Azmat-e-Rasool S.A.W Conference in AMU Aligarh by MSO of India AMU Unit

Aligarh 15th March

MSO AMU Aligarh Unit Celebrated its fifth grand Azmat-e-Rasool Sallaholaihiwassalam Conf . 2010 in the Kenndey Auditorium of Aligarh Muslim University ,which was presided by Prof Syed Muhammad Amin Mian Qaudri sb ,Patron of MSO.VC of AMU was the chief guest of the Conf while the Speakers Included Prof Syed Munami Mian of Patna Oriental Colllege and Syed Muhammad Qaudri ,newly selected national President of MSO of India.

The Conf  started with the reciataion of Holy Quran  followed by Naat Paak in the honour of beloved Prophet Muhammad  Sallaholaihiwassalam.MSO AMU unit President M. Saqib Raza gave the welcome speech while national General Secretary of organization Advocate Shahnawaz Warsi throw the light on the significance of organizing such Programmes.

VC AMU Prof Abdul Aziz while addressing Students said that hard work discipline and honesty will lead you towards success.He expressed his Pleasure over the role of MSO in maintaining  atmosphere of  love and repect towards Islamic Shariah. He told that this is his third presence in MSO Conf and he found MSO members and its activities models for the students.

MSO Chief Patron and Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah-e-Barkaatiya who has also been adjudged 44th most Influential muslim in the world by Georgetown University gave honour to newly Selected MSO National President Syed Muhammad Qaudri by tieng turban on his head before Students. House full  Kennedy Hall witnessed the never seen enthusiasm and Passion by students who were raising slogans of Naara-e-Takbeer ‘Allah-o- Akbar’ and Nara-e-Risalat ‘Yarasulallah’.

Syed Amin Main Qaudri sb  added more color to this Passion by his Speech loved by all .He advised students to work hard as there is no alternative to this and Muslims have only this option to be Successful in this Competitive World. VC of AMU also handed him the beautiful and grand Memento for his achievements.

MSO National President Syed Muhammad Qaudri put the evidences  of Mawlid celebrations from the Quran and Ahadiths. He said that Mawlid is not new thing rather it is one of the duty of Muslims to show their gratitude towards the Nemat of Allah Rabbulizzat which He granted us by sending His most beloved Aqa-e-Nemat Hazrat Muhammad sallalahoalihiwassalam on this Day.He invited Students towards the Caravan of MSO of India which is Spreading far and wide on the basis of Ishaq-e-Rasool and Azmat-e-Rasool sallalahoalihiwassalam.

At 12 a.m it was the turn of main Speaker prof Syed Munami Sb of Patna who by his speech did magic on students upto 1.30 a.m. He while explaining the Azmat-e-Rislat put such beautifull  exmples that students got emotional manytimes. The gist of his very beautiful speech was that we don’t need evidences and Proof for thanksgiving .we don’t need Saudi Arabia as role model in following Islam.If we wish to take Arabia as an example in this regard we should take the lucky Day of 12 Rabiulawwal when our Nabi Kareem sallalahoalihiwassalam came to Medina from Makkah Sharif ,the extraordinary Passion ,Joy and Happiness the reciataion of Naat by Children people running to see there are some of the many things  shown by then Medina residents in the Honour of their Aqa sallalahoalihiwassalam and it is the  best example in Islamic history to Celebrate for their Prophet sallalahoalihiwassalam.

Dr.Shakeel Samdani Coordinator of General Education Centre GEC gave the Vote of Thanks.Janab Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui very nicely Conducted the Entire Conference which was started at 8.30.

The Conference ended with very beautifully recited Salat-o- Salam ‘Mustafa Jane Rehmat pe Lakhon salaam ’ by Shamim Kanpuri joined by House full Kennedy Auditorium both ladies and Gents. MSO distributed  Sweets and a Book to the Students on Ilm-e-Ghaib ‘Power of Unseen’ written by Prof Muhammad Masood Ahmad of Pakistan.

General Secretary Muhammad Ashfaque of AMU Unit along with his Unit members worked hard whole month to make this Conf a grand Success.

MSO National Delegates Meet 2010

Earlier MSO National Committee organized All India Delegates Meet in which students of Delhi, Rajasthan, U.P ,Madhya Pardesh and Bihar Participated. The founder Mebers of MSO Syed Jamal ,Mukhtar Ahmad ,Dr. Abdurraheem, Dr.Inayatullah ,Dr .Jameel, Dr.Muhammad Kafi and Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui Selected MSO National President with kind Permission of Patron Hazrat Syed Ameen Mian Sb.Mualana Naseem Sb ,Mudassir Naqshbandi were selected as President of UP and Delhi respectively Najmul Hasan Khan Barkaati and Musharraf  gen Secretaries of these States.Rajsthan and MP Committes were also Selected with some distt Coordinators in the meeting.

MSO Aligarh Unit with cordination of Asst General Secretary Shujat Ali Qaudri organised this Meet Alhamdulillah.



  1. AOA, I was much excited to read this.I proudly say that almighty ALLAH has granted the flourecent light to ahlesunnah.

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