Fight Against Corruption:Indian Muslim Joined Anna Hazare

New Delhi:7th April

In its fight against Corruption for Jan Lokpal Bill,Anna Hazare has gained a lot of Support from various quarters of the society.Muslim comunity through its various organisation is also joining this fight against Corruption.Muslim Majlis,MSO of India have extended their full support for this movement.MSO of India through its facebook Group have asked Members to support this fight.

Muslim Students Organization of India MSO extends it full support to Social Activist Mr.Anna Hazare in his fight against Corruption and MSO is of the view that it is sheer Corruption due to which Poverty,Illiteracy ,unemployment and crime rates is increasing. MSO with its all affiliated branches and supporters appeals to whole of the India to Rise up and stand up against this fight. Contribute from ur level.Join it.As Muslim community has always suffered most due to corruption and the benefits of various schemes is not reaching to the community at all……Long live fight against corruption



  1. Let us Institutionalize

    By terrorizing beaurocrats thru his Red Brigade, Chairman Mao of China wiped out corruption within months.

    But corruption returned within a few months of his death – and how !

    Today, China is amongst one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    Nothing that is centered on an individual survives for long.

    This is why Anna Hazare wants a stringent Jan Lokpal bill so that his anti-corruption crusade gets institutionalized.

    Let us further mandate that all mobile phones already sold / to be sold in India, has following built-in “ Speed Dialing “ to connect to local authorities as follows:

     # 7……………….. Police

     # 8…………………Consumer Protection Cell

     # 9………………..Lok-Ayukt

    That will enable 780 million mobile owners to knock at the doors of justice within seconds.

    Youth of India ! You must take the lead with some out-of-the-box thinking / action.

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  2. Congratulation to Anna Hazare & his Team for this Victory of the People over their own Representatives & Public servants, who have for all practical purposes become their Bosses & started demanding & getting unlawful/illegal Gratification from the people for each & every work ,which they are otherwise suppose to do as a part of their duty. .But , this Victory is just a beginning & We have a long way to Go to get it implemented in its true spirit to enjoy the fruits of this Bloodless struggle for Second Freedom.

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