Sufism: The Heart of Islam by Sadia Dehlavi

By Suanshu Khurana, “Sufi Potpourri” – Express India – India Saturday, May 2, 2009 The legendary Amir Khusro’s verse set to strains of Sufi music was the appropriate backdrop for the launch of Sadia Dehlvi’s book, Sufism: The Heart of Islam (HarperCollins), held at Delhi’s Le Meridien on Thursday. The book provides insight into the lives of great Sufi mystics like Baba Bulleshah, Baba Farid, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti apart from a range of poetry written by them. “The book would have been incomplete without these detailed profiles that had a huge impact on people converting to Islam. Since song and dance is such an integral part of Sufism, their poetry adds depth to the book,” said Dehlvi. In the book, she has lucidly described the Sufi path with an interesting assessment of Sufism’s connect with Muslim and non Muslim societies, in turn also highlighting the widespread misunderstanding about Sufism as a faith which separates it from Islam. “Sufism is not an innovation but a continuation of Islam that leads to the Prophet,” she added. “Sadia’s transformation is commendable. Her perspective on Sufism and spirituality is unique,” said author Khushwant Singh. Professor Mushirul Hasan, VC of Jamia Milia Islamia, launched the book along with Singh, while artists Arpana Caur and Sudhir Dar looked on.



  1. Sufism in its purest sense does not mean leading to the prophet or dogmatic islam. It is higher than that. It is “Annul Haq”

  2. i think u r lost in idol worship… sufism is just a mystical dimension of islam, understood by only those who are close to Allah..

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