Deoband Fatwa Missile issued Fatwa against MiladUn Nabi S.A.W,an act of creating Fitnah in the community

New Delhi.8 Nov 20011.
Now Darul Uloom Deoband has created a new fitnah by commenting against celebration of MILAD of Hazrat Muhammad Salallahoalaihiwassalam.The rector of Deoband Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani said that Celebration of Milad is forbidden at Darul Uloom Deoband and celebration of Sir Syed Day at Aligarh Muslim University ,Aligarh is not allowed in Islam (read in wahabism).
Actually Deoband which imports wahabi salafism from saudi Arabia ,tries to create schism in the Muslim community by issuing such fatwas which are against established rules of Islam.
This statement is also once again an attempt to create a new fitnah among the Muslims who all over the world Passionately celebrates and observe the day of Nabi Kareem .

Reacting sharply on the above said statement Syed Muhammad Ashraf,General Secretary of All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board ,an apex body of majority Sunni Muslims ,said that Deoband is neither followed in India,nor anywhere of the world. We along with majority of Indian Muslims rejects this fatwa and would like to said that each and evry small town of the country will celebrate this Festival as is the practice since hundreds of year. The Milad is official Public Holiday in all the Muslim countries except Wahabi Saudi Arabia.



  1. Deobandi’s celebrate milad un deobandi

    If deobandi’s were consistent in their action by prohibiting all forms of milad perhaps we could have simply agreed to disagree as a valid fiqh opinion. But the hypocritical double standards only exposes them as frawds or simply ignorant mullahs. It also seems that they are attempting to shift the power of influence from traditional orthodox scholars who conduct miladun nabi to deoband centre by this form of prohibiting this while permitting miladun deobandi.

  2. Yaum e Sultante AlSaud is right in “Tollee” of Devbandies.
    Ye wafadaar hai, jiska khate hai usiki Jai farmate hai.
    We have to become united against this fitnah.
    Also we have to try to follow our Beloved Paighambar Sallallahu Alaihi w Salla. in right way promtly.
    Milad Celebrations should free from any bad styles should in controll of MUTTAQI Ulemas not in controll of Halwa-khor Maulwis.
    We should make such programs to save Ahle-Sunnat that our Promt Ulemas, Rahbars, Danishwars should work in Ground lavel of our peoples with UNIQUE SPIRIT Pls. Janab, you also aware that this is not the time that peoples will come to Hujrah of Maulwi Saheb, HE has to come out of HUJRAH.
    – Sorry for hard words but it is FACT that we have to PRACTICE it.
    JAZAAKALLAH KHAIRA. – Taleeb e Duaa – riyazAHMED. Ojhar Nasik. (M.S.) India.

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