Occupation justifies resistance including stone pelting’



Hakeem Irfan
Srinagar, March 29: 
Stone pelting is a form of resistance, and is in no way un-Islamic as claimed in some recent statements. The view was expressed by the participants during a discussion organized by Islamic Students League (ISL) here on Sunday.
The discussion titled ‘Sang Har Shakhas Ne Hathoon Main Kyoun Utha Rakha Hai’ was attended by people from cross-section of society.
“We are fighting war against India. We can use any sort of weapon for resistance, and stone pelting is part of that,” said Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Qazi Yasir.
“Hadith prohibiting stone-pelting quoted by SSP Srinagar, Afhadul Mujtaba is out of context,” Yasir said, adding, “Police is involved in corruption and alcoholism. What is his answer to that?”
On the occasion, senior journalist, Hilal Ahmed said that if Islam is taken as a guide then SSP has to answer many questions, adding, “Let us simply ask SSP Srinagar as to what Islam says about the killings of innocent people that took place during his tenure last year.”
The participants also took strong exception to the statement of President Jamiat Ahli Hadees, Showkat Ahmed Shah who had termed stone pelting as ‘un-Islamic.’
“Let him issue a decree on the military occupation of India in Kashmir,” said Hilal.
The organizers had hung a banner at the venue showing Harvard Professor and Middle East expert, Edward Said throwing stones in Palestine along with other people which according to Bakshi shows that intellectuals also believe in the form of resentment.
Speaking on the occasion, General Secretary, Bar Association, Ghulam Nabi Shaheen said, “Even armed rebellion, according to the United Nations charter, is guaranteed right of the occupied nations. Stone pelting is a minor form of that. It is our right to protest and resist according to Islam as well, and every single child of Kashmir will continue to do that.”
On the occasion, chairman Muslim Khawateen Markaz, Zamrooda Habib announced that her party will provide free legal assistance to the youngsters arrested for stone pelting.
“I am defending the act of stone pelting and I definitely defend those who do so. We have to see the causes that force a person to pelt stones,” said Zamrooda.
Senior Columnist, ZG Muhammad said, “Leadership is in desperation after elections and they don’t have any idea what to do. They just have to channelize the anger in the youth and not enter into the discourse of these fatwas. Fatwas have been slapped against Allama Iqbal, Qaid-e-Azam, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, but they never cared about them and did their work. History remembers them and not those who slapped fatwas.”
“We want to question SSP Srinagar. Have people just to sharpen their stones or take to latest weaponry as the Hadith he quoted  prohibits humans to throw stones having no affect on the enemy or prey,” said senior journalist Zahiruddin.
Duktaran-e-Milat representative also spoke in favor of stone pelting. 
Noted commentators on Kashmir issue including Dr Mubarak, S Muzaffar, Ashiq Hussain, Aala Fazli, Baber Qadri also spoke at the function attended besides others by senior journalists Nazir Masoodi, Fayaz Bukhari and Sheen Meem Ahmed.



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