Muslims Protested against Diamond Comics Blasphemy in New Delhi Parliament street

New Delhi: 18 May 2011;

A huge demonstration was held in the heart of Delhi against an alleged “blasphemer”, the printer and publisher of Diamond Comics. Muslims claim that the April 2011 issue of Diamond Comics, containing the alleged blasphemous remarks and pictures, is still being sold in the market. The issue is said to contain the Prophet’s imaginary photos.

Several such protest demonstrations, dharnas, agitations and meetings have taken place in various places in the country and regularly been covered by New Age Islam.

A demonstration attended by several renowned Islamic scholars including Hazrat Quazi Ahle Sunnat w Mufti e Azam Mian Samar Dehlavi  was organized at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, by Islami Taalimi Board of India and  Anjuman Ahle e Sunnat Falah e Darain Masjid e Shaikhan,Muslim Students Organisation of India MSO President Syed Muhammad Qaudri,All India Ulema Mashaiklh Board Convener Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Naeemi.

The demonstrators demanded immediate cancellation of the publisher’s license, RNI No. and the government declaration. While addressing the demonstration, the patron of the organization, Quazi Ahle Sunnat w Mufti e Azam Dehli Mohammad Mian Samar said, “It is the religious duty of all the Muslims to secure and protect the honour and dignity of the Prophet (pbuh) and for this Ghulaman e Mustafa (Servants of the Prophet) cannot desist from paying even the highest price. Muslims sentiments have got wounded by the cheek of the publisher’s act of shame and ungodliness.

Several speakers demanded immediate arrest of the said publisher and banning of the “blasphemous” issue of Diamond Comics. These were: Maulana Shaikh Abu Bakr Ahmad Quadri, Jamia Markaz Saquaft us Sunniya, Kerala, Quari Mohammad Mian Mazhari, Maulana Shah Al Hameed, Syed Mohammad Quadri, President, MSO of India,  and Amanullah Khan, the one who have lodged an FIR in Jamia Nagar Police Station. This demonstration was attended by the Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly, Mr. Shoaib Iqubal, various Sajjada Nasheens, Mashaikh and respected citizens of the town other than Peerzada Bashir Naqushbandi, Maulana Abdul Quadir Rizvi, Maulana Farogh Ahmad, Maulana Rafiuddin Quadri, Maulana Kaleem Reza, Maulan Mohammad Intezar Ahmad, Maulana Ahmad Naeemi, Convener, All India  Ulema Mashaikh  Board,Engineer Shujaat Ali,Syed Faraz Hussain,Waseem Barkati,Syed Adnan Raza,Muzammil Khan and many advocates along with thousands of public.

Mr. Amanullah Khan said he contacted all the Milli organisations in this connection but the so called leaders of the community do not come forward on this burning issue concerning Islam. He added, ‘’ Today I am very happy to see this large gathering and have once again got confirmed that there is no lack of the servants of the Prophet.

Almost all the speakers demanded a ban on the publication and cancellation of the registration of the Diamond Comics and arrest of the publisher and said that the demonstrations and agitation will continue till their demand is accepted and the blasphemer is sent behind bars.



  1. Mere pyare aqaa ki wajah se ye qainaat wajod mein aye hai aur hum Gulam e Muhammad (S.A.W.) apki azmat ke Khatir apne saron ko bhi katwa denge inshaallah amen

  2. Asak,
    We should give fatwa to kill people who are commiting this offences, then only it can be stopped.

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