Shabe Baraat Celebrated

The festival of Shab-e-Barat was celebrated with traditional fervour and gaiety in the city on Thursday night. People prostrated before


the Almighty in the mosques and offered prayers. Further, there was brisk activity at the graveyards where the people visited the graves of their forefathers and paid visit to the tombs of great saints. Many mouth watering delicacies were also prepared to satiate the taste buds.

On the occasion, most of the mosques were tastefully decorated and delved in colourful lights. Mosques which earlier witnessed less presence of the people were packed with devotees and they were seen offering prayers. Children were the most enthusiastic among the lot as they burned fire crackers on the occasion.

Though Allahabad Municipal Corporation was not able to make comprehensive arrangements of cleanliness and lighting, people themselves took the initiative for ensuring light at the graveyards and the different lanes near leading to these graveyards.

On the occasion, people paid floral tributes on the `mazar’ and `dargah’ of renowned prophets. People prayed throughout the night and asked forgiveness for their sins. Further, they also offered `dua’ in favour for their ancestors. People also paid visit to the tomb of great prophets and offered `chadar’ on the graves. Considerable crowding was witnessed at the mausoleum the Daira Shah Munnawar Ali of Himmatganj, Mazar of 14 Pirs at Polo Ground, Dargah of Dada Miya at Kydganj, Akbari saints at Chak, Line Shah Baba and other mausoleums.

There was brisk activity at the numerous graveyards of the city spread in different parts of the city. There was considerable crowding at the graveyards of Kala Danda (Old and New), Akbarpur, Roshan Bagh, Rasoolpur, Hasan Manzil, Dariyabad, Chakia, Rajapur, Nihalpur and other graveyards.

The other attraction of the festival was the cooking of delicious `halwa’ made from `chana’ dal (gram) and other materials. People distributed food and alms to the poor. Further, the delicacies were distributed among relatives and neighbours. The children were the enthusiastic lot as they munched their favourite `halwa’.



  1. there is no hadees that rasool ALLAH s/w celebrat shbebarat. so if we r going against Allah and rasool that is pls stop all these evil things from islam. if any shee hadees about shabebarat is there pls let me know.

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