Non bailable warrant issued against Zakir Naik,Raza Academy demands seizure of his passport

15th May 2011.New Delhi and DNA News

Infamous orator and Ahle Hadith doctor Zakir naik has been issued Non Bailable warrants against him by the Jhansi court of Uttar Pradesh,India.A complaint was filed against him by Mudassar Ullah Khan, a resident of Chhatapur, Jhansi in 2008. Khan alleged that apart from the speech, pamphlets were also distributed in Jhansi condemning those who follow the Hadis or the book on the sayings and doings of Prophet Mohammed salallahoalaihiwassalam.

In April, the additional district sessions judge at Jhansi issued summons asking Naik to appear before the court on May 12. Naik approached the Allahabad high court for a stay on the summons. Advocate Shahid Ali Siddiqui, who represents the complainant, said, “Dr Naik did not appear before the court on May 12 and the court issued a non-bailable warrant against him.”
Advocate Nazrul Islam Zafri who is representing Naik in the high court said, “The complaints made against Dr Naik are frivolous and malicious. It has been filed just to defame him.”The case will be heard by Justice RD Khare of Allahabad high court.
The Allahabad high court will be hearing a petition filed by Mumbai-based television evangelist Dr Zakir Naik on May 16 in a three-year old case where the preacher is alleged to have given speeches on television, exhorting Muslims to take up terrorism.

Naik, who heads a group called the Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai, is alleged to have given the speech in Bangalore. The talk was relayed on his ‘Peace’ television channel on January 21, 2006.

Raza Academy,a representative body of majority Indian Muslims have written to the Mumbai police commissioner saying that Naik should not be allowed to leave the country.Muhammad Saeed Noori ,General secretary have asked the govt. to Seize his passport immediately.



  1. Fear Allah for giving problem to such an insaan! Allah helps Dr. zakri naik. We believe in Allah and surely He will help him. Ameen

  2. naik should be banned as he is the gustakhe Rasool. he is misguiding the people with the help of social media and tele media.

    • I was also of your view…lekin thoda dhyan dene par mujhe samajh main aaya ke zakir naik ko galat bolne se hamare aapas ke bhaichaare ko nuksaan hota hai..hum mil ke gair muslmano kaa samna karna chahiye..aameen.

  3. Assalamualikum brothers hum musalmanon main thoda ikhtilaf hai lekin iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki gair muslim ke saamne zakir naik ko bura bhala kahe zakir naik islam ko represent karte hai chahe aap maane ya na maane. agar hum isi tarha apas main ladte rahen ge toh gair muslim islam kahan khabool karenge.
    Allah hum sab ko hidayat de aur agar zakir naik haq par hai toh hum ko bhi usi raste main chalaye. agar nahi hai toh Allah usko aur hum ko bhi sahi raasta dikhaye

  4. A tu gustake e Rasool hai musalman hohinahIsakta. pls. Muslim brothers bycot him dnt think what other non Muslim think only think what Quran & sharitha says…

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