Al Hashmi Trust ; An Institution with a difference

Dear Brothers/Sisters ,ALHASHMI- LOGO

As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarkaatuhu

All Praise and thanks is due to Allah,
Rabb of the Universe, Peace and Blessings upon His beloved Habeeb, the Intercessor of Sinners, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu Alayhi Wasallam, his family,Companions and all the Pious Servants of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

JAMIATUL HASHMIA BULIDING.jpg copyJAMIATUL HASHMIA (JAMIA HASHIMPEER) is running successfully under the management of “AL-HASHMI TRUST”(Regd) from past 12 years in Bijapur
(KARNATAKA).Its located at Hashmi Nagar,Anaipur Main Road of Sindgi,in 8 acres of Land.

JAMIATUL HASHMIA-CLASS ROOMALLHUMDOALLAH many students have completed their Hafiz course, and giving their esteem service to the Muslim Ummah. Currently Now 200 Students are doing Hafiz/Aleem courses. These entire Students get FREE
EDUCATION, which include their Lodging, Boarding, Books, Cloths, etc
Jamia Hashmi also has the Darul Ifta Imam Ahmed Raza for helping people solve thier problems.



Al-Hashmi Trust is registered
1. Indian Trust Act.
2. Under Income Tax 80 G & 80 D.(Donor will get certificate which can be used for IT)
3. FRCA.

Videos Link
Account details:
Account Name: Founder President Al-Hashmi Educational & Welfare Trust.
Bank:Bank of India, Bijapur Branch,
State:Karnataka, INDIA.
Account No: 849510110000463

For any clarification please feel free to reach,
Founder President Sheikh E Tariqath, Fazil e Bareli- Syed Mohammed
Tanveer Hashmi  or Asif Jargidar at 9742778716

Address: Al-Jamiatul Hashmia,
Ainapur,Sindgi Road,Bijapur-586104,
Karnataka(India). ,

For More Details find the attached brochure & Also Pls visit

Request to you all, Please come forward in this great Task by contributing your DONATIONS (Please Specify the purpose of Donation- Zakat, etc) .




  1. assalamualaikum huzoor tanveerul millat i hope u might ve recognised me.i m highly previleged 2 be in de feet of u de son of hazrate hashimpeer.u r doing a gr8 work 4ahle sunnat.u r de 1 who is upholding maslake aala hazrat.may allah n his prophet help u n may de faizane ghouso hashimo raza be always wit u.allah meri aapse is mohabbat ko qubol kare pls pls pls remember me in ur duas.maslake aala hazrat salamat rahe.wassalamualaikum

  2. as salam alaikum sahab aap jo kam ahele sunnath ke liye kar rahe, bijapur shaher me to koi kar nahi sakta bijapur me to alag hai is state karnataka me bhi aap jaisi hasti koi nahi jo sunniyat ke liye itna age aakar kam kare allah aap ko aur apke khadimon ko iska faiz dugna de…. aameen sumaameen ….

  3. السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ
    الھاشمی ویب سیٹ کی افتتاح پر تنویر ملت حضرت سید شاہ تنویر پیراں ہاشمی صاحب قبلہ اور ان تمام رفقاء مریدین ومتوسلین اور جامعات کے جملہ اساتذہ اور تمام عملے کو دل کی گہرایوں سے مبارک باد پیش کرتاہوں اور گذارش کرتا ہوں کہ میری اس مبارک بادی کو قبول کرتے ہؤے دعاوں میں یا د رکھے والسلام
    سید صادق انواری اشرفی کامل الحدیث جامعہ نظامیہ
    ایم اے اردو میسور ٹیچر نور النبی عربک اسکول بیجاپور

  4. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu i saw the picture of your madarsa i like so much and i read its features also one more think i want to tel the president of this madarsa, plz sir we are requesting you while you handaling both girls and boys madarsa its very difficult and very proudful think, but you try to residential madarsa for girls also because they is very less islamic knowledge in your city more than girls are there those who are attending your madarsa but in other cities no one is there plz sir we requesting you to give opportunity to those poor or rich girls those who are living in other places or villages. Thankyou if any mistakes is there means plz sorry to all and mostly allama sayad mahummad tanveer hashmi sir. Remember us in your duwa we also always pray to god for you and all ummate muslima (pbuh) allah hafiz.

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