Muslim Leaders protested Gujrat maulvis Comments on Nabi Kareem

New Delhi-24 June

Respected leaders of the Muslim community have expressed their views and have demanded stern action on the Gujrat maulvis Comments on prophet of Islam calling him and Instigating others to Call ‘Bhai’ to holy Prophet sallalahoalihiwassalam.

In Ahmedabad,Gujrat a Scholar belonging to Deobandi Tablighi Jamaat Ideology has said derogatory remarks against Allah,Prophet of Islam and Sufi Saints and  in his speeches due to which Sunni organisation of the Country have came against him and are demanding harsh Punishment against him under the 295-A IPC for hurting the religious sentiments of the People and violating the Peace of the Society.

Matter  is fixed for hearing in  High Court on 15th july 2010.
Various Muslim organisation Including Raza Academy, Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO), All India Jamat-e-Raza-e-Mustafa and Darul Qalam Delhi are demanding harsh Punishment for this Kari Ahmedali Hussainali Battiwala who has said Insulting remarks against Allah , Prophet of Islam and against Shrines of great Sufi Saints.

  Advocate Shahnawaz Warsi General Secretary of Muslim Students Organization of India told that this is not a new thing by these deobandi People they are repeating now what their Scholars have written a century back. The founders of Darul Uloom Deoband have said and written many blasphemous statements against Allah,Prophet  of Islam and  Sufi saints and these are just few of them.   No Person of the world will compare his Prophet with himself by saying ”Bhai” but this Kari Ahmed Ali not only compared prophet with him but Incited People to say derogatory words against Prophet.

He allegedly propagated that  Allah Can tell a lie  which is again a blasphemy. The said maulvi also  incited people in his propaganda speeches against Sufi saints calling upon people to “demolish their shrines”. . Mr. Warsi told that we appeal to Muslims of the Country to stay unite against this corrupt belief and demand  stern action against the culprit. He said that Sunni Organisations will start a campaign to counter   this hate Campaign and will expose the dirty Belief of these People. Mr. Warsi said that Muslims can die in the name of Allah and Muhammad S.a.W but will not tolerate this blasphemy. We are Confident that People will not tolerate this and will stay Unite against it.   

  Muhammad Saeed Noori of Raza Academy said that People of whole South Asia respect and love the Shrines of  Sufi Saints where the message of Communal harmony flows but some extremist elements have always tried to spread hatred in the society by their dirty compaign. Now they have not even spared Prophet of Islam.
We demand a total ban on such speeches through out the Country and also demand harsh Punishments for such hate Compaigners from govt of India.  

Reputed Scholar Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi of Darul Qalam  Delhi said that even a minor Insult of Allah and Prophet Muhammad  is Blasphemy and here the said Kari has committed grave Insult in the court of both which is liable to be punished.This Insulting attitude and writings of Deobandi Ulemas have caused a rift between South Asian Muslims and due to which  Sunni Muslims who are also known as Barelwis have alienated themselves from Deobandis  ,who follow  extremist Saudi Wahabi Ideology.



  1. I am a suuni muslim and i never offer namaz under the immamath of Deobandi or any other fals belever. It is not new that a Deobandi or a wahabi dus the mischif in honer of AAqa Alaihis salam. I belive in deth penalty rather than aney other penishment to theas kind of so called Movlvies


  2. this maulvi should definitely get severe punishment and if the court leaves him the sunnis should not.

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