Urs-e-Qasmi 2011 observed at Marehra Sahreef

Etah/New Delhi:2nd Nov 2011

Sunni Muslims from all over the country thronged to Sufi Khankah of Hazrat Shah Barkatullah R.A on 28,29,30 oct 2011 at a small town  Marehra in the interior of Etah distt of Uttar paradesh India.The town has been a centre of Muslims Sunni Ulemas and public after their main leader Imam Ahmed Raza Khan took bayt at this Pious Dargah of Qaudri Sufi order.The Present Sajaada Nashin hazrat Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Qaudri presided the gathering ,which lasted over three days.

One of the most attractive meeting of Sunni Scholars is also organised here with a name””Fikr -0- Tadbeer Conference”” covering most relevant issues faced by Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat .The  reputed scholars of various Institutions across India and Sufi shaikhs of different Silsilas are invited to discuss Muslims problems and to present a solution to Ummah.

This year Scholars supported “”Muslim Mahapanchayat”” organised by All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board at Moradabad on 16 Oct 2011.

The Urs Shareef ended with speech of Sahib-e-Sajjada.The Zayreen also do ziayarah of Pious belongings ,things associated with the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad salallaholaihiwassalam and his blessed family.  



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