MSO J & K Staged a Protest March in Varmul


  Varmul, Apr 10: Hundreds of students took to the streets in Varmul town, nearly 55 kilometers from Srinagar, on Saturday to protest against the closure of schools due to ongoing employees strike.

Students under the banner of Muslim Students Organization took out a protest march in this north Kashmir town demanding immediate return of teachers to schools. Later they assembled at Karyappa Park and staged a sit-in.

 “We don’t say that their demands are not genuine but they need to realize their responsibilities towards the students and the society. We are suffering and our carrier has been put at stake due to their stubborn approach,” students said.

 Angry students claimed that the teachers who teach in the government schools have enrolled their kids in private institutions. “They are least bothered about the plight of poor students enrolled in government schools,” they said. “Before going on strike teachers should have realized that schools had reopened after a long winter break. They should have borne in mind that we live in a conflict zone and each day is precious for us.”

 They urged the government to make alternative arrangements if teachers failed to resume their duties.




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