Dargah sharif destroyed by Wahabi Talibani

Sufi Shrine ‘blown up by Taleban’

Sufi gathering in Lahore

Suspected Taleban militants in north-west Pakistan have blown up the shrine of a 17th Century Sufi poet of the Pashtun language, police say.

No casualties are reported but the poet Rahman Baba’s grave has been destroyed and the shrine building badly damaged.

Rahman Baba is considered the most widely read and poet in Pashto speaking regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Taleban had warned they would blow up the shrine if women continued to visit it and pay their respects.

Historic popularity

Literary experts say the poet’s popularity is due to his message of tolerance coupled with a powerful expression of love for God in a Sufi way.

The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says that his lasting appeal reflects the historic popularity of Sufism in South Asia.

But our correspondent says that his views are anathema to the Taleban, who represent a more purist form of Islam and are opposed to Sufism, preventing people from visiting shrines of Sufi saints in areas they control.

When the Taleban seized power in neighbouring Afghanistan in 1996, they locked Sufi shrines.

In Mohmand tribal region, the local Taleban captured the shrine of a revered freedom movement hero, Haji Sahib of Turangzai, and turned it into their headquarters.

Taleban leaders have said in the past that they are opposed to women visiting these shrines because they believe it promotes obscenity.

Residents of Hazarkhwani area on the eastern outskirts of Peshawar – where the shrine of Rahman Baba is located – say that local Taleban groups had warned that if the women continued to visit the shrine, they would blow it up.




  1. @ How come this shrine is destroyed now ?

    and what prove do you have that it was destroyed
    by ” Wahabis ” ? and not by American agents
    Takfiris and Tehrikis Baitullah Mehsood
    and Fazlullah and also possibly by Indo/Israeli
    agents trained financed and sent from 21
    consulats of India in Afghanistan.

    Kindly refrain from hatemongering against other
    muslims, it might be seculars of ANP and
    PPP behind all, how can you blame on your
    Usual ” target ” ? its always the wahabis,
    I am curious, Sir, are wahabis not muslims ??
    The area is infested with American/Indian/Israeli
    agents and you blame Wahabis for all ? who’s
    game are you playing ? have you certificates of
    Taqwah and jannat ?

    Why should you ” Ahl-e-sunnah” build Shrines
    whereas it is forbidden in Islam to build four
    wall around even a grave, its not Wahabi who say
    that, I don’t ask you to prove that fronm Quran or
    Sunnah, just give me one hadith where it is
    permitted to construct Hinduistic, Greek and
    pagan style of shrines and comit all kinds of
    pagan rituals no permitted.
    thank you

  2. No Islam Teaches the Terrorism ….All Terrorist are Wahabis …They dont follow the peace ful islam … End of Wahabism means Ends of Terrorism …..Coz of this people all other peace loving mulsims have to face the prblems in entire world…My brother Pls explain me ….”Does Islam teaches killing Innocent ?”

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