Suicide Attack on Data Darbar Lahore’s famous Shrine;Indian Sufi Sunnis Condemned

New Delhi , Kerala , Jaipur, Mumbai 02July 2010

Damage to the shrine caused by the explosions

People grieve at scene of bombing

Blasts at Data Ganj Baksh shrine in Lahore,Indian Muslims Condemned the attack 2 Jul 2010, Indian Muslims and Scholars have condemned the ghastly attack on innocent Sufi followers which killed around 50 people and Injured more than 200 at the Islamic shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Syed Ali bin Usman Hajweri, popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh, in Lahore in strongest terms. In a Common press Statement released by various Muslim Organizations ,Leaders have described this attck as Brutal and ghastly and a coward act of enemies of Humanity.

Muhammad Saeed Noori of Raza Academy Mumbai,a representative body of Majority Sufi Sunnis said ,”The Purinitical and Extremist approach of these terrorists and bunch of dacoits has caused a great divide among the Muslim Community .Today if Pakistan is unstable it is only due to these extremist Talibanis who are helping the Imperialist forces to get stable in the region.”

Syed Muhammad Qaudri National President of Muslim Students organization of India(MSO) told Data darbar is revered by Millions of followers throughout South Asia and by attacking it Suicide Bombers of Taliban have shown their real intentions that tolerant and Peaceful Majority Sufi community is their real target and not US and Israel. Regular and Constant attacks on the Shrines of great and revered Sufi Saints in Pakistan and Afghanistan have unmasked the dirty face of Talibani Jehad which is actually against Muslims and Islam.This is not Jehad but ‘ Fasad ‘.

 Advocate Mudassir Naqshbandi of Idara Tehqiqat-e-Imam Ahmed Raza Kashmir said that by destroying the Shrines of Sufis ,these enemies of Islam cant snatch the love and respect from Our hearts towards these Holy Persons rather we will be more Inclined to Sufism after every attack.These Cowards bombers dont have the guts to fight with the Zionist forces so they are targetting non violent Sufi folloers.These forces are Playing in the hand of zionist forces by Creating rift and schism in the Community.

 Maulana Basharat Qaudri Saqaufi ,reputed Scholar from Sunni Markaz kerala and Vice President of MSO of India said that It is a fight between Love and hate and between Peace and Violence . The brand of Islam these hate compaigners Propagates is based on narrow Interpretation of Quran which leads and allows them to kill and Clean what they think is wrong .

Shujat Ali Qaudri Asstt Gen secretary  of MSO We are sure that History will repeate itself and Love will conquer Violence and the broad message of Sufism based on the life of prophet of Islam will prevail ultimately.

Sunni ittehad Council announced a Countrywide strike 

2nd July 2010-Lahore

Sunni Ittehad Council calls countrywide strike against Lahore attacks

The Sunni Ittehad Council has announced to observe a countrywide shutter-down strike on Saturday to mourn the suicide attacks at Data Darbar in Lahore. They demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice against terrorist activities and government’s inaction in this regard. Sunni Ittehad Council meeting held under its chairmanship of MNA Sahibzada Fazal Karim. After the meeting, talking to media Fazal Karim said that terrorists should be uncovered and attacks on Data Darbar is part of conspiracy to inflame sectarian feelings. He said that terrorists should be hanged at Bhaati chowk. He said that the CJP should take notice of the issue and take action against those elected members who have soft corner for terrorists.



  1. The most complicated issue to understand for the west is why Muslims strap on an explosive vest and then go to the largest public gathering of fellow Muslims and blow them self up and kill as many innocent Muslims as possible, regardless weather they are men, women, children, elderly or the sick and already disabled.

    First, one must at least try to think for themselves independently using their own mind and intelligence to establish the difference between the Muslim wearing the explosive vest and the innocent Muslims being blown up by the Muslim suicide bomber. If you have a normal humane way of thinking, you will immediately realize that there is a fault in the actual description being given between the two.
    You have heard the famous saying:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    It is also true that a right and a wrong does not equal right either!!!

    In this case the description being made by the media which is controlled by the anti-Islamic organizations will have you believe that the Muslim suicide bomber or the Muslim terrorist and the Muslim victims are the same, that they are both Muslims.
    In your country of residence, if you become a member of a club ,organization or group, for instance, you are member of cricket team or club etc, It is then a recognized fact that you will have to abide by the rules and regulations set out by that organization, if you break any of the rules then you will be told that you have or are going against the clubs rules and regulations, however if you are in breach of a more serious conduct, then you will be kicked out of that organization and will no longer be allowed to be attached or have any links with that organization. Even other members of the organization will distance themselves from you and your friends etc.
    So can you understand that a Muslim belongs to ONE organization its rules and regulations are set out in ONE book which is called the “Quran” , It is a unique book, there are no separate or conflicting versions, It is Authentic, it is a one off, it is simple to understand, and it is fully complete (no parts missing).
    So if you claim to be a Muslim, then you must abide by the rules and regulations set out in the Quran, which like any other organizations rules and regulations are NOT negotiable.
    Therefore even if you are born a Muslim and you decide to breach a major rule or continue to break rules, this in reality means that you do not accept the ruling of god and instead you are implying that god does not have the ultimate authority and say on such and such a matter, instead that you have the final say on how a certain matter should be executed or carried out, and also in the case of the suicide bomber, he or she add further insult to their already grave sin by proclaiming that they are carrying out this outrageous act in the name of God!
    All Muslim’s will recognize this scenario, When Satan was quizzed about his disobedience in refusing to recognize and acknowledge Adam, what was the answer that Satan gave, which resulted in Satan being thrown out of heavens?….. Satan tried to justify his erroneous actions by stating that he did what he did, as it was previously gods command!……Satan tried to contradict god to justify his actions, and you must remember his actions were not gods command but they were his own “desire”, he chose to do what he did, and he tried to justify it by trying to be clever and devious to escape his “deliberate” mistake.
    This is the same with the suicide bomber, he or she forfeited there right to be a Muslim when they decide to carry out such atrocities, they have actually gone against the rules and regulations set out in the Quran and have taken it upon themselves to interpret (or rather misinterpret) the Quran to their own desire…..Therefore they stand in opposition to god, and just like Satan they add insult by justifying their act by stating that they are carrying out such atrocity in the name of god.
    So can you understand why we have to first separate the two, because when we do this, then and only then can we realize and begin to understand who actually commits these atrocities and why……and the most….MOST important thing is who is “also” involved with this and who is “really” behind all this and what is the TRUE motive to “all” concerned in these atrocities carried out in the name of god.

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all time, but you can never fool all the people all of the time.

    We must stop taking and accepting everything the religious fanatics throw at us, because they are a part of the problem.
    We have to stop taking and accepting everything the media throws at us, because they are a big part of the problem.
    We have to stop taking and accepting everything the Politicians throws at us, because they are the biggest part of the problem.
    It is a staggering fact that majority of the human beings regardless of race, religion, creed, country and gender are being used and ruled by a devious minority, who are unscrupulous, evil and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal and maintain their stranglehold on rest of the human race, they will achieve this by playing the humans against each other deceptively behind “curtains” and on the face or at the front they will show themselves to be honest liberals with sound integrity and principals, who are democratic and respect the human race, wild life and the environment. In reality they are the opposite!!!
    Why don’t you try to find out who this wealthy minority is?
    Why don’t you try to find out who this powerful minority is?
    Why don’t you try to find out who this evil minority is?

    Why don’t you try to find out yourself?

    There has been a vast amount of global coverage on: Taliban, Al-Qaida, Northern Alliance, Wahabis, Pashtu’s and of course these all revolve around Afghanistan.
    Afghanistan one of the poorest and desolate regions in the world, it is so uncomfortable that even a stop-over in this country on a journey to your destination is a nightmare, the only people who can tolerate to be in Afghanistan for more than a minute has to be an Afghan, and even the afghans are fleeing to other countries not just because of the war but rather for a better life.
    Inherently the afghan is like no other people, they may be Muslims but their code of ethic and allegiance is surprisingly not to Islam, but rather it is to their tribal leader, in the west they are known as War Lords, whatever they say is accepted as a gospel decree, these so called War Lords have brought together their people under the banner of Islam, these barons of evil, then forcibly instigate a brutal regime, which they claim to be Islamic, all must comply or be punished severely in the form of : public whipping, public stoning, public shooting, public beheading, even raping of boys and girls, men and women has been carried out as a valid punishment. We must remember that this is not new, rather it is thousands of years old, The Afghan is a simple uneducated obedient tool of his tribal leader, it has been like this for thousands of years, no country could ever conquer Afghanistan and maintain Kingship, because of the very fact that the Afghans allegiance will always lie with the tribal leader their supreme War lord, they will inherently rebel against any form of occupation, and they will fight and give their life, not for Islam and Country or even right and wrong, but rather it will be for his tribal leader the war lord.
    God will not accept or tolerate a follower of Islam to hold any allegiance to other than God.
    It is now apparently clear that they and anyone like them are out from the fold of Islam and have forfeited the right to even call themselves Muslim, It is not me or anyone throwing them out of Islam, they are, or have, excluded themselves from Islam.
    Apart from the west, even your average Muslim is confused, this is because we are not aware of the Afghan way and also some other countries. We Muslims automatically think that all Muslims are the same but with different cultures. This is a mistake as we must learn that Islam is not open to negotiation to any cultures and past blasphemous and incorrect or illegal practices, which have been outlawed in the Quran and Hadith.
    Even Islam could not change the Afghan way, they just wear Islam like an article of clothing, underneath it’s still the same as has been for thousands of years. Hypocrites !!!
    I am well aware that Afghans reading this article will be defensive about what I have written and accuse me of being a bigot and a lot worse, but I would like to point out that I wanted to get my point across first and get you thinking, I am not stupid, I know full well that Afghans are proud people, there are some afghans who are honest, just and intelligent and adhere to Islam as god has commanded us to do, and they are true Muslims. These same Afghans are compassionate and wish for peace and prosperity like all decent people, but please don’t sell yourselves short, don’t align yourself to the other afghans who I have highlighted as tribal orientated sheep under the commands of the war lords, you are Muslims, you are much better people.
    But that does not mean “out of the pan and into the fire”
    Although I am asking you to leave the tribal mentality, it does not mean that you go open arms to the west, don’t be driven to a non Islamic concept, believe it or not, but there is a major revolution taking place in Afghanistan, it is test for you, it is decision time for the average person, you have to decide, it is an Immense historical invitation….. This invitation does not involve: The Taliban, Al-Qaida, Northern Alliance, Wahabis, Pashtu’s and any other sects and factions, It does not involve Afghanistan, Pakistan, America, U.K., Allied forces, Nato.

    The invitation is from God, rediscover yourselves, rediscover Islam, become a true Muslim
    My sincere Apologies to all decent Afghan people all over the world reading this article, I hope you don’t find this article offensive as none was intended.

    Miss. Understood

  2. Data Darbaar Lahore.
    It is reported that two dismembered heads have been found after the suicide explosion.
    Investigating authority have decided that these heads belong to the suicide bombers.
    Do you not find that to be very convenient and easy to wrap this case up?
    I am not a conspiracy theorist, but do you not find that there is more to it than meets the eye,
    If these heads did belong to the bombers and given the doubt they are recognizable, it should now be very easy to trace the bombers origin by displaying their photos on national TV and all Media coverage worldwide.
    somehow I don’t think that is going to happen, because the new world order machine(media) is only going to tell you what they want you to know, and they don’t want to get to the bottom of this or find the truth.
    I would guess that two dead bodies were smuggled onto the site with bombs attached and then detonated by remote control.
    But the two dismembered heads what the investigating team conveniently discovered is a complete mystery to me ??????

    Miss. Understood

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