MSO organized MiladunNabi salallahoalaihiwassalam in many parts of Country

16 -Feb 2010 Jaipur

MSO national President Syed Muhammad Qaudri said that Milad is the Symbol of Global Islamic Unity and Muslims must show their Unity by Participating in this Event by following all the Islamic limitations prescribed by Shariat.He said that Children used to sing Naat and show Happiness before the Prophet Muhammad salallahoalaihiwassalam and he allowed it.He told his companions by Observing fast on this day that ”On this day he was born”. Milad MiladunNabi salallahoalaihiwassalam is Celebrated in all parts of the world with same enthusiasm like it is observed in India .It is Public holiday in 54 Countries of the world.On this Issue whole Ummah has Ijma (Consensus of Opinion) .Allah has favoured us by sending HIS beloved messenger between us .He has also commanded us to be thankful on His favor so Muslim must be thankful towards Allah.

MSO organized MiladunNabi salallahoalaihiwassalam in many parts of the country took parts in Julus e Muhammadi like in New Delhi Okhla,shastri Park,Sangam vihar,Jamia Millia Islamia and Hamdard University and in many districts of Rajasthan specially in Ajmer, Udaipur ,Kota ,Jaipur.

In U.P Bareilly,Sambhal,Saraitareen,Pilibheet,Rampur,Neoria,Aligarh Muslim University,City Aligarh, Bahraich,Allahabad,Ghaziabaad,Kanpur,Kesar Ganj (UP)In kerala Calicut city, in Bengal city of Calcutta ,Murshidabad,west Dinajpur, Indore of M.P and in Banglore City.

MSO also distributed fruits in the various Hospitals.



  1. Dear All sunni brothers assallam ulaikum & JASHNE AAMADE RASOOL S.A.W Mubarak the pictures is very good mashaallah i would like to add that even in bangalore jashne eid milad un nabi was celebrated very grandly in YMCA Ground approximately more then 1 Lakh peoples participated in juluse & bayan, by Moulana from Barely sharief it was a great bayan from them masha allah may allah bless all sunnis aamen ISHQ O MOHABBATH ISHQ O MOHABBATH AALA HAZRATH AALA HAZRATH

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