MSO of India organized Sunni Islamic Madarsa Principal Conference on the call of Al Azhar Egypt

New Delhi: With the aim to standardize the syllabus of madrasas in the country and to create mutual connection among them, a platform namely Rabita-al-Jaamiaat-al-Hindia’ (Association of Indian Madrasas) was launched at a conference of Ulema, clerics and madrasa authorities held here today at the Convention Centre of Jamia Hamdard. The Ulema associated with Madarsas spread in different parts of the country attended the conference and discussed the matter. The conference was organized under the banner of Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) at the call of Dr. Umar Abdullah Kamel, Director of Foreign Students Affairs at Al-Azhar Islamic University, Cairo, Egypt.

L-R: Maulana Yasin Akhtar Misbahi ,Mufti Bashiruddin Qadri ,Dr. Umar Abdullah Kamel, Maulana Idris Bastavi and Dr. Ghulam Yahya Anjum “The main purpose of the conference is to bring the Ulema at one platform to discuss the necessary changes in the syllabus of Madarsas to bring them in conformity with Al-Azhar Islamic University and other Universities of Arab countries” said Advocate Shanawaz Warsi of MSO. “Currently, students of only a few Madarsas in India are able to get admission in the foreign Universities like Al-Azhar while others are rejected due to below standard syllabus and Arabic education. So, there is the need to make some changes so that Madarsa students can take admission easily wherever they desire,” he pointed out. Maulana Ziyauddin is speaking while on the stage L-R: Maulana Yasin Akhtar Misbahi ,Mufti Bashiruddin Qadri, Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed ,Dr. Umar Abdullah Kamel, Maulana Idris Bastavi and Dr. Ghulam Yahya Anjum In his presidential speech, Dr. Umar Abdullah Kamal expressed happiness at the interest shown by the Indian Ulema and assured them of his help in this regard. He said that it will strengthen the relationship between Al Azhar Islamic University and Indian Madarsas. “Thus we will find an opportunity to work together for Islam, Muslims and the humanity,” he added. Speaking on the occasion Mufti Bashiruddin Qadri, Grand Mufti of Jammu & Kashmir threw light on the contribution of Ulema for the country. “Despite the fact that our forefathers contributed much more than others in the building of the nation, today we are being labeled as terrorists and Kashmiri Muslims are worst affected by this trend,” Mufti Qadri said. View of audience Besides ensuring quality of education at Madarsas, the Association will also work for several other purposes related to the community, country and the humanity at large including creating educational awareness among Muslims, presenting real picture of Islamic teachings, promotion of religious and communal harmony, conducting research on the new issues in the light of Islamic Fiqh, publication of rare but very important books and writing the biographies of Indian Ulema. The centre of the association will be Jamia Ashrafia Mubarakpur, Azamgarh. “This is the initial step. We have to go far to achieve our target. For that soon we will form several sub-organizations that will function under the Association in different fields” said Maulana Mubarak Hussain Misbahi of Jamia Ashrafia Mubarakpur. To make people aware of the mission and activities of the Association, a monthly Urdu magazine will be published regularly. Besides, a website in Urdu, English as well as Arabic will also be started where all the works done under the Association will be shared. View of audience At the end of the conference a resolution was passed demanding immediate reconstruction of Noor Masjid of Jangpura area in South Delhi and action against the officers who demolished it. The organizers demanded the government to ensure safety of Muslim religious places and waqf properties. In another resolution, all kinds of terrorism were condemned. Others who spoke on the occasion included Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed, President of All India Sunni Jamiatul Ulema, Maulana Yasin Akhtar Misbahi of Darul Qalam New Delhi, Dr. Ghulam Yahya Anjum of Jamia Hamdard, Delhi, Shafiqur Rahman Burq, MP from Sambhal, Maulana Ziyauddin of Jamia Naimia, Hyderabad and Shaikh Sadrul Wara of Jamia Ashrafia Mubarakpur, Azamgarh.


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