New Fitnah by Deobandi Maulvis in Gujrat

Row over Maulvi calling prophet ‘bhai’ reaches HC

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat High Court will now decide whether addressing Prophet Mohammed as ‘brother’ (bhai) amounts to hurting religious feelings, as a city-based Maulvi has approached the court after being booked under the charge for using the word ‘bhai’ to refer to the prophet during his sermons.
    The tiff between the Barelwis and Deobandis reached the police station in March this year, when a secretary of Sunni Awami Forum — Usman Qureshi lodged an FIR against a Maulvi — Kari Ahmedali Hussainali Battiwala for outraging sentiments of the Sunni Muslims by allegedly making derogatory remarks on principles of religion and pronouncing blasphemous statements against the Prophet.
    The complainant accused the maulvi of inciting people in his propaganda speeches against Sufi saints calling upon people to “demolish their shrines”.
    However, the main charge levelled against Battiwala was that he used to address the Prophet as ‘brother’ and incited others to call the Prophet as their brother only. The recording of Battiwala’s speeches was also submitted to the police in form of a CD. The maulvi lives in Saraspur area and has studied from Tadkeshwar seminary in south Gujarat, which is believed to be a stronghold of Tabligh Jamaat.
    The Vejalpur police booked Battiwala under Section 295 (A) of IPC for hurting religious feelings by equating the Prophet with himself. The police arrested him, and he was later released on bail. A charge sheet has been filed against him after the probe.
    Battiwala approached the high court to get the FIR against him quashed. In his plea, he contended that the complainant is a journalist and lodged a complaint for publicity only. He claimed that his speeches were delivered a year ago, but there was no objection from the Sunni Awami Forum and the FIR was lodged all of a sudden more than a year later.
    During a hearing in the high court, Justice AS Dave questioned the basis of complainant’s objection and commented that as per Article 25 of the Constitution, everybody has right to propagate his ideology and faith.
    To verify the allegations, the court asked the investigating officer to produce the transcripts of the CD so that the content of Battiwala’s speeches could be known. The judge has kept the hearing on June 29 with oral observation that the court would go to the root of the matter.



  1. Kari Ahmedali Hussainali Battiwala this maulvi is worst then a dog.

    Kutta Kutta Najdi Kuuttaa…………………

  2. This type of wahabi maulvis be banned and drived out of India, just like Zakir Naik who is banned from going to England. These wahabis, under the guise of Tableegi jamat or Deobandis spew their venom against sufis for their tolerance and secular images which is practiced and accepted by overwhelming majority of muslims in this part of world. But unfortunately our vote hungry govt may n0t like to ban them knowing the fact that hundreds are now being recruited from these types of madrasas and madrasas of ahlehadis run and funded by wahabi saudis.

  3. really disgusting
    as the main aim of wahabis have always been to insult the teachings of the quran and hadith.

  4. This is the fallacy of Ummah that they are comparing their prophet with self as this has been always been the tendency of
    Deobandis. May Allah unite the Sunni Ummah and May the scholars of Ummah – Huzur Tajush shariah, Huzur Shaikh Ul Islam Madni Miya, Hazrat Tahir ul Qadri, Ameer Ahle Sunnat, Ameen e Millat – All may long live, as these scholars are really shelters and protectors of Ahle Sunnah in this time where such so called molvi like Qari Ahmed Ali is trying to assault and playing mischiefs with the real teachings of Islam and the pious spirit of Sunni Ummah.

  5. i don`t know how long this wahabi and deobandi fitna will take to come to an end.but we must keep praying for this.since the beginning of islam there had been fitnas and firqas who tried to stand against the true beliefs of islam.but consisitent hardwork,patience and sacrifices fo ulama e ahlesunnah brought them to their knees and finally these firqas became a part of history.insha allah one day these will also vanish.our duty is to be sincere towards our religion and beliefs.

  6. Asalamualikum. Walahi this is jahiliya this shows how ignorant you people are. May Allah guide all of us.. I suggest you to go back to the shabas and the scholars to learn the deen as the way they understood it.

    • This shows that You are deaf and dumb .You are suggesting us to follow sahaba but you are not following n.Why did nt u commented on Ahmed Ali’s Speeches.did he say all correct in ur eyes.
      May allah guide u.

  7. Mr. Adil
    Jahil are those who believes that huzur-e-akram sallalho alywasallam are like their brother (MAAZALLAH) and those who also follow this concept.
    Wahabiya & deobandies should know about the sahaba’s akidah about huzur Alysalaam because we are on the same track which was followed by sahabas.
    All wahabiya and doebandies are terrerist and gustakh e mustafa (which is already proved thousands of times) and they are talking about the deen …..hahahahah wht a joke .

  8. Assalamu Alaykum wa raHmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu!

    Azhar University has accepted a postgraduate student to carry out a PhD research against Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat AlaHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan (may Allah have mercy on him) titled “al-Bareilwiyyah”. It would be a shame if we do not make any effort to stop this right away. The grandson of Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Hudoor Taajush Shari’ah Mufti Akhtar Rida Khan al-Azhari (may Allah Ta’ala preserve him) has already taken action and has faxed Shaykh al-Azhar!

    Could we all please take a moment and email al-Azhar to disallow this work as it will tarnish the reputation of the Univeristy in the Sunni world.

    Step one: Copy and paste this passage into your email:

    نحن أغلب صوفية العالم الإسلامي نستنكر ونشجب محاولة إدارة الأزهر بتكفيرعامة المسلمين باسم التحقيق عن البريلوية، علما بأن هذا العمل سوف يؤثر مكانة الأزهر الشريف في العالم الإسلامي


    We the overwhelming majority of the people of tasawwuf from over the world stronglycondemn and denounce the takfir being issued on masses of Muslims in a research work being carried out on “al-Bareilwiyyah” as this will destroy the lofty reputation of Azhar in the Islamic world.

    STEP 2: Sign the email off with your FULL NAME & COUNTRY.

    STEP 3: Hit the SEND button on your Email Now to:

    STEP 4: NOW, forward this email on to every Sunni contact/mailing list. This is work of the Maslak and the Azhar administration need to be aware of our MASSIVE PRESENCE and feelings.

    Email Now and Do Not Delay!!

    Many thanks to Sayyid Wajaht Rasool al-Qadiri of Idarah Tahqiqat Imam Ahmad Raza (Karachi) and Shaykh Munawwar Ateeq al-Qadiri (UK) for his activity and letter in this regards

  9. n Sura Al-e-Imran the Quran says; “And hold fast, all of you together to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves.” (3:103). Then Quran condemns sectarianism and regards it shirk (polytheism). The Quran again in Sura Al-e-Imran says: “O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam.” This verse clearly ordains that instead of adhering to Sunnism, Shiasim or Wahabism we should strongly adhere to Islam. In Mishqat Sharife there is a tradition of the Holy Prophet which says; “The Muslims are like a body; if one limb aches, the whole body aches.” Then the Messenger of Allah says; “whoever does not care about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of them.” From the above Quranic facts we deduce the result that Islam believes in the unity of all humans and preaches peace, justice and equality. Religion is to serve humankind. Religion has come to reform and unite humans, not to divide them.

  10. If u require enlightenment on sunni/ deobandi / wahabi subject google Maulana Kaukab Okarvi and read his books Black and White and Johannesburg to Bareilvi written in english and urdu and empower yourself with the facts of the 5th column hypocrite self praising puritanical islamists within our ranks. Similar firqas with similar belief systems is the Ikwaan ul Muslimeen of Egypt and now found worldwide who Follow Al Bannah and Asad, The Wahabis,who prefers to be known as the Salafiyya and whose leaders is Bin Baaz, Albani,Israr Ahmad, BILAL PHILIPS and many others. Aquint yourself with the biographies of the Pious predecessors and learn the names of the enemies of Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah by heart in order to protect yourself and your communities from the teachings of these False Prophets and their followers who is giving a dangerous name to Islam and our identitity Muslims worldwide. Dear Sunni brothers. over the centuries Sufi ulema was the mainstay of propagating the tolerant islam that is known the world over, We have to say enough is enough and identitfy with the ulema that personifies the teachings of old and denounce these imposters (who propagate teachings dating back to just over 200 years) from our mimbars, media and masajid and refuse their petrodollars to build our infrastructure.
    The Prophet (Saws) said: Shaytaan shall never enter Medina. The Islamic University of Medina was built on the outskirts of Medina and funded by the petrodolars of the RABITA AND AMARCOM each contributing 50 percent. it is thus stupendous to think how many ‘ulema’ is mass produced by institutions such as these and the ULOOMS the world over.
    We have to act sooner rather than later to counteract this Army of LIARS.

    • This is the hadd of ignorance and jahiliya.Therse is no such thing as sufi islam or wahhabi islam.These are different schools of thought with each laying emphasis on certain aspects of islam.Like sufis or barelwis laying high emphasis on tasawuff or like the salafis laying high emphasis on hadith and shariah etc etc. To call each other names is jahiliyyah.

      As for ahle sunnat,its not a birth name of someone.Anyone taking guidance from the quran,sunnah,sahaba and salaf are ahle sunnah.As regarding tolerance of Islam,Islam tolerates other religions in the sense that others are allowed to practice their religion but not on the basis that other religions and way of life are also valid.Anything and every thing apart from the our prophet taught is baatil,this is the aqeedah of the sahaba(read the biography of our prophet and sahaba instead of insanely claiming oneself as ahle sunnat).

      As regards the islamic university of madinah.It is not on the outskirts of madinah,rather it is in madnah the statement that shaytaan would never enter madinah is in the favour of the university not against it.As regarding what is taught there,a fool like you must know that many teachers and professors their are from the direct lineage of sahaba (arabs maintain their history of lineage) and their usooli and ilmi lineage also goes back to the early generation of muslims,infact for your knowledge the tafsir of hazrath.ibn abbas(ra),mujahid(rah),imam zuhri(rah) and others by salaf like the hasan basri(rah),haz.muslim(rah) are taught prominently and similarly in the usool ul hadith the books of hadith are taught with explanations from the salaf…. so if your cursing them based on their ilm and aqeeda,you are cursing the aqeeda of the first generation muslims for that is the only thing that is taught in madinah university as compared to other islamic universities whether deobandi/sufi a lot of emphasis is laid on the works of their scholars.

      So watch out on what you speak and write,rather spend some time yourself on reading explanation of quranic ayaats from the works of sahaba(ex: Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas or tafsir al tabari) and other works of first and second generation muslm scholars like Mujahid Ibn Jabr(rah)(student of hazrath Ali(ra) and hazrath ibn abbas(ra)),Said Ibn Al-Musayyib(rah),Sa’id bin Jubayr(ra)Abu Muslim Al-Khawlani (ra) etc etc… gain some proper ilm and decide for youself on the aqeeda of other muslims.Remember that you will be responsible for yourself and no excuses will avail on yaumul qiyamah.

      As regards the statement of the deobani scholar,First of all ISlam teaches that whenever any news is reached it should first be verified and it is impossible to comment without actually knowing what exactly was said by him.That is the principle of Islam.If anybody were to slander anyone he should know that he is far far away from the ahle-sunnat infact it is a sign of nifaq.

      secondly regarding his statement of our beloved prophet,though i dont know what he said but it is the aqeeda of Sahaba that prophet Muhammed(pbuh) was a human and a messenger and best among all humans ever created.He was not a brother but rather a father of the ummah and all muslims

      The Prophet Muhammad said, “Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians exaggerated in their praise the son of Maryam. For indeed I am a slave, so say, ‘The slave of Allah and His Messenger.’ ”

      “Verily, you (O Muhammad) will die and verily they will die.” [39:30]

      Prophet is our example and way of life,
      “You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern of conduct for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, and who engages much in the praise of Allah.” [Sûrah al-Ahzâb: 21]

      MA salam

      • Learn something on the Topic of Noorul Bashar….”Prophet Muhammad” is a noor…..

        Tere baap ko bhai bola tu…..kaisa lagega….
        kutte..islam ka matlab huzoor ne bataya…islam hamein huzoor ne diya…..aur teri yeh himmat tu unse baap aur bhai ka rishta bana raha hai……

  11. Assalam o alaikum, Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    If a person whosoever is disrespecting Hazrat muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.He is ensuring his seat in Jahannum.

    Who can disrespect our nabi.When Allah tala sends Daruud and Salam on Pyare Nabi then why you are so worried about Wahabi ,deobandi disrespect ,whosoever.Allah tala will settele the matter surely.

    Why you people are wasting your time. Jarjani Rahmatullah Alaihi used to eat Sattu because it was saving his time to read 70 times subhanallah than time taken for eating roti.

    Our duty should be to have love for pyare nabi and try to follow his way of life and to propagate his way and massage by giving sacrifice and mujahida.

    May Allah help us

  12. Assalam o alaikum, Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    If a person whosoever is disrespecting Hazrat muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.He is ensuring his seat in Jahannum.

    Who can disrespect our nabi.When Allah tala sends Daruud and Salam on Pyare Nabi then why you are so worried about Wahabi ,deobandi disrespect ,whosoever.Allah tala will settele the matter surely.

    Why you people are wasting your time. Jarjani Rahmatullah Alaihi used to eat Sattu because it was saving his time to read 70 times subhanallah than time taken for eating roti.

    Our duty should be to have love for pyare nabi and try to follow his way of life and to propagate his way and massage by giving sacrifice and mujahida.

    May Allah help us


    AsSalamu Alayakum

    yes dear MOHAMAD JAVID.
    I am completely agree your opinion and they are enemies of the ALLAH but in this time we have to fight with them’s fitna, because next generation will come and listen all this and they will be divert on them way so we have to do for this, I concerned that you do for hidayat in your criteria and stop them with your power which ALLAH gives you.
    ALLAH hume sabit kadam rakhe.

  14. PEACEFUL WORLD Without SALAFIS,DEOBANDIS,WAHABIS. Pakistan’s mother of all problems is TERRORISM. There is no investment in the country, no tourisme, no sports all due to terrorism. And terrorism is due to SAUDI ARABIA funding to DEOBANDI,SALAFI,WAHABI Madrissas. I strongly recommend Govt. of Pakistan given below steps to bring back stability & peace in country.
    1- BAN all terrorist recrute Madrissas , their Newspapers, & open meetings protests.
    2- Kick out Deobandis from Pakistani Intelligence Agencies.
    3- Kick out Deobandis from all high level posts in Armed Forces.
    4- Stop Saudi Embassy visits to South Punjab,Khayber Pakhtoonkhawan province, Karachi Madrissas. And their financial support.
    5- Ban hate preachers like Ahmed Ludhianwi,Zakir Nalaik,Tahir Ashrafi,Farooqui, Aurangzeb etc.
    6- Stop their appearance in TV channels talk shows.

  15. Asslam o alaikum. Hamaray piaray Aaqa S.A.W.W. Ke wiladat e baa saadat kaisay hue? Un ke wiladat 1 mojza. Ap ke wiladat e baa saadat k wakt amma hazrat amina r.a. Pak saaf aur muqadus the. O wahabio tmhari wiladat tu gandgi k sath hotì hay. Tm ya kaisay soch laitay ho k Aaqa hamaray jaisay hain. Mazallah. Allah wahabioun aur deegar khaarjioun par apna azaab nazil karay agr ya nai sudrtay.

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