge (bugaz)or jealouy of my family gruge me.” “during speech one day syedna imam hussain rz (was a child) came .prophet(pbuh) left the speech and pick him up and said this is hussain i love him most”. “prophet(pbuh) said hassan and hussain are the master of the youth of jannah”. now lawers of zakir naik should think from common sense should they support him zakir naik who have proven grudge with family of prophet speacially wid imam e hussain raz anh.i and alll lover of prophet pbuh hate zakir naik hadees quoted above provoke us to do so what provoke u wahabis or whoever to love zaikr naik or every single person who have grudge wid ahle bait…

  30. these wahabis production of 18th century only broken the unity between muslim ummah.they speak against sufis and awliyas yyyyyy bcz their biggest scholar cant even understand wisdom of a single sufi.sufiz preached islam in whole world from east to west from noth to south on this globe and allha swt raheem o kareem order momineen “get close to the people who are close to me and who worship (zikar)me day and night and get away from people who are away from me” sufis are the people close to allah swt and truely practicing on islam.these mullas specially wahabis using islam for their own cause which is nothing but money and respect of this world.
    prophet(pbuh) said who ever use his deen(islam)for earning this materialistic world (money or respect)will burn on day of judgement. the biggest difference between a sufi and mullah (wahabi) sufi pray and his hearth and soul attendant infrom of almight allah (exalted is he) but when mulla pray his body do that his heart and soul engaged in matter of this world . prophet (pbuh)said your prayer(salat) are only offered when ur heart is attending that salat,if ur heart is not there and there is no salat…sahi bukhari. “a person was offering prayer in madina prophet (pbuh) seen him and asked people who will kill him hazrat umar RA said i will do dat ya rasool allah (pbuh) he went and came back prophet(pbuh) asked what happend umar , umar RA replied i took pity on him because he was offering prayer and with so heed and humility that my heart coul’t let me to kill him.then syed aalim (pbuh)asked again who will kill him,abu bakar RA stepped this time after a while he came back sarwar konain (pbuh) asked wot happend abu bakar he replied same as umar RA then prophet (pbuh) asked again and ali RA stepped up this time when he come back he replied person was gone soon i reached there prophet told o ali no doubt u r the 1 who will kill him.because he was a munafiq”this hadees gives us a lesson and show us dimension any person who is not slave of his lower self(nafs) can conculde some lesson from this hadess remember allah swt on several places in quran told to every muslim to confrom and disagree with his or her lower self (nafs ammara).

    sufis and awliya are the only person on this earth doing this and holding quran sunnah and love wid prophet.may allah show us right path and give us power to love prophet of allah utmost and then creator and beneficent of all the world to give us power to follow each verse of holy book of God.

  31. Is really promising that several voices are rising against Zakir Naik—the distorter! I think it is high time to present Islam’s inner core (Sufism) for exteriorists, like Zakir Naik, are working with more publicizing paraphernalia at their hands. For example, Dr. Zakir Naik’s peace TV! His DVDs, CDs and books are sold, among laymen religionists, here like hot cake with carefully crafted material against the spirit of Islam for nothing but promotion of petro-dollar sponsored Saudi religiosity!
    This phenomenon is very dangerous that could make our beloved home…planet earth….an arena of faiths and present a distorted picture of Islam……as a religiosity of people potentially dangerous “creatures” for peaceful co-existence of human family! So let the people of spiritual vision united to offer Islam as understood and practiced by the Sufis……..” Let’s come together to work together!

  32. Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East is the title of a document that was published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel and later on in a prominent French paper. A Lebanese doctor translated the document to the Arabic language and from there on it was translated to English and other languages. Waqf Ikhlas publications put out and circulated the document in English in hard copy and electronically under the title: Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam. This document reveals the true background of the Wahhabi movement which was innovated by Mohammad bin abdul Wahhab and explains the numerous falsehood they spread in the name of Islam and exposes their role of enmity towards the religion of Islam and towards prophet Mohammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam and towards Muslims at large. No wonder the Wahhabis today stand as the backbone of terrorism allowing and financing and planning shedding the blood of Muslims and other innocent people. Their well known history of terrorism as documented in Fitnatul Wahhabiyyah by the mufti of Makkah, Sheikh Ahmad Zayni Dahlan, and their current assassinations and contravention is due to their ill belief that all are blasphemers save themselves. May Allah protect our nation from their evils. Dr. Jakir openly insulting our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and try to drag Islam into the dustbin for decompose and to proof as similar to other religion. Mr. Jakier can’t show a simple statistics of conversion in from other cults. On the other hand, several crore of Indian converted to Islam taking baiat on the hands of Auli Awlias. Jakir Naik and other followers of devil MBAW Najdi washing brain of innocent Muslims in a deceptive manner calling them in Tablig Jamat and Chilla without confrontin any protest and barrier. All Muslims should be aware of this conspiracy against Islam and should make own in the light of the Quran and Sahih Hadiths. May Allah bestow His rahmat on us.

    • Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East is the title of a document that was published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel and later on in a prominent French paper. A Lebanese doctor translated the document to the Arabic language and from there on it was translated to English and other languages. Waqf Ikhlas publications put out and circulated the document in English in hard copy and electronically under the title: Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam

      tarjuma dar tarjuma dar tajuma dar tarjuma dar tarjuma dar tarjuma aur phir bhi apkay khayaal main ye aik authentic baat hay jab kay baat karnay wala Ghair Muslim bhi hay
      amazing fact you have got
      Quraano Hadith ko chorr kar kia ab aisay logo kay waqiaat hi bachay hain quote karnay k liye

  33. Aslam wa alikum, to all readers,
    I belong to the sect of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat.
    I say the Wahabi’s are very much lost “so called muslims” they claim to follow the Quran and Sunnah, and here they are who dont have the undersatnding of the Quran and the Hadith mubarak. It is clearly stated in the Quran that one must not speak of the perfect creation of Allah (SWT) as an equal par, one must speak with utmost respect of Rasool-allah (SWS), to the point do not even address with his name Muhammad (SWS) but when ever you speak, say the prophet of Allah (SWT) i.e Rasool-allah (SWS). I know all sunni’s are taught from a young age the importance of respect, and we would not disrespect our parents/elders and address them by their name, im not sure about the wahabi’s maybe in their household instead they address their parents by their names or even their nick names. No sense of respect, and our beautiful religion does not teach that, it teaches beauty in every sense. And every wahabi’s comments above, that i have read, they speak of the perfect creation (SWS) as if he was an average person………… it shreads my heart to pieces, when “so called muslims” – wahabi’s made the above comments, you people are truly lost, you speak of the perfect creation (SWS) who founded and brought the message of our creator ISLAM to us. You wahabi’s need to look at yourself’s and ask are these comments and level of respect befitting for our beautiful prophet (SWS) the beloved of our creator, the one person Allah (SWT) created the creation for, the only reason everything exists is for this one person – RASOOLALLAH (SWS). And before i forget the verse i mentioned earlier also goes on to say that whoever disrespects RASOOLALLAH (SWS) whatever good deeds he has will be void, so i suggest to the Wahabi clan to reconsider their ways and manners when speaking of RASOOLALLAH (SWS).
    And by the way, the reason why u lot are called wahabi’s is because the man who started your sect his name was Abdul Wahab.
    And in regards to Dr. Zakir Naik, he just a fool causing fitna amongst the muslim nation, his knowledge is not worth a grain if he has no sense of respect for the perfect creation the jewel of creation (SWS) he is worthless man. I would like to curse him for the comments he made about the beloved of Allah (SWT) but the fear of Allah (SWT) and i remember the mercy of our beautiful prophet (SWS) prevents me and i hold my words…………. the wahabi’s are spiritually dead. i think wahabi’s might as well join up with the kaadianees and compare notes.

  34. Asalamulaikum.
    It is very easy to get sucked into various topics and arguments , how quickly we forget that Satan is our devout enemy, he has vowed to our destruction, he will take the majority of us to hell with him, he will not allow even two people to sit together in peace, let alone millions, can you not see that all our hate and aggression is due to:
    “The one who whispers into the ears
    and hearts of all mankind”
    For the love of Allah can you not even see in the least, that Satan has been given the power to enter your body and excite you and play havoc with your emotions.
    He wants us “Humankind” to be ardent enemies of one another, and he can only achieve this if he divides us into groups and individuals.
    Allah has ordained us humans as a one loving brotherhood, he has given us one planet to live on, one religion to follow and he has shown us one path, through his appointed apostles.
    When Satan attacks us directly, in reality we cannot beat him, we cannot even fend him off, let alone do battle with him, our only defense is in the safety of Allah, we have to ask Allah for help, to survive Satan’s onslaught.
    We have to beg Allah for guidance, to bless us with a defense from Satan’s allies and his evil plans. I hope you can clearly see that before any (true) guidance materializes , one must accept that only Allah is 100%, and all other sources are questionable, in particularly ones self knowledge. The complete trust in anything else or other than Allah will be that beings utter destruction or downfall. One must put all their trust in Allah, let Allah be the disposer of all our affairs, we all know this , we all say this, but we don’t really mean this from our heart, we don’t really accept this fully…..that is our demise.
    Everywhere we look, listen, read, watch and observe we will note that everywhere people are fighting, abusing, killing, arguing, shouting, screaming, debating on gigantic issues to insignificant and completely useless things, it is as if they are possessed……….. hmmm, i wonder who is the culprit who is “possessing” them ???
    I implore you readers, fellow beings, brother and sisters, children of Adam, O people of the books of Allah, spend whatever time you have left in your life,to what Allah has ordained for us
    Allah does not want to place us into hardship, rather it is us who puts our self and others into any hardship sent forth by our very own hands, Allah wants us “all” to be successful and enter paradise, whilst Satan wants us “all” to be unsuccessful and to be thrown into hell with him You don’t have to have an IQ of 140 to figure this one out, there are only two options, there is no middle ground, there is no purgatory, you are either in heaven or you are in hell, you cannot have one foot in one boat and the other foot in another or somewhere else. If you don’t accept this, then i fear for you and anyone else in your position, and i would ensure that I must distance myself from you and your thinking for fear of Allah and his wrath and punishment.
    I will say one important thing that i hope you give some thought and consideration to in particularly in the religious sense:
    Even if there are hundreds of sects or groups in this world, who equally claim that their particular group, sect or school of thought is the right one to be followed, can you not see that they must “all” posses something which is right, as they are all prepared to stand by what they claim, they will give their life to defend their methodology, school of thought, sect, branch of religion, group , way of life , practices and rituals.
    Can you not see that they are “all” right .

    But although they are all right, then they must also be “all” wrong , simply because they all differ, so who is “RIGHT”.

    Only Allah is right, only Allah can be right.

    There is scripture that tell us, if there is something confusing or rather causing confusion….then leave it or avoid it.

    We act like wild pack animals, we will gang up to form a majority and attack anything that differs with our thinking or method.
    The western world (governments) is doing this very thing against all Muslims. they are using the old Satan’s method:

    “Divide and Rule”

    Are we behaving any differently in our approach

    For Allah’s sake, please o Muslim brothers and sister fear Allah, can you not see what is happening in all our debates, all over the world, on this and every website, ask for Allah’s guidance, ask for Allah’s help, if you do this with all sincerity from your heart mind body and soul
    then Allah will come to your aid, Allah will give you guidance, Allah will show you the truth, Allah will show you the falsehood, Allah will protect you from the cursed and rejected Satan and his allies, don’t rely on your knowledge or any one elses, we must rely and depend on the true knowledge of Allah and his guidance.

    Come on people let us all be Muslims.

    Regarding arguments and heated debates such as the ones on this website or any other website or places etc…..shun it, avoid it, reject it !!!!

    Just say NO…. in reality, who is it that you are saying “no” to, you are saying no to SATAN !!!

    Note: Every time you say no to Satan, then can you see that you are actually saying yes to Allah

    ”Allah u Akbar”

    Brothers and sisters make Duaa for me and my family, my name is Mohammad Suleman I am a Muslim, I live in Rochdale, England, U.K.


  35. pir saqib shami is the most credible scholars of this generation i should know that becuase i am his student.
    The remarks what yazeed came out with were distgusting and indeed zakir naik has commited kufr.
    which idiot would give salam to a person who had killed imaam hussain the grandson of the beloved muhammad pbuh?
    indeed zakir naik cant read hadith or quran without the iraaahhhb which iz zabar zehr and pesh!
    and he cant call himself a scholar becuase he has not studied. yes he has got a photographic memory. but the remarks that he has made are terribly wrong!
    and i want this debate to happen but zakir naik has still not responded to the debate.
    and the reason is that zakir naik knows he is wrong and he knows he cannot cope with a great scholar like saqib shami sahib!!!
    i dont watch him and niever should anyone because he has said a thing that could maywell leave him in jahannumm for ever!!!
    may allah give us all the right path to walk on ameen!

  36. Dr. Zakir Naik knows what to say and when and he will be answerable to Allah (st) , most of the Muslims in India & Pakistan read the book written by the shiya, and like shiya then follow the Imams.
    It is compulsory to spread the message of Islam on every Muslim, instead of doing you are interfering someone who is spending his whole life, he give up his professional medical field.

    pir saqib shami when he wants to have a dialogue why is the conditions, why do you fear and roaming in the Pakistan, everybody know Dr. Zakir Naik is in Indian soil.

    who is this FOOL calling the Zakir naik as Wahabi, he doesn’t even know that Wahab is the one of the 100 names of Allah’s (st)

    Nobody know who will go to Jahannah & Jannah, except Allah (st)

    Rosoolullah SWS is a Human chosen by Allah (st) for Prophesy their is no doubt that he is dead he him self said on the his last moments ” death is very painful”, he is the last and the final messenger of the Allah (st) sent on this world, we can see him (Insha Allah) on Judgment day.

    • dear brother,
      never ever say that the prophet (saw)is dead..
      it is in sahih hadith that the rasool(saw) said that allah has forbiden the land or any of its components to harm the bodies of prophets and saliheen as they are alive. and yes the prophet (saw) is alive

  37. salamualikum pir saqib shami sahab ehle sunnat wal jamat ki great scholer hai,mere dili khawesh hai ke mai saqib shami sahab se baat karo kuch sawalat hi jo puchna chata ho sahi me bolo to mai saqib shami sahab se baat karna chata ho agar meharbani farmai to saqibshami sahab ka contect number de 1ashiqe mustafa ke baat ke laaj rakhle or mujhse baat karle badi meharani hogi

  38. if dr zakir naik is wrong why do u fear from dr zakir naik
    why do u not debate with dr zakir naik
    why he is famous all over the world ?
    plz answer me ?

  39. Yazeed was da bustard ob Bonu Umayyad who committed massacre ob Karbala than after won da Caliphate ob Islamic states and ruled for more than hundred yrs by his successors as called Umayyad dynasty. Umayyad rulers distorted da attributes ob Noor Nabi Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as the poorest mugger, day laborer, tied stone on his belly for hunger, worn chothes ob seventy patches etc. To demolish da Islamic brotherhood and unity, British rulers ob India innovated Deobond Darul Uloom Madrasha (Khariji) as a nursing home ob Wahhabism where r borning a lot ob so called Hakimul Ummah, Shaikhul Hind, Shaikhul Hadiths, Tabligi Jamati etc. and preaching all logic and materialistic ideologies against Islam and Noor Nabi Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers Auli Aulias. All Deobondi, Tabligis and Ahle Hadiths r united to demolish “Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat” in cunning procedures and shameless manners. The last bastard ob Wahhabi product named Dr. Jakir Nayek a physician ob Mumbai ob India, who is earning unknown and unlimited petrodollars by telecasting fabricated and newly innovated Tabligi Jamat and Wahhabism through several channels ob Peace TV. Recently he is shouting and crying for bustard Yazeed da killer ob Ahle Bayet ob Rasol (PBUH). Jakir demanding prayer for that culprit and proclaiming that Yazeed would be honored in Haven etc. Not only that Jakir Nayek also openly supporting Wahhabi terrorism by da name ob Islam. He also encouraging da demolition ob all shrines including da shrine ob Rasol (PBUH) and refutes intercessions ob Rasol (PBUH) at final Judgments Day. Kings ob Saudi Arabia da founder ob Wahhabism extending their supports and money for Jakir to promote Anti Islamic ideologies. We hate all sorts ob conspiracies against Islam. All Sunni Muslims should be united against da conspiracies ob Islam. Allah will protect us

  40. Pir Saqib Saqi Shami Challenged Badaqeedah Dr. Nalaik Once again.

    Our Sunni Scholars have to show misguided and badaqeedah people like Dr. Nalaik the right path. Inshallah as it was before wahabis wil have to stay quit and get out with there head downs. May Allah(azzawajjalah) give people like him hidaya.AMEEN

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