Burqa Ban in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Tension prevailed at Vani Degree College for women at Mehdipatnam after its principal is said to have asked a burqa-clad student to unveil herself for identification before entering the college premises.


At this, hundreds of agitated undergraduates joined by Intermediate students of the sister junior college, raised slogans against the principal, Y Annapurna. They also pelted the college building with stones, prompting a lathi-charge by the police.

 The trouble apparently began on account of the “unveiling” episode, but in fact it had been brewing over the last few days, with the rift between the students and the principal widening.

 On Thursday evening, the students staged a dharna in front of the college demanding an apology from Annapurna. The issue seemed to have been sorted out following the intervention of Karwan MIM MLA Afsar Khan. But surprisingly, on Friday morning, the students gathered outside the college and staged a dharna demanding the principal’s suspension.

 Anticipating trouble, police force were deployed there in large numbers.

 Nevertheless, they had a tough time preventing the agitators from trying to storm the college.

 On being thwarted by the police, the students began throwing stones at them. West Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police C Ravi Varma narrowly escaped being hit.


At length, the police resorted to a lathicharge and as the girls ran helter-skelter for safety the locality was gripped by fear for nearly half an hour. Traffic came to a standstill for more than an hour till the situation was brought under control.


Later, Afsar Khan arrived on the scene and pacified the agitated students and their parents, and held discussions with college authorities and the police. For her part, principal Annapurna apologised to the students.


“The students alleged that the principal asked them not to wear the burqa to college, but the latter has denied it,” Asifnagar division Assistant Commissioner of Police M Venkateshwar Rao said.

Shops in the locality were closed for nearly two hours, and the college was closed for the day.  


‘Not against veil’

Asif Nagar police registered cases under sections 147 (punishment for rioting), 148 (rioting armed with deadly weapons), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant) of Indian Penal Code against unknown people. Police said that no case was registered with regard to the burqa row as none of the students lodged a formal complaint with the police.


Speaking to ‘Express’, college principal Y Annapurna said some students were annoyed about the discipline insisted by Vani Degree College for Women. “Some students are against the discipline followed in our college and want to make an issue out of nothing. From our side we will never insist on any student not to wear a burqa,’’ Annapurna clarified.



  1. India is a democratic country.Everyone has been given rihgt to follow his\her religion freely by Indian costitution.It also comes under individual freedom to wear a dress of his own choice.If someone hurts to one’s religious sentiment,he must meet hard punishment so that no one could dare even to think.

  2. As an indian we respect our motherland more than our live as a muslim we are proud to be an indian and being a respectful citizen of the world largest democratic nation i strongly oppose that every principle/teacher should first understand that he/she belongs to india and indian constitution is one for all and we abide by our rights to live in india she should be sacked for what she had in her mind against islam the religion of peace who respects other

  3. Why dont you say the same 2 responses about the hindu minority in kashmir? Shouldnt the same rule apply to the minority in kashmir, who were forcibly thrown out of their ancestral land?

    • Indian Muslims never Supported any terrorist activity in Kashmir but the atrocities on Muslims in the name of terrorism are regulalrly committed by Jawans.
      You can not Justify the acts of Hardliner Indian terrorist RSS to Support Zulmat anyother Place.

  4. To vinashkaale — Why dont you just say you want to be ignorant , it is my fault that terrorist do it or a local tussle between Autocratic Army and oppressed people lead to this consequence . since it is not your or all hindus fault what vani Principle did in an environment of peace and tranquility this indicates that she had RSS and hardline anti POLICY in her heart and mind .
    This is what RSS is leading rest of india to, TO BECOME KASHMIR.

  5. How can you say that the army started the problem in kashmir? It was the kashmiri muslims who started the problem and wiped out the hindu minority, dont the kashmiri hindus have the right to practise their religion in muslim majority kashmir? If what happened in kashmir,why shouldnt it be replicated all over India?

  6. To vinashkaale-grow up dear hostile to muslims and get information that thousands of hindus are still living in kashmir and freely practicing their relegion and the same are the few who went away from kashmir only because of fear of being attacked by pak army during indo-pak war.nobody thrown them away! see the height of oppression that the complaints were lodged against the oppressed muslim students not against the culprit principal in hyderabad by police giving an excuse that nobody approached from students side to lodge complaint against the culprit…-haah! what a frenze of enmity against muslim.the same is in gujrat where the victims are dumped into jail.i know here you won’t ask anything to the police and modi because you are “hindu”the hostile to muslims.

  7. Go and save the hindu minority in kashmir. If you want to save yourselves. We havent forgotten what razakars did in 1947-48.

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