Dr. Zakir Naik – Defame And Destroy


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One comes across several interesting comments from the people who have been defending Mr. Zakir Naik on Indian Muslims Blog. Most of my brothers and sisters are impressed by his “immense knowledge” without knowing that his kind of knowledge (database or retention) has nothing to do with religion at all. In other words the knowledge he and his fans boast of is irreligious in its very essence, for any true religion is an ever-flowing fountain of “wisdom” not “knowledge”.

However, Mr. Naik is not an only man basking under this false impression but, it is pity that most of our so-called Muslim scholars are making the profits of same deceptive notion. And it is about this “subtle subversion” that Muslim world or Muslim identity has suffered a great deal. Therefore in this article, I would talk about a whole range of “scholars” of this nature and use the name of Mr. Naik as an “all-purpose unit” to bring my point home.

A wise man may have some knowledge but “it does not necessitate that every knowledgeable man is wise”. For knowledge comes with analysis but wisdom with synthesis. Analysis demands scattering the whole into parts and pieces, on the contrary, synthesis demands uniting and reassembling the parts, once again, into a whole. Men of knowledge without wisdom are far more harmful for human family than mad men. For knowledge without wisdom lacks comprehensiveness of vision, feelings, beauty and empathy. Therefore it is not beneficial at all, and in religious terms, it is irreligious! How? A man of knowledge studies the composition of the atom from a disinterested desire for knowledge, and incidentally places it in the hands of powerful lunatics as the means of destroying the human race. In such ways the pursuit of knowledge may become harmful unless it is combined with wisdom; and wisdom in the sense of comprehensive vision is not necessarily present in specialists in the pursuit of any kind of knowledge.

The point is “so-called men of knowledge lack comprehensive vision that is necessary to make them wise”. Ask, for example, a man of science to define human being! If he is sociologist he will tell you that, “man is a social animal for he cannot live without society”. Ask the same question to a physicist and he would brief you about “material composition of a human being” and reduce it to material hump. Raise this question before a chemist and get ready to listen that “man is nothing but product or composition of different chemicals”. A chemist would also open your eyes by telling that “man is a chemical animal and his emotions and character is mainly controlled by chemical balance or imbalance”. Go to a biologist to listen, “human being is an organism composed of different organs”. See a human being have been dissected into piece and lost! Even if all of these definitions cannot include what makes a human being a human being! Definitions, I mean to say, are the foundations of analytical thinking and they always fail to spot the core—the essence.

For example, in above definition of human person, what makes human person a human person is nowhere, as no definition could be holistic! Moreover, in definition, metaphor or simile, as logic demands, is not allowed to make analytical thinking free from feelings but religious wisdom or morality is absurd or impossible without feelings! There is no room for aesthetics (beauty) in analysis and morality or wisdom gushes from these two springs as well!

I think Islam is very clear about this point as: “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty”. Allah (The Supreme Reality) is truth and truth cannot be revealed unto those whose whole effort is demystification and dissection! Has analysis anything to do with “love”? Isn’t beauty a mystery so beyond the logic (Allah Him/Herself)? Have analytical sciences, from so-called Enlightenment Age onwards, not been trying to demystify the mysterious phenomenon of existence or being? Was it not an organized effort to obliterate God from human consciousness? Has sciences (knowledge not wisdom) not been consciously trying to omit suggestiveness from natural phenomena to make it dull and ugly! There have a tendency among Quranic scholars—the tendency to count! For example word (or Ism-e-Zat) Allah has been used so many times in Quran.

Mr. Zakir Naik, and others of course, can safely claim 10 GB memory containing these types of calculations. But, so far as I know, no one has told that how many similes and metaphors are used in Quran. How many attributes of Allah (the beneficent the merciful) reflect rationality and others feelings or emotions? Mr. Zakir Naik could not deny that Prophet Mohammad’s (May peace by upon him) holy life is an evergreen epic of compassion and empathy—the gift “to feel” with others! Remember once my Lord was running for milking the sheep to feed a crying cat when West was not familiar with “animal rights”! Was it analysis or feeling—feeling with and for the whole creation? Islam is known to be the highest point of Abrahamic tradition and Prophet Abraham dived into the fire! A rationalist or an analyst (or a man of knowledge) would never think that fire could behave otherwise! In short the whole range of knowledge mounted up by sciences is of analytical nature, and therefore today, world is rich with knowledge but poor in wisdom. For if it were rich in wisdom we would have been living in paradise!

The main problem with our age is that our age far surpasses all previous ages in knowledge (rotted data) but there is a correlative “famine” of wisdom. Since wisdom includes not only intellect but also feelings, and this world is mostly steered by those whose knowledge is wide but feelings are too narrow! Therefore they have made it a hell of hatred! One of my brothers, Mr. Wasif, wrote about Zakir Naik’s comments about Sufi saints.

According to him Zakir Naik says: “Sufism is an alien plant in the soil of Islam” These are actually the words of Allama Mohammad Iqbal (1877-1938) who, no doubt, was an extraordinarily profound and inspiring poet—but as a philosopher, he used to wear several hats of intellect like Herbert Spencer in Western philosophical tradition. Actually, as I think, his poetry and thought begins in trivial metaphors, pretty metaphors, then culminates into “grace metaphors” and finally goes on to profoundest thinking that we have. Mr. Zakir Naik should note that in his profundity—Iqbal himself is a Sufi!

For example: Ik Danish-e-burhani, ik Danish-e-ruhani Hai Danish-e-burhani hairat ki frawani (One the one hand there is an argumentative/logical wisdom, and, on the other hand spiritual wisdom! But argumentative/logical wisdom is nothing but surplus of wonder…….) Qadhe khirad froze keh Frang dad mara Hama aftab lekin asar-e-sahar na darid (The shining wine cup of rationality offered by the West is the full Sun but powerless/impotent to bring into being lime light of the morning) Iqbal used to call himself a disciple (mureed hindi) of Jalal-ud-Din Rumi—the great Persian Sufi poet! Therefore, he was highly impressed by Persian influence on Islamic culture, community and thought. For example, in his famous chapter, The Muslim Community, in The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, Iqbal writes: “The conquest of Persia gave to the Musalmans what the conquest of Greece gave to the Romans. But for Persian, our culture would have been absolutely one sided”. It is doubtless that Mr. Zakir Naik is advocating and pushing exclusively soulless, fanatical and chauvinistic Saudi (Wahhabi) version of Islam that has become a disgusting scar on the face of highly inclusive Islamic teachings! It is duty of Wahabism to wage war against teachings of great Sufi saints who kept the divinely prophet-consciousness alive not by preaching the truth but living like truth! Naik’s grudge towards Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him) is a clear sign that he is an agent of un-Islamic Saudi state employed to save her from Hussain who exposes and challenges Yazid of every age!

Wahhabism is troubled by Sufism for it is a message of inclusiveness and tolerance! Wahhabism wages war against it for it is a message of freedom and core of Islam that is, in its essence anti- hierarchy and anti-establishment! Wahhabism is afraid of Sufism for it shows a beautiful face of Islam but Saudi’s allies (especially United States) are funding her to prove it ugly and dangerous for peaceful coexistence! Mr. Zakir Naik and all his friends are stakeholders in the highly lucrative and hideous business of a great conspiracy “Defame & Destroy”. For it is duty of Wahhabism to promote blameful and reproachably bigoted religiosity for facilitating its funders to wipe Muslims from the face of the earth by declaring them potentially dangerous creatures!

May Allah save my innocent brothers and sisters in Islam from felling a prey to a vicious alliance! May Allah help us to show our non-Muslim brothers and sisters that Wahhabism is not the real face of Islam! Islam is one of the most inclusive religions wherein “ink of a scholar is holier than blood of a martyr” and “killing one human person is killing humanity”! Islam—that is a religion of heart, love, empathy and compassion! Amen!

Jamshed Iqbal is a student and teacher of English literature and philosophy.



  1. salaam

    i discovered Mr. Naik and his channel ”Peace TV” a little while ago and upon the warning of my farther and listening to what he, Mr. Naik was saying in reply to questions cast doubt in my mind about whether what he was saying was worth listening to and his motives. i think we in our community need to work harder to ensure that the youth do not stray away and respect the fact that they were born into the true religion and were on the true path!

    he says that the 4 madhab schools are not allowed in islam but i do not see him suggesting an alternative.

    Inshallah they will all find their way to the true path!

  2. asslamalaykum

    why are people so jealous for an islamic scholar which was instrumental in reverting hundreds of non muslims to muslims worldwide ??
    today he has removed many misconceptions of islam from muslims \non muslims alike and people have started acepting islam as a relegion of peace .
    he does not promote hatred and gheebat as he never criticises muslim personalities.
    while his opponents always try to malign him without giving any proofs of their truth … they just use eloquent language and complex philosophies to promote their views so that thier bussiness(in the blanket of islam) continues




    so never criticize muslim scholars without having sufficient proofs and research

    to err is human and to forgiv is divine.

  3. Salams to All dear readers. My dear, i pray that Allah Guides us all to the right Path. i sort fo Agree with bro.Ali that all the people who are criticising Dr.Zakir are somewhat jealous because of his fame, and out of ignorance they forget that in this time where our religious scholars urdu or arabic were just and just talking talking and talking about the oppression that we muslims are facing within our own circle, which served no effect (just like women talking in the kitchen). i Thank Allah, that he sent a person called Dr.Zakir to stand on an International Stage to raise the voice of muslim community and tell people about the TRUE Message of Islam. in Fact he is the ONLY person we have NOW who can face any Internal Media without fear and respond to any query posed with logical explanations. Moreover, he is bringing the Cream, most of them highly Qualified people to ISLAM with the help of Allah. SubhanAllah. We must be concentrating on what benefit we are getting from him, and not what errors he is making. Do you have any other Respectable Muslim Personality who can walk into ANY given country in the world and Talk about islam. All Arabs are talking in Arabic, from which even the Non Muslim Arabs are not impressed. Zakir talks in English and is able to atleast take the attention of world around on ISLAM. i have cross checked inthe past 7yrs hundreds of text he quoted, i didnt find single error. so what is your problem my dear…? and from your article, U r trying to prove Urself wise… Think Coolly and then decide. Use your talent in benefiting Islam and not criticising the one who is bringing RESPECT to our True Religion in this time when the whole world is targeting every muslim as a terrorist…!!!

  4. I have also heard the talks of Zakir.
    Even though his talks are good and defending muslims, I would say that he can defeat others with his Islamic knowledge but on the other hand Awliyas (Sufis what the western world is calling) who are the heirs and families of our beloved prophet sallahu allihe was salam can conquer others with their islamic wisdom. There is a big difference between these two. I have never seen Mr Zakir Naik talking ill about Awliyas. If he had said so then, my suggestion is he should refrain from it and continue his good work what he is doing.


  5. Mash’Allah! I too began to question Dr Zakir Naik’s affiliation, long before I heard about his praise of Yazid! After a short while, I realised he sounded Wahabi and seemed only to work with Wahabis! I guess the funding was coming from Wahabis too! To anyone who thinks we’re jealous of an Islamic scholar… I must ask, which Islamic scholar? Dr Zakir Naik is qualified as a medical doctor, not a doctor of Islam! I appreciate he works hard at what he does, but being a medical doctor in no way qualifies him as an Islamic scholar!

  6. Dearest All,

    Mr. Zakir Naik has not sipped even a single drop from the wisdom of Islam. He just kneads the false ego of Muslims by his pseudo-rationalistic oratory. Actually he is driving majority of young Muslims away from real Islam by feeding them on reason.
    He does not even know the meanings of “Allah-o-Akbar” that means that “Allah is beyond human conception and mundane reasoning”. He does not know as why Imam Ghazali said: “I believe in Allah without reason”. Mr. Naik should be taught that:
    “One who embraces Islam through reason would renounce it through reason”. As Christ said:
    “Those who live by sword shall die by sword”. It means that “Those who live by reason shall die by reason”. Only those who live by surredering their will before Allah would be blessed with eternity!
    Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said:
    “One who speaks (about unspeakable) does not know”
    But who would stop that phony man! His oratory speaks aloud that he is mere charlatan! False pretender of knowledge!
    Someone should teach him that Islam means “surrender”…..surrender of rational pride— I wish someone should help Mr. Naik to be Muslim in real sense! I wish someone should help him “surrender his false ego”. I wish someone should make him “look within” for what he is browsing in books!
    I challenge the scholarship of Mr. Zakir Naik for some valid reasons not for I am jealous.

    One of brothers, above, was right that by profession he is a doctor–a scientist in other words. But Reality, what he assumes to interpret as a whole, is at best “symbolic” and “approximate” which has no meanings for those whose senses or channels of communication happened to be arranged or trained upon a rational, analytical or logical plane!
    The evidences of science cannot be accepted as evidence of the nature of ultimate reality! Science is useful servant but the dangerous guide! The reality has symbolic value therefore Quran calls its verses “AYA” THE SYMBOLS” but Mr. Zakir Naik is badly suffering from the disease of literalism that is dangerous and against the nature of Quran! He would never be able to appreciate, as his inner eyes and ears are sealed, that “interpretative imperative is interpreted differently by a rationalist and Prophet and a Sufi! Rationalist or scientist, like Zakir Naik, interprets a text to discover “literal meaning” where as those who know that whole phenomenon is “AYA” interprets to explore the free play of interpretation! If you want to know Islam, Sufism is the way!
    Jamshed Iqbal

    • Sufism is the shirk,Zakir Naik is not only having the knowledge of Quran and Hadith,but also he is having the knowledge other religions in vast. You people only worship graves and does nothing in favour of Muslim,have you converted any non-muslim into Muslim,No, then you people will be first to goto hell.

  7. Thoese who are impressed by his fame are living in fool’s pradise! Please wait to see what he ends like! Mr. Naik is rich in words but poor in soul. I know him well. He is bady infatuated with power and wealth…He wears relgious grab to hide his actual intentions!

  8. asak
    lots of comments on Dr,Naik., First of all we should not comment directly until and unless we should have the knowledge of the matter, Mr.naik is eminient personality having wide knowledge of Quran and hadith., he is always quoting the true references., and never criticized on any scholars from any group.,
    he wants to clear the misconcenption about islam.,
    he wish to realize people from different sector that islam is the true religion.
    you have two books, you can judge his speach whether he is speaking wrong or write, dont listem what other people said.

    You can judge, while these so called scholar are preaching they are not quoting true hadith, they are soughting only and dividing muslim to different madhab. becareful for these things.

    Can u give me a single example of Dr.naik who discuss about any group(lots of so called group in asia).he didnt criticize on any one.,

    Si listen properly to zakir naik and verify with true hadtih, (sahih muslim/Bukhari/tirmeedi)


  9. Asalaam aleikum,if its true that brother Zakir is in the payroll of the decadent saudi wahhabi dynasty then i urge him to repent most sincerely to Allah(s.w.t).The Wahhabists are not friends of true muslims. It’s a movement conceived and promoted by the British in the 18th Century to sow seeds of disunity and hatred amongst Muslims,under the guise of reviving abandoned islamic practices through the prime muslim fascist,Muhammad Abdul Wahhab. May Allah destroy Wahhabism,AMEEN.

  10. Astagfarullah…ask yourself are u following the Qur’an and Sunnah by making just remarks On Akhi Zakir?!
    Question to muslims who slander other muslims why dont you look at your own deeds first and question yourself are u following islam and summiting to Allah Talla whole heartedly before ridiculing other muslims. May Allah Guide the Ummah to the Siratul Mustakeem AllahHuma Ameen! And may Allah Azwajal Bless Dr. Zakir Naik and his family for all his efforts in this duniya and the akirah Ameen!

  11. Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

    I Kindly request you plz plz pl……………………..z Stop this nonsense Allegations. U people are jelous of his fame nothing else. i have seen all his videos and programmes till now. and never found anywhere that he is wrong

    This is you type of people who are not been noticed and been cornered due to his fame want your fame back. to gain there is no means faster than spoiling a good and famous personality

    Today in this modern world and this century where the islam is been treated as cruel terrorised bad religion, and muslim itself is ashamed of telling him a muslim, the only person who has raised his voice and fought with his spiritual knowledge and raising his voice globally challenging the whole world with proof of quran.

    Without proof how can u prove he is wrong just to gain popularity

    May Allah forgive u for this

  12. One thing is important,let us see the big achievements and forgive small mistakes or difference of opinions.
    I encourage the critics to worka and achieve the same as Dr.Zakir Naik .Let us be positive and stop being negative.
    It is shame to see muslims criticizing each others instead of being together in presenting Islam to non muslims.If our ancestors in India would have worked for Islam like Dr.Naik,today whole India probably would have been muslim and ther would not have been any need for any Pakistan and therefore would not have been any US/UK supported wars between the two countries to sell their ammunition.
    For those who are surprised or taken aback with this idea.Let me remind them that Whole north,central and South America was an Indian country with its own religion,food,language and music and culture until the white christian settlers came and killed all men,raped all women and today we have a christian North,central and South America,same is true for Australia,Newziland,South Africa and host of other coutnries.

  13. Criticizing him or pointing out this wrong or that is wrong is not Islamic. He is the right person at the moment and we should stop propagating wrong things about him. Tell me what is your contribution to Islam.

    May Allah give Hidaya.


  14. Alhamdulillah,no matter how much evr u strive to defame dr.zakir naik,he will b admired more n more by true muslims who strictly adhere to quran n authentic sunnah..not lyk blady mantarvadi sufi as mr.jamshed iqbal is who z vry well versd in literary work bt no where close 2 islam..people,plz listen to dr.zakir’s talks n decide urself,dis jamshed z posessd by a devil as sufis often r posessd.so i request him to take bath in clean water n purify himslf n then talk abt islam..thank u..

      • saying wat?
        do u even understand english?
        he is a student of COMPILED RELIGION
        he studies other religions(huinduism, judaism etc) to hav an understandng of their teachings, in order to help revert more ppl to islam

        he may hav said tht in the quran this is ritten nd in the hindu scriptures (to a hindu for example) this is written as well!
        in this way the questioner may understand better/

        brother u need to learn how to critisize ppl, and stop giving blind comments
        May Allah strengthen all of our eeman nd send us to the right path

  15. @amjad
    “Tell me what is your contribution to Islam”.
    Let me tell what is his:
    Mr. Jamshed first wrote in Mind your words Mr. Naik:
    “Once I saw him on television. Like any below average and low-brow scholar, he was talking about Science & Islam without any knowledge and understanding of scientific method, hypothesis and theories! Let me tell you how it could be dangerous!
    Most of the scientist, scientific theorists, most notably Karl Popper, has asserted in his Book (The Logic of Scientific Theory) that a “hypothesis, proposition, or theory is scientific only because of being falsifiable”!
    Note it once again that “being scientific is being falsifiable”! Now ask him “why is he using science to verify Quran”! In other and clearer words, he is judging un-falsifiable (Holy Quran) with the touchstone of falsifiable (Science)”! Now decided is he serving Islam or being harmful to it by using his tiny mind that was originally gifted to him by Allah Almightily to do trivial and petite things”
    It was a fresh insightful Muslim voice against shallow Zakir Naik. Please read it cearfully and see if he is doing any service to Islam and Quran or????????????

    @Aftab Alam

    Who has clear water? Zakir Naik? Go to Indian Muslim blog to see another comment of Mr. Jamshed Iqbal (quoting Ghazali):
    understanding is a stage of human life in which an eye opens to discern various intellectual objects un-comprehended by sensation; just so in the prophetic the sight is illumined by a light which uncovers hidden things and objects which the intellect fails to reach. The chief properties of prophetism are perceptible only during the Sufi transport, by those who embrace the Sufi life” &
    Whosoever has had no experience of the Sufi transport knows of the true nature of prophetism nothing but the name.
    You and other Muslim borthers and sisters like him because he is shallow. Otherwise he niehter knows prophethood nor scripute.

  16. What is wrong with you Dr Naik supporters? So, there are those who dislike what Dr Naik represents, and all you people can do is provide baseless opinions. So what if Dr Naik is famous? As if we care. The Shia leader Ayatollah Khemeni is famous but you don’t see his supporters claim what you people claim.

    Those who are ignorant on the matter should have a look at some of the controversial comments made by Dr Naik. If you still consider Dr Naik to be some sort of hero after doing some research, it indicates that your hearts are truly made of stone.

    For those who are repeatedly trying to emphasize the importance of following the Qur’an and the Sunnah, I’ve got this narration for you:

    “He among you who sees a “munkar” ( something not good ) should change it with his hand ( activism, organization, movement ). If he can not do that, then with his tongue ( by seaking out against it ). If he can not do that, then within his heart ( by always disliking what is evil or harmful ) and that ( the last option ) is the weakest ( or lowest ) of faith”.

    As you can see, if we see something that is potentially damaging to the Ummah then according to this narration we should either act and/or speak against it. Since Dr Naik is arrogantly promoting his corrupt Aqida, we should feel obliged to point out this danger so that innocent people don’t fall victim to his propaganda.

    Finally, to those who like comparing peoples works and keep on asking “what have you done”, well let me ask you a question. Some say Dr Naik has converted thousands, but what is mere few thousand compared to the millions that converted under the guidance of Kwaja Moin’Uddin Chist Ajmeri (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu)? Kwaja Moin’Uddin Chist Ajmeri (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu) enlightened people’s hearts by merely looking at them, but can Dr Naik do the same?

    “Although Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu) did not know the language of Hindustan because he spoke Persian, he converted about nine and a half million into the folds of Islam. Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (radi Allahu Ta’ala anhu) did not conquer India with his sword but with love.”

    When Dr Naik reaches this stage please let us know.

    • $$$ SHER-E-GHOUSIA, …..Are you implying that moinuddin chisti converted over 9 million people to Islam ? ….. I think you are very misguided and your thinking is somewhat immature. There are people who think that Dr Zakar Naik has converted millions of people to Islam…… I think they are also very misguided and their thinking is somewhat immature also You both and all who are like you are misguided, those that are criticizing Dr Zakir Naik, and also those which are trying to defend him. You both claim to be Muslims and yet you both cannot even comprehend the basics of Islam. People like you (who have a little knowledge) are very dangerous to humanity let alone to Islam, look how quickly you quote scriptures from the hadith without any real understanding, look how you readily twist the words to suit your own defense or argument (because in reality that is all you are “defensive and “argumental”) and to promote your argument or to impose your own personal views on all, you will use anything to drive the dagger home, you will mention names of good people like khwaja Moinuddin Chisti as if you are related to them and you will quote hadiths as if you were an authority on their validation or even existance …. listen to yourself …..

      “He among you who sees a “munkar” ( something not good ) should change it with his hand ( activism, organization, movement ). If he can not do that, then with his tongue ( by seaking out against it ). If he can not do that, then within his heart ( by always disliking what is evil or harmful ) and that ( the last option ) is the weakest ( or lowest ) of faith”

      So so very sad, you and everyone like you are so pathetic, can you not even see how you sound, even your name sher-e-ghousia indicates to us clearly that you and your kind have a method of thinking that is on par with unbelievers, look how you have twisted a good persons (ghousia) name, by making him into a “sher”, a lion, an animal (how dare you). How sad and immature that you cannot see that a sher (lion) is an animal, a carnivorous haram eating vicious animal, a lions only purpose in life is to mercilessly hunt and kill, sometimes even its own young, it is a very powerful cunning cannibal, and kills anything when it feels like it. the lions main purpose in life is to kill and devour helpless creatures, sleep and fulfill its sexual appetite (and you want to compare the great ghousia with this wretched animal ???). However you and people like you who think that you are endued with “a special enlightenment” will twist all this into, that the lion is something brave and good and is to be idolized (but without actually saying idol).
      I have given you an example to prove to you that you have a contorted way of looking at things and therefore your thinking will be even more corrupt and your views will always be damaging and dangerous to humanity let alone Islam.
      It was NOT Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti who converted 9 million people to Islam, and it was NOT Dr Zakir Naik who converted millions to Islam. ……It is Allah who guides and Allah alone who decides who goes astray.
      All you people out there, can you not understand that criticizing, each other, wahabbis, sunnis, shias, etc and dividing yourselves into groups and sects as the jews did is going to be your own destruction, there are 72 sects, sects mean they somehow differ in the guidance of Allah, can you not see that there is no differ in Allah guidance, can you not see that differ actually results to error, there is no error in Allah, so therefore the error must be in the sects, in you, your thinking, and by you differing between yourself in the guidance from Allah, you are therefore rebelling, directly or indirectly you are rebelling against Allah, thereby you are in fact, actually the helpers of shaytan and if you do not change your ways (and your thinking), then hell is your abode!
      Stop defending and idolizing humans, animals, power and wealth!
      Stop idolizing: Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Dr Zakir Naik, Ghousia, Nawaz Sharif, Peers and your Cricket teams !
      Stop being a parrot or somebody’s stooge
      Wake up, get a life, discover Islam
      Submit yourself to Allah, heart, mind, body and soul!
      ,and become a Muslim…. Inshallah!
      To Allah we belong and to Allah is our return

      “All glory belongs to Allah, and only Allah alone”



  17. @Sher-e-Ghousia,

    Mr. Naki could never reach that state……………I don’t say that he has no potential…………..he has as every human person is gifted with the light………..He would never…………for he is bound to follow his followers………….he is bound to earn money through strengthening the outright biased and sick picture of Islam by letting telling innocent Muslims to behave as enemies of of Islam want them to behave for the sake of defamation to facilitate further destruction!

    Jamshed Iqbal

  18. I have great respect and love for all the brothers who have offered their heart-felt feelings and their love for Islam in their detailed comments as given in the above lines.
    I beg to offer some food for thought by posing a basic question about our fundamental belief.
    Can any person, Zakir Naik or else, be a true Muslim while he, with his every breath, is breaking the fundamental principle of “Tauheed” (one-ness, uniqueness and wholeness) of the Source of all Guidance to the human beings? When Zakir Naik and others Muslims, refer in one breath the words Quran and Hadith or Kitaab o Sunnah, aren’t they breaking “Tauheed” and preaching ‘DUALISM’ AND ‘DICHOTOMY’? Isn’t that a basic deviation and violation of the tenets of Islam? Isn’t Quran “Detailed” and “Sufficient” for humnity to learn His message?
    Allow me to say that this ‘other’ source, called hadith and sunnah, is the actual medium through which character assassinations of the Holy souls as well as ruining of the true concept of Islam has been carried out……..very successfully indeed. The tragedy is as old as about 1300 years and has persisted and prevailed to this day in colossal proportions. Quran and Hadith go against each other most of the times. Many exmples can be quoted if demanded.
    So, brothers, it is food for thought. Pls. don’t misunderstand or misinterpret the plight of this muslim brother. This is only deepest concern.

  19. @aurangzaib,

    The meaning is TAWHEED is even deeper than what you said. Only Sufis told us what it is. Drink at the fountain of Sufism to knew tawheed!

  20. With all due respects,
    I fail to see much argument and solidarity in the stance taken up by Mr. Jamshed.
    I am not an advocate of Dr. Naik, neither one of sufism. However, all i do know is that most of what Dr. Naik quotes is done so from the Holy scriptures. Moreover, after readiing the extraordinary lives of Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Mumtaz Mufti & a few other sufism followers, I have reached the conclusion that indeed Sufism is an alien plant in the soil of Islam. There is no room for fantasy thinking in a solid faith that is not based on any sort of notions pertaining to the word “MAYBE”. Islam’s definite stances are purely logistic and are hence proven by all means.
    Zaik would be wrong if he would actually associate with a sect or take a stance on some sect. He advocates nothing but the message of God, one that’s been transferred to us through His Book & the Sunnah records. If anyone has a tendency to classify the speaking of truth into sects, then let it be.
    i apologize with all due respects, but Jamshed Iqbal needs to understand that we are all only human and can therefor make mistakes. Zakir might have made a few, but the purpose he serves is way greater than…
    Please, consider, think & evaluate the truth before making any comments as such.
    Best Regards,
    Ali Zain Raza

  21. Assalamu Alaikum to All
    First of all we have to understand Islam as whole. Some Scholors work for the uplifting of Muslims’s bilief within, that should be appriciated; when some schlors concentrate to spread Islamic belief to other communites, that is also great rewardable job. In fact all are aheading to grab the opportunity to Dawa.
    And, neither I agree with Jamsheed nor with those ‘bound followers’ of Naik. In my view, ‘Iklas’ should dominate the whole works.
    Naik, as I know, specialized in compartive relegions and I don’t think any one can go after the Wahhabi sect because of his lecture.
    I appreciate the comments of all

  22. Dr. Zakir Naik is a hard-disk filled with Quranic trivia. Analysis, dissemination and synthesis is beyond him.

  23. I think the writer chooses to hide behind fancy words and although it is true that dr.Naik is a medical doctor, it in now way means that he is incapable of thought or to become a Muslim scholar. We may not agree with everything he has to say at all time but he is mostly correct in the information he brings forth.
    I don’t believe he is on any particular groups payroll, from his lectures he has agrees with any group that is most closely represented by the quran and hadith.
    I think people should look to be more constructive in nature rather then spreading fitna and hatred. Look to do positive things and appreciate any efforts towards the good.

  24. Salaamz..
    I read ol the comments sent by u guys.. its very disappointing that u are saying these fake words for a great islamic scholar who has never said even a single thing about islam without reference..he is lyk having computer in his mind having ocean full of islamic knowledge… i humbly request u that dont do this if u dont lyk him, dont listen him bt dont do this sinnnn!

  25. @lovers of Dr.Zakir Naik
    Plz go and read d history of Hazrath Khawaza Muenuddin Jisthi Raliyallahuanhu. Nearly 99lakhs people embraced Islam by Barakath of Him.
    Dr. Zakir Naik is d great liar of this century (like Musailamathul Kaddaab)

  26. Dr.Zakir naik is a miracle n u ppl r jealous of him the work u dnt do by urselves now vn sm1 else kn did dis dn u ppl critisize him dis z nt fair ,
    as critisism z so easy work to do , if u r a true muslim dn stop criticzm n do sumthng gr8 4 ISLAM as dr zakir naik already did
    n 2ndly deeds speaks louder dn words




  28. If Brother Zakir Naik is a Wahabist,then he the best person,but he is not a Wahanbi too. He has done Tauneen(insulted) sunnath of our Prophet S.A.W.S by saying that Tablig people just wear Big Brother’s shirt (kurta) and small brother’s pant(above takhna). The one who insults Sunnath of Prophet S.A.W.S, is a Mushriq because they too used to insult Sunnath of Prophet S.A.W.S behind him. HE IS A MUSHRIQ and the who’ll advetise about him or his channel is also a MUSHIQ.

  29. Salam dear brothers and sisters

    We are not Jealous to any one but his aqeedah is total false let me explain you how?


    jab unahin do dawatin di jaity hain kay ajao ALlah kay nazil kardah ahkam ki taraf or ajao

    bargahay risalaty muab ki tarf to mairy habib app munafqon ko daikhain gay kay woh mairy

    hukam ki tarf anay say nahin katraty magar app ki bargah main anay say ghabraty hain.


  30. Salam dear brothers and sisters

    We are not Jealous to any one but his aqeedah is total false let me explain you how?


    jab unahin do dawatin di jaity hain kay ajao ALlah kay nazil kardah ahkam ki taraf or ajao

    bargahay risalaty muab ki tarf to mairy habib app munafqon ko daikhain gay kay woh mairy

    hukam ki tarf anay say nahin katraty magar app ki bargah main jhuknay say ghabraty hain.


  31. Assalamoalaikum to all main Dr.Zakir Naik sahab ka shukriya ada karta hoon ki aj ke mahol main muslim mazhab ke bare main aapne logon ke samne sahi tasveer rakh di hai aour mere khayal se Naik sahab ki baton se HINDU aour MUSLIM ekta ki ek aour koshis nazar aa rahi hai jo ki hamare mulak ki tarraki ke liye behad zaruri hai,deoband ka fatwa discipline ke liye zaruri hai.

  32. (1) Therae is no wahabi no diubande no baralwe.
    we are the true 1 muslim.Hazraat ibrahem nay hamaay liya musal man ka name pasand keya hay hum khud apnay aap ko ager koi name dayna chahe to bohot sharam ke bat hay

  33. @Saim Khan,

    Ideally speaking, you are right, “Therae is no wahabi no diubande no baralwe” yet historically, Wahabism is a scary reality! Ego-centricism in the name of Islam. Hatred in the name of Islam. War in the name of peace! Choas in the name of order! How can you deny it while Saudis are there! How can you deny that short-sighted picture of Islam while Zakir Naik is there! Brother Jamshed Iqbal is right that, “On Zakir Naik, Islamic rationalism is witnessing a greatest fall”!

  34. @Fans of Zakir Naik,

    I am 100% in agreement with the writer. Zakir Naik is un-wise parrot! Islam is not all about memory but ever-green fountain of wisdom…Sufis have that wisdom…..and the people who disregard them actually disregard the light of Islam! Zakir Naik is laggin far behind in understanding Islam or any religion!

  35. salam to all sufism is tghe wrong way of islam which mohamed (pbuh)teached nor the sahabis (rah) followed? dear all dont follow some blcak sheep in the name of ulamas, and shake your head when some one says some thing always be attantive , if some one says some thing about islam clarify it on the basis of quran and hadeesh and then accept it.

    Dr naiks ideology of dawah is based on quran and sunnah only as far as im concerned …….

    if you say sufism is correct are you you ready to face mubahala ? the islamic way to know the truth which was revelead in quran (mubahala)

    Note – Prove here -how sufism is against the Islam?We are Ready…….Moderator

    are any one ready against wahabis faith ? im ready to face mubahala ? that pointing out sufisim is against the true teachings of islam


  36. Today, the rather ordinary looking ‘mullah in suit’ has come a long way. He has grown into a legend, a true phenomenon and has millions of followers in India and around the world. His Peace TV, with its headquarters in Mumbai and a staff of nearly 200 young and committed professionals, is the world’s first global television network that is dedicated to presenting the real face of Islam and its original, liberating teachings before the world.

    Watched around the world for its engaging debates, and interactive programmes, the network is perhaps the most ambitious and cogent attempt yet to address the questions and concerns about Islam and its relations with the world. However, Peace TV is merely one chapter of the extraordinary story of Dr Naik and his monumental mission. A medical doctor by training and just 43, the man has spawned a movement that has captured the imagination of millions around the world.

    The Islamic Research Foundation not just runs Peace TV but also manages world class modern schools that combine the best of Islamic teachings and scientific education, research centres, publication and distribution of books and free literature on Islam to schools, colleges and other institutions and individuals in India and around the world. But the high point of Dr Naik’s fascinating journey and his mission to present the true and moderate face of the faith that he says is the “most misunderstood religion in the world” is the traveller himself.

    It has been an extraordinary quest of faith, underlined by great personal travails and sacrifices. Earlier this year, a survey of the Hundred Most Powerful Indians ranked him at 82. Another special list of the Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India saw him debut at No. 3, after Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He was the only Muslim to make it.

    But this is not about his popularity or his growing fan following among young Muslims, and non-Muslims, around the world but about his mission. He is mobbed like a rock star wherever he goes with thousands of people patiently sitting for hours and hungering for each word of his.

    On both days of his marathon session in Dubai this past week, nearly 20,000 people sat and stood wherever they could find themselves a place all night to listen to him. He would stand there all alone on the stage for hours, all sweetness and light, despite being grilled and constantly challenged by some in the audience, which included both Muslims and non-Muslims.

    In fact, it was mostly non-Muslims, representing all nationalities and ethnicities from the melting pot that is Dubai, who stood up to debate and seek answers on most common misunderstandings about Islam and seeking directions in their own quest for faith.

    I do not know how convinced his audience is by his answers and explanations, that are always backed by references from the Quran and Hadith (the Prophet’s sayings and traditions) with their verse and chapter numbers that appear to come so effortlessly to him.

  37. Zakir Naik is not a Alim Fazil Kamil Mufti he is just comprative religion student… May Allah Tala save all Muslims from this fool zakir naik.. Wake up Muslims dont follow blindly this Zakir Naik Yazeedi Vishnu.

  38. @ Ali
    Sorry Shahnawaz bhai but long answer was required for prolonged fallacy!

    He has grown into a legend, a true phenomenon and has millions of followers in India and around the world.
    Ans. Fame is not an indicator of truth (wa ak’thara’hum la ya’lamoon). What the memory has do with truth? What the comparison has to do with truth? What the analysis has to do with truth! And, wrong comparison, faulty logic and sick analysis especially?
    No doubt he is wiser enough to play with human egos with his childish arguments. He is in fact fanning the fire! The people who can really see can discern his inner restlessness and violence in him through the way he speaks, know the station of his being! You cannot defend him before them! He is nothing more than a school debater! He has no peace within so he could not spread peace in the outer world! His peace is all delusion!
    “ His Peace TV, with its headquarters in Mumbai and a staff of nearly 200 young and committed professionals, is the world’s first global television network that is dedicated to presenting the real face of Islam and its original, liberating teachings before the world”.
    Ans: So having a TV Channel and 200 professionals is an indicator of truth! If so CNN is truer than him! BCC is showering divine truth? DW is prophetic (nauzu billah)! I think there are greater people who know and live Islam! But they have no such trappings! If you are impressed by all this pomp and show, I am afraid; you won’t have believed in Mohammad (pbuh) in his time but have chosen Caesar and kings of Iran? For they had this kind of paraphernalia! They had more people at their service! Please go deeper than the surface! He has nothing to offer the humanity!
    However, Peace TV is merely one chapter of the extraordinary story of Dr Naik and his monumental mission. A medical doctor by training and just 43, the man has spawned a movement that has captured the imagination of millions around the world.
    Ans. Once again you are impressed by his so-called fame! Why don’t you see that for his childish interpretations, thousands of non-Muslims are getting a bad picture of Islam! Isn’t he reinforcing their notions of superficiality about Islam? Islam is not so superficial as his shallow mind is presenting! Please ask him to ask himself, “Have I anything to teach”? He himself is in dire need of unlearning than learning!
    Ans. I am afraid he doesn’t know the meaning of research! What he is doing is scholasticism of Ilum-ul-kalam! He is not a scholar but a shallow mutkalim! In muslim world, there have hundreds of mutkalims but he the shallowest of all! Mr. Jamhed was right that on him Islamic rationalism is witnessing a greatest fall! If he continues, we could never recover! He is earning fame and everything on the cost of Islam! Please find for donors for his publications and dissemination and you’d know what he, in fact, is doing!
    Fascinating journey and his mission to present the true and moderate face of the faith that he says is the “most misunderstood religion in the world” is the traveler himself.
    Ans. It would be painful for him and you that Western world is throwing Shakespare out of their shelves and putting in Rumi! Has he anything to do with Rumi? The world is throwing out all western philosophical cannons and trying to understand Ibn e Arabi! Has he tasted even sip of him? Hakim Sanai’s walled garden of truth is being published everywhere and being sold like anything! Has he something to do with him? So far as his knowning the teachings of Mohammad (pbuh) is concerned, he has no understanding of that consciousness, whatever he is understanding is his own coloration! He needs to climb up in heavens or dive deep into his true being to understand that hasti!
    It has been an extraordinary quest of faith, underlined by great personal travails and sacrifices. Earlier this year, a survey of the Hundred Most Powerful Indians ranked him at 82. Another special list of the Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India saw him debut at No. 3, after Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He was the only Muslim to make it.
    Ans. What he is doing is extraordinarily and wrong! Islam is not about “wrestling of faiths”! Be honest and think, he says Allah o Akber hundreds of times day and tries to prove Allah through human understanding! What a mockery! Please go through all arguments best minds in human kind have offered to see what does Allah o Akber mean! Only those believe in Allah who knows the existential meaning of “ascending leap of faith”! And they are Sufis! It was Ghazali! Ghazali soard ahead where best of western minds, Kant, failed! Has he anything to do with Ghazali?
    But this is not about his popularity or his growing fan following among young Muslims, and non-Muslims, around the world but about his mission. He is mobbed like a rock star wherever he goes with thousands of people patiently sitting for hours and hungering for each word of his.
    Ans. This is an indicator that market economy and organized religion of greed is replacing higher ideas and thoughts! It is an indicator of “global shallowness”! Don’t be impressed! Millions more will gather to see Kathrina dancing in open! And people could sit for many nights and days!

    In fact, it was mostly non-Muslims, representing all nationalities and ethnicities from the melting pot that is Dubai, who stood up to debate and seek answers on most common misunderstandings about Islam and seeking directions in their own quest for faith.
    Ans. He himself is under greater illusions about Islam! Please ask him to wipe them before teaching! I have told some and many have been told by Brother Jamshed Iqbal!
    I do not know how convinced his audience is by his answers and explanations, that are always backed by references from the Quran and Hadith (the Prophet’s sayings and traditions) with their verse and chapter numbers that appear to come so effortlessly to him.
    Ans. Impressed by his memory? What the memory has to do with the truth that is beyond spatio-temporal boundaries? I know you’d not be able to answer this question, ask that had-disk to do that for you!

  39. @ Jamshed.

    Dear jamshed,

    It seems that you are more concerned about the spread of wahabbis, and the very point that the number followers of sufis will go down is disturbing you. If you claim that zakir is making money the same is applicable to our sufis who make money by giving tabees,fatwa etc etc.
    Frankly speaking Dr.zakir is sucessful in converting non muslims because he speaks logic and not stories like our sufis do. I bet even if 100 sufis stand on stage and teach 1 non muslim about islam he will not revert. Coz they preach more stories than the truth.

    • Shaikh Pervez read Islamic History after Sahaba-e-Kiram .Asia and Indonesia beside other Countries are indebted of Sufis who Converted Non Muslims to Islam.
      Even They are doing this without much pomp and show.They dont advertise of this and dont demand Chanda in exchange.Billions of Muslims are associated to Sufism in all Countries.

      Zakir Naik is enjoying earlier hard work done by these Sufis.Even I guess his forefathers would also get Converted to Islam by Some Sufi Buzurg.

  40. @shaikh parvez,

    You said, “If you claim that zakir is making money the same is applicable to our sufis who make money by giving tabees,fatwa etc”

    It tells that you don’t know what I mean by word “Sufi”! Moreover, Sufism is the soul of Islam, and even if shallowness of Zakir Naiks is multiplied thousands fold, they’d not be able to take that soul away! The soul is immortal! Wahabism is darkness! Darkness is coward, it cannot stand even a candle! Wahabism is the fire that is bound to burn itself into nothingness!

    Yes, Sufis do not deal in converting! They transform, elevate, evolve! Their way is their life-style not parroting books! Sufis follow the way of Prophet in this way!

    teri dua hai kay ho arzu teri puri
    meri dua hai teri arzu badal jaye!

    Only true Sufis know this alchemy! If you want to be evolved, transformed and elevated, Zakir Naiks have nothing to offer you!

    May you know this truth! You’d need nothing to known! I pray for you and all those who have chosen dust at the cost of pearls!

    Jamshed Iqbal

  41. – Bismillah-hir-RahmanirRahim –

    May Peace and the Blessing of almighty “Allah” Be upon all of you!

    My respected brothers and sisters I do not mean to offend anyone, everyone has the freedom to choose the way they think is the best way. If any one chooses to engage in secret rituals and claim to be batter, I have no objection to that. All I am doing is pointing out the mistake with very little knowledge and wisdom I have on my religion. I heard of Sufism, but I never re-reached up on it until just one day ago when I came across a book where it phrases Sufi scholars of the past a lot. It explains that Sufism is based on Mystic side of Islam and the spiritual journey and how it can be attained. Mystic side of Islam caught my attention and I wanted to find out and so I visited few website and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t align with the Islam that I was thought. I could be wrong here and the website I visited might not been align with the true Sufism. I ask Allah to forgive me and give me the wisdom and guide me to the truth.

    If anyone does any re-search on Sufism they will find what Sufism really means by “transforming” – just study any other mystic religion (and they are pretty much the same) and you will get your answer. Transform your soul to the so called “Universe Sole” or to Union with the Universal Soul. This is the Journey where your Soul becomes in Union with the Universal Soul or “GOD” (nawozobillahheminzalik). This is the core of Sufism; The Sufi Master supposes to show you the way to the spiritual journey through Zikr and prayers. And I ask which Zikr? By altering the Kalima here and there. For example instead of pronouncing the correct way “la-ilaha-illallah” it would be pronounced incorrectly, hence changes the meaning and also few others like that. This phenomenon is sweeping the people of the religion from the true path.

    Throughout the history Saitan has manifested his teachings, hiding under the true religion; Taking pieces of the verses and promising people with so called the wisdom through mysticism of the verses/scriptures. I was so shocked to have found out that the same manifestation is taking place under Islam and has been for so long. Saitan is the biggest deceiver and in most cases we are totally unaware when he is in action. Some follower of Sufism here and other places use big essays and quotes from “Holly Quran” to prove and argue a different and a mystic side of Quran is hidden within and here some one point out the difference between knowledge and wisdom – Maybe there is (Allah Knows Best). But if wisdom, knowledge and mystic teachings are inspired by some promises to show you the truth, the origin of the universe and takes you to the “Spiritual Journey” through some Altered (but very close to true) Zikr then that has to be closely examined. This so called the “transformation” or Journey can be experienced by other means. Hindu Gurus, Buddhist Monk and other Mysticism religious provide the same experience. One may ask how does this happens, its simply submitting one’s will to some other Entities (namely – Jins or Devil) rather then Allah (subhanhuwataala). That is precisely the goal of our Enemy the Saitan. Please I ask everyone to do your own re-search and come to your own conclusion; this is just to open your eyes to the truth.

    Allah has provided everyone the knowledge and wisdom and by utilizing it, surely one can find the true path. Quran is the final revelation and Allah made it easy for every to understand because it is for every one. If Quran is for everyone revealed through our Prophet (pbuh), then why would our prophet (pbuh) have some secret Rituals, Zikr and teaching that he would only teach ALI (May Allah be Pleased with him). This cannot be correct and that’s what Sufism claims to be “the mystic teaching passed down from our Prophet (pbuh) to ALI and through generations. So if any rituals and teaching is not mentioned in Quran and Hadith how can that be part of Islam.

    True Islam teaches the one-ness of Allah and Allah is beyond our universe or our imagination. I mean think about how small our Milkiway system in comparison to the universe, then compare our solar system to our milkiway, then compare our planet to our solar system, then compare our-self to the planet, and finally compare our brain to our-self; In each comparison you will come to conclusion that its nothing but tiny spec of dust. So when we can’t imagine how big our universe is or even grasp how big one light year is, how we can even imagine our lord almighty Allah. Allah created everything and established himself above all his creation. By establishing prayers and following the way of our prophet Muhammad “Sallallahualihiwasulam” we can get close to Allah, not close as in physical or spiritual sense, but close to Allah here means close to his Mercy and his Blessings.

    When some one claims they can transform a soul, unify a soul with a higher soul and show the creation of the Universe in full they are definitely no speaking the truth. Yes when you submit your will to GOD you can do that by being diluted and misled, and i mean by GOD is in different GOD not Allah (subhnahuwataala). We Muslim use the word GOD when we have to explain to the non Muslim about Allah. The essence of our Kalima – “La Ilaha Illallah – Muhammadur Rasul-Ullah ” there is no GOD but ALLAH (worthy of worship) Muhammad is his Messenger. In the Kalima there is a Wisdom and that is Allah cannot be GOD but only be Allah. Allah has many attributes, and his attributes cannot go back to GOD; Attributes of Allah can only be referred back to ALLAH and nothing else.

    If Sufism is what I understand to be then, this quote “Sufism is an alien plant in the soil of Islam” would definitely worth its meaning. I would like to repeat myself again that I may have come to the wrong conclusion bout Sufism. To clear up my misunderstanding, If any Sufi bother can provide some link for some good Sufi website that will be great. In my conclusion I would like to add that our Religion is One! We are Muslim – in submission to the will of Allah, and if some one deviates away from the true path, he will get his deed in this world and hereafter. Finally I would like to Testify that “There is no GOD but Allah (is worthy of my warship) and Muhammad is his Messenger”

  42. Mr. Suleyman I think you have been misguided by Wahhabis who have left no stone unturned to defame AuliyaAllah / Sufi saints. Many of the sufi texts have been translated by wahhabis with alterations to serve their purpose and most of the websites are run by people who even dont have slight knowledge about tassawuf to spread their false propaganda.So if you want true knowledge about sufism I recommend you visit a true sufi. It has been from the time of Adam AS that Shaitan started misguiding people, if you see moneymakers dont equate them with Sufis and also clear your doubts by thoroughly inspecting before making any allegations. Finally I would like to say that it is all about Aqeeda: Every muslim should have love and respect for a person who has achieved the blessings of Allah and Prophet PBUH in this world i.e Momin and Sufi is a momin.

  43. brother farhat can u please cite how the wahhabis have mistranslated the sufi books??
    just give me one reasonable example ??

    plz you yourself do the research and then you will find how sufis are damaging islam and are responsible for its deterioration

    there is ample proof against sufis from thier own books as well as great scholars like imam shafii,ibn tayimmiya
    i had posted the links on this forum many times but they delete it without giving any reason!!
    i hope this time they dont delete it,if you delete my post than please give evidence that what is written in those books is mistranslated .i would be happy to accept your views.

    • Here you go:

      Read any “salafi” site’s article on “Sufism” and you will assuredly find the following quote from Imam Ash-Shafi’i:

      “If a person exercised Sufism at the beginning of the day, he does not come to Dhuhur except an idiot.” [Talbees Iblees]. –1

      Shaykh Gibril Haddad states in response to this quote:

      Abu Nu`aym narrated with his chain in Hilyat al-Awliya’ that al-Shafi`i said: “If a person did NOT exercise Sufism at the beginning of the day, he would not reach Zuhr except an idiot.” And this is true, as shown by the detractors of Sufism till our time.

      Note how by changing a single word – deleting NOT on purpose – these manipulators confuse innocent people.

  44. brother shahnawaz i have posted the links only as a response to brother farhat as he claimed that things were mistranslated , he should go and verify the truth before commenting

    Note-We will not allow Posting of Wahabi Links .Prove here from neutral and reliable source.

  45. Mr Farhat —-

    I haven’t made any allegations- you may have not understood what i wrote. I simply expressed my opinion based on the re-search on few website for Sufism. All the website seems to have the same mythology – and i simply stated for everyone to do their own re-search and asked people to provide any links if they have for Sufism. That’s not allegation. Like i said i am not against any sects, nor i am against any religion – people have the right to choose (i can do my part which is DAWA) I am a Muslim – who is curious about other sects and Sufism was and is a bit cloudy – I think you are confiused and didn’t understand my point if you think my comments was an allegation against sufism-

  46. Mr Farhat

    i think you are very confiused – what do you mean by – “AuliyaAllah” – You should know that you shouldn’t join another word with Allah – it doesn’t sound right either – what is that (AuliyaAllah) translate to in english??

  47. Dearest Suleyman,
    I hope my gifted brother won’t mind if I answer! You’ve the most precious gift to seek! You needn’t any link to some website! You are already linked to what you are seeking out! In fact you are the link! You said that, “Sufism is cloudy”, it seems for when we are consistent to live in darkness, light stings! Otherwise Sufism is the simplest truth but we could not see it for it is so immediate to us! As fragrance is immediate to flower! As sight is the function of eye but eye could not see the source! Sufism is the source but we are derived by blinds that push us away from the source!
    A Sufi was once asked, “What is the meaning of word Sufi?”
    “The Sufi is “Sahib-ul-Anfa’as” the Sufi replied. “Sahib-ul-Anfa’as” , my brother knows well, means “the possessor of the breaths”! You can also translate it like, “one who breaths well”!
    None of the Zakir Naiks would tell you that breath is the way! If they tell, they are to sell their way! They would not tell you the difference between breathing well and not breathing well! But this is the basic religious art or science! Breath (nafs in Sufi or Quranic terms) is the immediate channel to awareness! Another Sufi says that there are as many paths to Allah as there are anfa’as i.e. breaths! Each breath is a way to source (if you know how to master the breath).
    Now it is being realized that all emotional turmoil, inner blindness, agitation and whatever become veil unto truth is because we loose cosmic harmony by not breathing well. Those who are not in harmony would offer you nothing even if they are well-equipped with paraphernalia of propagation or heavily funded by so-called masters of the sacred geography! If your breath awakes you to the unity of being you are virtuous! If not, you are not! Let not a singular breath be oblivious of the Supreme Reality (Allah)! And see what happens! Keep in mind the simplest rule, “you become what you concentrate on”! Just attune your breaths to cosmic peace and you’d get rid of all that is making us look cloudy! What else is needed if you became the mirror reflecting God attributes? Then you would be not running after the truth, truth would feel pride to unfold itself unto you! But keep in mind, you need no link, you are the link!
    May you discover this link! Amen!

    • @ Jamshed Iqbal
      Salaam, in your post above you are describing or giving an example for:
      “What is the meaning of the word Sufi”
      I am amazed in that you have given us a very colorful, lengthy, and an indirect opinion in what you want us to believe as accordingly to your interpretations or brand of ideology!
      Please permit me to answer that question:
      “What is the meaning of the word Sufi?”
      “The name Sufi comes from “suf,”
      the Arabic word for wool or “saf”
      I hope this answer is plainly adequate!
      PS. What has Zakar Naik got to do with this particular post or question?
      I think a little bit of academic jealousy is creeping in here on your part mr jamshed, i think in your blind hate and frustration, you have confirmed that you have the missing link!
      wink wink!

  48. AssalamuAlikum..

    I must admit that i may have looked up website on sufims which didn’t represent – perhaps the true teachings… i am in the search of sprititual side of islam and sufism maybe more then what i understood it to bee at the beginning. Regardless as long as we bow to Allah all mighty and nothing else by following our prophet (SWS) – then we are muslims – sorry if i have offended anyone – lets all of us unite put our difference aside – prase the most prase worhty – Allah subhanawuwatala

  49. Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud

    Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) drew a line for us and then said: That is the path shown by Allah. Then he drew several
    other lines on his right and left sides and said: These are the paths on every side of which there is a devil calling towards it. He
    then recited this verse: `Verily this path of Mine is straight so adhere it.’ (5:167)

    Transmitted by Ahmad, Nasa’i and Darimi.

    we can see clearly from this hadith that there is a SINGLE straight path to salavation in islam that is the way of the prophet.

    it is surprisingly shocking that bro jamshed quoted:
    “…Another Sufi says that there are as many paths to Allah as there are anfa’as i.e. breaths! Each breath is a way to source (if you know how to master the breath)…”

    there is only one path to allah and all others are devil’s path.

    i myself was at one time a shia , a non practicing muslim and was associated with a major sufi like cult which preached almost buddhism.and we had to concentrate on our breadth to be continually aware of our breadth this actually did help me and at the end of an ” artificial isolation from this world ” course of 10 days of intense breathing meditation i felt ultimate peace within me i would not even feel the weight of my body ya it was REAL I FELT WEIGHTLESS and tht was awsome indeed.(a famous indian hindu+sufi painter was wid me who tried to preach islam !! which at that time i did not understood!!)

    but i found after 4 such courses that it was impractical and strict monasticism.

    and much later i found that this is not what islam taught, our beloved prophet alayhi salam NEVER taught such breathing techniques and this monastic way of life.

    The Quran says (what means): “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the life to come he shall be among the losers.” [Quran 3:85].

    however alluring the devils path may be we have to follow the SINGLE straight path shown by our prophet alayhi salam.

    and by the grace of allah i came to true islam, IRF of dr zakir and its shaikhs played a key role which they themselves are not aware since i hav never met him inspite of living in his neighborhood area for past 20 years but its the charm and the work of IRF which unknowingly guided me and hundreds of such hearts were reconciled to true islam.

  50. Dearest Ali,

    “there are as many paths to Allah as there are anfa’as i.e. breaths!” simply tells about the proximity of eternal reality as Quran speaks Allah’s proximity!
    Yes, there is a highway to Allah, we call Islam (peace or surrender)— but the question is, “how to conquer “hawa” (in Quranic terms) to surrender before Allah’s will for “hawa” that is defined as personal will of the false ego that defy Allah’s will! If you say that Islam is peace, then question is, “how to discern and nip the roots of violence from within?” These are the questions that can make your taste the Reality! Find their answer and you’d be transformed!
    You say that the Sufism is path of devils! Please keep in mind that devil dissects… tears whole into piece—it is not his business to cement pieces into whole (wahdat, tauheed) but vice versa! Those who are trying to weld pieces into whole could not devils but those who are committed for segmentation! They are not devils whose main business in to “join” or “harmonize” than de-join and break into pieces! The last thing, if one has not connection with the peaceful universe within cannot give peace to world! One who is not at peace with himself could not give it to others!

  51. why my comment was deleted!!
    did i post wahhabi links??
    this shows ur insincerity..

    Comments-Only short and original comments are likely to be Published

  52. I had a respect for Mr. Zakir Naik. I praised his works. AFTER HEARING MR. NAIK PRAISING YAZEED I started hating Mr. Zakir Naik.

    Mr. Naik is not worth for hating also. He poses himself to have the knowledge of QURAN, he has half knowledge of QURAN, IN QURAN ALLAH SAYS ONE WHO IS FRIEND OF RASOOL ALLAH (S.A.W) AND HIS FAMILY MEMBERS, ALLAH IS WITH THEM,


    YAZEED WAS THE ENEMY OF Hazrat Imam Hussain (Raziallahu Anh). How can Naik praise Yazeed

    Yazeed was a drunkard, he did not obey his father, he was drunk when his father died, he did not attend Namaz-e-Janaza of his father. Mr. Naik praises Yazeed the “Ayash”.

    After the incident of Karbala in 62 Hijri Yazeed attacked Madina and killed more than 10,000 Sahaba (R.A). He caused panic and havoc in Madina because of which Azan was not called from Masjid Nabvi. His army tied horses in Masjid Nabvi and at Mazar-e-sharief of RASOOL ALLAH (S.A.W.), Urine and dung of horses was spread there. Naik praises Yazeed.

    From Madina Yazeed’s Army marched to Mecca, there they burnt GILAF of Khane Kaba.
    Naik praises Yazeed.


  53. janab saheb, mughe bataya gaya hai Quran padtoh, toh mai ne padtah aur jo baate mughe bataya gaya tha ki jesus/isa (as) jinda hai wahi badan se, aur mai ne padtah hai ki hum logo ki nabi saheb ke baad koi nabi nahi toh woh bhi mai manta hun. lekin quran me mai ne padtah ki jesus/isa jinda nahi hai toh phir kaun ayega. aur jab humlogo ki nabi akhir hai aur phir jab isa ayega toh kiya hum logon ki nabi akhir ho sakta hai. aap kiya kahte hai..insha allah aap zaroor samjhayenge. wassalam, abdul. jazak allah.

  54. brother jamshed,

    i can explain you how sufism DISSECTS AND BREAKS DOWN THINGS Living under false impression that it is joining things together:

    FIrstly it breaks the sunnah of the prophet by not strictly following it,i have seen many BIG sufis outrightingly denying established SAHIH ahadith and giving just fancy philosophies which sound alluring to both the intellectual minded and illeterate.

    it propogates a EXTREME monastic way of life which the prophet alayhi slam himself did not practice, he was a legislator, WARRIOR, orator, apostle, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational dogmaS

    Sufism it self is DIVIDED in so many tariqahs ,some of which claim that only they are the correct tariqah while others say all are correct and hence when sufism it self is in conflict it can give only its own version of peace!!
    each tariqah giving its own version of PEACE!!!
    AND what we have is chaos but a sufi cannot see that as a sufi is blinded and is living in his own sufi world.

  55. Respected Syed Viquar Ahmed Quadri,
    Very well said! This is what brother Jamshed said, “one is where one’s gaze rests”! One is who one loves!
    However, the question is why these people are trying to push yazid in heaven? The answer reveals a great conspiracy! The answer is there in Defame & Destroy! Evil forces are afraid of Hussain’s Sword, Hussain’s sacrifice! Sacrifice for what, “Never bow before false kings, never bow before untruth how powerful it may be, how equipped it may be”. Mr. Naik is bowed down before his kings by propagating a power-serving religiosity! So far as his Quranic understating is concerned, I am sorry, he doesn’t know Quranic spirit for he doesn’t have respect for those who lived Quran! Who reflected Quran with their akhlaq-e-azeem and divine mindset! Mr. Naik is the greatest “fitna” of our times! An embellished one, as the fitnas used to be! Beware of him!

  56. dr zakir has clearly condemned the killers of imam husain in his speeches ,the only thing is tht dr zakir does not hold yazid responsible for his martydom ,
    he has openly declared love for ahle bayt if you could only see!
    he loves ahle bayt as u love them

    why dont u apply the sufi saying
    “love all hate none”
    in the case of zakir bhai’s views on yazeed!!

  57. salam…brother ISHRAB….its really disappointing to read thes words regading a person who is STRIVING TO FOLLOW THE QURAN AND HADEETH properly and to show the TRUE IMAGE OF ISLAM!

  58. and wat do u people mean by wahabi?!!!!

    any1 who follows the quran and sunnah u call them wahabis!!u ppl shld seek forgivness andd ask ALLAH to guide all of us instead of criticising…we muslims should unite……regarding the YAZEED incident, i dont no wether tht was rite or rong…but every human is bound to do mistakes and no1 is perfect…..

    mashAllah Allah is helping DR ZAKIR and his channel….

    DR Zakir couldnt even speak pproperly and now mashAllah with Allah’s blessing he can speak normally!….if u ppl hav problem contact the irf…

  59. and btw…just to let u no….dr zakir naik always calls himself a student of compiled religion..he never calld himself a scholar(not tht he cant attain the title)

  60. Praise be to Allaah.

    It is obligatory upon the Muslim to follow the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), according to the way of the righteous salaf who followed the guidance of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the Sahaabah and those who followed them – may Allaah be pleased with them all. These people are called Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah (the People of the Sunnah and the Community). Everyone who follows the way brought by the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is one of them. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) brought the message of Tawheed (absolute Oneness of Allaah) and rejection of shirk (polytheism, or association of others with Allaah); he called people to worship Allaah alone and none other. With regard to the word “Wahhaabis”, some people use this word to refer to the message of Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab ibn Sulaymaan al-Tameemi al-Hanbali (may Allaah have mercy on him), and they call him and his followers Wahhaabis. Everyone who has any knowledge of the movement of Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab (may Allaah have mercy on him) and his message knows that he sought to spread the message of pure Tawheed and to warn against shirk in all its forms, such as attachment to the dead, or to trees and rocks, etc. In his ‘aqeedah (belief), he was following the way of the righteous Salaf and the Taabi’een [i.e., the earliest generations of Islam], as is indicated by his books and fatwas, and the books of his followers among his sons and grandsons and others. All of these books are in print and are in circulation among the people. His message was in accordance with the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Wahhaabism is not a new way or a new school of thought; rather it is a call to Tawheed and the revival of aspects of the religion that had been forgotten. What you have to do is to beware of those who warn you against the Wahhaabis, because they are warning you against following the truth and the early generation of this ummah. Applying the word “Wahhaabis” to those who adhere to correct belief and warning people against them is the way of the ignorant and biased. We ask Allaah to keep you safe and sound.

    See Fataawa al-Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him), 3/1206; see also Question # 12203. And Allaah knows best/
    Islam Q&A
    Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

  61. zakirbhai has recently(2009) caused many people to accept islam on live tv peace tv

    also people were cryiin after his last speech 4 first time!!
    it was really an emotional one
    u can get his videos on net

  62. Salam…

    If you actually read through some of these comments you relise that most are advertising their own ‘branch’,’sect’ of Islam.

    People for once think about something other than disregarding other people’s beliefs and inserting your own. If you have to disregard what any Muslim believes then you need to sort yourself out, cause no one knows what or should i say who is right until they die.

  63. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam!
    This is the time for muslims to wake up and realize their primary duty as a muslim that is “to spread the true message of Islam in every corner of the globe”
    Unfortunately we have forgotten that and we start criticizing the one doing that, I mean Dr. Naik.
    One comment in regards to traditional Molvis “Believe me I have never benefited from a single one of them in my life so far ” What do I observe is a great contradiction in their acts and preaching.
    Secondly, so called “scholars of islam” , If we have a look at their background, most of them come from a poor and needy families and study in Madrassas, where they get free eduacation, clothing, accomodation etc. They or their parents/guardians are never willfully wishing them to study in Madrassaa, If somehow our educational system provides them an opportunity, of course they would love to go to an engineering, medical bla bla institute.
    So their vision, thinking span is very limited. They are only left with indulging simple people engaged in fights. This is their bread and butter. In my personal interaction once I consult any of the traditional molvi regarding explaination of a Quranic Ayat, He seems to know nothing except beating around the bush.
    These are the same people who issued a fatwa-e-Qufar against Sir Syed.
    And now they are talking the same about Dr. Naik. How many of them really know Quran and Sahi Hadiths. I am afraid very few.
    Please encourage any revolutionary person amongst us “Dr. Naik”. May Allah help us all and give strength to follow the true Islam. Amin

  64. Salam brothers and sisters,

    Alhamdullialah, Dr Zakir Naik is giving us muslims a better knowledge of who we are and anyone who has the mental capacity can understand what he is doing. He never makes a blank statement and always supports with quotations from the Quran and Hadith to add strength to what he is saying. Allah said to follow the Quran and the Sunnah to achieve the hereafter and so creating sects only complicates matters. Anyone with knowledge will be able to read the Quran and hear the message from Allah and what you should be doing in this life. We spend too much time on tarnishing each other and not look towards unity. This is exactly what the non-muslims want. My pledge to my brothers and sisters is that we keep our religion simple and follow the Quran and Sunnah. I have great respect for Dr Zakir Naik, may allah help him in his endevours and may allah make him successful. Inshallah, when we muslims unite, we would spending our time positively rather than highlighting the negative of others.

    May allah be with us in this difficult times. Question to the author is why are westeners turning to Islam, these are people with open mind and they only accept something only if there is logic behind it. May allah open our hearts to the truth and help the ummah.


  65. And by the way i dont think that dr. Zaik Naik is spreading any false statenment about anything, i agree with his fact that are proven by evidence and knowledge. And i agree with Ashfak Hussain, and every one else aswell as Munawar, and ali.. tc ppl..

    • @Aseeb
      You are a berelvi…….you are trying to spread your same Ideology…
      Zakir Naik is a wahhabi….. he is trying to spread the wahabi ideology…..
      Who ever is trying to spread their ideology, their sect or group is a deviant and in all honesty they are on definately on a misguided path !!!!
      However it is you who is stating that mr zakir is a wahabi, however people around the world have heard him on, TV, YouTube, Interviews, lectures, where he has clearly stated, that he is a follower of Abu Hanifa, and that he is a follower of Ahle sunnat wal jama’a. however he has cleary spoken against the Shias, Ahmedi, Yazid, Sects and Grave Worship and Deviant Rituals.
      I can clearly see from the above, that without proving to you any further that , that is what has been said by him, wheather he is a liar or he speaks the truth, then only Allah knows, I personally have no knowledge of the hidden, however as a muslim i am compelled to take his word for it as he is a muslim, and he knows fully well that the punisment for a muslim to lie, is well documentated in our religion, but obviously you feel that you have this hidden knowledge or that your fiends in your “group” do, and that gives you the right to mis-interpret who ever you want. I also believe that as he has spoken against the shias, ahmedi, Yazid, sects and grave worship and deviant rituals, however i think the part which has caused some lower bowel movement within you or chumunay (worm) reaction, is the part where he speaks against “sects and grave worship and deviant rituals”.
      I am totally against Wahabis, Salfis, Shias, Ahmedis, Brelvis, Ismaelis, yazidis, deobandis, and any other sects, however I am sure you will still manage to accuse me of being a wahabi !
      @Aseeb you and @Ishrab Abbass, need to get a life, you have no idea what you are talking about, you are so far from understanding deen, that you dont know what is wrong or right, you dont know what is halal or haram, when you reach this state, which you clearly have, then you will have the tendency to dictate and mis-interpret everything according to your petty desires, deviant beliefs and romantic fancies, by showing utter disregard and contempt for truth and honesty………. Morans.
      You people are so far from the true message of Islam, that it is scary!
      Proof: Try giving dawa, or converting a non muslim to Islam by giving them or telling them about your methods and deviant beliefs ???? The only converts you will find are mostly people who smoke weeds and take drugs, and are into music and dancing and most importantly love eating free Pilau rice and daal at gatherings in mosques, shrines, darbars !
      Please Note: Any convert reading this, we will only accept a response off you or a rebuttal, on the condition, that you do NOT do any of the above
      @Aseeb and @Ishrab Abbass and @Nawshad ansari
      “please do us all a favour
      ……just dont do us any favours” !!!

  66. salaam to every one ,

    One basic culture in islamic knowledge and scholars is that the safe and intellectual method to evaluate scholars is to look at other scholars in majority, what they say and how they weigh a particular scholar. starting from the imams od 4 madhab and sufi scholars , to the very person of Ibn Thaimiyya , the leader of Wahhabism , we see this method correct. because in every age the majority of Islamic Scholars who guide us to the right path when we fall in hesitation.
    let us hope good for all

  67. allah kare wahabi nast nabud ho jaye,,,,,,,,,,,,,saudi agent zakir naik ka ye mansuba kabi kamyab nahi hoga………
    zakir naik insan ko namazi..allahwala mana sakta hai par ashike rasul nahi bana sakta.jabke ishk a mohammad hi imaan hai………

  68. allah kare wahabi nast nabud ho jaye,,,,,,,,,,,,,saudi agent zakir naik ka ye mansuba kabi kamyab nahi hoga………
    zakir naik insan ko namazi..allahwala mana sakta hai par ashike rasul nahi bana sakta.jabke ishk a mohammad hi imaan hai………
    q k qafeer ko pehchana ja sakta hai par munafik ko nahi pehchana ja sakta hai…………….

  69. Zakir Naik may sound like a person worth listening to in the beginning but gradually his deception can be clearly seen thru without any effort. Guys he is just a Fundamentalist Wahabi. For all those who call him a genius(lol), here are some of his ‘intelligent???’ quotes :
    1) Mother Teresa will not go to heaven as she was a Christian.
    2) Osama bin laden is not a terrorist.
    3) Wife should be beaten (as long as it does not leave a mark on the face)
    4) 2+2 is equal to 4, therefore islam is the only way(excellent logic)
    5) Women are responsible for being raped due to the clothes they wear
    6) Polygamy is ok because population of men is reducing (wah wah excellent logic.
    For those who say that he is intelligent, please be worried about your own IQ now.
    He should just rename his ‘Peace TV’ ‘Hate TV’ to further promote divisiveness on earth.
    And regarding his debating skills, have you all forgotten Hitler who brainwashed millions of people thru his speeches. Please guys give your intelligence more credit than this and stop worshipping him.

    • @ Rikhiya Wali
      “stop worshipping him” ??????
      You sound like a typical “shirk shirk” bashar or
      one of those typical salafi and wahabi robots who parrot “shirk shirk”
      Rikhiya are you sure you have spelled wali properley, is it not supposed to be WALLY !
      I accept hitler may have brainwashed millions of people against the jews ??? but who has brainwashed you ……… Eastenders !!

      • @Rikhiya Wali
        I certainly do not think that zakir niak is a genious or a hero as, he has done nothing for me, however at the same time i am unable to critisice him as he has not done anything against me either?
        However we can all clearly see above, that he has managed to ruffled your feathers somewhat !!!
        @Rikhiya Wali you have managed to highlight 6 Quotes from the doctor, I am very suprised that you could only find 6 according to your thinking, your feminine thinking, your western thinking, your thought, and defensive type of thinking !!!
        you are highlighting quotes, as to what he has said, but unfairly you do not say to what question he has been asked, who asked the question, and most importantly…….most importantly why he was asked that particular question, what was the motive behind the question ????
        As I think you are probably very shallow, like most of the people like you, and because of this, it is understandable why you react in such a shallow way and obviously all or most of your perception is going to be somewhat immature and self oppinionated and will border on self indulgence and self gratification.
        Quote 1. Mother Teresa will not go to heaven as she was a Christian
        Q1. Why was this question asked of him
        Ans. The questioner knows that this is a controversial subject as whatever answer the doctor gives, will be controversial, and therefore will make him look ridicolous…..and it did.
        However it is the duty of the muslim to establish as to the reason why the doctor gave this answer ????
        The doctor did not answer from himself, instead he answered an interpretation from the quran, which clearly states, that anyone who has rejected Islam for another religion, then it will not be accepted by allah and they are destined for the hellfire…. it is in the quran.
        @Rikhiya Wali, if you are a muslim, you cannot reject this !!!
        However you must recognize, that this question in merit is an attack on Islam, it is the way it was orchastrated and delivered, and Mr Naive…..err sorry Mr Naik, fell straight into it as usual!!!
        As the doctor is known for his single mind thinking, he was unable to see the trap and thus he fell into it…..and it serves him right !!!
        However, wait a minute, as a muslim should we laugh at him, should we ridicule him, should we use his mistake and have a go at the wahabis which is realy what this is all about !!!, and do we neglect the immpression that this onslaught , will have on the non muslims throughout the world and to potential would be converts to Islam ????
        do you think we should think and worry, what damage we may cause by defaming and criticising every person that is not in our sect, group?
        Of course you would not, and neither will your deviant freinds, you people just do not care, whatever the consequences.
        @Rikhiya Wali, some food for your thought: If i was at that interview, I would have assumed automatically, that this is a trap and any questions that i am asked are going to be a trap, and when i am asked the question, i should first think, and if i know that the answer i have available is it going to be used against Islam or in a controversial way, then I have an option, i could answer the question with a question or simply say that i am not sure of how to answer this particular question !!! I know it may sound like a game, but that is exactly what the questionaire is playing with his/her questions.
        @Rikhiya Wali, but wait minute dont despair, and dont give up, as i have not had the chance to answer this Question/Quote yet:
        My answer to this Question would have been:
        ” In regards to going toHeaven, it is not important that you be a Christian, or a Jew or a Muslim, what is important is that you do righteous deeds and have faith in allah”
        @Rikhiya Wali, that is what allah says in the Quran or to that effect.
        Although Dr Naive…..err Dr Naike is right, however he quote the right answer but for the wrong question !!!! can you see what i am saying ???
        He made a mistake, he was not wrong, he merely made a mistake, even though he is known to be knowledgeable, nevertheless he is after all just like me and you……he is a human being…capeable of making mistakes, just like me and my spelling 🙂
        @Rikhiya Wali, I can quite easily, and I mean quite easily answer the remaining 5 Quotes, to show you , to prove to you that you are wrong in all of the quotes you have listed, your thinking is somewhat deviant but i hope you have the sense to put it right and become a muslim a true muslim that our prohet would be pleased, by following his sunnah, and most importantly that allah is pleased with you, that you follow the commands of allah, the Quran, hadith. A non muslim is never going to follow them, accept them or even tolerate them, and they are most certainly not ever ever going to tolerate the people who follow the quran and hadith….that is a known fact.
        They will always try to trick you, to make you stumble, to fall, to confuse you, for you to lose your faith, to think like them, but remember one important thing, it is crucial for them for you to think like them, but dont be deluded they will never let you join them, you may think that you are one of them, but they dont think that you are one of them, they think you are filth.
        @Rikhiya Wali, please let me finish off with just one more of them trick questions in your Quote which is very important for every muslim in the present state of affairs:
        “Is Osama bin laden a terrorist” ????
        My answer:
        “to answer with a question” because this is a hyperthetical question, why should any muslim be asked this question……. why should any muslim have to answer this question ?????
        It was not the muslim who created Osama bin laden, it was the CIA (this is a proven fact). It was not any muslim court or council that gave osama bin laden the authority to go to a foriegn country to wage war, no it was the CIA (this is a proven fact). I did not have any say in this matter, so why do i have to condem him, and i have never seen him commit a murder with my eyes, so why should i have to condem him, the only thing that i have seen him do with my eyes, is sit and stand with a rifle posing for photographs, probably once a year on some anneversary and even then the photographs are a repeat !!!
        However you can ask me as to what i think about the man, and i would be obliged to answer truthfully as a muslim, but nevertheless it will be a personal oppinion at that !!!
        I have very little respect for any muslim, who takes it upon himself to impose his own personal will onto another person by force.
        I have very little respect for any muslim, who takes it upon himself to change events by his power because he feels that allah has not got that power and he believes that he can achieve something where allah cannot, is not able to or does not want to, disregardlessley he will push ahead contrary to allah’s will, this same person will wage a holy war, this person will strap an explosive device to him/herself, this person will kill maim and injure, men, women, children, the old, animals, destroy plantlife, the enviroment, this person will randomly annialate christians, jews, hindus, muslims, athiest, anybody and any thing. This person thinks that he has the authority, he thinks that allah is incapable of causing any change whereas he or she can. This person is out of the fold of Islam.
        Why should i be responsible for him
        why do i have to answer for him
        why do i need to defend him
        why do i have to condem him
        Question them who created him
        Question them who armed him
        Question them who paid him millions of dollars
        Question them who manipulated him and encouraged him
        Where did he get his teaching from:
        It was not the Quran or Hadiths, because he did everything in opposition to the true teaching of the Quran and Hadith, this person has put himself outside the folds of Islam. All Humanity should treat him as such.
        Dr Naive…err sorry Dr Naik being a doctor will always give a clinical, a literal answer, thats why he was caught out by the media, by the kuffar, and unfotunately by you as well !!!
        @Rikhiya Wali, come on, you have to get out of this Eastender, mentality, you have to push yourself, you are better than this, much better than this, you have to open your eyes. Islam is between you and Allah, and allah is who you have to please, allah is who you have to serve, and it is allah who is your master. A muslim has only one master….Allah.
        Stop sucking up to Eastenders, stop sucking up to non muslim ideologies, stop sucking up to western ideologies, stop sucking up to deviant ideologies and friends who practice self indulgence, vanity and rebbelious femenine practices which are in contrast to that of a muslim woman in Islam. Islam is the only religion, which has made us free, free from servitude to man or any man made system, free will.
        Allah say’s he has made us free, free to worship him alone, he has made the whole earth our praying mat.
        A muslim worships and serves Allah only.
        A non muslim worships and serves many things.
        In that sense Allah has given the muslims freedom.
        Freedom is the right to be free…and not free to do wrong !!!
        Eastenders….. sorry @Rikhiya Wali

  70. of course all christian will goto hell as clarified unambiguously in quran
    innalazina kafaroo min ahlil kitabe wal mushrikeena fi naree jahannama khaledina feeha

    zakir bhai said :i dnt know osama!!

    i think you copy pasted this prejudiced review of zakir bhai from islamic\sufi website

  71. As salamo alykum,
    Bhai, aap log jo kar rahe ho wo galat hai aur islaam me ise geebat kahte hai. so plz stop it and pray to Allah for all the muslim for Sacchi Hidayat. andespecially for so called ahle_sunnat-wal-jamat. I will pray to Allah for All Ahle-sunnat-jamat’s Members to give sacchi hidayat.

  72. Is this conversation still going on? Thought the key issues were put to bed a long time ago?

    Anyway, people who want to prolong these debates – which in my opinion, has descended into futility due to the lack of any academic responses, and any form of respect to fellow human beings – by all means go ahead. But if you are trying to defend something as a Muslim, at least try to behave like Muslim, i.e. a good human being.

  73. In my opinion there shouldnt be any discussions by ordinary people. Lot of my brothers r slandering mr naik for no reason like the have personal animosity wid him. Alhamdulillah he is preaching Islam at the speed of 100m/h and Allah is happy wid his mission coz it’s the mission of prophet Muhammad PBUH. This suffiism and mysticism looks like addition in Islam. They made the religion so hard by using extraordinary phrases. How can a non Muslim who converts at the age of50 understand them. Islam is simple and easy and only for them who follow Quran and sahih

  74. As-Salaamu Alaykum.

    Alhamdulillah. Thank you for this article. I used to subscribe to “Naikism” (what I like to call the nonsense spouted by Zakir Naik and similar individuals such as Harun Yahya). I used to believe that madhahib are unnecessary, tasawwuf is kufr, the Qur’an contains scientific miracles, etc. But then I began to see what other Muslims thought and what actual scholars say. Madhahib are necessary as they make the deen easier to practice. Tasawwuf allows one to remember and be close to Allah. The Qur’an does not contain scientific miracles: such is a rejection of 1400 years of tafsir and the methodologies of science. I also found videos in which much of the “knowledge” spouted by Zakir Naik is actually, upon careful analysis, mostly complete nonsense. I then accepted the fact that Zakir Naik is not a scholar, that he has no credentials in Islamic scholarship, and that I should listen to actual scholars.

  75. Zakir Naik is obviously seem to be wahhabi,he is an excellent orator who simply compares religion and claim islam is the best and thats right,but he never thirst in search of true thawheed oneness of islam,
    dont ZN find truth in hinduism and its doctrines?
    Islam is not just about sharia but thariqa,haqeeqath,maurifa too.
    The teachings of prophet mohammad sallallahu alaihiva sallam are profound and exemplary to follow and alquran comprises of these with scientific truths.
    Dr.ZN is against mawlid,Ziarat,salawatof our glorious S.A.W.
    There is no use in converting people into muslims.
    Alquran states
    “Lakum dheenukum waliaddeen”
    their religion is for themselves.
    Great wali like hazrat khwaja r.a. and thousands of Wali know the truth of islam.
    Zakir naik is ignorant of islam thauheed concept and he is right in dealing the misconception of islam but not a scholar,and i’m sure if anyone underestimate our beloved glorious mohammad S.A.W. Then they are the losers and enemy to islam…
    Islam never wants its people to be fanatic but to find the oneness truth within self as the imams,wali,ahlabaith,sufis did in the love of S.A.W…

  76. May Allah(swt) bless u for this post. And may Allah(swt) help us to prove to muslims that the salafi/wahabis/ahlisunnah, and not realy muslims but rather betra the prothet!

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