Sufi Celebration: The Hidden Angles of Life

Returning to Los Angeles for the second annual event, MTO Sufi Association is presenting “Sufi Celebration” at the USC Bovard Auditorium on Sunday, 7 pm February 10, 2008. This year’s program, “The Hidden Angles of Life” features the exuberant and uplifting Sufi chanting called Zikr, demonstrations of Movazeneh — the practice of harmonizing and balancing the body, as well as captivating speeches on Sufism and its manifestations in the arts and sciences, and inspiring poetry renderings. The night tops off with gourmet appetizers, pastries, and refreshments amid the festive informal reception in the lobby.

Using both traditional and modern instruments such as the tar, setar, guitar, keyboard, daf, and tombak, the students of MTO Sufi Association have achieved an enchanting unique fusion of musical styles to accompany the Sufi chanting or Zikr. Last year’s program, “Calling for the Beloved”, which was presented to a sold out audience at UCLA in April 2007, the Sufi Zikr Performers were the highlight of the evening. Zikr, which is at the same time revitalizing, exhilarating, and soothing, is a fundamental practice of students of MTO Shah Maghsoudi.

In the teachings of Sufism, the true human being is considered as the perfect image of existence and Sufis are generally regarded as “Mystics”. This mystical experience is associated with a sense of tranquility, unity, compassion, love, and knowledge.

The results of Sufism are found in some of the world’s greatest literature and mystical love poetry, numerous artistic creations, and scientific discoveries. Rumi, the most renowned Sufi of all time, is well known in the West and has been the bestselling poet in the United States over the past decade. Sufism is not a historical relic, but a living reality attainable in contemporary everyday life, beyond any boundaries of gender, race, culture, religion or economics. It teaches one to move beyond societies’ seemingly insurmountable stresses.

For more information and tickets, including group discounts, call (310) 529-5389, email, or visit the Sufi Association Celebration website at


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