ST shows concern over chaos in NWFP

By: Nisar Mehdi | Published: April 27, 2009

KARACHI – Sunni Tehrik has postponed the “Difa-e-Islam” rally, scheduled against the promulgation of Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) in Swat on Sunday, on the request of Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah.
Awami National Party (ANP), an ally of the ruling PPP, has declined to call off wheel jam strike on May 12.
Talking to The Nation, ST central leader Shakeel Qadri said that Sindh CM had requested the ST leadership to postpone a very important party rally in the wake of terrorism threat and imposition of Section 144 in Sindh.
He said that CM had assured us to arrange a meeting of ST leadership with the prime minister so that they could inform the premier about the viewpoint and reservations of Sunni Tehrik about the NAR and killings of Ahl-e-Sunnat Ulema and people in NWFP. He added that the CM would inform the ST leadership within next two days about meeting with the PM.
He informed that the ST protest campaign against promulgation of the NAR in Swat continued in other parts of the country but demos in Sindh was called off due to imposition of Section 144.
Shakeel Qadri led the six members of ST delegation met with the Sindh CM. Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, provincial advisor Rashid Rabbani and Waqar Mehdi assisted the chief minister.
Home Minister Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza said that ST expressed dismay and grief over the killings of their leaders and custodians of saints’ shrines in Swat and destruction of the shrines by the terrorists. “The chief minister informed them about the reports of possible terrorism and bloodshed therefore ST agreed with the Sindh government’s viewpoint and called off their protest in Sindh,” he added.
Qaim Ali Shah informed the ST delegates that law enforcement agencies were given clear directives that they shouldn’t allow anyone to violate law and disturb peace.
This news was published in print paper. To access the complete paper of this day.

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