Ahle Hadeeth Fitnah in Mumbai

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau

A week after being untraceable, Maulana Sheikh Mehraj Rabbani of the radical Ahle Hadees appeared before the Sessions Court on Tuesday in a case of hurting religious sentiments of Dargah-going Sunni Muslims by his allegedly offensive speeches. Hearing his anticipatory bail plea, the court granted him interim relief from being arrested till February 16.

Maulana Rabbani outside the Sessions Court on Tuesday

On January 30, the Ghatkopar police registered an offence against the maulana for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of fellow Muslims, mostly Sunnis of the Barelvi denomination.

While addressing a gathering on January 28 at Ghatkopar’s Chirag Nagar, Rabbani had allegedly made abusive and hurtful remarks against Khwaja Garib Nawaaz, a saint whose shrine at Ajmer is India’s most famous Sufi shrine. At that time, a massive mob of protesters had gathered at the venue demanding an apology from Rabbani, but police escorted him to safety.
With Rabbani’s speeches escalating tension between different sects, police finally registered a complaint against him. Muslim leaders and scholars approached Home Minister R R Patil, apprehending a law and order situation.

Seeking anticipatory bail, Rabbani claimed before the court that he had not delivered any speech as alleged in the FIR. The court, however, noted that this could not be determined until the investigating officer’s report on the evidence is submitted and thereby granted Rabbani interim relief.

Meanwhile, Rabbani – who makes frequent trips to Saudi Arabia – has surrendered his Indian passport to the Sessions Court.

As the police escorted him out of the court, a group of Barelvis gathered around the van and began shouting slogans against him. As the van picked speed, some protestors climbed onto the van and began banging on the windows, attempting to hit Rabbani.

Advocate Rizwan Merchant, who has filed an intervening application to oppose Rabbani’s plea, said, “Despite the police issuing a gag order on Rabbani, he again made offensive speeches on February 1 and 2 in Kurla, Kandivli and Kalyan. His utterances not only abuse the revered Khwaja Garib Nawaz, but also the saint’s followers. Such speeches are capable of causing communal disharmony, creating law and order problems, putting the state’s security at stake.”

However, as Rabbani’s lawyer Sudeep Pasbola said, “Rabbani has never stated any such thing in his speeches. His recorded speech doing the rounds is one he had delivered in Saudi Arabia many years ago, in some other context.”



  1. i think you guys are over reacting…
    he is a Muslim Brother and i think the author of this article should realize that and seperate him just by being “ahle hadeeth”…
    im not taking sides or anything but i think your the one who is creating and spreading the fitnah…
    your breaking up the muslim society even more

    • 786
      Dear Muslimteen
      i appreciate your thought about unity of Muslims
      i think you are missing a point
      for example
      if one fired a building
      and owner protest and calls the people to rescue
      another person watching all this
      well he says don’t cry about fire, this will heart him who have fired the house.
      think it yourself who is fitna

  2. It is nice to see that wahabis are gear up to stop u from promoting ahlusunnah beliefs…
    I noticed that many comments given by wahabis of the jealous towards you as they fear that they will disappear..May Allah.

    Ja al haq wa zahqal batil

    Keep it up shahnawaz ..gr8 work

  3. It’s seems to me that wretched ahle hadeeth mullah rabbani doesn’t follow the hadees so he’s making false remarks on barelvies concerning visiting holy shrines…
    Let me quote a hadith Rasoolallah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said “MAN ZAARA QABRI WAJABAT LAHU SHAFAA’ATI.”
    “whoever visits my shrine, my intercession becomes wajib for him.”
    the above hadith illustrates that it’s permissible to visit the shrines…
    May allah give me death before the shrine of Holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam… Aameen.

    • bhai sahab ap apney ju hadith pesh ki hai kia mein jansakt ahu ye kahan sey hai ?
      aur raha sawal visit my shrine …. lagata hai ap suni suniye batoon par amal kartey hai . follow rasoll allha saw not others jab rasollallha saw mana karahain key satute aur khabroon ki ibadaat mat karo tu ye kaisa hogya ju ap kis daweys kahan rahin hain . dont hide truth ,

      • your a big idot, you should know the difference between a normal insaan’s qubar and Auliya allah ( Sufi Sanits ) qubqar.normal insaa,s is dead but Auliya allah’s are alive of death also. its mentioned in the koran also.so dont compare.afsar

  4. i am sure that meraj rabbani is a basturd son of his parrents.he is not from the same blood from his parrents.i am giving the reason below by point

    1:ALLAH says in quran that “allah inna awlia allahu la khaufun alaihim walahum yahzanoon” which means that the awlia(saints) do hav any kind of fear.
    who ever says a single words against ambia,sahaba,awlia,and skaiyks, is noy a muslims but the buggest enemy of islam
    i hav seen all the videos of meraj rabbani
    he has even said that you can speak lie and it is permitted in islam
    he said that he has said that you can hav sex with your maid and you wife sees you than you can lie her.
    he said in his video that he is a wahabi and he is proud of it.
    he said that when people come to saudia arabia they convert them to wahabism.
    he said that if a person is carrying a pistol in riots if a policeman on a patrolling asks you where are u going.you can tell him a lie
    like this mention above i hav his video if any one wants i will provide jus to see you but i cannot giv it to anybody.
    his video proves that the biggest terrorist on the face of earth are the people who has a belief like meraj rabbani and those people who has a similar bilief.
    if some one sees that video and if he is a real muslim and a lover of allah and his messenger
    than he would write 100 times more against him(deobandi and ahle hadees)
    actually the real name for them is ahle yazeed
    because they say bad things to prophets sahaba saints and sufi and they pyaise the deeds of yazeed who killed imam hussain in the battle field of karbala,they love yazeed and they a;ways speak good thing about him
    meraj rabbani and people like him gives hadees and quotation naeeated by ibne tamiya,ibne kaseer,ibne keyeem,these scholar were declared kafir by muslim scholar at their life period.
    i hav lot of things to say buy a book will cpmplete if i express my views against those satans,devils,and the basturd people of the earth like wahabi and ahle hadees

  5. Mehraj Rabbani stupid wahabi(kharji) is on a special project from a highly respectable muslim country to eliminate the sign of islam,sufism and the roots of our imam from Muhammed(S.A.W) progency from but he doesn’t know allah and his angels pour blessings on them he is wasting his time and other people supporting him wasting their money,illiteracy is the main problem of our wahabi mullahs they promoting wrong views and use to qoute wrong haadith and promote terrorism which causes all muslim community to suffer so be informed about ur religion don’t depend on stupid mullahs like meraj rabbani…..God bless all

  6. Well all i wanna say to all muslim brothers that Huzoor(s.a.w.s) had prophesied that islam will be finished by the najdis which is in saudi. So its upto us to protect ourselves from such fitnas. May Allah destroy these people before they destroy islam. Ameen!

  7. allah k nabi aur allah k wali k saat yehi hona chahiye meraykhayal se to meraj rabbani ko tauba karna chayeye ya phir us ko phansi dedena chahiye

  8. some brother said that those who are the friends of ALLAH(WALI) on them there is no fear and neither shall they grieve.ALLAH said this to the walis and not the people who go to the graves of the walis.you also can become a wali you don’t need any miracle to become a wali u read the holy QUR’AN and obey the prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) And you don’t need to do anything else.the dargah culture is our country’s influence.

  9. i think he is FITNA OF THE CENTURY. . .I 100% agree wth MEHBOOB NAWAZ tht there is a huge diff btw ZIARAT N IBADAT. AUR wo wali hadis bilkul thek hai JISKA MAFHUM HAI k jo HUZUR SAWW KI ZIARAT KI NIYAT SE JAYEGA US PE JANAT KI BASHARAT HAI. . .HAZRT MOUL ZIKRYA R.A ne FAZAIL E HAJJ mai isko likha hai. lekin IN GHER MUQALIDON KO REF mangne k ilawa kuch b nai pata. . hum SUNNIYON KO AIK HONA PAREGA TAKAY INKA ELAJ HO SAKAY. jo bila jhijak itni be-adbi krte hain SAHABA AUR WALIYON KI. is MALOON rabani ko ADAB choo k b nai guzra. inko kya pata ROHANIYAT, TASAWUF O SULOOK KYA HAI. . .?

  10. Assalamualikum, rabbani mardud tha, h aur rahega. Shaitan ki aulaad h wo….nabiyo aur shabao aur waliyo ki tauheen karne wala halal aulaad nahi hoga.paida jahan hua lekin fitneh ka nukta toh usme shaitan ne najd ka daala h. Hamare Aaqa Sallalahu alaihe wasallam ka charcha tho Allah ne quran me kiya, sahabao ka b aur waliyo ka b.. Aur jiska charcha Allah karein usko kaun chakhe.

  11. Assalam o alaikum bhai,mujhe ek hindu ne sawaal kiya ki muslim hum hinduo par buthparasti ka ilzam lagaate hain toh fir woh muslim khud dargah ya kabr par kyun jaate hain aur mannat maangte hain. main is sawaal ka jawaab nahi de paaya please help bhai.waassalam.

    • Dargah par jakar Ibadat nahin karte .Dargahen Qabr hain. Qabr par Jana aur unko Salam karna Sunnat hai.Hum wahan Sunnat ke Mutabik jate hain aur Islam ke mutabik Adab se Muhabbat se Salam arz karte hain.Unke waseele se Dua mangate hain Allah se.

  12. Assalaam o alaikum! Dear islamic brothers why do you all beating around the bush.why not follow the book that leads to the straight path, THE QUR’AAN? And i’m 100% sure u all will agree that this is the book that no body dare to mess with. And every other book and authority against it is without any sense, be it a moulvi, moulana or whatever. And QUR’AAN is there for the benefit of entire mankind,as per ALLAH TA’ALAA IT is written in the easiest way. . Afterall DON’T FORGET WE ALL WILL BE EXAMINED INDIVIDUALLY ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT. So scratch uhe Labels of being AHLE HADEES, BRELVI OR DEOBANDI ane BE A MUSLIM only. “BUTAAN-E RANG-O-BOO KO TOD KAR MILLAT MEIN GUMM HOJA….NA TURANI RAHE BAAQI, NA IRAANI NA AFGHANI…”.

  13. Salaam everyone , i think the greatest fitna in this era is fitna of meraj rabbani. Well am hearing his speech since more than 20 years , at that time i was 10. & rabbani was imaam of local masjid in ryiadh in a special place of highly dence population of indian ,paakees & bengalisss. I frequently use to pay visit to him for learning deeniat . His motive & intentions were seem to be some different . At that time also he was busy in abusing muslim saints or buzurgaan e deen who spread islam through spiritulsim beyond arabia , africa , asia, bit of euerope.., what he failed to understand & didnt realize the inner aspect of islam . He mislaed a large population in riyadh he confuced some very good practising muslim in saudi arabia.

  14. May allah guide us all to the path that Rasoolulllah and his true companions have followed and the Muhmmad (صلي الله عليه وسلم) commended us not to folllow anyone missing the right path of islam
    the issues to day round the world especially in muslim world is the unity on the true path not on the wrong path and ideas of yours and mine
    there are 4 major concepts very essential for each and every muslim to know from the book of allah (quran) and sunnah 1/tawheed 2/shirk 3/sunnah 4/bidaah(innovations in deen)
    than after deep study and understanding judge your self and dont follow any one except with the clear proof from the those two references(quran and authenthic hadeeth)

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