Sunni Muslims demand ban of Zakir Naik’s talk

Salman ansari/DNA

On November 8, 2008, members of India’s premier Sunni Muslim organisation, Raza Academy came together to demand a ban on Zahir Naik’s programme ‘Insaniyat Ke Liye Hal’ to be held from November 14-23 at Somaiya grounds.

Maulana Ashraf Raza of the Darul-Uloom Hanfia Rizvia, Colaba also issued a fatwa against Naik. Members alleged that Naik had made derogatory statements about Islam’s prophet. Maulanas from the All India Sunni Tableeq Community were present.
Members complained that on many occasions Naik had urged crowds to pray to Allah alone instead of Prophet Mohammed Paigambar, as he claims the prophet is human.

They also alleged that Naik had praised, Yazid, the murderer of Imam Hussein. Saeed Noori, general secretary of Raza Academy said, “Naik has been very indifferent about Osama Bin Laden. He hasn’t said anything about Osama, even though we see him as a terrorist.”

Ebrahim Tahil, member of the academy said, “He earlier targeted Christians and is now against Sunni Muslims. We have met with RR Patil and KL Prasad urging them to ban the programme.”  He added, “We want to know from where Naik gets his funds?”

What if the ban is not enforced? Noori said, “Maulanas from the Sunni community plan to confront Naik on his knowledge of Islam before the public during the programme.”
DNA tried getting in touch with Naik, but he was unavailable for comment.



    • what is gone wrong to Mufties …the concept of sunni..or any mazhab is for the Muslims only . But qair Muslim has got nothing difference in your style of approach the bowing stature to kabar .
      and offerings ; its among them …But Islam preached unto the the non -beleivers is Da’wah ..they want not your sunni or shia . to know Allah is and prophet .and preach Islam is our duty .YOU DON’T DO AND DON’T ALLOW OTHERS TO DO ..BAN A MUSLIM PREACHING ISLAM ..???!!! YOU HAVE SINNED ..YOU HAVE THE FRUIT OF IT WITHIN DAYS ……LAHNATHULLAH.. Its wahabism or sufism , 1400 years ..has not sweft that way without da’wah .WHAT DA’WAH HAVE YOU DONE ?? PLEASING THE GOVT,,S .? ZAKIR NAIK SAYS TRUTH ..SO DOES ON ..OSAMA OR BUSH OR OTHERS … TELLING TRUTH IS ISLAM…!!! SHUT YOURSELVES ..
      its time preach .the advent of EESA (pbuh) is near and the victory of the Prophet is ahead .NO FATWAS BLNDER ON DA’WAH the name of islam …please ………………

  1. First of all, I want to say that I like Imam Ahmed Raza Khan as a Muslim scholar.

    But, what I feel is, unfortunately He has got mostly mindless followers.

    Hardly any of His followers understand even to Imam Ahmed Raza.

    Secondly, I feel, in fact I am sure that with the issue of Dr. Zakir Naik, it is going to be the end of Barelwism.

    Even I belong to a region, where 90% of the Muslim are Barelwi, but interestingly 99% of the new generation likes Bother Zakir Naik.

  2. It seems to me the muslims with their contineous infighting will never unite to defeat the kuffar, how can they when all their time is spent on passing Fatwas againts each other. NO ONE is prepared to understand the QURAN and HADITH to seek guidance instead they choose to follow this maulvi or that sheikh whom their forefathers followed.(de ja vue ,didn’t the pagans of mecca do the same)
    WAKE UP muslims -how much more humiliation must be heaped on you before you come to your senses???

    • I agreed… “Firqa Bandi hai kaheen aur kaheen zaatain hain… Kya zamane me panapne ki yehi baten hain??” 😦

  3. it seems to me that we will never be a united Ummat because we do not fellow Quran and Hadith. When we have One ALLAHA, ONE RASOOL<(means HAZRAT MUHAMMED SAW)ONE QURAN, We read ONE KALIMAA then why is the difference ?????????????? This Question is for all those people who divide the Muslim Ummat in firkas? Please please please be a united Ummat & it is all Muslims duty to read Quran & Hadith.we have left every thing on these mulvies that is why there are lot of firkas in Ummat..,,Think !!!today tomorrow is too late.

  4. Mr. Shahnawaz Warsi

    You are absolutely wrong.

    I never said, it is going to be end of Sunni Islam.(naus billah)

    What you understand, when I said,” I like Imam Ahmed Raza Khan as a Muslim scholar.”

    I said clearly that I like teaching of Ahmed Raza Khan, I like his work on Islam.

    But, as I said, he has got mindless follower, I have the problem with His all mindless followers, who are just misrepresenting Imam Ahmed Raza Khan.

    My problem is with those, who believe to reach Allah SWT and Rahshu Allah PBUH, every Muslim must embrace Brelwism.

    My problem is with those, who don’t understand that Imam Ahmed Raza Khan was just one of the great scholars of Islam, BUT he is not the only scholar, there can be other also.

    My problem is with those, who are so deeply involve in Brelwism that after death when they will be asked, what is your deen. They may say, “Barelwi”.

    I ask all my Muslim Brother, who dislike Dr. Zakir that BY ALLAH SWT, can you answer me, is the issue of Yazid is the only reason? Did you like him before?

    I know, you never like Dr. Zakir Naik, because to like any one, you first want to know that “does he accepted Brelwism?”.

    Ironically, these people do care how good He the Muslim is. How great He the scholar is. How effectively, successfully, perfectly and truly He is serving Islam

    BTW, when I say,”I don’t like Barelwism” that doesn’t mean “I am Wahabi, or Deobandi, or Taglighi.

    I know very well, more or less every sect is a mixture of goodness and badness, in a sense that even though founders ware great Scholars and thinkers but they ware simple human, hence somewhere they can be wrong too.

    But, that doesn’t matter. It happens, we should not stop and indulge, but move further.

    I don’t mean to say, if some one goes against Islam, if some one admixing alien elements in Islam, we should just watch. No, we have to object, but must be in positive way.

    But, this is not the case with Dr. Zakir Naik.

    Can any one prove that he is against true teaching of Islam?

    People only don’t like him, because He doesn’t belong to his/her sects.

    Issue of Yazid is not such a issue that, we should divide our Muslim community.

    He never says, we must pray for Yazid, neither He say that we must not pray for Yazid.

    Both the way, it is right.

    So, where is the issue?

    Not to forget, Islam doesn’t belong to one family; Yes, we must respect Husain RA, but we should not forget other Sahaba, who sacrifice their life.

    Should we start, celebrating and crying for all on the day of occurrences?

    Then, where the true shape of Islam will go????? Have you ever think?

    I am a Muslim. I believe every Muslim must like to be called Muslim.

  5. Correction in above post.

    Ironically, these people DON’T care how good He the Muslim is. How great He the scholar is. How effectively, successfully, perfectly and truly He is serving Islam

    • mr muslim

      you are definitely the worst type of person. I will not say “muslim ” cause you are out of the fold of islam. anybody that regards yazid as being correct in what he did is considered kaafir. i dont have to repeat hadith that makes it part of your iman to love the ahle bayt. you are either a husaini or a yazidi, you cant be both. you need to read your kalimah agen…

  6. Mr.Muslim What ever Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Spread was not the Sect he was Mujaddid who Just told what Quran and Sunnah is ? and opposed what is not?
    he opposed each whoc came before Quran and Sunnah.The name barelwi/barelwiyat is gift of Deobandi scholars who proudly calls themselves Deobandi.where as Sunni AhleSunnat wal Jamat of Asia specially South Asia Considers Imam Ahme dRaza Khan as their leader and As sunni/Sufi Practicing Muslims came to know his teachings of Ishq e Rasool and Adab he accepts him as his Imam but without negating other Sunni Scholars.
    we Considers Shah Abdul Haq Dehlavi ,Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi and Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi and other sunni scholars as our imam too.

    but difference lies in Wahabi Interpretation to which deoband school/\ahle hadith accepts full /partial and try to show that they are only real muslims.

    We have our sunni Brothers around the world except wahabi/deobandi/ahlehadith/shia/qadiani etc.
    we are alyas in majority we were always in majority inshAllah we will in future too in majority..

    Issue of yazid in ur eyes may be a minor issue…
    but firstly zakir naik is already a wahabi and this issue only exposed his ideas..he praised the munafiq and murderer of H Hussain and Insult hazrat Hussain .he shown his true colours .he negates tawassul etc..

    he is not among sunni Muslims …

    we dont support subscribe his views and will try to stop his views being spread among our brothers..

    we never writes or likes to use barelwi word but when some says and identify with imam ahmed raza we proudly says we are..

    tha does not mean all others who dont know him are out of pale of sunni is totally eyewashing…

    Alhadulillahmajority still follows him in India /pakistan/

    • Imam Raza Khan got his education in Deoband and had *** teachers at his service lastly the Victorian bosses of British raj were his mentors.
      What was the firqa of The Holy Prophet Mohammed SAW I appeal all to follow the firqa brought by Mohammed SAW.

      Don’t follow the Nabi and Rasool of India made in India Proudly and practically say that Iam a Musalmaan follower of Mohammed Arabi SAW what for shying.
      Hinda had murdered Mohammed SAW’s Uncle Amir Hamza(RA) later she converted to Islam shall I say RA after her name.
      Pure Muslims number one people in our neighbouring country are killing thousands of fellow innocent Muslims the followers of Islam they all are brothers of Yazid according to the MULLAS FATWAS.

  7. Brother Shahnawaz,

    Assalam O alaikum.

    I don’t want to indulge myself, to prove that who is to what extent as per Quran and Hadith, as every one claim to be perfect.

    I do agree that, the name Barelwi has been given by Deobandis, and Imam Ahmed Raza Khan never called himself as Barelwi.

    What I am trying to say, as a crux of subject is that, what makes any Muslims to dislike Dr.Zakir Naik?

    Our problem is that, when we judge any Muslim, we keep Wahabism, Deobandism, Barelwism, etc. in our mind, BUT unfortunately we don’t review as per Quran and Hadish.

    As you said, Dr. Zakir Naik is wahabi, because he reject Tawasool, as if to be a Muslim we must have to approach Allah SWT through twassool ONLY.

    Brother, he belongs to no sects; he is a Muslim, a true Muslim. That’s it.

    One of the example is, one of the scholars of Whabi (I don’t want to name) once said, “Allah SWT can lie” (nausobillh.)

    Dr. Zakir Naik, completely reject this by saying lying is an Ungodly act.

    My Dear, problem with majority of the Muslims is that, they are mentally bound to relate to all Muslim to one or other sects.

    Our Muslim brother can’t see, any Muslim without any addinh him/her to any sects.

    Can you please tell me?

    Adding Razi Allahotala Anha with the name of Yazid, is NOT permitted as per Quran and Hadith.


    Adding Razi Allahotala Anha with the name of Yazid, is permitted as per Quran and Hadith.

    Or, we must add……………,

    I believe, no one can prove it, as it is not black and white, hence a completely gray area.

    In view of the same, issue of Yazid is too small to divide Muslims.

    How foolishly, some groups of Muslim went to meet Maharashtra CM, to stop Dr. Naik program scheduled on 14/11/08.

  8. A Muslims Said******How foolishly, some groups of Muslim went to meet Maharashtra CM, to stop Dr. Naik program scheduled on 14/11/08******
    This is Brave act against a A Very Famous ?Infamous person . This is not Issue of Yazid but Issue of Hussain the shahadah of hussain is the Greatest Shahdah in Islam and Yazid has been Declared Kafir by Islamic Scholars on which Billions of Muslims from all Over the world have relied.

    Read the Comments of sher-Ghousia u may be New to site but not new to Karbala Issue.

    We are not trying to divide Muslims rather Trying to Prtotect them from So Called fake scholars who have injected their Personal Opinions in the minds of Muslim Youths in the name of Islam.

  9. Sher-e-Ghousia, on April 14th, 2008 at 1:04 pm Said:
    These two solid references from great Islamic figures should prove to you who Yazid was:

    – The great Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (Radi Allahu Anh) was asked by his son that a group of people (qawm) attribute us to [be with] yazid , he replied, O son! Whoever believes in Allah, how can they have any association with yazid? and why should he not be cursed (laanat) when Allah sends laanat on him in his Book. He asked where did Allah send laanat on him in his Book? The Imam replied “in this saying of Allah Ta’la”:

    Do you then have the sign that if you get the authority, spread disorder in the land and sever your ties of Kinship? These are they whom Allah has cursed and made them deaf from the truth and made their eyes blind. (47:22-23), and then says, is there any greater fasad than the murdering of Husayn?

    Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal is from the mujtahid Imams, muqallad of the Hanabali madhab who lived from 164-241 AH.

    (Mentioned in multiple sources such as Ibn Hajar Makki in al-Sawa’iq al-Muhriqa page 333, Tafsir Mazhari v. 8. p. 434 Imam Barzanji in al-Isha’at, Qadi Abu Ya’la in Mu’tamad al-Usool, ibn al-Jawzi and so on)

    – Imam Jalal Uddin Suyuti mentions in his book ‘The History of the Rightly Guided Caliphs’ (Taarekh ul Khulufaa al-Raashideen); “Nawfal bin Abi al-Faraat said ‘Once I was with Umar bin Abdul Aziz when a man said in his presence ‘Yazid, the leader of the believers’ (Ameer ul Mu’mineen). Umar bin Abdul Aziz said [in shock] ‘Did you call Yazid the Leader of the Believers? Umar then ordered for the man to be lashed 20 times”.

    As you can see, mentioning Yazid’s name with praise is punishable.

    Sher-e-Ghousia, on April 14th, 2008 at 1:18 pm Said: Edit Comment
    As I said before, stop turning this into a Sunni Vs Shia issue and turning the limelight away from Dr Naik. We are not talking about the differences in beliefs but the statements of Dr Naik.

    This topic is about Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu Anh) and both Sunni’s and Shia’a love and respect him.

    Who says only Shia’s portray Yazid to be responsible for the killing of Yazid? Have you read the books by the Scholars of the early generations of Islam, such as Imam ibn Hanbal (Radi Allahu Anh)? If you had, then you would have known better?

    I have seen more Sunni Scholars condemning Dr Naik over the Yazid comments than Shia Scholars. So, your logic of it being a Shia thing is baseless.

    I can quote you many references from Sunni Scholars of the past who have accused Yazid of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu Anh). May of these scholars even curse Yazid (lanatullah alaih).

    PS: If you want more evidences to the ones above, please ask.

  10. Brother, Shahnawaz.

    Assalam O alaikum.

    I never said, we must praise Yazid, neither had I said, we must abuse Yazid.

    What I am trying to say is, “we must not fight on this issue, as it is too small to divide Muslim”.

    My thought can be supported by many scholars.

    Obviously, you would like to pick up whatever you like, but to be a true Muslim, you should judge through all the angles.

    Bother, don’t forget; on the Day of Judgment, we have to answer Allah SWT and not to ………any one else.

    I know, from where you copied the statement of Imam Hanbal (RA), but unfortunately you missed out the other statements.

    *** Imam Muhammad Ghazali is quoted in several books saying;
    “He (Yazid) was a Muslim with a correct Islamic principles and a complete Muslim and it is not permissible in the Islamic laws or practices to curse and abuse him.”
    *** Mullah Ali Qari said, ““The majority of the Scholars have prohibited cursing Yazid and Hajjaj.”

    *** Imam Qazi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi Maliki another scholar did not hold permissible the cursing and abusing of Yazid nor declaring him to be a disbeliever. He said, ““If it is said justice and knowledge are from the conditions of Caliphate and Yazid neither had justice nor knowledge, then we would have to ask, by what evidence this conclusion was drawn that Yazid had no justice or knowledge.” (al-Awasim Minal Qawasim (pg.222)
    In another statement; “Where are those historians who wrote against Yazid in mentioning alcohol and open sinning, do they not have any shame?” – meaning where are the evidences for these accusations.” (ref books:al-Awasim Minal Qawasim (pg.222)
    *** Sheikh Abdul Mugheeth Hanbali has the unique distinction of being one of the earliest known biographers of Yazid. Hafiz Ibn Kathir said about Sheikh Abdul Mugheeth that, “He was from the righteous Hanbali’s who the common folk referred to.” – (al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah (12/328).Sheikh Abdul Mugheeth was also not in favor of cursing Yazid or declaring him to be a disbeliever, rather he authored a biography of Yazid with the title of “Fadhal Yazid.” and ‘Fadhal Yazid bin Muawiyah’. – (ref books: Hidaayatul A’aarifeen Asmaa al-Mu’allifeen Wa Athaar Musannifeen (5/623), al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah (12/328).


  11. *** Ibn Kathir reported on Allama Abul-Khair Qazwaini ,another Islamic Scholar,that; ““After he left Qazwain he went to Baghdad where he became a teacher in Madrassa Nizamia and he would admonish and deliver lectures to the people. So on the day of Ashurah he sat on the minbar to admonish the people, it was said to him to curse Yazid bin Muawiyah. He replied, “He was but an Imam Mujtahid.” (ref books: al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah (9/13), Risaalah al-Mustarfah Lee-Bayaan Mashoor Kitaab as-Sunnah al-Musharfah (pg.132).

    *** Ibn Salah was also not in favor of cursing Yazid or saying he was a disbeliever. Ibn Hajr the Meccan writes, ““Ibn Salah who is from our jurists and scholars of Hadith, I have seen in his Fatwa that when he was asked concerning the individual who would only curse Yazid because he ordered the death of Husayn. Then in answer to this he said, according to us Yazid ordering the death of Hussain is not a correct report and cursing and abusing Yazid is not the sign of a believer…..” (as-Sawaa’iq al-Meharqah (pg.222).

    *** Ibn Taymiyyah was neither in favor of cursing Yazid nor declaring him to be a disbeliever. He says, ““And the people who curse Yazid and other such people like him then it is upon them to bring evidence, Firstly: that he (Yazid) was an open sinner and an oppressor and therefore prove he really was an open sinner and an oppressor as allowing him to be cursed needs to be proven that he continued this open sinning and oppression to the end up until his death. Secondly: Then after this they must prove that it is permissible to curse specific people like Yazid. ………… and the verse, “May the Curse of Allah be upon the oppressors”, is a general verse like the verses concerning punishment…………..And the Hadith compiled by Bukhari states the first army to wage Jihad against Constantinople is forgiven and it is clear that their commander Yazid ibn Muawiyah was a member of this army and is included in this forgiveness………..” (ref books: Minhaaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah Fee Naqdh Kalaam ash-Shee’ah Wal-Qadariyyah (2/252), al-Muntaqa Minhaaj al-Ei’tidaal Fee Naqdh Kalaam ar-Rafdh Wal-Ei’tizaal (pg.290).
    *** Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya writes in his book “al-Manaar al-Muneef”, ““All the narration’s that mention the censure of Yazid bin Muawiyah are lies……………All the narration’s that mention the censure of Muawiyah are lies.” (ref book: al-Manaar al-Muneef Fis-Saheeh Wadh-Dha’eef – pg.220).

    And there are many more,………………………


  12. BTW, please read the statement of Imam Hambal (RA), his reference from the Holy Quran regarding Yazid is NOT the specific referance revealed in the Quran for Yazid, but a general reference. This verse from the Quran talks about those people who do FAÇADE (spread disorder in the land).
    Thus all the people involved in dividing Muslim may come under this verse.

    So, again I repeat, we should stop dividing Muslim. If we are intent to, we can find hundreds of causes to fight.

    Please don’t take me wrong.
    I am not the one you are thinking. If you think, I am so called Wahabi; you are wrong.

    Allah Hafiz

  13. Regarding the Hadith of Constanople:

    This Hadith was for the people who would willingly go to Jihad (war) and were prepared to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah Most High. It was not for the people who were be sent by force to participate in that battle. Yazid did not participate in that battle willingly, he was sent to fight by forceby Amir Mu’awiya. Some scholars maintain that this Hadith applies only to those who have not committed any kind of sin which would otherwise prevent them from entering Paradise.

    Allahma Ibn Atheer writes that in the 50 Hijra, Sayyiduna Amir Mu’awiya, may Allah Most High be pleased with him, sent an army to Rome and appointed Sufyan bin Au’f as leader of the army and he also ordered his son Yazid to go with the army. Yazid did not obey Amir Mu’awiya and said that he was feeling ill; Amir accepted this excuse and said that he should not go as he was ill. During the war soldiers fell ill due to food shortages. When Yazid heard of this he stated that he had no concern for the plight of the soldiers of Islam, when he was able to enjoy the comforts of his home with his beautiful wife, Umea Kulsum. When Amir Mu’awiya heard what Yazid had said, he called Yazid and ordered him to go where the army was so that he could experience the suffering of the soldiers of Islam. Amir sent a small army of people with him; this small army consisted of many pious people, including Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas, Sayyiduna Ibn Umar, Sayyiduna Ibn Zubair, Sayyiduna Abu Ayyub
    Ansari, and a other pious people; eventually they reached Istanbul, and fought in the battle.

    [Tareek-Eh-Kamil Ibn Atheer chapter on government of Amir Mu’awiya stories of the 50 Hijra]

    This hadith clearly shows that Yazid did not join the army of Mulsims voluntarily, but he was sent by force. Thus how can it be claimed that he will be rewarded with Paradise?

    Their first narrator’s name is Yahya bin Hamza. Hafiz Ibn Hajar Asqlani writes that Imam Mu’een says he was a Qaddri (from a misled sect). Imam Aajiri says I asked Abu Dawud whether Yahya bin Hamza was a Qaddri and he confirmed that he was..

    [Tahzeeb ut-Tahzeeb – biography of Yahya bin Hamza]

    The second narrator’s name is Thur bin Yazid Kelai Himsi. Hafiz Ibn Hajar Asqlani writes that Imam Ibn Sa’d said he was a Qaddri, and his grandfather was killed in the war of Siffeen fighting for Amir Mu’awiya. Whenever Thur used to talk about Sayyiduna Ali he used to say that he did not like the person who killed my grandfather. Uthman Darmee notes that he had not seen a person like him who was suspected of being a Qaddri. Ahmed bin Saleh narrated the narration from the people of Syria that Thur was a Qaddri. Imam Uzai used also to say bad things about him. Imam Ibn Hamble says that Thur bin Yazid was a Qaddree. Imam Ibn Mu’een says that Maqhul was Qaddri and later repented, but Thur bin Yazid never repented and remined a Qaddri. Aajiri says that he was a Qaddri and he was exiled from his town. Regarding the second narrator Hafiz Abdur Rahman Ibn Hatim says that Abdullah bin Ahmed Humble says that my father Ahmed Ibn Humble used to say that Thur bin Yazid was a Qaddri. Tahribut Tahzeeb biography of Soar bin Yazid. Imam Dhahbi writes that Imam Ibn Humble said that Thur bin Yazid was a Qaddri and the people from his town threw him out. Abdullah bin Salim says that the people of Hamas threw Thur out his town and set fire to his house because he used to talk against the faith.

    Mizanul A’tidal biography Thur bin Yazid by Imam Zahbee.

    We can see that the narrators explaining this narration are from a misled sect and thus was the enemy of Sayyiduna Ali and a firm supporter of Yazid. How then can this narration be used as evidence that Yazid will be granted Paradise?

    After reading about Yazid no one can say that Imam Husain should not have opposed Yazid. No one can dare say that Yazid was a righteous and pious person, and that Allah Most High was pleased with him. No one can say that Imam Husain should have given his hand in the hands of Yazid and accept him as the true ruler of the Muslims. Only a person who is against our Prophet’s (sallalahu alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) family can make such claim.


    About the statement by Imam ibn Hanbal:

    The generality of the Ayah is not an issue, as Imam ibn Hanbal (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu) knew the Ayah and still called yazid a kaffir and cursed him. Before you try to make a counter augment, ask yourself, who has better understanding of the Qur’an, you or Imam ibn Hanbal (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu)?

  14. You completely misunderstood the point.

    It is not the issue that whether Yazid was good or bad.

    The point is, all the scholars (whether you mentioned or I) had never fight on the issue of Yazid, SO WE SHOULD NOT ALSO.

    There are many opinion regarding Yazid, and all seams to be right as per their point of view.

    What in am trying to say is, “issue of Yazid is too small to fight and divide Muslim”

    In the same view, we can find hundreds of reason to fight. Can’t we?????

    If it is only the matter of, Yazid was not a good ruler (Islamic point of view) then why only Yazid, there are hardly some Muslim rulers, who have been ruled according to Islam.

    Who is you present ruler, dig out about him.

    There is a touch stone to test out the TRUE Iman of any one, in this regards.

    If any one have TRUE love and respect for our beloved Prophet Mohammed PBUH, to an extent that he always cry for Hussain RA, and cursing and abusing Yazid, then the love of Prophet PBUH, will never allow him to divide Muslim community.

    Whatever sadness he had, he will keep in his heart.

    Secondly, true love of Prophet PBUH, is not only loving His families but to entire Muslim ummah.

      you keep saying
      “What in am trying to say is, “issue of Yazid is too small to fight and divide Muslim”In the same view, we can find hundreds of reason to fight. Can’t we?????”


  15. mr: a muslim……..
    Assalamu alaikum..
    we are sunnis as you also…
    but i cant understand ur policy…
    u r saying that u follow imam raza….
    but you also follow zakir naik….
    how is this possible….
    do you think that our problem with zakir naik
    is that he is not a barelwi…
    no.. it is not..
    but the problem is that
    as a muslmi he doeds not obey the scholars of islam
    who were inpast …that is “aemmathul mujthahideen”..
    He interprets Quran in his own way against the
    meanings given by those Aemmath….
    All the scholars of Islam says that
    After the age of “Aemmath” muslims should hold to any one of the “MADHAB’S”…
    (you can look for more in kitab of imam navavi and others who are the emminent scholars of islam..)
    But zakir naik did not follow any of them…..
    So , my dear friend of islam….
    try to understand the real problem…
    and stand strongly against all the kind of “bid-ath..”

    assalamu alaikum…..

  16. mr a muslim….a muslim..
    one thing more,….
    after all you are saying that we should not divide muslims on the issue of Yazeed……

    then how can you justify Zakir naik who made
    this bad comment for merely making issue and making injury in the hearts of muslims…..

    In an issue like this in which islamic scholars have different points of view(as you have said..) he should have kept mum to the public…
    why at all he made this a public issue…
    and what is his point in praising Yazeed now….
    all these are suspects…
    If he would have been a general Muslim as you have said he would not have mentioned this issue…
    He made this only to injure hearts of Sunni people…..

    and that whatever Raza academy has done is just
    to stop such activities which would lead to the dividing of muslims by issues like this,…..
    If men like zakir naik continue to maka comments like this then it would make the real poblems among muslims….
    so he must be banned from these deeds…
    That’s what Raza acadamy had done…..

    please try to think in proper direction……..
    May allah help you for that….
    and may he unite muslim community and escape from the deeds of fake scholars……

  17. Mr. Jabiramu.

    Assalam Alaikum.

    You said, “I follow Imam Ahmed Raza Khan”.

    You misunderstand brother. I said, “I like Imam Ahmed Raza Khan”.

    We should not follow to any scholars, but we should just make use of their work to follow Islam.

    These are the misconceptions in Muslim.

    As you said, “we must follow any of the Mudhab”, again it is the misconception among Muslim.

    What it was said that we CAN follow any one of Mudhab, in a view that it is not possible to all the Muslim to read and understand Holy Quran and Hadith, so we can adopt the way of these Imams of any Madhab to follow Islam correctly.

    It was made by some Muslim scholar and thinker to make the life of Muslim to follow Islam.

    You CAN’T support your stand by the help of Quran and Sahi Hadith that it is must to follow. As you kept mentioning in your post about some scholars and their writing, BUT you didn’t mentioned what Quran and Sahi Hadith says.

    Not to forget, Allah SWT has named our religion as ISLAM and follower as MUSLIM, hence we have to call ourselves in the same way.

    My friend, I know the real problem of our Muslims, which is we can’t our mind has struck up among our scholars and their work. We have stopped approaching DIRECTLY to the Holy Quran and Hadith.

    You said, “Dr. Zakir Naik interprets Quran in his own way against the
    meanings given by those Aemmath….”

    Can you please show me a single verse, he presented wrongly?????

    I challenge you can’t.

    My friend, I have don a good home work on Dr. Zakir Naik before started liking him.

    What I came to know is that, “ He doesn’t belong to any sects of Islam”.
    He doesn’t belongs to Wahabi, Ahle Hadish, Deoband or Tablighi.

    He is a true Muslim. That’s it.

    I can give you the gude line to judge him.

    Pick up all the issue, which Imam Ahmed Raza Khan objected to all above mentions sects.

    Then find out what Dr. Zakir Naik states on the same.

    You will get a convining answer, which will be almost in line of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan.

    If you want, ask me I will answer that what Dr. Naik says.

  18. Dear Mr. Muslim…

    u says, muslim should not follow any of the scholars but directly to Quran and Hadith. Then u cannot even imagine how many sects will be in muslim ummah. Each and every person will have his/her own sects, no doubts. That’s what’s happening now among the muslim community. This has been clearly mentioned by the prophet of islam centuries back, and where those who keep the right spirit of prophet’s teachings and the community of his Sahaba will only be in the right direction. Here how you will judge that , who’s that right front…? If you look into the quran and hadith yourself, then you can never ever get into that right path. Bcoz Prophet mentions the right path is the one which follows the of way prophet and his sahaba and they are not alive now. then what we have is quran and hadith…where hadith is written by those deep rooted followers of prophet and his sahabas. Now, how can you neglect these prominent scholars and get into the hadith by yourself. Even if you get into hadith and quran after discarding these scholars, what proof you have that, these hadith and quran which is available nowadays is completely free from additions or deletions and even modifications probably done by those past scholars or whatever you call…..? may be u can say…that, quran itself is telling that, it is beyond any such malpractices by anyone..”even this verse itself may also be added by those past scholars”…!!! So…?

  19. Mr. Ashraf, Asalam o Alaikum.

    I am shocked to read your second part of post.

    Brother, you have doubt on the originality of Holy Quran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you know, what does it mean?

    You are in grave sin?

    Please refresh you Iman, it is very weak, in fact you don’t have Iman?

    Have not you read a verse in Quran, (Al-Hijr 15: 9),where in Allah promised to protect it. ”We have sent down the Reminder, and We will preserve it.”

    One of the Qur’an’s most important attributes is that it reached us in the very same form in which it was revealed to our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

    Bother, do you mean to say, some thing can happened against Allah SWT wills, (naus billah).
    As it was Allah SWT promised to protect Quran, HOW CAN YOU THING THAT IT HAS BEEN MODIFIED, OR IT CONTAINS OTHER THAN ALLAH SWT WORDS???????????????

    How can you even imagine that Quran has been corrupted?????

    Ashraf, you have the doubt on the power and capability of Allah SWT!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to do something for your Iman, I feel you are out of the track of Islam.

    With regards to the following any Scholars, it is not must to follow.

    We CAN follow our scholars, in a sense that we have to make use of their work on Quran and Hadiths.

    But the point is, all these scholars has said themselves that if you find any discrepancies, Muslim has to refer Quran and Authentic Hadiths.

    We must respect all our scholars, as they have done a great job for us, so that understanding Islam, Quran, and Hadith is some what easy for us.

    But, at the end of the day, we are Muslim, we should be called Muslim, and shouldn’t be called by the name of sect and scholar.

    Remember, on the Day of Judgment, we have to face Allah SWT and not to any of our scholars.

  20. like kaba has great value for muslims ayodhya is a land were lord ram has born and it is the holy place for hindus y not muslims think that if babar has done somthing wrong we should provid ram janm bhoomi to hindus where hindus are already worshiping lord ram and non of muslim has offered namaj from last many years

  21. Assalam o Alaikum to all.i m ADNAN frm pakistan and a great fan of DR ZKAIR NAIK.He is a great scholar who is spreading the true message of iSLAM in all the WOrld.i like Him and want tht He spread the true message like this.Thank you

    WAKE UP…………..
    WAKE UP…………..







  23. The Primay basis on which a person will judged on Judgement day or in Grave after death is not by his good deeds only, but it is by his AQEEDA. First comes aqeeda and then good deeds, if person has done good deeds and has a bad aqeeda about prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam) e.g(Zakir Nayik) then irrespective of good deeds he will be thrown into hell.

  24. Assalaamu alaikum.. Dear muslim bretherin,before making serious allegations against dr.zakir naik as a consequence of gettin influencd by people who hate dr.naik,have u made an effort to listen to reply of dr.zakir naik on this issue..i m a biggest supporter of dr.naik as one who thinks at an intellectual level wil ultimately rest in supporting a great scholar who is indeed a boon to the present world..he never comments without solid proof unlike the dummy scholars propagating their particular sect than propagating islam.. Bro muslim,i like ur answers,n u r one among the rightly guided people i hav seen here in this discusn.. May ALLAH(SWT) bestow his mercy on all of us.. Assalaamu alaikum

  25. amazing muslim oummah !!!
    just division,division,division , praising ourselves, hating and insulting our own brothers and sisters………………….SUBHANALLAH!!!



  26. Dear Sunnis,
    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I saw one fellow above writes that end of barelism.

    For defeating Islam not start from now. It start from when Rasollullah enter in this world.
    The people who anti islam time to time they forced to try end the Islam. But Allah is Muhafiz.

    To supply water and food in the name of Hussain which is the work of slave of Hussain’s.

    To distrubing that good things it is the works of Yazid.
    The true Gulam Hussain always curse the oppressor of Hussain.

    Mr. Naik your time will soon to end your drama. Let be true sunni. Otherwise Allah’s Rasool awaiting to you ask the question about Hussain’s(Razaiyallahu Anhu) blood.

    On that time you will stand without helpers. We are sunni Gulam Hussain’s will be as proof againts you infront of Allah.

    (Hussain abbi samal, samal kar bacha raha hay Yazidiyon kay fitnay say)
    Mera Hussain e pak kal bi zinda hay, Mera Hussain e Pak Aaj bi zinda hay.. Hussain Ka gulam kal bi zinda tha aur Aaj bi zinda hay)

    Sha Ast Hussain…

  27. MR. Habesha,

    Dividers are all not sunnis. But dividers in the name of Sunni like deobandi.

    If CBI or Police or CID not arresting the people who accused the result will be Nation Corruption.

    The same logic here also how can we agree againts to The Rahmathullill Alamin Sallallahu alaihi wassallam ?

    We Gulam Hussain is a soldiers of Imam Hussain certainly we will lock your mouths from misconceptions.

    If you want to close the shouting each other you wil do to stop the mouth who againts talking of Rasoollullah. It is the only thing to avoid misconception.

    Sha Ast Hussain. The Lions of Imam Ahamad Raza Khan

  28. Zakir Naik didnt say any thing wrong, its just shias ‘ exaggeration.

    Many sunni scholars prohibited to curse him.

  29. Its secterian fascism fanatisnm DISCGSTING worth less Muslim Masses who are 100 % have been bound to be silly useless bunch
    I distance my self with all the muslim politics insted of social benefits they hould be giving o Muslims …..Astagfurallah

  30. As-salaamu alaykum!
    You guys don’t have any other work to do? You are not following the word of Allah (swt) and His Prophet (pbuh). You yourselves are not performing your obligatory duty, i.e. dawah and who is doing it (Dr. Zakir Naik) and encouraging others to do it, you are saying bad things about him?? You should be ashamed of yourself!

  31. ASAK.

    I agree with Muhammad. This debate of who is a better scholar and who is a better Muslim is for Allah to decide. Please indulge in dawah and encourage others who are doing so.

    Personally, I feel sad about the various firqas having developed and pray to Allah that there be only Muslims, no Barelvi, Deobandi, nonsense. All Muslims should read and Quran and understand it as Allah makes them understand it. That is what Allah says in the Quran – Allah calls himself the teacher of the Quran.

  32. Instead of spreaing of ISLAM you are trying to spread a FIRQAH, did any hadith or Aya refers to muslims as sunni or shia or any other firqa, don’t mislead others just to earn some moeny, ALLAH will never like those who disobey and add or reduce something from his orders and instructions. WE ARE MUSLIMS ONLY AND WE DO NOT REQUIRE ANY OTHER IDENTITY.

    • Dear Abdul rehman I ahv not started writing Sunni ort Shia.This is the Natural thing to recognise when some people went wrong in ths Name of Islam.
      we are Muslims and Alhamdulillah on the right track .U must nt hav any Confusion on this.

  33. bhai please stop this , dis seeds are sowen by our enemies and we are fighting for it , well bro as far as zakir bhai is concerned forget about the allegations. look he is a daayee ok , there are several verses in the quran encouraging the dawah , then why you people are discouraging or emposing a ban on him remember you are going against quran . why all this barelvi, tableeghi, sunni etc…. we r muslims read quran no verse , no word like tableeghi, barelvi….etc.. den y v r fighting just we belong to some jamaat just look no jamaat or firqa can go to jannat unless they follows prophet muhammad s.a.w and quran then why dont we support zakir bhai and do dawah????? plz give logical answer in the light of our authentic scriptures not just allegation bhai . we have ruled in dis nation beacase of quran and sunnahand we were united now we are just minority because of dis sects .. inshallah we will b united again not in da name of any jamaat or firqa but in the name of allah as muslims….. ameen

  34. It is absolutely shameful for all Bareilvism believers who constantly following the path of all those uneducated elders & olders who are no more now in this world to prove the facts. But the fact is that someone who was born and died can not be helpful to anyone of you. Bareilvism has maintained a lot ways to make a short cut of Ibadat and Zakat. I must appreciate all youngsters of this period who have not been accepting the lessons of Ahmed Raza Khan.
    Insha-allaha Bareilvism will be wiped off soon in future. Aamin.

    • Mr Mahfoozul Haq Ansari. May allah give U Civilized way to tell ur Point and also grant u siratulMustaqeem.

      The Ahle Sunnat (Barelwi) will not disappear just before l Qayamat because they are the true Muslims Spread all over the world.
      They are not Gustakh -e-Rasool Sallaholalihi Wassalam like Wahabi and Deobandis rather Ashiq-e-Rasool Sallaholalihi Wassalam.

      Stop day dreaming and praising a gustakh like Zakir Naik.
      Barelwis are in Majority in Everycountry not Ahle Hadith or Deobandi.

  35. It is also very much annoying to all those ones who have been day and night working for the great educating channels to spread the Islamic awarenesses . There is no educating centre of Bareilvis who has invested or devoted thier belongings either in the shape of time or money to make people understand the real islamic activities. Going for Qawwali and Offering Chadar etc will not define the system of islamic educations. There is no way to save and spread islam in bareilvi constitution. The people who do not accept the secrfices and hard works of Dr. Zakir Naik are real unfortunate muslims of this hostory and they have to face all AZAAB from Allaha.
    In-nash-shirka lazul-mun azeem.

    WAKE UP…………..
    WAKE UP…………..
    we need unity from all the muslim and really understand what is right and what is wrong then we find out mistake himself and completely understand our books as u say Quran us.
    Dr zakir is a biggest scholar of islam and other religion and i lot os learning from this site

  37. Dear Brothers in Islam,

    I see many of our muslim brothers arguing and criticising each other on these issues but not concentrating on what Allah (SWT) really want us to do to enter Jannah.

    I was brought up in environment where people offers Tazia/Alam in Mohurram and visit graves to offer chadars giving good business to flower sellers. I was doing the same till the age of 30. I know may muslim who curse Yazid but drink alcohol, never offers Salah and involved in all forbidden act.

    Alhamdo Lillah after reading full translation of Quran and giving serious thought on each practices, I realized that these are practices against sunnah.

    Now also whenever I am travelling and find any graves of known pious Muslim scholar I offer my salam and recite quran near their grave but no chadar or bowing down which many so called sunni muslim do.
    We should be called as MUSLIM and not sunni, shia or wahabi.

    I respect Dr Zakir Naik and applaud his effort to spread Dawa all around the world by Peace TV channel which none of the other islamic organization has done till now. I have listen to many of his lectures and seen non-muslim accepting Islam in bunch of crowd. I attended his last lecture in Dubai on 28/8/09 where 5 non-muslim accepted islam. This is great job and I am sorry for the people who called him Kafir or write against him.

    May Allah (SWT) guide all of us to the right path

  38. Assalamualaikum WaRahmatullahe WaBarakatuhu Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I just want to say, read about “Fitna E Najd”. It’s even present in the Predictions of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Aleyhe WaAlihe Wasallam).

    When you read about the Fitnah, you’ll come to know, what Zakir Naik is preaching and what he’s trying to do in actual. Zakir Naik is a strict follower of Abdul Wahab Najdi (from Najd) who created this Fitnah and call every other person (then themselved) a Mushrik. Indeed he was a Laanti, so are his followers including Zakir Naik of-course.

    May Allah Subhanahu WatAla prevent us from this Fitnah.



  39. Dr Zakir Naik is one f the most intelligent and commendable personality in todays era.. He stands firmly stands for what he belieeves and is striving for all humanity to follow the Authentic Sunnah and Quran .. When Allah SWT has perfected the Deen and has been clearly stated in Quran then which muslim is going to say that another human is going to show the way.. its simple logic and as far as the comments sadia madam (made on ndtv interview) makes is on the grounds of love and so on and so forth when Islam is implemented in the pure form the result is of pure love and peace n harmony .. having your own ideoligy is fine for one who is not willing to submit to Allahs ordain but for the one who wants t follow the guidelines that our creator has given then it is vital to follow the true messgae ofcourse people are bound to get angry thats the challenge and the immense rewarding for striving for Allahs Deen.. if you dont like the message not a problme but he has free speech which he dr zakir Naik has always boasts about that his country offers him so then why condemn him … its because he is famaous and rising and the people that dont agree with him want his downfall but its a test for him and Allah Willing he will be fine May Allah SWT make easy this test and help him through this difficult time. and as for the funding sadia there are hundreds if not thousands of viewers like me who financially support his channel and now i will be setting a m,onthly direct debit to ensure Peace TV keeps receiving that support and he is not a terrorist .. if i state one line of your s ourt of context i can make you sound like a disrespectful lady but the same when said in context can have a completely different viewpoint.. i have watched hours of Peace Tv and never has he supported . how many times has he said that Allah SWT has mentioned in the Quran that to kill one innocent life is equal to killing all of Mankind?? so get your facts rights before you open your mouth .

    i would like to bring your attention to one criterion that islam is fundamentally based on, as far as the guidelines of day to day life are .. islam cuts the roots of all possible causes which may lead to the destruction of the human body and soul(caused by emotional turmoil- one cant practise deen to one full capability if one is not functioning 100%) now taking this point further as far as visiting graves you know many who go to graves may say that we only do prayer or put put flowers.. you know nothing haram .. so it should be fine … maybe but i saw hard hitting facts that there are simple people out there who arenot going to rack their brains to get alternative answers and are going to carry on with what they have seen being done … i was about 15 when i saw my mums friends home video that she had brought back from pakistan and what i saw i cannot fget to this day ..small village people many poeple gathered and you will not believe PROSTRATING infront of graves.? now arent we as muslims FORBIDDEN to bow down to or seek anyones help but Allah SWT ? N ow you see that is the grave vising act gone to the deepend where they have slowly fallen into the belief that doing such will help them.. so its not difficult to imagine what today some people are praying to ,putting flowers on tommorow their next generations will be prostrating to? that is why even this practise is forbidden.. cut from the root so that its easy for mankind not to get decievedby Satan.

    lastly we all shall be meeting with our Lord no one can deny that so let all hold their tonguue and say that hich they can stand by on the day of Judgement when only your deeds will be worth anything ..

    May Allah SWT grant untiy in the muslim ummah and let us strive to make this world a better place with our muslim and non muslim brothers n sisters.

  40. Asalamualaikum.Dekho bhai is tarah ladne jhagadne se masle hal nahin hote,Mai zakir naik ke sath hoon aur inshallah rahunga.Pehle mai bhi dr zakir naik ke khilaaf tha lekin jab unke videos dekha to pata chala ke wo sahih baat karte hai quran aur hadees ke roshni me.Aur har baat par reference dete hai confidence ke sath.Doosre Ulema sirf hava me teer chalate hai without reference.Wo log kuch bhi kehde to logo ko sahih lagta hai,unhe yeh nahin pata ke ulema jo kehrahe hai sach hai ya ghalath.Dr zakir naik ke khilaaf jo uleme fatwa derahe hai uski asal wajah yeh hai ke dr zakir naik ki wajah se un sab ulema ki dukaan band horahi hai.Log aaj kal har baat pe reference maang rahe hai jo ulema nahin de sakta.Mai har ulema ko nahin kehraha hoon Kuch ache ulema bhi hai.kuch log zakir naik se jal rahe hai kyun ki unki speech me lakho ki public hoti hai aur ulema utni public ko jamaa nahin kar sakte,uski wajah se unlogo ki dukaane band horahi hai un ke paas se koi fatwa nahin leraha hai.Zakir naik hum tumhare sath hai aap is zameen pe rehkar kar allah ki touheed ko zinda kijiye,inshallah allah aap ki madad karega.Yeh jhoote ulema apna kaam karenge unki parwah na karna.ab mujhe is comment ke khilaaf kai replies ayenge un logo ki taraf se jinke ankho per patti hai jo sach baat ko nahin samajte sirf apne banaye hue firqo ke maan ne wale hai.

  41. nai nahi bhai ye bachha to sahi baat kar raha hai. zakir naik is correct. jo saboot de uski hi baat manna chahiye bhai. no profe no believe. agar bina profe k log ko islam samjae to koi bhi nahi believe karte. specially ye christian ye to bina profe k apne baap ko bhi baap nahi kehte. ye log sab profes dekh k hi muslim bante hai . to evidences are must that very few scholars like zakir naik can give. a.h

  42. A/A all Muslims brothers,
    I read full discussion very deeply, in whole discussion i saw Comments from id MUSLIM best among all. Keeping issues aside i felt his AIM behind discussion and it was most probably to Unite Muslims, Offcourse we should call overselves Muslims and not by sections. Islam is a Din and who follow it are Muslims no sub-catagories.
    To All people involved in discussion especially who abused anyone wthout any solid proof is not correct way of discussion.
    As Islam is the Best religion but Muslims are the bad Followers.
    So by any bad act from any muslim we cant say Islam is wrong, in a same way a bad act from a person from any section doesnt mean that Imam was wrong.
    I personally feel Dr. Zakir Naik is the Best person in current hitech world and he gives relevance to all comments but if it is against some section they accuse him as being a Kaffir without knowing the definition of Kafir even.
    Islam is under high conspiracy at present and people involved in it dont do any thing they just put a drop of oil and a small ignition and then we MUSLIMS being the best Marketting Guys just expand there market and fight with each other.
    Whenever any Mufti speaks something lots of agencies work on it and get points out of it and give it some face which goes against one among the 72 Firkas and then the Puppet Show begins within we Muslims and the people against islam Just Enjoy the show and celebrate there WIN.
    I would like to Advise whenever u feel to give comments just think ist if it unites or divides us which is also the core duty of we Muslims.
    We will not offer Prayers, we wont donate zakat, we wont do what our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) recommended us to do BUT we r very hurry in critising our ulmas and muftis without thinking about its consiqueses. We just wait where our ulmas do some mistake and we will catch them…No Doubt they r very responsible people but still they r Humans(bashar). Among Humans Only our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) were Perfect and none other then him….
    May Alalh Bless us all , Ameen.

    Innamal aamal-u bin-niyyaat
    Syed Tanveer

  43. Question to Mahfuzul HAQ and Shahnawaz.
    Both of u used some words which was absolutly rediculous, i dont wanna use the word but when u people understand.
    1. Mahfuzul used the word against Respected Ahmed Raza Khan in wrong way which will never unite Muslims but defenitly Divide.
    2. Shahnawaz i read ur comments and u also gave points with ur logics and references so not a problem BUT in reply to Mahfuzal u used word Gustakh -e-Rasool Sallaholalihi Wassalam without suffixing Nauz’Billah- so how dare U?
    Dont u think we should die b4 listening any thing bad arround our Prophet Muhammad’s name-Is this ISHQI RASOOL from U?
    when u wrote a reply to Mahfuzul comemnt u were in anger and u rushed to reply and u forgot shaani rasool.
    U dont know even if mahfuzul is a Muslim. I hope he is, but Cant we people control overselves and after a deep thought write something?
    U know as i said b4 Agencies work on it, They write the comments against one section and praise other section so u believe he belongs to other section then u out burst on them and the fight continues inbetween us..WHY?
    Allah has given us brains when we gonna USE it.
    yeh we use it mostly when we have to critise others not when we have to Unite others to us.
    Plz stop cursing behave as matures and as brothers.
    Millions of websites are live in the name of islam made by jews and other communities who wanna divide us. They use hadith and Quranic verses and among 10verses 9 will be correct and 1 will be wrong and people like ME who unfortunatly dont have enough islamic knowledge misguides.
    Please for Allah’s and Prophit Muhammad’s Sake Behave as Muslims , follow Quran and Hadith only, and if u need some guide take advantages from ulmas who have worked hard to understand Qurana and hadith.
    My Request is for all that STOP CRITISING AND ABUSE it is the most dangerous in our Din Islam.
    Iman relates with the Character, and abusive person is having no character hence no Iman.
    Sorry if un-intentionally i hurt some one.

    May Allah Bless us All.
    Syed Tanveer

    • Syed Tanweer You gone too far.. i accept that not written Nauzobillah but that does nt mean that My comments are against a a True Muslim who is trying to Unite Muslims or doing some Positive work.

      Some people Understand this language thats why it was needed.I understand Your valid Concerns..


  44. Dear Ulama

    I just want you ask one question if Dr. Zakir is out Quraan or Hadeeth then let us know or ask him clarification.
    if you still protested against ISLAM then Why?
    What is your problem with QURAAN or HADEETH?
    kindly share with us so we can understand as you.
    i was so extremest in my TAQLEED but ALLAH has given us HIDAYA otherwise our place permanent Hellfire as none believers.
    Waiting for your response
    your brother

    • Dear Imran the answer is simple.He has Misinterpreted Quran and Hadiths for the sake of his Ideology which is wahabism.
      He is undoubtedly Intelligent . He has good memory also but he has alienated himself from mainstream Islamic Scholars and Muslims world.He thinks that works done by even Ima Abu hanifa is wrong and Taqleed is not jaiz.This is is his narrow Interpretation.
      Sahih Hadith- that Majority part of Muslims will not be United on error.

      Ghair Muqallid Aqida is that they are only Muslims in true Sense and all other needs Purification.
      Actually they do taqlid of many of their Scholars and likes of Zakir Naik.
      They are new Sect born in Saudi Arabia in and brought up through massacre of Muslims.
      They are new sect and are born in the last times when Qayamt is very near.The sect born for Hell.
      May Allah Guide all his followers on the Path of Siratal Mustaqeem.

  45. Salamualaikum my dear muslim brothers,

    In the name of Allah, what are we doing, who are these names , the only names we need to know to live a simple life that is pleasing to Allah SWT following the path of Prophet Muhammed is the Quran and the Sunnah. who are these names okay you may think im ignorant but i live my live on the teachings of the Quran and our beloved Prophet and thats really very simple. so whats all the fuss about??? Dont ascribe anyone to Allah SWT practice the five pillars, being obediant to your parents, loving the young, caring for all humans, dont cheat anyone, dont harm anyone kinda somes the essence of Islam.


  46. Dear Shahnawaz
    i don’t know whether you have been out of India / your country or not but i’m out of country more then 19 yrs.
    i didn’t see any group ism (FIRQAPARASTI) in any country as in India / Pakistan.
    I just want you ask a simple question;
    if you find any FATWA of your Shaikh / Imam / Ustad / Firqa against QURAAN / SUNNA / Sahi Hadeeth (S.A.W.) what you will do? leave TAQLID FATWA or HADEETH (S.A.W.)?
    ask yourself & reply your self..
    Dear Brother…… As per ISLAM….. you can refuse / ignore every thing but u can’t refuse / doubt what s Prophet’s (S.A.W.)ways (QURAAN or HADEETH)…
    i born in a Muslim Family but never heard TAUHEED from any one….. all are trying to promoting their groups / numbers only….
    Kindly open your heart & research then accept only tru…
    One question if your Sunni Muslim….
    What is HALALA to Halal again same wife for first husband??? Three Times Talaq is valid in same place & time as per Quraan / Hadeeth or not???
    Search from all groups then search Hadeeth you will get answer what is right what is wrong…
    i hope you heard NIKAH MUTAH in Shiya MUSLAQ that will be same sin…………. in the light of QURAAN & HADEETH….
    May ALLAH show us right way & open our heart for right deen….
    ur brother

    Note: I am not a friend or enemy of Dr. Zakir Naik but love listen to all who refer QURAAN and Hadeeth in their lectures instead of Made in Ind / Pak book. I learn ISLAM after TAUHEED otherwise my all prayers void as disbelievers. Read Quraan with TAFSEER (SURAH HUD)

  47. Assalaamu ALaykum
    Feels very sad Dr.NAik,who is very well blessed with scholarly attributes ,lacks ,compassion

    Muslims can be united as one united Ummah,only when they follow Islam for the very vitue it champions,and that is Justice.If one group of muslims do injustice on another,there can hardly be unity.
    Condemning injustice and oppression,is mentioned in every surah practically,in the Holy Quran
    When Dr.Naik refuses to recognize the grave injustice and oppression committed by Yazid,and let alone condemning,instead praises him,then something is wrong-the man is not representing Islam anymore,for he does not fight or even condemn oppression and injustice –
    Allah Subhanahu WaTaala,mentions in the Holy Quran,to even fight your own father and brothers,if they are doing injustice !
    And Dr.Naik wants Allah to be pleased with Yazid?? The ‘Hardening of the HEarts’ that Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran,is surely this -this lack of compassion for the victims of Yazid’s injustice and oppression,and refusing to condemn it.
    Where does Allah say that Muslim can be an oppressor?Even giving duas for oppressors ,has to be very carefully worded-it is one thing to do dua that they get ‘hidayat’ but it is horrible to say that Allah be pleased with a terrible Murderer’s deeds.
    The 4 righteous Caliphs were just to a fault !
    Hadrat Ali(ra) even burnt down the Khawarij although they were Muslims,because they were great oppressors.Abu Bakr(ra) fought against muslims because they refused to pay zakat.Aisha(ra) declared war against Hadrat Ali(ra) because she felt he was being unjust.How much courage they had,to stand up for justice and fight oppressors.
    What a shame on Dr.Naik,that he has failed to see the very virtue Islam was sent down by Allah for.
    Dr.Naik,please look inward and purify yourself first.Apney aap ko teek karo,phir apne ghar ko,uskey baad samaaj ko.


  48. Dear Fatima & Shahnawaz

    i didn’t start communication for Dr. Zakir Naik but my concern only QURAAN & HADETH (SUNNA).
    if you people are Muslim (Sunni) open your heart & dare enough to reject any FATWA which is agaist QURAAN / HADEETH (SUNNA).
    My quest still remain??
    It is three TALAQ valid in the light of QURAAN & SUNNAH (in one place & time but say three times)???
    What is HALALA to HALAL first wife for first husband???
    Husband Says TALAQ (3 times) & HALALA for his wife why??? this is an example for TAQLEED (FIRQAPARASTI) which is not available any where else except Ind & Pak.
    HALALA is same Sin as NIKAH MUTAH (Shiya).
    That’s why open your heart & search for right path instead of blind as MAKKANIES when our Prophet (S.A.W.) invite them for ISLAM. They reject due to their old tradition.
    ALLAH says ” Follow ALLAH & His Prophet’s” only.
    Hereafter (QABR & QIYAMAT) ALLAH will ask you question about YAZEED, he was right or wrong. So don’t involve contradict matters & waste your AMAAL (Deeds) focus what your going to accountable / questionable.
    i have seen our FIRQAs from very closely that’s why i don’t waste my time for FIRQAPARASTI none of these help you except your own deed.
    my request / suggestion that focus on those your accountable / questionable as per QURAAN & HADETH (SUNNAH).
    QURAAN Says “people will involve in MUTASHABIHAT (contradict matters) & but ALLAH is one who knows well about MUTASHABIHAT” (MUTASHABIHAT / KUREID)..
    Please share with me if your FIRQA has every expect of Prayers from QURAAN & HADEETH hence ask me same.
    you should fight for QURAAN & HADEETH (SUNNAH) instead of FIRQAPARASTI (groupism).
    awaiting for your response.
    i can give my my mobile number & e-mail if you need to share something about ISLAM instead of Dr. Zakir.

  49. Assalaamalekum!

    Search & accept all whatever accordingly QURAAN & SUNNA (HADEETH), you should leave all which is againt QURAN / SUNNAH.

    perform your prayers as our Prophet (SAW) prayed, follow the footstep of our Prophet (SAW) don’t add and don’t reduce.
    ALLAH accept all our prayers if we follow the Prophet (SAW), but if we mixed or innovate from our end then decide yourself which would be right…
    you may have enough courage / dare to stand against yourself then only you can follow the footstep of our Prophet (SAW) hence this goupism will not allow you to cross boundary.

    hope i am encouraging you for ISLAM.

    I also listen lectures from all groups but accept / follow whichever accordingly QURAAN & HADEETH (SUNNAH) and rest leave.
    I don’t want to make any ideal in ISLAM except our Prophet because same our Ulamas / Imams / Sheikhs / Buzurg / Muhaddassen / has done…

    kindly revert back with your comments if you agree / disagree but don’t run away from ISLAMIC discussion.

    Awaiting for your response / comments


  50. The reason I am With Zakir Naik Is that ,,,,Other MAulvis teach u some thing they donot tell u from where it came and what is the proof that we r telling u the right thing….Others like bralvies and deobandi scholars just tell to follow them blindly…..

    Zakir Naik is Always with quran and Sunnah…All his statements are backed by Correct Interreption of quran and hadees…

    And he openly challenges any1 to proof himself wrong…

    Zakir Naik was inspired by Ahmed Deedat

  51. Dear Shahnawaz
    Asslaamalekum brother
    where are you? hope you are well by the Grace of ALLAH.
    Revert back with your opinion if your well…
    i sent 3 messages exclusively for you but there is no reply from end your friend who can answer about SUNNAH.

    ALLAH will show us right way / straight way

  52. Salam to all brothers,
    So the Argument is still going on, NON_STOP_Argument…wowww
    How many questions and there OWN manipulated answer you people have?
    Q: Is Zakir Naik Good Muslim or bad Muslim?
    Q: Is Yazid kafir or Muslim?
    Q: Is Sunni correct or Barelwi?
    Q: Who was the best Khulfai Rashdeen among 4?
    Q: In arguments who is Best Shahnawaz Warsi or MUSLIM or Imran?
    Q: Indian Muslims are real Muslims or Pakistani Muslims?
    These are the questions you people arguing, If you feel your comments are constructive and will help you to enter in HEAVEN than just continue ELSE u are increasing number of question that will be asked to you after the death, in KABAR and where ever.
    Q: Are you prepared to answer how many prayers you missed to offer?
    Q:How many muslims you united?
    Q: How many people you hurted till now?
    Q:Do you follow 5 fundas of ISLAM?
    Stop reading for a minute and think about ur sins u commited till now, Gunahi Sageera and Gunahi Kabeera? Remember those moments when u committed thoses sins..Now think what punishment you deserve as per Quran and hadith…..
    Isnt that punishment BIG then the punishment what u thinking u can get if u remain Calm.
    Stop accusing each others bcz we are all umat-e-Muhammad(PBUH). All of we people lack complete knowledge. Our brains are not that much mature to understand what those scholars tried to teach us. Few things we do understand and few things we may misinterpret. It is not our Maths or history subject that even if we didnt understand we try to be confident bcz we have to face our teachers and we can fool them easily. But islam is not a subject, it is a DIN! what you know completely with 100% reference and aqeeda Speak only that much bcz you have to face Allah and not any teacher or scholar.
    One thing i have seen in Muslims is that if we like some scholar we keep blind faith on them and accuse others. How many issues are there were we can make arguments easily and result will be always negative for us.
    May i request you all please to stop commenting more on this issue.
    Start new issue. THE BEST WAY TO UNITE MUSLIMS AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT THAT PRACTICALLY. Only constructive comments welcomed….

    When i was kid i can remember from my locality usually people were abusing Yazid so was I, i was never knowing for what they doing it But as i said i was KID immature so i always ignored till this issue raised. I always watch Zakir Naik Speech, and the day when i heard he suffixed Rh to his name and I as other people started dislike zakir naik. Latter i made a thought in myself that zakir is hafiz-e-Quran and having tremendous knowledge and contribution How he can say this.
    I started thinking on it that Y i was abusing yazid? i didnt get answer bcz i had no proof. i cant praise also him bczz i dont know that he was innocent. Here i thought to save myself from one more sin so it is better to Keep Mum.
    i do listen Zakir and like his speech BUT if any speech is controverse y to put ourself in that, May be he said Correct or may be he said wrong bcz he is also Human and could have less knowledge in that issue.
    We are already divided now these kinds of issues will work as a catalyst and Divide us in fast rate.
    I know it is not easy for we Muslims to unite again as anger has already crossed its limits but at least Even for a Name only we can show world we are ONE.
    It is sure 72 Firqas will be there and one will be correct and believe me that will be one who is not accusing other firqa, it could be ur firqa so do good.
    So start from now for the sake of Allah and stop abusing other firqas and scholars which is the main Cause to continue the Fight.
    My section in the view of surroundings is Suni but i dont follow my other sunni brothers bcz they are also simple humans and could be wrong sometimes but I try to follow my Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) bcz he is the only one who can never be wrong among Humans.
    Whatever i wrote i dont support or i am NOT against any particular person or group, Y SHOULD BE I, i want to save time and prepare myself for other question that will be asked after my death, and not Question number 2,YAZID IS KAFIR OR MUSLIM..
    hey brother U too prepare for other compulsary question and ignore these little mark questions. ByeBye


    Syed Tanveer-
    Section: MUSLIM
    Follower of : Prophet Muhammed(PBUH)

  53. Dear Brother
    i am also from ur country & i knew very well about goupism, its really very hard to leave & follow ALLAH & Prophet (S.A.W.) if your involved with them.
    So kindly search true (HUQ) by open ur heart and accept all whatever is accordingly QURAAN / HADEETH and u’ve right to reject whichever against them.
    Hope we can clear our views & shares pure ISLAMIC matters

  54. Salam,
    If Discussion is constructive then fine, but if it creates more haterd between Muslims then better to not discuss.
    HIKMAT AMLI is important in our religion.

    Here nobody is ready to listen others, if you have read all comments u will realise how some abusive and fun have been used against other communities. Non-believers who pretend themselves as one community can add comments against other community and knowing they will return comments with more anger, and the Show starts between we muslims.
    It is my advise not to discuss in open sites without confirmation that whom with u r discussing. Discuss with people whose identity is Valid. Hope u understand what i mean.
    Moreover this is NOT islamic discussion, these are the VIEWS about Communitites and in Islam we dont have communities-

    Syed Tanveer

  55. Dear Tanveer & other brothers

    Muslims intention should spread QURAAN & SUNNAH (HADEETH) instead of any particular group / FIRQA…
    i don’t want ask u any question….
    We have to asked our self…
    Surah Al Imran:
    31: Say (O Muhammad S.A.W. to mankind): “If you (really) love ALLAH, then follow me (e.g. accept Islamic Monotheism, follow the Quraan and the Sunnah), ALLAH will love you and forgive you your sins. And ALLAH is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful
    32: Say (O Muhammad S.A.W.) “ Obey ALLAH and the Messenger (S.A.W.)” But if they turn away, then ALLAH doesn’t like disbelievers.

    Surah An-Nisa:
    80: He who obey the messenger (Muhammad S.A.W.), has indeed obeyed ALLAH, but he who turns away, then We have not send you (O Muhammad S.A.W.) as a watcher over them.


    Surah Al-Hashr
    7: “And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W.) gives you, take it, and whatever he forbids you, abstain (from it).”


    Surah Hud:
    15 : whosoever desires the life of the world and its glitter, to them We shall pay in full (the wages of) their deeds therein, and they will have no diminution therein.
    16: They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but Fire, and vain are the deeds they did therein. And of no effect is that which they used to do.

    all above verses from Holy QURAAN…
    you / we can’t unit people from our own thoughts / style / comments… we can unit people only they way of ALLAH & Prophet’s (S.A.W.) hence every one has own way to argument……
    Debate can continue…. Muslim / Mumeen shouldn’t debate / argue / own meaning for QURAAN & HADEETH…
    why do u belong to or follow any group or person or shaikh or Firqa or?? why don’t follow ALLAH & His Prophet’s (S.A.W.)…..
    There is no differ in QURAAN & HADEETH if you search from open heart & duaa for straight way / SIRAATE MUSTAQIM….
    you will get all answer from there…. so we should stop to prove our self as a smart & blindly follow ALLAH & His Prophet’s (S.A.W.) as companions has prove us…..
    i hope ALLAH will show us right way stop us to make our ideology in ISLAM…
    All four Imams says: Saheeh HADEETH their Mujhab (Authentic HADEETH is their AQIDA) so why don’t follow this…..
    They says: reject my opinion if its against QURAAN & HADEETH…
    They never says follow me or make groups for them… these are all created by us……
    KUFFAR is the one who pursue us make differ… Shaitaan is the one who make Mutashabihaat / Quraid / for QURAAN & HADEETH and push us into different opinion….
    we can’t we unit till we are not ready to fight against our self because Shaitaan is the one who pursue us make comments for others…. and try to prove our self smarter….
    we are human, we do mistake but not ALLAH & His Prophet’s (S.A.W.).
    Dear Brothers.. if u rejects all Imams/Shaikh/Firqas/Group/Ustad/leader then no body can make Fatwa against u but if you reject singe verses of QURAAN or HADEETH then decide your self what Fatwa should be….
    Therefore there is no differ in QURAAN & HADEETH but we are the one who created differ just to promote our group and discriminate others….. hence our duty to release our self from any group and Hold QURAAN & HADEETH…
    awaiting your feedback or opinion in light of Islam only..

  56. Very well indeed.

    Go and declare kafir on your own brothers without any decency of confronting the brother properly and have a respected discussion of each other’s differences.

    Go and declare a brother a kafir since media is an easy way for you to accuse someone without giving him chance to defend himself.

    Go and declare others as kafir while Israel is still demolishing the houses of Muslims in Silwan, Palestine.

    Go and declare others as kafir while the ummah gets a beating at every known dimension (socially, economically,academia)

    Go and declare others are kafir while Muslims are stagnated and riddled with bid’ah.

    Go and declare others as kafir while our sisters in Ad-Deen are trampled on and ridiculed for upholding their faith with their hijab and naqaab in France.

    Go and declare others as kafir when the brothers and sisters in Checnya are dumbfounded on how to rebuild their lives.

    In fact go and declare everyone as kafir for you will stand before Allah s.w.t and be held answerable.

    • ABD RAZAQ stop being so precious and man up.
      A kaffir should be declared a kaffir as this community has too many munafiqeen and innovators.
      We can multi task, instead of whining and crying like you. We can call a kaffir a kaffir, we dont call brothers kaffir, and we fight for our muslims sisters rights in france, the nobility of the hijaab, our chechen mujahadeen and all the mujahadeen. we carry ourselves with courage, manners and integrity. We dont whine like swine on websites to spread strife.

      We see clearly and dont condone the murderes of the prophet muhammed pbuh’s grandson…..who are we strange people…..? the muslim silent majority,, sunni and shiah… wahabis need to stop spreading strife

  57. salam i read some of the articles here and its sad to see that so much educated peoples they discuss this issue.i think islam is not so difficult to understand its simple and clear how many firqas was there at the time of our prophet (saw).only thing is that we need to follow only quran and hadith.thats all.our prophet said that deen is complete on him he didnt left uncomplete there is no need we follow these mullas.these mullas are for sale.

    • We cannot sweep everyone with the same brush. There are good and bad people in all walks of life. At times, a universe of complexities and paradoxes lie between us and distinguishing between the two, hence making the lure of senseless accusations and rumour-spreading an easy option for the confused.

  58. Shah Nawaz
    If any have problem to understand QURAN / SUNNAH (HADEETH) then he has to decide himself he belong to which ISLAM. The ISLAM which ALLAH & His Prophet (Sallallhu Alhe Wasallam) or any one else. Decide ur self leave every one in one site & search ISLAM from our Prophet (S.A.W.) if u find any one who says accordingly to ALLAH & His Prophet (S.A.W) accept from ur heart and if any one says against then reject, then only we can call MUSLIM hence u make any group which is against ALLAH & His Prophet (S.A.W.) not possible to call ISLAM / MUSLIM.
    FIRQA is Haraam in ISLAM no way to make groups no way no way..
    I asked u couples of questions earlier but u didn’t reply yet because there s no answer from any FIRQA but u can get answer from QURAAN & HADEETH only.
    search & follow all SUNNAH & Reject the Fatwa of ur father/Mulla/ Imam/Group/Ulemaa which is against QURAAN & SUNNAH accept all whichever accordingly QURAAN & SUNNAH.
    IMAN of Abu Bakar (R.A.) was blend but Abu Jehel always verify from his knowledge / brain.
    so kindly make IMAN / follow the path of Abu Bakar (R.A.) & don’t accept any thing from ur AALIM which is against QURAAN & SUNNAH.
    Hope u can revert back.

  59. Dear Shah Nawan bhai

    Hope your well there by the Grace of ALLAH only….
    Please reply back if your free from ur schedule.
    awaiting for your concern in the light of QURAAN & HADEETH only..

  60. Dear Brother Shah Nawaz
    Assalaamaale O kum!

    Hope your well by the Grace of ALLAH only..
    Please let me know your comments or feedback about ISLAM as i sent u several massages…
    We must exchange our knowledge & accept / agree with QURAAN & HEETH only all others must rejected..
    Please open your heart & search for right ways as per QURAAN & SUNNAH be dare enough to reject all which is against QURAAN & SUNNAH then only we can claim Muslim / Momeen otherwise not…..
    The right way only the way of QURAAN & SUNNAH no others way right keep in your mind…
    waiting for ur response
    your Islamic brother
    Imran Turkei

  61. This is in reply to Shahnawaz Warsi’s comment: “Follow Quran and Hadith and be with Majority Muslims.
    Wahabis are wolf in the guise of sheep.”

    I think your intent here is to keep sectarianism here and not talking about muslims being as a single group. I can only pity for ppl like you. I love Dr.Zakir Naik, not just because he is a muslim scholar, but because he has made thousands of non-muslims muslims. How many of nonmuslims have you converted to islam? You or any other person has no right to ridicule any muslim scholar when you youself dont have the calibre or the knowledge of conviction. Even in Quran Allah says not to consider a man bad, as to may Allah, he may be better than yourself.

    I remember once a nonmuslim asked dr.zakir, that he is ready to accept islam, but first tell him which sect should he follow. The hall full of nonbelievers clapped as they thought it is an insult to muslim community. Dr.Zakir, very rightly replied, to follow the path of the Holy prophet (PBUH), and the hall was full convinced and clapped even more! He didnt name a sect, he asked to follow the religion that Mohammad (PBUH) brought ie ISlam.

    You should be more proud calling yourself a muslim, then doing divisions calling ppl as wahabis, deobandis, barailvis etc. Its ppl like you who are an insult to our one muslim ummah.

    May Allah give you guidance.

  62. Dear Shah Nawaz Brother

    Hope your well by the the Grace of ALLH only.
    you didn’t reply single question on mine & try to divert conversation into secs… why???
    why r running from QURAAN & HADEETH if you calls as SUNNI ur self…
    IMAN s not complete till u start fight against ur self if any matter contradict with QURAAN & HADEETH.
    ALLAH says in QURAAN: Follow ALLAH & his Prophet (Sallallah Ho Alehiwassallam) only….
    why r u talking about others…
    entire universe can be wrong but ALLAH & His Prophet only write that s call IMAN….
    Kindly open ur heart & read QURAAN & HADEETH only… instead of Made in India Islam… then u can get wright answer….
    Kindly revert back if u have any doubt about QURAAN & HADEETH…
    Looking forward to your earliest positive response must refer to QURAAN & HADEETH…
    Imran Turkei

  63. assalam-wa-alaikum.shahid warsi bhai your passion to fight against injustice is really commendable.but how can you get so much time to answer and reply to each and every post despite of having such huge responsibility of education(i.e lawyer).i have seen muslims who have much time but they donot utilize it by spreading islamic knowledge or by doing islamic activities.several boys use to flirt with girls and abuse all the time.they talk vulgar jokes even in dargah.what is your opinion about them?

  64. please Mr.Warsi don’t get angry upon Mr.A Muslim, You and me not anyone here to decide who is right and who is wrong.
    We only have to follow the path which Mohammad (SAW) give us…. Regarding Mr.Naik he is trying to unite all of us, always he told in his speech that “Aao us baat ki taraf jo hummein aur aap mein ek jaise hain”
    kabhi dekho toh sahi unka program..

    “Us ki Taqeed mein Mehkoomi or Mazloomi,
    Qaum jo na kar saki apna khudi se Insaaf” by Allama Iqbal (RA)

  65. Assalamoalaikum ,deerwarsi ,it is a matter of great destruction Quran pak commands that vide vers No.23 &24 of surarah Tauba and last vers of surah Mujadla,summarily comands that NO ONE CAN BE MAKES FREINDS /SUPORT those people who use to degrading/insult or show disregard against Allah and Rasool SAW otherwise they shall be count among them.Quran also commands not to mingle the Right with the wrong .Dr.Naik has rufuted the basic of Quran i.e. his apearance with A SYMBOL OF CRUCIFICATION i.e. Tie in his general dress, Quran denied the Ececution of Prophate Isa .He donot made Muslim by convertion basicaly they are trap for his monitry benefit viz.collecting Zaqat ,properties of millions etc by his misinterpreting meanings only insist on unity of God not based on right sunnat/Risalat .He always uses to qoute Rasool SAW as a common person not insisting on his Exellence in devinity .

  66. hazrat SAW ek pegambar the ,wo dene wale nahin hai ,ye allah hain jo ki sirf deten hai ,now people starts to positon Him(PBUH) as jesus(OHUM)

  67. plz be united follow quran and sahih hadith dont get diveded in sects and play in hands of jewsand cristians we are ware wat is the condition on our ummah inthe world with out a prooer khalifah

  68. the world is big & we must try to comprehend the best of it. Just pls ponder over this : “If the kafirs of mecca didnot accept islam bcose of the the thought tht they shouldnt b leaving their way of fathers n grandfathers, then da muslims of today r not very different.”
    most muslim knows tht ther wll b 73 sects in islam n only 1 is right then why not study & folow the right path.

  69. asalamolikum,dear brothers n sis,ol ths is a tactic of british ppl..lyk da famous divide n rule policy in india,v ol hav studied it n v r aware of it,regd.dr.zakirnaik ….. …………they r quotn of context plez dnt misunderstand him..listen 2 his full lecture..thn.u. decide byurselfz…jazakAllahukhair…

  70. About Muslim and Islam,
    About wahabi, deobandi or Barelwi.
    About Maslaq e Fazal e amal or Maslaq e al Hadrat
    What is right?

    I think each and every muslim of all the sect knows “The Opening Chapter of the Quran” and the only Surah in whole Quran which was given to Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was given to him directly on Mehraj by ALLAH and not via Angel Jebreil if I am not mistaken and that what it reads there one verse is


    Means is the above verse is refering to ALLAH

    And All know the complete SURAH. We Pray this verse in each every namaz of each and every Rakat.
    I think if any muslim just pray this verse just for the sake of praying and does not actually implement on himself and understand is not proper Muslim. ALL SECTS HAVE SAME MEANING of above verse.

    So if anybody Worship other then ALLAH or Ask help Other then ALLAH. He is at fault even if he loves Prophets. We cannot ask for help or worship anybody including Prophets.

    That what I can understand. Dont know about others. I dont follow any of the Firkas as my parents belonged to Barelwi. And I am not so much practising muslim. But in my heart from my kid ages. I always use to hesitate bowing to any grave or sometime even going to Dargah. As I had I could not find any difference what is going on in Mandir and Dargah. Sometimes I use to visit Dargah with my relatives when I was kid on Thursday Magrib. Even Ladies from the family use to come. But always use to wonder is Magrib Namaz is important or Visiting Dargah during Magrib time and bowing on grave and taking Prasad from Mujawar is important.

    So my request is just follow the most easiest of the Surah of the Quran that is SURAH FATIAH and just do what is written accordingly. I think ALLAH WILL GUIDE THAT PERSON completely after that. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.


  71. i feel the way he answer regarding yazid as razi allahu anhu is not correct as history tell us that he was drunkard homosexual without beared. i feel he must take his words back then insha allah all his problems will be solved.

  72. listen his lecture properly dont blame dr. zakir naik he is the guy doing lot of thiks to islam. we muslim don’t fight each other what prophet said.

  73. zakir naik should have contemplated the single fact that historians of islam both classical and formative, have described yazid as fasiq, a debauch of first order.

  74. From the above discussion i came to know that. People who dont have any Hubb-e-Rasool sallal laho alehe wasallam, they dont power to judge what is “siratal-mustaqueem” . plz read aqaed of ahle-sunna. or best Hadayak baksis– alahazarat.

  75. Asak,
    Tell me how do you people regard Yazid as a muslim, majority of the sunni ulemas have past has mentioned that Yazeed condememed the prophet Mohammed(sawas) saying “mohammed was a liar, no book was given to him by Allah, and Bani hashims played this trick for gaining power,
    Secondly he mentioned “My Ancestors like Utbha,shebha,Waleed, Hinda Abusufyan and and all my family members who was killed by Ali and Hamza in Badr would ve been happy, as i have cut the heads of Mohammed’s Family and have kept it in front of me and have taken the ladies of Mohammed’s Family as prisoners” he said this when Imam Hussain Head was presented to him
    References given below
    Yazeed’s own admission that he killed the family of the Prophet (s)

    We read in Sharh Fiqh Akbar:

    “Following the murder of Husayn, Yazeed said ‘I avenged the killing of my kaafir relatives in Badr through killing the family of the Prophet”.

    Yazeed’s pride at killing Imam Hussain (as)

    We read in al Bidayah Volume 8 page 204:

    Ibn Asakir in his history book states…. When Husayn’s head was brought before Yazeed, he recited the couplets of Ibn Zubayri: ‘I wish my ancestors of Badr were here to see the fright of al-Khazraj (tribe) as the spears hit’.

    Ibn Abi Dunya recorded from Salamah bin Shabib from al-Humaydi from Sufyan from Salim bin Abi Hafsa from Hassan (al-Basri) saying: “Yazeed bin Mu’awyia was prodding with a stick that place kissed by Allah’s messenger kissed, how shameful!”.

    Yazeed character as per Ibne Katheer given below

    “Traditions inform us that Yazeed loved worldly vices, would drink, listen to music, kept the company of boys with no facial hair [civil expression for paedophilia with boys, a form of homosexuality], played drums, kept dogs [civil expression for bestiality], making frogs, bears and monkeys fight. Every morning he would be intoxicated and would bind monkeys to a horse saddle and make the horse run”.
    Al Bidayah Wal Nihayah (Urdu), Vol 8 Page 1169, Nafees Academy Karachi

    Ibn Jauzi’s comments on Yazeed ‘the drunkard’

    Allamah Samhodi in his book Wafa al-Wafa records the following from Imam Ibn Jauzi:

    “After the incident of Karbala, Yazeed appointed his cousin Uthman bin Muhammad bin Abu Sufyan as Governor of Madina and asked him to secure Bayah his (Yazeed’s) Bayah from the people of Madina. He (Uthman) came to Madina and prepared a delegation and sent it to visit Yazeed so that it can give Bayah to Yazeed. Yazeed gave them gifts but despite this, when the delegation returned, it expressed negative things about Yazeed and said: ‘We have returned having visited a man who has no religion, he drinks alcohol, plays instruments, keeps the company of singers and dogs [civil word for bestiality], we declare that we have broken our allegiance to him…’ Abdullah bin Abi Umro bin Hafs Mukhzomi commented: ‘Although Yazeed gave me gifts and other benefits but the reality is this man is an enemy of Allah (swt) and a drunkard. I shall separate myself from him in the same way that I remove my turban from my head’ and having said that he removed his turban from his head and a person said: ‘I come out from his Bayah in the way that I come out from this shoe of mine’ then all people began to do this to the extent that there became a pile of turbans and shoes”

    In his book written against the Shi’a namely ‘Sawaiq al Muhriqa’ page 221, Ibn Hajr Makki al-Haythami sets out the Sunni position on Yazeed:

    One group that includes Ibn Jauzi deem Yazeed a kaafir, another group says that he was not a kaafir, this is a matter of dispute in the Ummah and the majority of Ahl’ul Sunnah agree that he was a fasiq (transgressor), a fajir (one that commits debauchery) and a drunkard.

    Al-Waqidi has recorded from various ways that Abdullah bin Hanzallah narrated: ‘verily we opposed Yazeed at that time when we feared that Allah (swt) would send down stones on us, Yazeed considered nikah (marriage) with mothers, daughters and sisters to be permissible, drank alcohol and abandoned prayers’.

    A Sahabi’s testimony that Yazeed was an incestuous drunkard

    We read the following testimony of the Sahabi Maqal bin Sinan in al-Mustadrak al-Hakim, Volume 3 page 522:

    هو رجل يشرب الخمر ويزني بالحرم

    “…he is a man who drinks alcohol and performs adultery with Mahram (blood relatives)”

    The Prophet’s prophecy that Yazeed would destroy the religion

    We read in Majma al-Zawaid, Volume 5 page 435:

    Abu Ubaida al-Jarah narrated that Allah’s messenger (s) said: ‘My nation’s matter will remain on justice until the first person who shall spoil it, who will be a man belonging to the Bani Umaya namely Yazeed.’

    Shaykh Ahmed Aziz in his authority work Siraj al Munir Sharah Jami al-Saghir, Volume page elobarated:

    يزيد بن معاوية واضرابه من احداث ملوك بني أمية فقد كان منهم ما كان من قتل أهل أهل البيت

    Yazid bin Mu’awyia and those is similar to him from the young rulers of Bani Umaya killed the progeny of Ahlulbayt

    Mulla Ali Qari in Sharh Shifa commenting on hadith that the Deen will be harmed by young men states:

    “The destruction of the Deen at the hands of a young man refers to Yazeed bin Mu’awiya who sent Muslim bin Uqba to pillage Madina”

    Mulla Ali Qari in Mirqat Sharah Mishkaat, commenting on hadith that the Deen will be harmed by young men states:

    “It refers to those who came after the rightly guided caliphs such as Yazeed bin Muawiyah and Abdul Malik bin Marwan”

    Yazeed bin Mu’awiya’s rejection of the Qur’an

    We shall rely on the following reputable books of Ahl’ul Sunnah:

    Al Bidayah wa al Nihayah Volume 8 page 204 Dhikr Ras al Husayn

    Minhaj al Sunnah Volume 2 page 249 Dkikr Yazeed

    Sharh Fiqh Akbar page 73 Dhikr Yazeed

    Sharh Tafseer Mazhari Volume 5 page 21 Surah Ibrahim

    Shadraat al-Dhahab page 69 Dhikr

    Maqatail Husayn Volume 2 page 58 Dhikr

    Tadhkira tul Khawwas page 148

    Tareekh Tabari Volume 11 pages 21-23 Dhikr 284 Hijri

    Tafseer Ruh al Ma’ani (commentary of Surah Muhammad)

    We are citing Tadhkira, Maqatil and Shadraat al-Dhahab. This is also found in the Arabic (non-Leiden) version of the History of Al-Tabari:

    When the head of Husayn (as), the grandson of the Holy prophet (saws), was presented before Yazeed he recited the couplets of the kaafir Zubayri:

    “Banu Hashim staged a play for Kingdom there was no news from the skies nether was there any revelation”

    We have proven from the sources of Ahl’ul Sunnah that Yazeed rejected the concept of revelation; rather he deemed all this a stage for power by Rasulullah (s). This proves that Yazeed was a kaafir, so what right do these Nasibi have to extol Yazeed, deem him to to the rightful Khalifah over the Muslims and Ameer’ul Momineen?

    In Tafseer Ruh al Ma’ani it is stated clearly:

    “Yazeed the impure denied the Prophethood of Rasulullah (s). The treatment that he meted out to the people of Makka, Medina and the family of the Prophet proves that he was a kaafir”.

    The problem is Sunni Islam accepts as a khalifa (literally ‘successor’ to the Prophet (saws)) a man who clearly did not believe in the Qur’an and instead believed the Holy Prophet (saws) was a fraud. This is part of Sunni doctrine. It is unacceptably and obviously FLAWED, both logically and also intuitively. So what can we make of this religion? Such ridiculous dogmas exist because the whole structure is based on a fundamental lie and injustice: the usurpation of the true Khilafat from Ali (as) which was his divinely sanctioned prerogative, and instead the institution of Abu Bakr as khalifa. So the lies became bigger and bigger as time went on, to the degree that in the 21st century Yazeed is even hailed as a Santa-Saint by the modern-day Nasibi camp amongst Sunnis.

  76. Hafiz Ibn Asakir records this tradition on the authority of Sahabi Anas bin alHarith:

    أنس بن الحارث يقول سمعت رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه و سلم ) يقول إن ابني ذا يعني الحسين يقتل بأرض يقال لها كربلاء فمن شهد ذلك منكم فلينصره

    “I heard Rasulullah (s) say ‘Verily my son, means Husayn, will be killed in a land called Kerbala, whoever amongst you is alive at that time must go and help him”.
    Tarikh Dimashq, Volume 14 page 223

    Ibn Asakir records (in Mishbaath ba Sunnath page 219) a hadith on the authority of Hadhrath Ayesha:

    “Oh Allah never shower your blessings on the cursed killer Yazeed. He will rebel against my beloved Husayn and martyr him”

    Ibn Kathir in al Bidaya wa al Nihaya Volume 8 page 231 narrates this hadith on the authority if Abu Ubaydah:

    “My Ummah shall be ruled with justice, until the first individual that shall destroy it, he shall from the Banu Ummaya, his name will be Yazeed”.

    Yazeed’s army looted the camps of the women of Rasulullah (s)’s household and made them captives

    We read in al Bidayah Volume 8 page 188:

    “Following the killing of Husayn the tents were set on fire and women and their possession were distributed and scarves were removed from the heads of the women”.

    Habeeb as Sayyar Volume 2 page 33 also confirms that the tents belonging to the Ahl’ul bayt (as) were set alight.

    Iqd al Fareed Volume 2 page 254 states that the women of the household were then imprisoned.

    Ibn Emaad Hanbali records in his famed work Shazarat al-Dahab, Volume 1 page 61:

    ولما تم قتله حمل رأسه وحرم بيته وزين العابدين معهم إلى دمشق كالسبايا قاتل الله فاعل ذلك وأخزاه ومن أمر به أو رضيه

    “When he was killed, his head, women and Zain al-Abedin were taken to Damascus as slaves, may Allah destroy and disgrace whoever did this, whoever issued the orders and whoever was pleased with it”.

  77. dear friends,zakir naik was saying that what is in the quran and hadiths………………………………………………………….

  78. Muhammad Sallalahu alehi wassalam Ki muhabbat deene haq ki shart awwal hai,
    Agar imsme kuch khami hai to sab namukammal hai.

    • Muhammad Sallalahu alehi wassalam Ki muhabbat sirf zubaan sayizhaar aur kehna he kaafi nahe hay . Un kay bataey huway deen par aur treeqon par amal karna he asal main un say muhabbat hay.. Meray bhai Muhammad Sallalahu alehi wassalam Ki muhabbat ka taqaza yehi hay keh deen ko bagahir milawat kay apnaya jaey. Deen main poorar pooray dakhil ho jao. Ek baat yaad rakho Deen par jis tarha Muhammad Sallalahu alehi wassalam aur unkay Sahaba nay amal kiya sirf wohi deen e islam hay .. baqi sub shirk aur bidaat hain..


    There is nothing but “there is no god but God’
    There should be “nothing between free man and God”
    O’ my brothers in Islam,hold a hand on your heart
    And declare the truth, I am a muslim and nothing more.

  80. I do not know about islam.but i easiy understand anyone says accoundly quran and hadees whether thay any scholar or zakir naik .or non is true that people wrong things as name of baralvee..i think they trust more on baba or peer that ir why common people follow like me before .i respect scholars they do good job for common people .if i am wrong plz guide me

  81. people like naik wil be totally ban in india and abroad to save dividation in muslim community.he is totally illitrate about islam & our culture.

    • Mr. Imtiaz what is your culture..? Hindu kay sath reh reh kar aadhay hindu tau aap ho he chukay hain.. Aap ki Shadi main Hindu Rasoomaat hain.. Aap kay koi death ho jaey tau Hindu ki tarha say hindu say miltay jultay tareeqon ki rasoomaat hain.. Hindu Bhajan gata hay.. aur Tum Dargah par Qawali gatay ho.. Hindu Bhagwan kay aagay sajda karta hay aur tum log Qabar ko.. Hindu nay 5 Feet ka bhagwan khara kiya huwa hay aur tum nay 5 feet ka Bhagwan Qabar main litaya huwa hay. Hindu Pasad khata hay aur tum Dargah ka tabruk. Hindu Nariyal charhata hay aur tum Chadar.. Hindi Dewali manata hay aur tum wohi harkat Shab e Baraat main kartay ho.. HinduBajrang Bali kehta hay aur tum Ya Ali kehtay ho..Hindu smadhi par pooja karta hay aur tum Qabar par Mela lagatay ho .. Yehi hay tumhara Islam aur Culture..?? Zakir Naik nay kya kaha tha ?? Yehi na keh Sirf ALLAH ki ibadat karo.. Nabi ki nahe.. Aur Sirf ALLAH say mango Nabi say mangana hraam hay.. Agar yeh kehna kufar hay tau tum batao Hindu kay tareeqon par amal karna konsa ISLAM hay..?

  82. I’m not a big fan of Zalia naik but if he says people should worship Allah only and not prophet Muhammad (saw) then there is nothing wrong with that. The prophet, may peace be upon him, is a messenger of Allah and he is human, therefore he should not be worshipped like Allah. We can always praise him and send him our salutation, but praying to him is wrong.

    • Mr. Imtiaz what is your culture..? Hindu kay sath reh reh kar aadhay hindu tau aap ho he chukay hain.. Aap ki Shadi main Hindu Rasoomaat hain.. Aap kay koi death ho jaey tau Hindu ki tarha say hindu say miltay jultay tareeqon ki rasoomaat hain.. Hindu Bhajan gata hay.. aur Tum Dargah par Qawali gatay ho.. Hindu Bhagwan kay aagay sajda karta hay aur tum log Qabar ko.. Hindu nay 5 Feet ka bhagwan khara kiya huwa hay aur tum nay 5 feet ka Bhagwan Qabar main litaya huwa hay. Hindu Pasad khata hay aur tum Dargah ka tabruk. Hindu Nariyal charhata hay aur tum Chadar.. Hindi Dewali manata hay aur tum wohi harkat Shab e Baraat main kartay ho.. HinduBajrang Bali kehta hay aur tum Ya Ali kehtay ho..Hindu smadhi par pooja karta hay aur tum Qabar par Mela lagatay ho .. Yehi hay tumhara Islam aur Culture..?? Zakir Naik nay kya kaha tha ?? Yehi na keh Sirf ALLAH ki ibadat karo.. Nabi ki nahe.. Aur Sirf ALLAH say mango Nabi say mangana hraam hay.. Agar yeh kehna kufar hay tau tum batao Hindu kay tareeqon par amal karna konsa ISLAM hay..?

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