Largest Ramzan gathering in Swalath Nagar,Malappuram (Kerala)Sep 16


12 Sep,2009

Malappuram (Kerala) : Islamic charity organisation Ma’dinu Ssaqafathil Islamiyya is gearing up to host the country’s biggest Muslim prayer congregation Sep 16 at Swalatha Nagar near here.Syed Ibrahim Bukhari during Swalat Nagar Meet

The organisation’s chairman, Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari, said that they expect about 600,000 people from various parts of the country and abroad to attend the congregation, which will fall on the eve of the 27th day of the Muslim holy month of Ramzan.

“This annual meeting is also considered as one of the largest Muslim gatherings in the world after Mecca and Medina in Ramzan. This is the 24th anniversary of the Swalath Meet and as part of it, the congregation will host a mass pledge where the participants will declare their commitment and solidarity to the fellow citizens, society and nation,” he said.


Apart from the main venue, 20 grounds have been set up to accommodate the people, spread across 10 km on either sides of the NH-212. The program would be telecast live and special screening centres are set up in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in India and major cities in the Middle East.

“The night long prayers will begin on Sep 16 afternoon with Iftar meet, in which about one lakh (100,000) believers would attend. Everything is put in place for the group feast of Ramzan in the evening,” said Pary Muhammed, the organisation’s secretary.

Ma’dinu is one of the leading educational and charity initiatives among Muslim community in Kerala. It has now grown into a mass movement with more than 25 educational institutes from primary to the post-graduate level.


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