Subramaniam Swamy Spewed Venom against Indian Muslims in DNA News Paper

New Delhi. 22nd July 2011 Friday

Seema Mustafa V Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy in his true insightful but provocative style has written an article in DNA July 14: ‘How to wipe out Islamic Terror. Much of the article is on Islamic terrorism and how it threatens Hindus in India. In response Seema Mustafa, a noted journalist, has responded with another article in DNA July 19 titled ‘Dr Subramanian Swamy has inflamed passions through blatant falsehoods’. I have read only a few of Mustafa’s articles which have come across as good, sensible pieces of journalism. This particular piece of hers in response to Swamy stands out in some ways. Falsehoods she says. Okay, so before I come back to her article let’s try and understand what Swamy has said.
Swamy’s strongly worded article revolves around 5 goals that he attributes to the Islamists or the ‘unfinished’ Islamic business for India if you like. I believe these being central to his article would constitute the falsehoods that Seema Mustafa is talking about.
Goal 1 (Falsehood 1) : Overawe India on Kashmir.
I need not go into the history of Pak-funding of militants, frequent incursions, Kargil war and all that. They never happened. Lakhs of Hindu Pandits displaced violently from their homes and are refugees in their own country. Falsehood, never happened. SmitaPrakash, another prominent journalist writes chillingly about how teenagers and youths were paid money in the stone pelting exercise. Oops, falsehood again! Geelani and company go around the country  with inflammatory speeches. Falsehood! Again! Hoisting Pakistani flags at Lal Chowk on Republic Day. Falsehood, never happened. There you go, Mustafa disproves Swamy’s goal no.1
Goal 2 (Falsehood 2): Blast temples, kill Hindu devotees.
Blasts at Varanasi this year. Oops, that wasn’t a temple, that was some Sulabh Sauchalay. Daring attack on Akshardham in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) in 2002. Again Akshardham is hardly a Hindu temple. Sai Baba temple blast in 2002. Misreported. Sankat Mochan temple blast. What a lie! All these are falsehoods because Muslims and Christians may have died in these temple blasts too. There might be more and I guess all of those are falsehoods too. Mustafa exposes Swamy’s lie on this one too.
Goal 3 (Falsehood 3): Turn India into Darul Islam.
That’s a blatant lie by Swamy. This statement by the Imam Bukhari of Delhi was falsely reported by media all over. “We were rulers here for 800 years. Inshaallah, we shall return to powerhere once again”” and threatens “this country is in for another partition,so let us be prepared for nation- wide riots and violence. ” I would recommend readers to go through the post ‘Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Sharia. Swamy is a liar. It is not just India, this particular falsehood is for the whole world and not just India. Mustafa, once again, brilliantly exposes the falsehood.
Goal 4 (Falsehood 4): Change India’s demography by illegal immigration, conversion, and refusal to adopt family planning.
Read my post ‘Make Mumbai aseparate state. There isn’t still a handle on the number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan or other places in Mumbai, Assam, Bengal and other places. The vote-bank hugging ‘secular’ government simply loves this. And when was the last time you ever heard of population control, family planning etc.? Those terms died in the late seventies. Mustafa doesn’t have much to say on this so her silence proves it to be an absolute falsehood. Bravo!
Goal 5 (Falsehood5): Denigrate Hinduism through vulgar writings and preaching in mosques, madrassas, and churches to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation.
Well, I suppose at all mosques and madrasas they are only preaching love for humanity. I guess the FBI in the USA is stupid to be keeping a close vigil on all major mosques. The UK does it now too. Some mosques in Germany have even been shut down. It is only in India that Swamy is stupid to peddle this lie. Once again Seema Mustafa has nothing to say on this. So once again her silence on this proves it to be a falsehood. We would never get to know what goes on in mosques and madrasas because our ‘secular’ government considers that too important a sentiment to offend.
So now that Seema Mustafa has clearly established the falsehoods in Swamy’s article let’s see what she actually had to say in her piece. Much or almost all of her article is an ad hominem attack on Swamy and is basically an opinion piece. It neither confronts the basic premise of Swamy’s central arguments nor does it offer a solid, logical and factual rebuttal of his contentions. Needless to mention, Swamy’s article also contains quite a bit of his opinions and his solutions to the goals are basically his opinions, some of which are also impractical. But a response basically requires disproving the theories stated in an article. To that end, Swamy’s article contains nothing but commonly known facts which he outlines in the 5 goals. None of that is a big secret to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Swamy’s article has drawn absolutely excellent responses from the people of this country, mostly non-Muslims, to put him and his exhortations in their place” says Seema. Oh yeah? How do you know? Did you carry out a survey? Did you research all the respondents in all forms of media? This is the typical defence of the secularist. Everyone says so, so it must be balderdash. Since when is that childish logic the foundation of mature debate?
The Hindus, he keeps insisting, are the targets. But when blasts take place in crowded market places in Mumbai or any other part of India, the targets are the people of India, Dr Swamy. Hindus and Muslims and Sikhs and Christians and Parsis and Jains and Brahmins and Dalits and all those who are at the spot die because the bomb cannot differentiate among religions and castes. India, as we have grown up to understand it, is a secular, democratic country belonging to all who are its citizens” writes Mustafa. First note how cleverly and significantly she segregates Hindus, Brahmins, Dalits as three distinct entities. Isn’t that a common secular strategy? That’s the first line of attack of secularists. Separate Hindus into different groups.Wouldn’t it be funny to suggest bombs kill Shias, Sunnis, Protestants and Catholics? Well, only in case of Hindus the bombs know the segregation I suppose..
There is a saying in Goa: “If you throw a stone it will invariably land on a bar”. But, of course, there is a tiny chance it can also land on a church. Same is true for people dying from bomb blasts I suppose. The bombs aimed at Hindus invariably land on other religious groups.
Yeah, bombs don’t know who they kill – brilliant. I don’t walk backwards ‘cuz I don’t have eyes in my ass! But those who plant bombs do know who their intended target is. I suppose those who planted bombs at Zaveri Bazar didn’t know there might be Muslims and Christians in the area. Of course, they also didn’t know that bazar is a predominantly Hindu and Jain bazar or a majority are Gujaratis. Of course, secularists conveniently forget that people have been dragged out of buses in Kashmir, Hindus have been sorted out and lined up separately and killed. So when terrorists have the opportunity they would indeed choose their specific targets. It’s only when it is not possible or inevitable that some collateral damage has to be accepted. How intelligent would it be to suggest that the 9/11 attack wasn’t Islamic terror because Muslims also died in those towers? Yeah, sure, we are so convinced of this line being churned out by politicians, now we have to be reminded repeatedly by journalists, that’s all.
Does anyone remember the Israeli raid on Entebbe airport in 1976. An Air-France airline was hijacked by terrorists and landed at Entebbe airport in Uganda. The terrorists allowed all to go except Jews. Does that explain that when the chance is available terrorists do choose who they wish to target or kill?  I can believe politicians can make silly statements but can’t believe journalists too expect people to be so naïve.
Seema suggests Swamy may even face charges of hate speech or some law-violation. Well, I suppose he has no right to air his views some of which are based on facts but the likes of Digvijay Singh delight our secularists. I have yet to see one really strong piece in any major media outlet that questions the utterances of that man. Never mind that either. Let’s see some more brilliance from Mustafa.
It (India) is home to all religions, and it is a vibrant democracy that thrives on plurality and diversity. The terrorists, al-Qaeda, Lashkar or the Aseemanands…” Hahahhaha! That really takes the cake! You win Seema! Aseemanand, whose arrest is full of controversy and still not convicted of anything, is sweepingly bracketed with Al-qaeeda and LeT. So fools like me finally realise now, through the wisdom of the likes of Seema Mustafa, that Aseemanand is as big a threat to India and Hindus as are Al-Qaeeda and LeT. I guess that is what RG meant by 99% terror stopped!
There, the falsehoods of Subramanian Swamy stand thoroughly exposed. On behalf of Seema Mustafa should I say, ‘QED’?


  1. Hi,

    I am an Indian and Hindu. First of all I feel ashamed of the article written by Swamy. It spread hatred and nothing else. Multi religionalism is something, which we had accepted long back and there is no point of arguing now. Extremist exist in both sides; and it is necessary to curb them with ballet and bullet both. The irony is that, in India, every party plays religion card (whether it is BJP or Congress or Muslim League or any other) not for communal harmony but only for communal tensions.

    Now, I would like to put few points here:
    1 – Blast in Varanasi was not at Sulabh Shauchalaya. It was on the prominent Sheetla Ghat where famous Ganga Aarti use to be performed. I am a resident of Varanasi and anybody can visit the place and view the site.

    2 – Kashmiri pundits have been displaced from the valley due to targeted violence only, after 1989. It is a naked truth and if anybody want to sense that, they can listen it from any of the Kashmiri pundits settled accorss the country.

    Here I am not trying to prove any points. I don’t think that whosoever did blast at holy ghat of varanasi, expressed the view of majority of muslims. It is as truth as the views of majority of Hidus do not expressed by people like Aseemanand.

    In India, people of various religions and so much dependent on each other that they cannot afford to follow the paths shown by Bukhari or Aseemanand or Swamy or Madani, but the culprits are political parties and fringe groups, who are trying to score at evry point. In India, we need people like Anna Hazare, who can fight against corruption not against Hindus or Muslims or Christians. I sincerely wish that people of India will enlighten up and view the real issues rather than making the decisions on the view of Madani or Swamy or Bukhari or Digvijay Singh.

    • u must not be hindu,must be a secular-that means anti hindu and anti hinduism-,the residual india(after giving 1/3rd india to muslims in 1947)still has round 20-25% bhagidaari of Muslims.Consider the situation when they will be 30-40 %(as their birth rate is far more than hindus).Also,Ist point of Swamy is genuine and absolutely right,as I know kashmir.kasmir(a part of india)is abondoned for hindus,the same shall happen in whole of the country because of the secularists like U.

  2. Mustafa is no way a noted journalist, may be for a few psychopaths who call her a true journalist, but is very false in her views . the hard fact is that muslims do not acknowledge the true facts, they just roam around falsehoods and they to show true to be false, which seems to be their ultimate goal. What swamy has said is very correct and is the fact . but those terrorist funded media and journalist try to degrade him because of their antinational nature. all the things said inmustafa’s article are baseless and false and have no relationship with truth from far.

    • Mr john you are right in every sense, only in the case when you have lost all of your senses. Your opinion is based only on what you see through our media. I am a muslim and I am aware of the very root of Islam as a religion and the condition of muslims in India. Dont fart out shit when u dont know anything. Mr Swamy is a radical arrogant Hindu, and I and my other friends are very much convinced that his article or his views are meant only meant to disturb the brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims. So Mr John STOP blaming islamic terrorism (as branded by USA) behind every attack on OUR NATION as you are very much aware of guys like aseemananda and what are they capable of. We dont know a single bit about politicians and media.
      So please if you are not against those anti-national comments, then please dont support it either.

      • I have great respect for all my Muslim brothers.But many of them have been brain washed into believing that they are being ill treated by their own brothers.No other nation in the world provides such religious freedom and reservation in jobs and education.Kashmir stone pelters had money from Pakistan.That was proven and the guy who was the agent confessed.Kashmir was a paradise and by god’s grace it will be a paradise again.For that we need the cooperation of all their leaders.

    • Well if u have valid proof then through the
      Up to prof your point. Even swamy couldn’t give proofs in his article, those words were like his fantasy with which he want to brighten his political career, even I have been following Indians politics closely right from 1999 and never heard of him before but now he is all here ….but with only allegations and has nothing to proof those allegations to malaing Indian muslims

  3. After reading this article I felt ashamed of calling my self a INDIAN or HINDUSTANI. Well I think subraniyam and all other educated fools who stood with him might have forgotten to check the real definition of word HIND or HINDU, it’s a group of people with different faith, tradition and religion living together peacefully and this group have been called Hindusthan. Innocent common people have been fooled by group of people either from ruling party or opposition.
    I need to talk about this: in above statement writer talk about how he is curious about what to know what happens in mosques and madarsas all over the world with muslims and he mentions how in western countries FBI and other agencies spy on Muslims
    Answer to that
    First let me answer regarding INDIA: Muslims I. India uses Urdu language even in their mosques and madarsas, a language which is commonly used in Bollywood movies and it’s a pretty much living language compared to sanskrit( a language in which Vedas are read in temples in south india)and to my knowledge each and every mosque in india has got loud speakers and der summons have spelled out loudly for masses, which can be heard atleast unto a range of. 1 km away from a particular mosque
    Coming to what we talk, as a muslim I am pretty much sure Islam is not a thing sounding similar to a mythology which has been written centuries after it really happen. We talk about how to give charity, how be a part of family, how to pray, believing in oneness of god, how to fast, how to save ourself from giving and taking intreast, how to be a good son, a good father or a mother and how to be a part of good family
    In short we talk about every aspect of life because Islam inturns guides us how to leave a good life, which even our Indian constitution cannot tells us,
    Now This might sounds strange to hear because we first have lecture in Arabic language and whole thing will be translated in Urdu language which I think can be understood by every new born Indian, and I m shocked that what the he’ll our beloved subramanyam swami never happens to hear urdu summons from mosques from near by his palace or he might not watch Indian Bollywood movies
    Coming to western world: for them Islam is religin of alliens and Arabic, Urdu languages have been new to them. And they took pain to hear what we talk, what we think and what we care for
    Wish fools like subramanyam swami take out some time out from they ignorant life and spend it in madarsas and mosques, they will undersatand what we think, what we care for.
    neighbors for more than 800 years but we still doesnt’t each other

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