Sunnis demands Protection of Sufi Shrines in Pakistan

Press Release
6th April 2011: New Delhi
Various Muslim Organization Including Raza Academy,Jamiat-e-Ahle Sunnat Jammu and Kashmir,Idara Tehqiqat-e-Imam Ahmed Raza Kasmir,All India Ulema Mashaikh Baord ,All India Sunni Jamiatul Ulema,and MSO of India have condemns the ghastly attack on the Dargah of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar Dera Ghazi Khan.Leadrs have expressed grave concerns over the contionus attacks on Innocent Muslims at Sufi Shrines in different parts of the world.
Muslim Students Organization of India MSO Condemns in highest terms the inhuman and cowardly attack on the Dargah of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar R.A at Dera Ghazi Khan ,Pakistan by the hands of Tehreek-e-Taliban ,which once again proves that Pakistani Government has no control whatsoever on the terrorists targeting Innocents and Peace loving citizens of its country.The Pak govt must ensure the safety and security of Sufi Institutions and Personalities associated with Sufi Movements and it must take hard steps to punish the Talibani culprits.MSO also make demands from Indian Prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh to talk to his counter parts to raise this Issue so that Safety and dignity of Sufi Shrines and Personalities may be Protected.

MSO National President Syed Muhmaad Qaudri while expressing grief and sorrow over the Shahadat of at least 50 Innocents Zayreen and injury to more than 100 at Dargah attack , said that the brand of religion Taliban follows has been created by Jews and Britishers to create divide in the muslim community in the name of Islam .He said that a fight has been started everywhere between local Muslim community and between the propagators of Talibani brand religion .Wherever this religion of Taliban has been spread in the name of Islam ,Muslim Community is standing against them, it may be Pakistan, Afghanistan,Somalia,Egypt,Palestine or Caucacus region etc.The whole game of violence is just to Capture and rule territories by misusing the name of Islam.

Shujaat Ali Qaudri National Secretary of MSO said that by killing and targeting the Muslims they are going to achieve nothing rather the faith and belief of Muslims in the Sufism will be more stronger after each and every such attack.We calls upon all the Indian Muslims to spread awareness about this dangerous terrorist movement in the country.These Talibanis are nothing but bunch of thugs and Dacaits dividing and killing Muslims.



  1. Talibaan are nôn muslim and they are enemy of sunni. And so we have to bomb 88888 and feel them burn.., so proud to be sunni because huzoor(s.a.w) is with us and Allah pak is with us….. Not with the talibaans !.

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