Sunni Dawat-e-Islami’s Ijtema at Mumbai 2011

Mumbai/New Delhi 21 oct 2011

21st Annual International Sunni Ijtema – Mumbai


The 21st Annual International Sunni Ijtema (Three Day Congregation) of Sunni Dawate Islami is going to be held at ‘Wadie Noor’ – Azad Maidan, Fort, CST, Mumbai from 21st Oct – 23rd Oct 2011.


21st Oct Friday 3pm to 9pm: Female Congregation

Sunni Dawate Islami is the only Islamic Organization around the world which takes the pride for holding the biggest Congregation of women every year in Azad Maidan. More than 100000 women attend this Ijtema to listen the lectures from World Renowned Islamic Scholars. They acquire Islamic knowledge; understand their responsibilities as a Muslim woman, prepare themselves in accordance to the Islamic teachings for the creation of a moral society.


22nd Oct Saturday – 10am to 23rd Oct Sunday – 10pm: Male Congregation

More than 200000 men are expected to attend this event. It includes both common men and Scholars from across the globe. They acquire knowledge of Islamic ideology, prayer methodology, Islamic principles to be followed from world renowned Islamic Scholars and Preachers.

Various activities and interactive session are held apart from Religious discourses by various Islamic Scholars from both India and Abroad. Open Question-Answer session is one of the important session of Ijtema along with practical demonstration of how to perform Namaz and Hajj.


Important topics and events of the Ijtema


Friday 21st Oct

Ø  Status of Women in Islam

Ø  Role and Responsibilities of Women

Ø  Empowerment of Women

Ø  Etiquettes of communication and its impact

Ø  Question and Answer Session

Ø  Mass Prayer in the end

Saturday 22nd Oct

Ø  Islamic concept of Human Rights

Ø  Prophet’s concerns for Humanity

Ø  Roles and Responsibilities of Muslim Youth

Ø  The Chivalry of Youth

Ø  Cause of Global Poverty and Hunger

Ø  Question and Answer Session

Sunday 23rd Oct

Ø  Path of Success for Muslims

Ø  Islamic Solution for achieving balance in a troubled world

Ø  Islamic Solution for Eradication of Global Poverty and Hunger

Ø  The Hajj-Its Spiritual And Social Significance and its Practical Demonstration

Ø  Islamic Graduate Convocation Ceremony

Ø  Question and Answer Session

Ø  Mass Prayer in the end

World Renowned Islamic Scholars to attend


Ø  Allama Qamruzzaman Khan Azmi (Secretary General – World Islamic Mission – UK)

Ø  Allama Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi (Founder Darul Qalam – New Delhi)

Ø  Allama Mohammed Ahmed Misbahi (Islamic University Al-Jamiaitul Ashrafiya – UP )

Ø  Mufti Nizamuddin Misbahi (Chief Mufti – Islamic University Al-Jamiaitul Ashrafiya – UP)

Ø  Mufti Naseem Ashraf (South Africa)

Ø  Sayed Moin Ashraf (Community and Spiritual Leader – Mumbai)

Ø  Allama Abdul Mubeen Nomani (Al-Jamiaitul Ashrafiya – UP)

Ø  Maulana Muzahid Husain Habibi (Kolkatta)

Ø  Mufti Faiyaz Sahab (Rajasthan)

Ø  Mufti Abdul Qadir Amzadi (Rajasthan)

Ø  Mufti Zubair Ahmed Misbahi (Hadith Scholar – Al-Jamiaitul Gausiya – Mumbai)

Ø  Maulana Shamsuddin (Rajashtan)

Ø  Maulana Salman Nazmi Azhari (Karnataka)

Ø  Maulana Irshad Nazmi Azhari (Karnataka)

And many other scholars are participating in this Ijtema.

One of the main attractions of this Ijtema is the mass prayer in the end for peace and prosperity of whole humanity. The Ijtema sends the message of Peace and Communal Harmony and vows to instill greater Humanitarian Values in the people.



About Sunni Dawat e Islami:


Sunni Dawate Islami is an International Non-political Religious Organization founded in 1991 under the leadership of Maulana Mohammed Shakir Ali Noorie. The primary objective of this organization is to revive the true love of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) and to implement the teachings of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in the life of the Muslims along with the task to spread the message of Islam across the globe.


It’s already prominent in countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Portugal and Saudi Arabia.  Its International centre is at Ismail Habib Masjid, 126, Kambekar Street, Mumbai 400003. For more information please visit



  1. alhamdolillah agreat achivement please do somthing to unite muslim world dont any hatter against muslim world yahood apni chalen chal raha hai be carefull allahta la ham ko nek hidayat de aamin

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