Sunni Supported Proposed Central Madarsa Board

All main sunni bodies United to support Central Madrsa Board which was being Opposed by Wahabi Lobby.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board Jadeed ,Raza Academy,Ulema and Mashaikh Board ,Marehra sharif along with other bodies supported the move of the govt with certain amendements.

Sunnis conducted a successful meeting in the Ghalib Academy New delhi on 15th Nov 2009.



  1. I fail to understand as to why we need to segregate Sunni’s from the faith when all claim to be Sunni Hanafi etc.
    May be this is there to play into the hands of those who want Muslims to be always following them. We cannot remain second grade with no education and certainly the government will extract a great price for its lip service. I am ashamed many of them call themselves Sunnis while negating the Prophet (PBUH).

  2. Salaam’s,I think the sunni muslims have taken right desczn by participating in goverment scheme.goverment of india is not asking madarsas to sing vande…. N madarsas bt only asking only to disclose the study material n pattern n inreturn goverment is providing salary 2 the facultys.we all knw how much does a imam or a fuculty teaching n madarsa whn the goverment is trying to help and increase the standard of education in madarsa why not,all we require is to go through the scheme of goverment+ask them to change some points if required and last but not the least instead of fighting in the name of sunnism n wahabissm all ulmas should sit together and sort things out in the benifits of all indian muslim’s.

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