Sunni Conference :Neither the Leadership nor the Imamat of Wahabi is accepted

Moradabad: The All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board on Sunday alleged that Sunnis were being ignored by the state and Central governments.

Addressing a Sunni conference at Company Bagh here, the Board President Syed Mahmood Ashraf said that they were being ignored by the Centre and state government at every level of development.

All the benefits meant for them (Sunnis) were being “hijacked” by the Wahhabis, Ashraf claimed.

He rejected the proposal that a meeting between Sunnis and Wahhabis be organised to overcome the rift.

The Sunni leaders at the conference demanded the removal of Wahhabi Muslims from Wakf board and from all government organisations dealing with Muslim affairs.

LUCKNOW: The age-old animosity between the Deobandi and Sunni schools of thought among Sunni Muslims resurfaced in Uttar Pradesh with moderate Sunni serving an ultimatum to hardline Deobandis to give up control over Muslim religious places during a Sunni conference.

The fight is over control of more than one lakh madrassas, dargahs, graveyards and other historical monuments. Under the control of Sunni Waqf board, these properties — excluding, of course, the historical monuments — in UP alone are worth at least Rs 10,000 crore. The figure would be substantially higher if properties in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal, Bihar, MP and Chhattisgarh were to be included.

A demand to free all the ‘idaaras’ (religious places) from ‘wahabis’ — read Deobandis — was raised at the conference hosted by All-India Ulema Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) in Moradabad last Sunday. General secretary of the board, Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichowchhwi, accused the “13% minuscule, manipulative minority with hijacking all minorities bodies in UP and the national level”.

Talking to TOI, Maulana Kichowchhwi said this was a fight between moderates and hardliners. “Since the latter do not have faith in patron saints of ‘dargah’ or ‘mazar’ and have condemned the practice, logically they must not be considered for management of Ajmer Sharif or Deva Sharif. The government must ensure that the chairperson and members of the Sunni Waqf Board come from among 80% of the population of moderate Muslims who follow the Sufi tradition,” he said.

This apart, the board also demanded representation in Central Haj Committee, Urdu Academy and other minority related institutes, said Babar Ashraf, secretary of AIUMB, who accused Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, Nadava Jamate, Islam Jamait-ul-Ulema, et al, of trying to dominate Sunni “on the strength of petro-dollars”. “Members of Waqf board in the past have systematically captured our mosques and madrassas,” he said, and added, “The board would launch a public agitation to liberate our properties.”

The gathering of ulema, imams and intellectuals also demanded “a rightful share and representation as per their population percentage in all government and semi-government bodies” and appealed to the government to ensure the enforcement, failing which the board would take the fight to the public.

URDU News from 4th Jan 2010



  1. The ummah is in turmoil, the whole world is engaged in eliminating Islam, and Muslims are busy in fighting each other. What a great shame. Termin people as wahhabi as become a fashion these days; and the term has been used in a derogatory manner following in the lines of the Kuffar. The igonarant people have been deceived by these so-called leaders. Allah save this ummah from such people.

    • Yes these are so called leaders only Jamitul ulema has Pious Leaders who have captured power and politics in the name of Islamin the country.
      The JUH started a campiagn of Islahe maashra only to change the Aqaid and Practices which it think were against Deobandism/Wahabism.

      They are Propagating and are trying hard to Impose their Aqida on other Sunni Muslims . Sunnis are not accepting these Psuedo JUH leaders then what is the Problems.They have different Aqida on which they cant compromise.They wants deobandi /Wahabi Imam in each Sunni Masjid?
      Should we stay silent?
      It is the only start my dear let the Post of Waqf chairman in various states come to Us ,we will tell who is in majority and who is biddati.
      We will teach Wahabis the ABC of Muslim Politics.InshAllah

  2. I agree with the views that instead of figthing the enemies, Muslims are busy fighting amongthem.

    This was bound to happen. Muslims left the true Islam when they forsaked the orders of Prophet Mohammad (pease be upon him) to accept Hazrat Ali (may Allah be satisified with him) , his cousin and son-in-law, as Caliph after his death. He was the most superior person after the Prophet (pece be upon him) from all aspect. No one was matched to his knowledge, honesty, bravery etc.

    But history is a witness that for acquiring this fleeing world people exchange diamond with stones.

      • Dear Mr. Warsi, Agar aap Quraan Kareem main Dawate Zul-Asheera ki tafsir padenge to aap ko maloom hoga k Nabi Kareen apne kare Risalat main sath dene wale k bare main kia kaha…yani Nabi kareem per jo kare Risalat ka bhar sonpa gaya tha us main sath dene wala hi Nabi kareem s.a.w. ka Bhaii, wasi, janashin hoga. lihaza aap dekhenge ki us dawat main 3 din tak siwai H.Ali k kisi ne bhi sath dene k liye N.K. se nahi kaha…….us per N.kareem ne H.Ali ka hath utha kar Ailaan kiya k aaj se jis jis ka main Maula hun us us k ye Ali Maula hain, phir Allah se duwa ki k aye Allah to us ko dost rakhna jo Ali ko dost rakhe aur us ko dushman rakhna jo Ali ko dushman rakhe…..etc. etc.

    • Assalaamu alaykum brother Aazaan, I completely agree with you about hadhrat Imam Ali alaihissalaam. And his imamat, successorship is even proved by the ahlussunah wa jama’ and other scholars aswell. Hadhrat Abu Bakr had great contributions towards Islam during the life of the Prophet (PBUH&HP) but the haq is haq and that belonged to Imam Ali alaihissalaam.

  3. Salaam,

    thanx for the reply.

    i would be grateful, if you can give me some references where Prophet (pease be upon him) said that Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) is the successor. i had a discussion with a so called modern Muslim, he was questioning me to give some reference.

  4. Braelwi = Sunni

    Deobandi = Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah


    Deobandi = Matarudi + Hanafi
    Braelwi = Matarudi + Hanafi + Deviant Innovation + some Hindu Customs

  5. but deobandis are sunni, and shouldnt be labelled as wahabbis, as they follow the hanafi school of jurisprudence, and a maturidi aqida

  6. Masha Allah Sunni Muslim hi islam ke sahi taleemat ko duniya men am kar rahe hin jo log duniya men dahshat gardi faila rahe hin wah musalman nahin hain balki wah islam ko badnm kar rahe hain hamen in se bach kar rahna chahiye

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