Why Taqleed Is Necessary?

Courtesy: SunniMuslimnews

Banglore:14 Nov 2011

A unique programme was conducted by Imam Ahmed Raza Movement-Bangalore on the topic of “Why Taqleed Is Necessary?”(Taqleed Ki Zarurat Kyun) on 24th Oct 2011, Monday between 5.15pm to 10.30pm at Town Hall, Bangalore City-India.
The Programme was started with the recitation of Holy Quran, Mehfil-e Naat and with the introductory speech in Kannada Language by Moulana Shafi Saadi, KSSF Vice President and Member Karnataka Wakf Board, during the programme a book called “Amulets and Ruqya In Islam” (Taweezat Ki Shari Haisiat) also released.

The guest speaker Engineer Fazlulla Chishti Sabri-President Falaah Research Foundation-Delhi delivered an excellent speech on what is Taqleed, Taqleed In The Light of Quran & Ahadith, what are the necessary conditions for qualification for a Mujtahid, why there is only 4 school of Jurisprudence & are they correct, why should we follow Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki & Hambali, why should we follow only one, why Gair Muqaleed Is Wrong..? etc., at the end of his speech during Question & Answers session he gave satisfactory answers to all questions in the light of Quran & Ahadith related to Aqaid-e Ahle Sunnat and on the topic of Taqleed.

The programme was concluded by Salaat-O-Salaam (Syed Zabiulla Aamiri) and Duaa of Hazrat Moulana Syed Qamrulla Sha Noori Saheb, guests were Qazi Adare Shariah Karnataka Mufti Mohammed Aslam Saheb Misbahi, Shaikh Ul Hadees Mohammed Mujeeb Ur Rahman Barkati-Jamia Bilal and other Ullama and Dignitaries of Ahle Sunnath Wa Jamaath.



  1. I fail to attend this event so that please anyone can provide me details that ” How to get Audio or Video or Book ” for this event Why Taqleed Is Necessary? i want to listen this event. please help me. mail to mca.mohammed@gmail.com

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