Muslims demanded ban on Tablighi Jamaat

Mumbai: 10th May 2011 DNA News

Al Qaeda terrorists had used the services of Delhi-based missionary group Tablighi Jamaat to get visas and finances to travel to Pakistan in the mid-80s, a Wikileaks document recently revealed. In Mumbai, the group is active at Chunabhatti and Noor Masjids on Mohammad Ali Road, besides mosques in Rabodi, Thane and Kausa, Mumbra. They also have a markaz or centre in Jogeshwari.

The Chunabhatti mosque holds a weekly ijtema or religious meet on Thursday evenings where functionaries say, the ‘doors are open to everyone’. But the group claims that it stays away from politics, does not solicit membership and does not proselytise.
Members said that they only visit mosques to encourage piety.

“Our Jamaat tells people to do namaaz regularly and become ideal Muslims,” said Ulema Council member Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi who is part of the group. “We talk only about what is below the soil (answers to god after death) and the heavens (instructions of god to be followed during life). We are not bothered about political parties and are not involved in riots.”

The statements by Guantanamo detainees are not the first time when the group’s name has figured in terror plots. Even earlier, the organisation’s name had popped up in investigations of terror cases, including the 7/7 bombings (in 2005) in London. “It is possible because since we have no membership, people come and sit at the masjid. The Nizamuddin mosque is open to everyone. We have no way of knowing if the wrong kind of people come to the mosque. The Jamaat is not responsible for this,” said a Tablighi who asked not to be named.

The news has led to demands by other Muslim groups for a ban on the Tablighis. “The Tablighi Jamaat helped Al Qaeda. We will ask the home ministry to suggest a ban on the group,” Maulana Saeed Noori of Raza Academy said.

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  1. Har Wahabi Dehshat gard nahi hota, lekin har dehshat gard wahabi hota hai, iska saaf matlab hai ke aaj duniya mein jo bhi musalman dehshat gardi ke kaamon mein mulawwis hain woh sabke sab Wahabi Mazhab ke pairo kaar hain. Yeh apni ibteda se hi Islam ke dushman rahe hain. Tablighi Jamat munafiq jamaat hai, jiska talluq wahabi firqe se hai, zahiri kaam namaz ki tabligh lekin Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi aur digar ulema ne likha hai ke Iska asal kaam Namaz ki dawat nahi balki ek nayi qaum banana hai, Wiki Leaks ne bhi yehi inkishaaf kiya hai ke Tablighi Jamaat ka talluq Al-Qaida se hai, jo ke dehshat gard hai.

    • First of all I don’t belong to the Tablighi Jamaat, I’m a Muslim, and don’t subscribe to any other labels. It’s true that there are some practices of the Jamaat which are not compliant with Islam, but one has to admit to the fact that it has helped a lot of Muslims to rediscover Islam.
      Coming to what you referred as Dehshat gard, let me remind you that when the Prophet Muhammad(saws)entered Makkah along with the Muslim army, he went inside the Kaaba, and broke all the idols which were in there, now the “Dehshat gards” of today also did something similar to that when they destroyed the statue of the Bamiyan Buddha. Even prophet Ibrahim(peace be upon him) also destroyed the idols, so is he a “Dehshat gard” as well? There are a lot of facts from the life of our Prophet(saws) that I can quote, but lets just end it here. I don’t want to get into any kind of argument.

      • killing of innocent people is called ‘dehsatgard’ ..
        in pakistan innocent muslims r killed by wahabi terrorists ,,,
        its saying of holy prophet …. ‘ ek begunah insaan katl karna puri insaniyat ka katl hain .’

    • My Brother
      please take some time out from your time and go through the history of Islam. you will see all the messengers of Allah in there lives been preaching about Ehqam Ullah and for this purpose they had to go through lots of difficulties and they had to bear lots of critics as well but they never stop there mukadas mission
      now lets talk about tablighi jamat
      tablighi jamat is on a mission. and that mission is to save all men kind going to hell. this jamat is Masha Allah not part of or associating with any political, Social or non religious (including All the terrorists organization).
      and finally last thing which is please instad of wasting your time by going in firqa wareat please follow the Islam which tells you very simple things to do which are pray five time+pay zaqat+do the hajj
      may Allah give both of us and all who are reading this chance to understand what is Islam and to follow it the way All might Allah wants us to

  2. mere piromurshid yaani shaikhul islaam hzrt allama hashmi bawa r.a. Jo azim shakhsiyat mojud he unhone wakai dawe ke sath farmaya aur chalange kiya k aaj tak jo hamle hue jishme koi b sunni muslaman nahi he aur wo sirf wahabi, tabligi aur jamati he jinhone apne muslmano begunehgaro pe hamle kiye. Aur desh me naam barbad kiya musalmano ka. Beshak wo sunni kya jalayenge jo apne ghar ka chirag jalana jante he wo kisi b begunhagaro ko nai jalate. Nabi s.a.w. Farmaya kisi begunhagar ka katl karna tamam musalmano ko katl karne k barabar gunha he.

    • aapke peer o murshid se pucho ki jo musalmaan duniya bhar me marrrahe hai…woh kaun hai, aur unhe kaise bachaya jaye??? Maarney wala toh yeh nahi dekhraha hai ki …kya yeh sunni, ya wahabi ya tableegi hai….maarney wala toh musalmaan ko maar raha hai…. islaam ko maar raha hai!!

  3. aap ne ye kaha k wahabi jamat hai to mera sawal ye hai wahabi humlog nahi hai or un ka naam to mohammed bin wahab tha to tmhare hisab se to hum mohammadi hue na or hamari jamat ka naam ahle sunnat wal jamat hai or agr aap hame galat kahte ho to saabit kar k batao munazra karne ki takat hai kya aap logo me aap ki to purani aadat hai jhut bolna

  4. Wadi Raza ki Kohe Himala Raza ka hai;
    Jis samt dekhiye wo ilaqa Raza ka hai;;

    Wahabi Iman ke liye Zahrila Nag hain, inse is tarah door raho, jaise snake se apni jan bachane ke liye door rahte ho; bass..


    Hamare rahabar ‘Tajushshariah’



  6. We have found that US or some times government blames muslims on whatever happening wrong outside, but nothing is proved. Even when some curreption cases against big leaders have prooved.
    How can they put their doubts on muslims, as the truth we remember a TERRERIST IS NOT A MUSLIM, remember it is relegion meaning is pease, obedience to god.
    See… do not repeat or follow what the MUSHRIKKENs doing, do not follow thaguth.

    • dont fight try to make ummat not firqa,.what ever we are ,we are not a muslim untill and unless we respect every human muhammad (saw)even prayed for hinda and wehshi and what we are doing. wo musalman musalman nahi jiske hant aur zaban se koi dusra insan mehfuz nahi

  7. assalamualekum sabhi muslim bhaio ke liye jab tak bo muslman nhi jo nabi karim sallallahoalhe wasallam ko apne maa baap se jaida mohabbat na kare mohammad ki wafa dine haq ki sharte awal h isi me ho khami to sab kuch namuqammal h wahabio daobandio or ahle hadis tum gumraihi par ho nhi samle to kafir ban jaoge chhat par chad nhi sakte jina chod kar khuda mil nhi sakta wasila chod kar ahle sunnat wal jamaat sunni barailwi masla ke ala hazrat masla ke hanfi

  8. assalamalekum to all muslim,
    We have been bifurcated into firqas by enemies of Islam and so called “dehshat gard” are also a part of conspiracy by them, who were designed to meet the objectives of these enemies of Islam, to work wrongly in the name of Islam. So, Muslims would get bad name. These enemies of Islam have a mission of tarnashing the image of Muslim and as they are now hopeless of stopping impact of islamic teachings and Islam spreading in western world so, they are now resorting to such activities.
    Now we have to understand one thing clearly that unless and untill we shun all the firqas and proclaim ourselves as Ummati of Mohammed (SAW) we will be used by them relentlessly. And such articles are and thoughts are what these people call for. We are no firqa and no jamaat but only claimant of “La ilaha illalah mohammadur rasoolollah” and only one Umaat. It is up to us to decide our fate.

  9. Must read jrur paden ना शिया और न सुन्नी की
    तक़सीम से मतलब होता है !

    हम लोगों के क़ातिल को
    केवल मीम से मतलब होता है !!

    हम कभी बरेलवी में उलझे
    हम कभी वहाबी में उलझे,

    हम एक नबी की उम्मत थे
    ये कैसी खराबी में उलझे !!

    २४ नंबर २६ नंबर के झगड़ों को
    घर पर रखिये ,

    ईमान की जो दस्तार है
    ये इसको अपने सर पर रखिये !!

    जो क़ौम के ठेकेदार हैं
    मैं उनसे भी गुज़ारिश करता हूँ ,

    अब आप भी अपने लब खोलें
    बस इतनी सिफारिश करता हूँ !!

    ना शहद से मतलब है मुझको
    ना नीम से मतलब होता है,

    हम लोगों के क़ातिल को
    केवल मीम से मतलब होता है !!

    गैरों से भी ज़यादा हम सबको
    अपने भाई से नफरत है,

    एक साथ नमाज़ भी पढ़ ना सकें
    अल्लाह ये कैसी इबादत है !

    मसलक कि लड़ाई में यारों
    मज़हब का तमाशा मत करिये,

    जो छोड़ के आक़ा चले गए
    उस सब का तमाशा मत करिये !!

    मस्जिद के मज़ारों के झगडे
    गर बाज़ारों में लाओगे ,

    गुजरात मुज़फ्फरनगर है क्या
    हर शहर में मारे जाओगे !!

    उनको तो हमारे मिटने कि
    स्कीम से मतलब होता है !!

    हम लोगों के क़ातिल को
    केवल मीम से मतलब होता है !
    आप तमाम मुस्लिम भाइयों से गुज़ारिश है ।।आप जब भी अपने हाथ दुआ के लिए उठाए “”गाज़ा”” (फिलिस्तीन) के मुस्लिमों के हक़ में दुआ करें।।।। आप जितने भी मुस्लिम ग्रुप से जुड़े है उसमे भी इस गुज़ारिश को फॉरवर्ड करदें।।।।

    1378 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक
    राष्ट्र बना – नाम है इरान!
    1761 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक
    राष्ट्र बना – नाम है अफगानिस्तान!
    1947 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक
    राष्ट्र बना – नाम है पाकिस्तान!
    1971 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक
    राष्ट्र बना – नाम हैँ बांग्लादेश!
    1952 से 1990 के बीच भारत का एक राज्य
    इस्लामिक हो गया – नाम है कशमीर!…

    और अब उत्तरप्रदेश, आसाम और केरला इस्लामिक
    राज्य बनने की कगार पर है!

    मैंने 10 लोगो को जो की हिन्दू है उनसे पुछा…….
    किस जाती के हो…..??
    सभी ने अलग अलग जवाब दिया….

    किसी ने कहा राजपूत
    किसी ने कहा बामण
    किसी ने कहा जाट
    सब अलग अलग
    किसी ने जैन
    तो किसी ने अग्रवाल….

    लेकीन मैने 10 मुसलमानो को पूछा की कौन सी जाती के हो ?
    सभी का एक जवाब आया


    मूझे अजीब लगा
    मैने फिर से पूछा
    फिर वही जवाब आया


    तब मुझे बड़ा aacha mehsus हुआ

    कुछ समझ मै आया हो तो
    आगे से कोई पूछे तो एक ही
    जवाब आना चाहीये


    और गर्व करते हो
    ” MUSALMAN” होने का तो इस मैसेज को इतना फैला दो यह मैसेज मूझे वापस किसी MUSALMAN SAY ही मिले ….!Bhaiyon sunni wahabi ke naam per mat lado ye to yahudiyon aur nasraniyon ke chal hai muslmano ko ladbane ke.Isliye garv se kaho hum muslman hain ye mat kaho ke hum sunni ya wahabi hain.

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